Flowers by Botanical Names
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Botanical nameSynonymsFamilyCommon name
Acanthus ilicifolius Acanthaceae Sea Holly
Acanthus mollis Acanthus niger, Acanthus latifolius, Acanthus longifolius Acanthaceae Bear's Breeches
Aechmanthera gossypina Aechmanthera tomentosa, Ruellia tomentosa Acanthaceae Blue Trumpet Bush
Andrographis atropurpurea Andrographis gracilis, Andrographis wightiana Acanthaceae Deep-Purple False-Waterwillow
Andrographis echioides Justicia echioides, Indoneesiella echioides Acanthaceae False Waterwillow
Andrographis elongata Cryptophragmium elongatum, Cryptophragmium cordifolium Acanthaceae Long Raceme False-Waterwillow
Andrographis lineata Acanthaceae Striped False-Waterwillow
Andrographis lobelioides Justicia lobelioides Acanthaceae Lobelia False-Waterwillow
Andrographis paniculata Justicia paniculata Acanthaceae Kariyat
Andrographis producta Andrographis neesiana var. producta Acanthaceae Elongated False-Waterwillow
Andrographis rothii Justicia glandulosa Acanthaceae Deccan False-Waterwillow
Andrographis serpyllifolia Eriathera serpyllifolia, Andrographis orbiculata Acanthaceae Roundleaf Kariyat
Andrographis stenophylla Acanthaceae Narrow-Leaf False-Waterwillow
Aphelandra squarrosa Aphelandra coccinea, Aphelandra leopoldii Acanthaceae Zebra Aphelandra
Asystasia dalzelliana Asystasia violacea Acanthaceae Violet Asystasia
Asystasia gangetica Asystasia acuminata, Asystasia bojeriana, Asystasia violacea Acanthaceae Ganges Primrose
Asystasia indica Acanthaceae Indian Asystasia
Asystasia intrusa Acanthaceae Common Asystasia
Asystasia mysurensis Ruellia mysurensis, Asystasia lawiana Acanthaceae Mysore Asystasia
Asystasia travancorica Acanthaceae Travancore Asystasia
Avicennia marina Avicennia alba, Avicennia mindanaensis, Avicennia intermedia Acanthaceae Grey Mangrove
Avicennia officinalis Avicennia obovata, Avicennia oepata, Racka ovata Acanthaceae Indian Mangrove
Barleria acuminata Barleria tomentosa var. acuminata Acanthaceae Long-Flower Blue Barleria
Barleria buxifolia Acanthaceae Box-Leaved Barleria
Barleria courtallica Barleria inaequalis Acanthaceae Yellow Throated Barleria
Barleria cristata Barleria alba, Barleria indica, Barleria napalensis Acanthaceae Philippine Violet
Barleria cristata 'Lavender Lace' Acanthaceae Striped Philippine Violet
Barleria cristata var. albida Acanthaceae White Philippine Violet
Barleria cuspidata Acanthaceae Spiny Barleria
Barleria gibsonii Barleria glauca, Barleria gibsonioides Acanthaceae Gibson's Barleria
Barleria grandiflora Barlerianthus grandiflora Acanthaceae Grand Barleria
Barleria involucrata var. elata Barleria elata Dalzell Acanthaceae Mayurpankh
Barleria lawii Barleria beddomei Acanthaceae Law's Barleria
Barleria longiflora Acanthaceae Long Flowered Barleria
Barleria lupulina Barleria macrostachya Acanthaceae Hophead
Barleria montana Barleria morrisiana, Barleria purpurea Acanthaceae Mountain Barleria
Barleria mysorensis Barleria buxifolia var. mysorensis, Barleria obovata Acanthaceae Mysore Barleria
Barleria nitida Barleria bracteata Acanthaceae Shining Barleria
Barleria noctiflora Barleria ramosa, Barleriacanthus noctiflora Acanthaceae Night-Blooming Barleria
Barleria prattensis Acanthaceae Pink Barleria
Barleria prionitis Barleria appressa, Barleria coriacea, Barleria spicata Acanthaceae Porcupine Flower
Barleria repens Acanthaceae Red Barleria
Barleria sepalosa Acanthaceae Sepalous Barleria
Barleria strigosa Barleria caerulea, Barleria polytricha Acanthaceae Bristly Blue Barleria
Barleria terminalis Barleria strigosa var. polystachya, Barleria polystachya Acanthaceae Blue Barleria
Barleria tomentosa Barleria paniculata, Barleria tomentosa var. glandulosa Acanthaceae Velvety Barleria
Blepharis integrifolia Acanthus integrifolius, Blepharis setosa, Blepharis rupicola Acanthaceae Narrow-Leaf Blepharis
Blepharis maderaspatensis Blepharis boerhaviifolia, Blepharis procurrens, Blepharis rubiifolia Acanthaceae Creeping Blepharis
Calacanthus grandiflorus Lepidagathis grandiflora, Calacanthus dalzellianus T.Anderson ex Benth. [Illeg.] Acanthaceae Large Flowered Calacanthus
Clinacanthus nutans Justicia nutans, Clinacanthus siamensis Acanthaceae Sabah Snake Grass
Codonacanthus sanjappae Acanthaceae Andaman Bellthorn
Crossandra infundibuliformis Crossandra axillaris, Crossandra coccinea, Crossandra nutans Acanthaceae Crossandra
Cynarospermum asperrimum Blepharis asperrima, Justicia aspera Acanthaceae Hill Blepharis
Dicliptera bupleuroides Dicliptera roxburghii, Dicliptera roxburghiana var. bupleuroides Acanthaceae Roxburgh's Foldwing
Dicliptera chinensis Dicliptera roxburghiana, Justicia chinensis Acanthaceae Chinese Foldwing
Dicliptera cuneata Diapedium cuneatum, Justicia latebrosa, Acanthaceae Wedge-Leaf Foldwing
Dicliptera foetida Dicliptera zeylanica, Dicliptera bivalvis, Justicia foetida Acanthaceae Stinking Foldwing
Dicliptera manilalii Peristrophe montana, Justicia longiflora, Justicia rubra Acanthaceae Mountain Foldwing
Dicliptera nasikensis Acanthaceae Nasik Foldwing
Dicliptera paniculata Dianthera paniculata, Peristrophe paniculata Acanthaceae Panicled Foldwing
Dicliptera raui Peristrophe speciosa, Justicia tinctoria, Justicia speciosa Acanthaceae Showy Foldwing
Dyschoriste erecta Dyschoriste nagchana, Dipteracanthus nagchana, Dyschoriste depressa Acanthaceae Erect Snakeherb
Dyschoriste radicans Ruellia radicans, Calophanes radicans Acanthaceae Creeping Snakeherb
Dyschoriste vagans Calophanes vagans, Dipteracanthus vagans Acanthaceae Wandering Snakeherb
Ecbolium ligustrinum Ecbolium linneanum, Justicia ecbolium, Justicia ligustrina Acanthaceae Green Shrimp Plant
Ecbolium linneanum Justicia ecbolia Acanthaceae Blue Fox Tail
Elytraria acaulis Acanthaceae Asian Scalystem
Eranthemum capense var. concanense Acanthaceae Konkan Eranthemum
Eranthemum pulchellum Eranthemum nervosum, Justicia nervosa, Daedalacanthus nervosus Acanthaceae Blue Sage
Eranthemum purpurascens Daedalacanthus purpurascens Acanthaceae Purple Eranthemum
Eranthemum roseum Ecbolium roseum, Amphiscopia rosea, Eranthemum roseum var. neesii Acanthaceae Rosy Eranthemum
Fittonia albivenis Adelaster albivenis, Fittonia argyroneura, Gymnostachyum verschaffeltii Acanthaceae Nerve Plant
Graptophyllum pictum Justicia picta Acanthaceae Caricature Plant
Gymnostachyum febrifugum Cryptophragmium febrifugum, Gymnostachyum febrifugum var. bracteatum Acanthaceae Fever Gymnostachyum
Gymnostachyum glabrum Cryptophragmium glabrum Acanthaceae Smooth Gymnostachyum
Gymnostachyum latifolium Cryptophragmium latifolium Acanthaceae Broad-Leaf Gymnostachyum
Gymnostachyum latifolium var. decurrens Acanthaceae Winged-Stalk Gymnostachyum
Gymnostachyum polyanthum Cryptophragmium polyanthum Acanthaceae Many-Flowered Gymnostachyum
Gymnostachyum pubescens Gymnostachyum canescens, Gymnostachyum longifolium, Justicia pubescens Acanthaceae Grey Gymnostachyum
Gymnostachyum warrieranum Acanthaceae Warrier's Gymnostachyum
Haplanthodes tentaculatus Ruellia tentaculata, Ruellia aciculata Acanthaceae Tentacled Haplanthodes
Haplanthodes verticillatus Acanthaceae Spiny Bottle Brush
Hemigraphis colorata Acanthaceae Red Flame Ivy
Hemigraphis crenata Hemigraphis elegans, Ruellia crenata Acanthaceae Scalloped Hemigraphis
Hemigraphis hirta Ruellia hitra, Ruellia sarmentosa Acanthaceae Hairy Hemigraphis
Hemigraphis latebrosa Ruellia labetrosa Acanthaceae Shade Loving Hemigraphis
Hemigraphis repanda Ruellia repanda Acanthaceae Dragon's Breath
Hygrophila auriculata Hygrophila schulli, Hygrophila spinosa, Barleria hexacantha Acanthaceae Marsh Barbel
Hygrophila balsamica Cardanthera balsamica, Adenosma balsamea, Ruellia balsamica Acanthaceae Aromatic Swampweed
Hygrophila pinnatifida Cardanthera pinnatifida, Nomaphila pinnatifida, Adenosma pinnatifida Acanthaceae Fern-Leaf Swampweed
Hygrophila ringens Acanthaceae Erect Hygrophila
Hygrophila serpyllum Adenosma polysperma, Physichilus serpyllum, Ruellia polysperma Acanthaceae Marsh Carpet
Hygrophila serpyllum var. hookeriana Acanthaceae Roundleaf Marsh Carpet
Hypoestes phyllostachya Hypoestes sanguinolenta Acanthaceae Polka Dot Plant
Justicia adhatoda Adhatoda vasica, Adhatoda zeylanica Acanthaceae Malabar Nut
Justicia aurea Acanthaceae Yellow Jacobinia
Justicia betonica Adhatoda betonica, Justicia pallidior, Justicia cheiranthifolia Acanthaceae Squirrel Tail
Justicia brandegeana Acanthaceae Shrimp Plant
Justicia carnea Acanthaceae Pink Jacobinia
Justicia concinna Rungia elegans, Justicia repens, Diapedium elegans Acanthaceae Elegant Rungia
Justicia diffusa Rostellularia diffusa, Justicia simplex Lindau, Justicia linarifolia Acanthaceae Spreading Justicia
Justicia gendarussa Gendarussa vulgaris, Adhatoda subserrata, Justicia salicina Acanthaceae Willow-Leaf Justicia
Justicia glabra Rhaphidospora glabra, Gendarussa abyssinica Acanthaceae Smooth Justicia
Justicia glauca Acanthaceae Glaucous Justicia
Justicia neesii Justicia micrantha, Rostellularia crinita, Rostellularia neesii Acanthaceae Small Flowered Justicia
Justicia nilgherrensis Adhatoda nilgerrhensis, Ecbolium nilgerrhense, Justicia betonica var. nilgherrensis Acanthaceae Nilgiri Justicia
Justicia notha Ecbolium nothum, Rostellularia simplex Wight Acanthaceae Spurious Justicia
Justicia parviflora Rungia parviflora, Rungia polygonoides Acanthaceae Small Flowered Rungia
Justicia prostrata Justicia diffusa var. prostrata, Rostellularia prostrata Acanthaceae Prostrate Justicia
Justicia pubigera Peristrophe pubigera, Justicia edgeworthii, Rhaphidospora ciliata Acanthaceae Foldwing Justicia
Justicia quinqueangularis Rostellularia quinqueangularis Acanthaceae Five-Angled Justicia
Justicia santapaui Justicia montana, Justicia andersonii Acanthaceae Santapau's Justicia
Justicia spicigera Jacobinia spicigera, Justicia ghiesbreghtiana, Justicia sidicaro Acanthaceae Mexican Honeysuckle
Justicia tranquebariensis Adhatoda tranquebariensis, Justicia glauca, Justicia parvifolia Acanthaceae Tarangambadi Justicia
Justicia trinervia Acanthaceae Three Nerved Squirrel Tail
Justicia wynaadensis Adhatoda wynaadensis, Ecbolium wynadense, Gendarussa wynaadensis Acanthaceae Wayanad Justicia
Lepidagathis bandraensis Acanthaceae Bandra Lepidagathis
Lepidagathis cristata Acanthaceae Crested Lepidagathis
Lepidagathis cuspidata Ruellia cuspidata Acanthaceae Pointed-Leaf Lepidagathis
Lepidagathis fasciculata Ruellia fasciculata Acanthaceae Striped Lepidagathis
Lepidagathis incurva Acanthaceae Curved Lepidagathis
Lepidagathis lutea Acanthaceae Yellow Lepidagathis
Lepidagathis pungens Acanthaceae Spiny-Leaf Lepidagathis
Lepidagathis purpuricaulis Acanthaceae Purple Stem Lepidagathis
Lepidagathis scariosa Lepidagathis terminalis Acanthaceae Dry Lepidagathis
Lepidagathis spinosa Acanthus mucronatus, Barleria spinosa Wall. Acanthaceae Spiny Lepidagathis
Lepidagathis trinervis Barleria axillaris, Lepidagathis axillaris, Ruellia trinervis Acanthaceae Frilly Lepidagathis
Mackenziea integrifolia Endopogon integrifolius, Leptacanthus alatus, Strobilanthes perfoliatus Acanthaceae Wayti
Megaskepasma erythrochlamys Acanthaceae Brazilian Red Cloak
Nelsonia canescens Justicia canescens, Justicia brunelloides, Nelsonia brunelloides Acanthaceae Blue Pussyleaf
Neuracanthus sphaerostachyus Acanthaceae Pin Cushion Plant
Neuracanthus trinervius Acanthaceae Nilgonda
Nilgirianthus reticulatus Strobilanthes reticulata Acanthaceae Hill Conehead
Odontonema tubaeforme Odontonema strictum, Odontonema longifolium, Justicia tubaeformis Acanthaceae Firespike
Pachystachys lutea Justicia lutea Acanthaceae Golden Shrimp Plant
Pachystachys spicata Justicia spicata, Pachystachys coccinea, Pachystachys riedeliana Acanthaceae Cardinal's Guard
Petalidium barlerioides Ruellia barlerioides, Ruellia bracteata Acanthaceae Barleria Petal-Bush
Phaulopsis dorsiflora Ruellia dorsiflora, Micranthus dorsiflorus Acanthaceae Himalayan Ruellia
Phlogacanthus albiflorus Diotacanthus albiflorus Benth. Acanthaceae White Acanthus
Phlogacanthus curviflorus Justicia curviflora Acanthaceae Wild Nongmangkha
Phlogacanthus spp. Acanthaceae Red Nongmangkha
Phlogacanthus thyrsiformis Justicia thyrsiflora Roxb., Phlogacanthus thyrsiflorus Acanthaceae Nongmangkha
Platystemma violoides Chirita violoides Acanthaceae Pansy Platystemma
Pseuderanthemum carruthersii Acanthaceae Purple False Eranthemum
Pseuderanthemum latifolium Justicia latifolia, Justicia palatifera, Pseuderanthemum palatiferum Acanthaceae Broad-Leaf False Eranthemum
Pseuderanthemum laxiflorum Acanthaceae Shooting Star
Pseuderanthemum malabaricum Eranthemum malabaricum Acanthaceae Malabar False Eranthemum
Pseuderanthemum reticulatum Acanthaceae Yellow-Vein Eranthemum
Rhinacanthus nasutus Rhinacanthus nasuta, Justicia nasuta, Rhinacanthus communis Acanthaceae Snake Jasmine
Rostellularia procumbens Justicia procumbens Acanthaceae Water Willow
Ruellia chartacea Aphelandra chartacea, Ruellia colorata Acanthaceae Peruvian Wild Petunia
Ruellia elegans Acanthaceae Red Ruellia
Ruellia inundata Ruellia albicaulis, Ruellia galeottii Acanthaceae Slender Ruellia
Ruellia nudiflora Acanthaceae Violet Wild Petunia
Ruellia patula Dipteracanthus patulus, Dipteracanthus erectus, Petalidium patulum Acanthaceae Spreading Ruellia
Ruellia prostrata Ruellia prostrata var. dejecta Acanthaceae Bell Weed
Ruellia simplex Ruellia brittoniana, Ruellia spectabilis, Ruellia tweediana Acanthaceae Desert Petunia
Ruellia strepens Dipteracanthus micranthus, Dipteracanthus strepens Acanthaceae Limestone Ruellia
Ruellia tuberosa Acanthaceae Minnie Root
Rungia crenata Diapedium crenatum Acanthaceae Toothed Rungia
Rungia linifolia Acanthaceae Flax-Leaved Rungia
Rungia pectinata R. parviflora var. pectinata, R. parviflora var. muralis, Justicia pectinata Acanthaceae Comb Rungia
Rungia repens Acanthaceae Creeping Rungia
Ruspolia hypocrateriformis Eranthemum hypocrateriforme, Justicia hypocrateriformis Acanthaceae Red Ruspolia
Ruttya fruticosa Acanthaceae Rabbit Ears
Sanchezia speciosa Acanthaceae Shrubby Whitevein
Schaueria calytricha Schaueria calycotricha, Justicia calycotricha, Justicia flavicoma Acanthaceae Golden Plume
Sclerochiton harveyanus Acanthaceae Blue Lips
Staurogyne zeylanica Ebermaiera zeylanica, Erythracanthus elongatus Acanthaceae Ceylon Staurogyne
Strobilanthes andamanensis Acanthaceae Andaman Coneflower
Strobilanthes atropurpureus Ruellia atropurpurea Acanthaceae Deep-Blue Curved Bells
Strobilanthes attenuatus subsp. attenuatus Strobilanthes urticifolia, Strobilanthes alatus, Pteracanthus urticifolius Acanthaceae Blue Nettle
Strobilanthes auriculata Perilepta auriculata Acanthaceae Eared Leaf Coneflower
Strobilanthes barbatus Nilgirianthus barbatus, Ruellia barbata, Strobilanthes tetrapterus Acanthaceae Bearded Coneflower
Strobilanthes callosa Carvia callosa, Strobilanthes callosus Acanthaceae Karvy
Strobilanthes ciliatus Nilgirianthus ciliatus, Ruellia ciliata Acanthaceae Lesser Kurinji
Strobilanthes consanguineus Justicia venosa, Endopogon consanguineus Acanthaceae Veined-Leaf Coneflower
Strobilanthes cordifolia Stenosiphonium cordifolium, Ruellia cordifolia Acanthaceae Heart-Leaf Coneflower
Strobilanthes cusia Strobilanthes flaccidifolius Acanthaceae Assam Indigo
Strobilanthes cuspidatus Endopogon cuspidatus, Endopogon versicolor, Phlebophyllum versicolor Acanthaceae Kanara Kurinji
Strobilanthes dupeni Kanjarum palghatense Ramam. Acanthaceae Palghat Coneflower
Strobilanthes foliosa Endopogon capitatus, Nilgirianthus foliosus Acanthaceae Leaf-Enclosed Coneflower
Strobilanthes frondosa Acanthaceae Leafy Coneflower
Strobilanthes glomerata Goldfussia glomerata, Ruellia glomerata, Ruellia nutans Acanthaceae Clustered Coneflower
Strobilanthes glutinosus Ruellia glutinosa, Pseudaechmanthera glutinosa Acanthaceae Sticky Ruellia
Strobilanthes gracilis Mackenziea gracilis, Strobilanthes beddomei Acanthaceae Slender Coneflower
Strobilanthes hamiltoniana Strobilanthes colorata, Ruellia hamiltoniana Acanthaceae Chinese Rain Bell
Strobilanthes heyneanus Nilgirianthus heyneanus Acanthaceae Karun Kurinji
Strobilanthes ixiocephalus Thelepaepale ixiocephala Acanthaceae Sky Blue Karvy
Strobilanthes jomyi Acanthaceae Jomy's Coneflower
Strobilanthes khasyana Strobilanthes khasyanus, Endopogon khasyanus, Listrobanthes khasyana Acanthaceae Khasi Coneflower
Strobilanthes kunthianus Ruellia kunthiana, Phlebophyllum kunthianum, Phlebophyllum angustifolium Acanthaceae Kurinji
Strobilanthes lupulina Strobilanthes lupulinus, Nilgirianthus lupulinus, Ruellia lupulina Acanthaceae Hop Coneflower
Strobilanthes luridus Didyplosandra lurida Acanthaceae Lurid Coneflower
Strobilanthes maculatus Ruellia maculata Acanthaceae Spotted Coneflower
Strobilanthes micranthus Acanthaceae Small Flowered Coneflower
Strobilanthes neoasper Nilgirianthus asper, Strobilanthes aspera, Strobilanthes asper Wight Acanthaceae Rough Coneflower
Strobilanthes pentstemonoides var. dalhousieana Strobilanthes dalhousianus, Goldfussia dalhousiana Acanthaceae Dalhousie Blue Bells
Strobilanthes perrottetianus Nilgirianthus perrottetianus Acanthaceae Chonakurinji
Strobilanthes pulneyensis Nilgirianthus circarensis, Strobilanthes circarensis Acanthaceae Palani Coneflower
Strobilanthes sabiniana Ruellia sabiniana, Strobilanthes sabiniana var. argentea Acanthaceae Sabine's Coneflower
Strobilanthes scaber Ruellia scabra, Hemigraphis aspera, Strobilanthes asper Acanthaceae East-Indian Yellow Coneflower
Strobilanthes sessilis var. ritchei Pleocaulus ritchei Acanthaceae Mal Karvy
Strobilanthes spicatus Strobilanthes phyllocaulos, Pteracanthus phyllocaulos Acanthaceae Spiked Coneflower
Strobilanthes urceolaris Nilgirianthus urceolaris Bremek. Acanthaceae Pitcher Coneflower
Strobilanthes warreensis Nilgirianthus warreensis Acanthaceae Wadi Karvi
Strobilanthes wightianus Nees Nilgirianthus wightianus Bremek. Acanthaceae Wight's Kurinji
Strobilanthes wightii Stenosiphonium diandrum, Stenosiphonium wightii Acanthaceae Wight's Coneflower
Thunbergia alata Acanthaceae Black-Eyed Susan Vine
Thunbergia bicolor Thunbergia wightiana, Schmidia bicolor Acanthaceae Bicolor Clock Vine
Thunbergia coccinea Acanthaceae Scarlet Clock Vine
Thunbergia erecta Meyenia erecta Acanthaceae King's Mantle
Thunbergia fragrans Acanthaceae Sweet Clock Vine
Thunbergia grandiflora Acanthaceae Bengal Clock Vine
Thunbergia laurifolia Thunbergia grandiflora var. laurifolia, Thunbergia harrisii Acanthaceae Laurel Clock Vine
Thunbergia lutea Thunbergia salweenensis Acanthaceae Sikkim Clock Vine
Thunbergia mysorensis Hexacentris mysorensis Acanthaceae Mysore Clock Vine
Whitfieldia elongata Ruellia elongata, Ruellia longiflora, Whitfieldia longiflora Acanthaceae White Candles
Acer acuminatum Acer caudatum Aceraceae Tapering Leaf Maple
Acer caesium Acer molle Aceraceae Bluish Grey Maple
Acer cappadocicum Acer divergens, Acer laetum Aceraceae Caucasian Maple
Acer negundo Aceraceae Three-Leaved Maple
Acer oblongum Aceraceae Himalayan Maple
Gynocardia odorata Chaulmoogra odorata, Chilmoria dodecandra Achariaceae Chhal Mogra
Hydnocarpus alpina Achariaceae Alpine Almond
Hydnocarpus pentandrus Chilmoria pentandra, Hydnocarpus laurifolia Achariaceae Jangli Almond
Actinidia callosa Actinidiaceae Himalayan Kiwi Vine
Actinidia chinensis var. hispida Actinidia deliciosa, Actinidia chinensis var. deliciosa Actinidiaceae Kiwifruit
Saurauia armata Saurauia cerea, Saurauia dillenioides Actinidiaceae Parbatia Sengunia
Saurauia napaulensis Actinidiaceae Gogan
Saurauia punduana Saurauia fasciculata var. abbreviata, Ternstroemia panduana Actinidiaceae Pandua Gogan
Saurauia roxburghii Actinidiaceae Singkrang
Sambucus adnata Adoxaceae East Himalayan Elder
Sambucus canadensis Adoxaceae American Elder
Sambucus wightiana Sambucus gautschii Adoxaceae Kashmir Elder
Viburnum cotinifolium Adoxaceae Smoketree Leaved Viburnum
Viburnum cylindricum Viburnum coriaceum, Viburnum capitellatum, Viburnum crassifolium Adoxaceae Cylindrical Viburnum
Viburnum erubescens Adoxaceae Reddish Viburnum
Viburnum foetidum Viburnum premnaceum, Viburnum foetidum var. foetidum Adoxaceae Stinking Viburnum
Viburnum grandiflorum Viburnum foetens, Solenotinus nervosus Adoxaceae Grand Viburnum
Viburnum mullaha Viburnum stellulatum, Viburnum involucratum Adoxaceae Starry Viburnum
Viburnum opulus Adoxaceae Snowball Tree
Viburnum punctatum Viburnum punctatum var. punctatum, Viburnum acuminatum Adoxaceae Dotted Viburnum
Agave americana Agavaceae Century Plant
Agave angustifolia Agave wrightii, Agave vivipara Agavaceae Caribbean Century Plant
Agave attenuata Agavaceae Swan's Neck Agave
Agave sisalana Agave rigida var. sisalana Agavaceae Sisal Agave
Cordyline fruticosa Cordyline terminalis Agavaceae Ti Plant
Dracaena fragrans Aletris fragrans Agavaceae Corn Plant
Dracaena terniflora Pleomele terniflora Agavaceae Dwarf Dracaena
Furcraea foetida Agave foetida, Aloe foetida, Furcraea gigantea Agavaceae Giant Cabuya
Polianthes tuberosa Agavaceae Rajanigandha
Yucca aloifolia Agavaceae Spanish Dagger
Cleretum bellidiforme Mesembryanthemum criniflorum, Dorotheanthus bellidiformis Aizoaceae Ice Plant
Delosperma echinatum Delosperma pruinosum, Mesembryanthemum echinatum Aizoaceae Pickle Cactus
Faucaria tigrina Faucaria tigrina f. splendens, Mesembryanthemum tigrinum Aizoaceae Tiger's Jaws
Lampranthus aureus Mesembryanthemum aureum Aizoaceae Golden Ice Plant
Lampranthus productus Mesembryanthemum productum Aizoaceae Purple Ice Plant
Lithops bromfieldii Lithops bromfieldii f. sulphurea, Lithops insularis Aizoaceae Stone Plant
Mesembryanthemum cordifolium Aptenia cordifolia, Litocarpus cordifolius Aizoaceae Baby Sun Rose
Pleiospilos spp. Aizoaceae Mimicry Mesemb
Sesuvium portulacastrum Portulaca portulacastrum Aizoaceae Sea Purslane
Trianthema portulacastrum Trianthema monogyna Aizoaceae Desert Horse Purslane
Trianthema triquetra Trianthema glaucifolia, Trianthema sedifolia, Trianthema nigricans Aizoaceae Afro-Asian Horse-Purslane
Zaleya decandra Trianthema decandra, Zaleija decandra Aizoaceae Many Stamen Horse Purslane
Alisma lanceolatum Alismataceae Lanceleaf Water Plantain
Alisma plantago-aquatica Alismataceae Common Water Plantain
Echinodorus cordifolius Alisma cordifolium, Sagittaria cordifolia Alismataceae Large-Leaf Sword-Plant
Echinodorus palaefolius Sagittaria palaefolia Alismataceae Mexican Sword-Plant
Hydrocleys nymphoides Limnocharis nymphoides, Sagittaria ranunculoides Alismataceae Water Poppy
Limnocharis flava Alisma flavum, Limnocharis flava var. indica Alismataceae Yellow Sawah Lettuce
Limnophyton obtusifolium Sagittaria obtusifolia, Alisma obtusifolium, Alisma sagittifolium Alismataceae Blunt Arrowhead
Sagittaria montevidensis Alismataceae Aztec Arrowhead
Sagittaria sagittifolia Sagittaria aquatica Alismataceae Arrowhead
Allium ampeloprasum Alliaceae Elephant Garlic
Allium caesium Allium urceolatum, Allium renardii Alliaceae Blue Onion
Allium cepa Alliaceae Onion
Allium chinense Allium bakeri, Allium exsertum, Allium splendens Alliaceae Chinese Onion
Allium hookeri Alliaceae Hooker Chives
Allium humile Allium govanianum, Allium nivale Alliaceae Small Alpine Onion
Allium jacquemontii Allium miserabile Alliaceae Jacquemont's Onion
Allium sativum Allium ophioscorodon, Allium pekinense Alliaceae Garlic
Allium schoenoprasum Allium alpinum, Allium montanum Alliaceae Chives
Allium semenovii Allium tristylum Alliaceae Semenov's Onion
Allium stracheyi Alliaceae Jambu
Allium tuberosum Allium roxburghii, Allium sulvia Alliaceae Garlic Chives
Allium victorialis Cepa victorialis, Allium plantagineum, Allium anguinum Alliaceae Alpine Leek
Allium wallichii Allium polyastrum, Allium bulleyanum, Allium praelatitium Alliaceae Himalayan Onion
Achyranthes aspera Amaranthaceae Prickly Chaff Flower
Achyranthes bidentata Achyranthes hispida, Achyranthes japonica, Achyranthes chinensis Amaranthaceae Ox Knee
Achyranthes coynei Amaranthaceae Coyne's Chaff Flower
Aerva javanica Aerva ovata, Aerva persica, Aerva tomentosa Amaranthaceae Desert Cotton
Aerva lanata Aerva elegans, Illecebrum lanatum, Achyranthes lanata Amaranthaceae Mountain Knot Grass
Aerva sanguinolenta Achyranthes sanguinolenta, Achyranthes scandens, Aerva scandens Amaranthaceae Climbing Wool-Plant
Allmania nodiflora Celosia nodiflora, Chamissoa albida Amaranthaceae Node Flower Allmania
Alternanthera bettzickiana Telanthera bettzichiana, Alternanthera amoena Amaranthaceae Calico Plant
Alternanthera brasiliana Amaranthaceae Joy Weed
Alternanthera ficoidea Gomphrena ficoidea, Alternanthera tenella Amaranthaceae Sanguinarea
Alternanthera paronychioides Amaranthaceae Smooth Chaff Flower
Alternanthera philoxeroides Bucholzia philoxeroides, Achyranthes paludosa, Achyranthes philoxeroides Amaranthaceae Alligator Weed
Alternanthera pungens Amaranthaceae Khaki Weed
Alternanthera sessilis Amaranthaceae Sessile Joyweed
Amaranthus caudatus Amaranthaceae Love Lies Bleeding
Amaranthus cruentus Amaranthus hybridus subsp. cruentus Amaranthaceae Red Amaranth
Amaranthus cruentus 'Hot Biscuits' Amaranthus paniculatus Amaranthaceae Hot Biscuits Amaranth
Amaranthus graecizans Amaranthus angustifolius, Amaranthus paolii, Amaranthus silvestris Amaranthaceae Spreading Pigweed
Amaranthus hypochondriacus Amaranthus flavus, Amaranthus aureus, Amaranthus hybridus var. erythrostachys Amaranthaceae Prince-of-Wales Feather
Amaranthus spinosus Amaranthaceae Prickly Amaranth
Amaranthus tricolor Amaranthus gangeticus, Amarannthus tristis, Amaranthus mangostanus Amaranthaceae Elephant-Head Amaranth
Amaranthus viridis Amaranthus gracilis, Amaranthus polystachyus, Euxolus viridis Amaranthaceae Green Amaranth
Atriplex hortensis Atriplex rubra, Atriplex purpurea Amaranthaceae Garden Orache
Bosea amherstiana Rodetia amherstiana Amaranthaceae Himalayan Bosea
Celosia argentea Celosia japonica, Celosia stricta, Celosia plumosa Amaranthaceae Silver Cockscomb
Celosia cristata Celosia argentea var. cristata, Celosia pyramidalis, Celosia aurea Amaranthaceae Cockscomb Crested
Celosia cristata 'Century' Amaranthaceae Cockscomb Plumed
Chenopodium album Anserina candidans, Atriplex viridis, Chenopodium album Amaranthaceae Bathua
Chenopodium giganteum Chenopodium album subsp. amaranthicolor, Chenopodium purpurascens Amaranthaceae Purple Goosefoot
Cyathula capitata Amaranthaceae Roundhead Pastureweed
Cyathula prostrata Cyathula repens, Achyranthes prostrata, Achyranthes diffusa Amaranthaceae Prostrate Pastureweed
Cyathula tomentosa Achyranthes tomentosa, Achyranthes sequax, Desmochaeta tomentosa Amaranthaceae Woolly Pastureweed
Deeringia amaranthoides Achyranthes amaranthoides, Celosia baccata, Deeringia baccata Amaranthaceae Shrubby Deeringia
Digera muricata Achyranthes alternifolia, Chamissoa muricata, Digera arvensis Amaranthaceae False Amaranth
Dysphania botrys Chenopodium botrys, Chenopodium botrydium, Chenopodium ilicifolium Amaranthaceae Jerusalem-Oak Goosefoot
Gomphrena celosioides Gomphrena alba, Gomphrena lutea Amaranthaceae Cockscomb Gomphrena
Gomphrena globosa Amaranthaceae Gomphrena
Gomphrena haageana Gomphrena coccinea, Gomphrena tuberifera Amaranthaceae Strawberry Fields Gomphrena
Gomphrena serrata Gomphrena bicolor, Gomphrena decumbens Amaranthaceae Prostrate Gomphrena
Iresine herbstii Amaranthaceae Bloodleaf
Nothosaerva brachiata Amaranthus minutus, Achyranthes brachiata Amaranthaceae Minute Amaranth
Psilotrichum elliottii Amaranthaceae Elliott's Psilotrichum
Pupalia lappacea Achyranthes lappacea Amaranthaceae Forest Burr
Salsola kali subsp. tragus Salsola tragus, Salsola kali var. glabra Amaranthaceae Prickly Russian Thistle
Suaeda monoica Lerchia monoica, Salsola monoica, Schoberia monoica Amaranthaceae South-Indian Seepweed
Trichuriella monsoniae Aerva monsoniae, Trichurus monsoniae, Illecebrum monsoniae Amaranthaceae Monson's Knotgrass
Agapanthus africanus Agapanthus umbellatus Amaryllidaceae Lily of the Nile
Agapanthus africanus f. albus Amaryllidaceae White Lily of the Nile
Clivia miniata Imantophyllum miniatum Amaryllidaceae Bush Lily
Crinum amabile Amaryllidaceae Giant Spider Lily
Crinum amoenum Crinum himalense, Crinum verecundum Amaryllidaceae Himalayan Crinum Lily
Crinum asiaticum var. pedunculatum Amaryllidaceae Grand Crinum Lily
Crinum latifolium Crinum cochinchinense, Crinum longistylum, Crinum esquirolii Amaryllidaceae Milk and Wine Lily
Crinum moorei Amaryllidaceae Natal Lily
Crinum powellii 'Album' Amaryllidaceae Cape Coast Lily
Crinum powellii Amaryllidaceae Cape Lily
Crinum viviparum Amaryllis vivipara, Crinum ensifolium Amaryllidaceae River Crinum Lily
Crinum woodrowii Amaryllidaceae Woodrow's Crinum Lily
Cyrtanthus mackenii Amaryllidaceae Ifafa Lily
Eucharis grandiflora Amaryllidaceae Amazon Lily
Hippeastrum cybister 'Chico' Amaryllidaceae Amaryllis Chico
Hippeastrum puniceum Amaryllidaceae Barbados Lily
Hippeastrum x johnsonii Amaryllis x johnsonii Bury Amaryllidaceae Johnson's Amaryllis
Hymenocallis littoralis Amaryllidaceae Spider Lily
Lycoris aurea Amaryllidaceae Golden Spider Lily
Lycoris radiata Amaryllis radiata, Nerine radiata Amaryllidaceae Red Spider Lily
Narcissus incomparabilis Narcissus sabinii, Narcissus gouanii, Narcissus aurantius Amaryllidaceae Nonesuch Daffodil
Narcissus poeticus Narcissus ornatus, Narcissus recurvus, Narcissus majalis Amaryllidaceae Poet's Daffodil
Narcissus pseudonarcissus Amaryllidaceae Wild Daffodil
Narcissus tazetta Amaryllidaceae Nargis
Pancratium longiflorum Pancratium cambayense Amaryllidaceae Long Flowered Spider Lily
Pancratium parvum Amaryllidaceae Forest Spider Lily
Pancratium triflorum Amaryllidaceae Pankusum
Pancratium zeylanicum Pancratium uniflorum, Pancratium tiariflorum Amaryllidaceae Rain Flower
Proiphys amboinensis Eurycles amboinensis, Eurycles sylvestris Amaryllidaceae Cardwell Lily
Scadoxus multiflorus Haemanthus multiflorus Amaryllidaceae Blood Lily
Tulbaghia violacea Omentaria violacea Amaryllidaceae Sweet Garlic
Zephyranthes candida Amaryllidaceae White Rain Lily
Zephyranthes carinata Zephyranthes grandiflora Amaryllidaceae Pink Rain Lily
Zephyranthes citrina Zephyranthes sulphurea Amaryllidaceae Yellow Rain Lily
Zephyranthes drummondii Cooperia pedunculata, Sceptranthes drummondii Amaryllidaceae Evening Rain Lily
Zephyranthes primulina Amaryllidaceae Primrose Rain Lily
Zephyranthes rosea Amaryllidaceae Rosy Rain Lily
Anacardium occidentale Anacardiaceae Cashew
Buchanania axillaris Buchanania angustifolia, Cambessedea axillaris Anacardiaceae Cuddapah Almond
Buchanania cochinchinensis Buchanania lanzan, Buchanania latifolia, Chironjia sapida Anacardiaceae Chironji Tree
Cotinus coggygria Anacardiaceae Smoke Tree
Holigarna arnottiana Holigarna racemosa Hohen. ex Engl., Holigarna longifolia Wight & Arn. Anacardiaceae Black Varnish Tree
Holigarna caustica Holigarna longifolia Buch.-Ham. ex Roxb., Anacardiaceae Long-Leaf Varnish Tree
Holigarna grahamii Holigarna wightii, Catutsjeron grahamii Anacardiaceae Blistering Varnish Tree
Holigarna nigra Anacardiaceae Black-Flowered Varnish Tree
Lannea coromandelica Dialium coromandelicum, Lannea grandis, Odina wodier Anacardiaceae Indian Ash Tree
Mangifera indica Anacardiaceae Mango
Nothopegia beddomei Anacardiaceae Beddome's Nothopegia
Nothopegia racemosa Nothopegia dalzellii, Glycycarpus racemosa, Glycicarpus edulis Anacardiaceae Dalzell's Nothopegia
Pistacia chinensis ssp. Integerrima Pistacia integerrima, Rhus integerrima Anacardiaceae Kakkar
Rhus chinensis Rhus semialata, Rhus javanica var. chinensis, Rhus amela Anacardiaceae Chinese Sumac
Rhus mysorensis Anacardiaceae Mysore Sumac
Rhus punjabensis Toxicodendron punjabense Anacardiaceae Punjab Poison Oak
Schinus terebinthifolius Anacardiaceae Brazilian Pepper
Semecarpus anacardium Anacardium orientale Anacardiaceae Marking Nut
Semecarpus kathalekanensis Anacardiaceae Kathalekan Marsh Nut
Spondias pinnata Spondias mangifera, Mangifera pinnata Anacardiaceae Wild Mango
Terminthia paniculata Rhus paniculata, Toxicodendron paniculatum Anacardiaceae Panicled Sumac
Toxicodendron parviflorum Rhus parviflora Anacardiaceae Small Flowered Poison Sumac
Toxicodendron vernicifluum Rhus succedanea var. himalaica, Rhus verniciflua Anacardiaceae Chinese Varnish Tree
Ancistrocladus heyneanus Ancistrocladaceae Kardal
Alphonsea sclerocarpa Annonaceae Hard-Fruit Alphonsea
Annona glabra Annonaceae Pond Apple
Annona muricata Annona macrocarpa Annonaceae Soursop
Annona reticulata Annona humboldtiana, Annona humboldtii Annonaceae Netted Custard Apple
Annona squamosa Annonaceae Sugar Apple
Artabotrys hexapetalus Annona hexapetala, Artabotrys odoratissimus Annonaceae Hari Champa
Artabotrys suaveolens Unona suaveolens, Artabotrys parviflorus, Artabotrys rolfei Annonaceae Narrow-Petal Green Champa
Artabotrys zeylanicus Annonaceae Ceylon Green Champa
Cananga odorata Uvaria odorata Annonaceae Ylang Ylang
Cananga odorata var. fruticosa Cananga fruticosa, Cananga kirkii Annonaceae Dwarf Ylang Ylang
Desmos lawii Annonaceae Sahyadri Ylang-Ylang
Friesodielsia fornicata Annonaceae Eastern Dwaba-Berry
Friesodielsia sahyadrica Annonaceae Sahyadri Dwaba-Berry
Goniothalamus cardiopetalus Polyalthia cardiopetala Annonaceae Ghat Goniothalamus
Goniothalamus macranthus Unona macrantha, Melodorum macranthum Annonaceae Large-Flowered Goniothalamus
Meiogyne pannosa Meiogyne ramarowii, Polyalthia pannosa, Unona pannosa Annonaceae Malabar Fingersop
Miliusa eriocarpa Annonaceae Woolly-Fruit Miliusa
Miliusa nilagirica Annonaceae Nilgiri Miliusa
Miliusa tomentosa Uvaria tomentosa, Saccopetalum tomentosum Annonaceae Hoom
Miliusa velutina Uvaria velutina, Guatteria villosa Annonaceae Velvety Miliusa
Miliusa wightiana Annonaceae Wight's Miliusa
Mitrephora grandiflora Kinginda grandiflora Annonaceae Large Cap-Flower
Orophea uniflora Annonaceae Single-Flowered Orophea
Polyalthia cerasoides Guatteria cerasoides, Uvaria cerasoides Annonaceae Cherry Ashok
Polyalthia coffeoides Guatteria coffeoides Annonaceae Coffee Ashok
Polyalthia fragrans Guatteria fragrans Annonaceae Fragrant Ashok
Polyalthia longifolia Annonaceae Ashok
Polyalthia suberosa Guatteria suberosa, Uvaria suberosa, Phaeanthus malabaricus Annonaceae Corky Debbar Tree
Sageraea laurifolia Guatteria laurifolia Graham, Cananga pseudolancea Annonaceae Laurel Bow-Wood
Uvaria hamiltonii Annonaceae Eastern Uvaria
Uvaria narum Annonaceae South-Indian Uvaria
Ammi majus Apium ammi Apiaceae Bishop's Weed
Anethum graveolens Apiaceae Dill
Angelica glauca Angelica nuristanica Apiaceae Smooth Angelica
Angelica oreadum Angelica officinalis var. himalaica, Angelica archangelica subsp. himalaica, Angelica archangelica var. himalaica Apiaceae Mountain Angelica
Apium graveolens Apiaceae Celery
Aulacospermum roylei Trachydium roylei Apiaceae Royle's Trachydium
Bupleurum candollei Apiaceae Himalayan Thorowax
Bupleurum gracillimum Bupleurum falcatum var. gracillimum Apiaceae Slender Thorowax
Bupleurum lanceolatum Apiaceae Lanceleaf Thoroughwax
Bupleurum longicaule Bupleurum longicaule var. ramosum, Bupleurum himalayense Apiaceae Long-Stem Thorowax
Bupleurum marginatum Bupleurum falcatum var. marginatum Apiaceae Margined Chinese Thoroughwax
Bupleurum ramosissimum var. wightii Bupleurum mucronatum Wight & Arn., Bupleurum wightii Apiaceae Nilgiri Thorowax
Bupleurum thomsonii Apiaceae Thomson's Thorowax
Centella asiatica Centella hirtella, Hydrocotyle asiatica, Hydrocotyle reniformis Apiaceae Indian Pennywort
Chaerophyllum reflexum Chaerophyllum cachemiricum Apiaceae Kashmir Chervil
Chaerophyllum reflexum var. acuminatum Chaerophyllum acuminatum Apiaceae West Himalayan Chervil
Cicuta virosa Apiaceae Cowbane
Conium maculatum Apiaceae Poison Hemlock
Coriandrum sativum Apiaceae Coriander
Cortia depressa Cortia lindleyi, Athamanta depressa, Cortia nepalensis Apiaceae Prostrate Cortia
Cyclospermum leptophyllum Pimpinella leptophylla, Apium tenuifolium, Cyclospermum ammi, Apium leptophyllum Apiaceae Fir-Leaved Celery
Daucus carota Daucus vulgaris, Daucus sylvestris Apiaceae Wild Carrot
Daucus carota subsp. sativus Carota sativa, Daucus carota var. sativus Apiaceae Carrot
Eryngium billardieri Apiaceae Billardiere's Eryngo
Eryngium foetidum Apiaceae Long Coriander
Ferula jaeschkeana Peucedanum jaeschkeanum, Ferula jaeschkeana var. parkeriana Apiaceae Wild Asafoetida
Foeniculum vulgare Apiaceae Fennel
Heracleum canescens Heracleum hirsutum, Heracleum cinereum Apiaceae Grey-Hairy Hogweed
Heracleum pinnatum Apiaceae Pinnate-Leaved Hogweed
Hydrocotyle himalaica Hydrocotyle javanica var. podantha, Hydrocotyle podantha Apiaceae Himalayan Pennywort
Hydrocotyle javanica Hydrocotyle hispida, Hydrocotyle nepalensis Apiaceae Java Pennywort
Hydrocotyle sibthorpioides Hydrocotyle nitidula, Hydrocotyle splendens, Hydrocotyle tenella Apiaceae Water Pennywort
Hydrocotyle umbellata Hydrocotyle ambigua, Hydrocotyle vulgaris, Hydrocotyle caffra Apiaceae Many-Flowered Marsh-Pennywort
Hydrocotyle verticillata Hydrocotyle prolifera, Hydrocotyle triradiata, Hydrocotyle australis Apiaceae Whorled Marsh-Pennywort
Hymenidium stellatum Pleurospermum stellatum Benth. ex C. B. Cl., Selinum stellatum Apiaceae Starry Milk Parsley
Ligusticopsis wallichiana Selinum wallichianum Raizada & Saxena Apiaceae Milk Parsley
Oenanthe linearis Oenanthe javanica subsp. linearis, Oenanthe sinensis Apiaceae Water Dropwort
Oenanthe thomsonii Apiaceae Thomson's Water Dropwort
Pastinaca sativa Pastinaca sylvestris Apiaceae Parsnip
Petroselinum crispum Apiaceae Parsley
Peucedanum grande Apiaceae Hill Carrot
Pimpinella tomentosa Heracleum tomentosum Apiaceae Hairy Hogweed
Pinda concanensis Heracleum pinda Apiaceae Konkan Pinda
Pleurospermum brunonis Hymenolaena brunonis, Hymenidium brunonis, Ligusticum brunonis Apiaceae Brown's Paper Cup Flower
Prangos pabularia Koelzella pabularia, Apiaceae Prangos
Selinum filicifolium Selinum tenuifolium var. filicifolia C.B. Clarke Apiaceae Fern-Leaf Milk Parsley
Selinum vaginatum Cortia vaginata Apiaceae Bhutkeshi
Semenovia candicans Heracleum candicans, Tetrataenium candicans Apiaceae White-Leaf Hogweed
Sium latijugum Apiaceae Large Leaflet Water Parsnip
Tetrataenium nepalense Heracleum nepalense, Sium lobatum Apiaceae Nepal Hogweed
Tetrataenium rigens Heracleum candolleanum, Heracleum rigens, Pastinaca rigens Apiaceae Rigid Hogweed
Torilis japonica Caucalis japonica, Torilis anthriscus, Caucalis anthriscus Apiaceae Upright Hedge Parsley
Torilis nodosa Apiaceae Knotted Hedge-Parsley
Trachyspermum ammi Sison ammi, Trachyspermum copticum, Carum ajowan Apiaceae Ajwain
Trachyspermum roxburghianum Pimpinella lateriflora, Pimpinella dalzellii, Carum roxburghianum Apiaceae Wild Celery
Vicatia coniifolia Vicatia stewartii, Vicatia millefolia Apiaceae Cone-Leaf Vicatia
Acokanthera oppositifolia Acokanthera longiflora, Acokanthera venenata, Cestrum oppositifolium Apocynaceae Poison Bush
Adenium obesum Apocynaceae Desert Rose
Aganosma cymosa Echites cymosus Apocynaceae Forest Aganosma
Aganosma heynei Aganosma dichotoma, Aganosma caryophyllata, Echites dichotomus Apocynaceae Malati
Allamanda blanchetii Allamanda violacea Apocynaceae Purple Allamanda
Allamanda cathartica Apocynaceae Golden Trumpet Vine
Allamanda neriifolia Apocynaceae Bush Allamanda
Alstonia macrophylla Apocynaceae Batino
Alstonia scholaris Echites scholaris Apocynaceae Scholar Tree
Alstonia venenata Blaberopus venenatus, Apocynaceae Poison Devil Tree
Amphineurion marginatum Echites marginata, Aganosma marginata, Echites cristatus Apocynaceae Long-Petal Aganosma
Anodendron paniculatum Anodendron lanceolatum, Epigynum parviflorum Apocynaceae Andamanese Bowstring Plant
Beaumontia grandiflora Echites grandiflora Apocynaceae Nepal Trumpet Flower
Carissa carandas Arduina carandas, Echites spinosus, Jasminonerium carandas Apocynaceae Karanda
Carissa macrocarpa Carissa grandiflora, Arduina macrocarpa, Arduina grandiflora Apocynaceae Natal Plum
Carissa spinarum Carissa hirsuta, Carissa diffusa, Carissa opaca Apocynaceae Wild Karanda
Cascabela thevetia Thevetia neriifolia, Thevetia peruviana Apocynaceae Mexican Oleander
Catharanthus pusillus Lochnera pusilla, Vinca pusilla Apocynaceae Tiny Periwinkle
Catharanthus roseus Vinca rosea, Pervinca rosea Apocynaceae Periwinkle
Cerbera manghas Cerbera venenifera, Tanghinia venenifera Apocynaceae Sea Mango
Cerbera odollam Cerbera dilatata, Odollamia malabarica, Tanghinia odollam Apocynaceae Suicide Tree
Chonemorpha fragrans Chonemorpha grandiflora, Echites fragrans, Chonemorpha elliptica Apocynaceae Frangipani Vine
Chonemorpha griffithii Beluttakaka griffithii, Chonemorpha macrantha, Chonemorpha valvata Apocynaceae Griffith's Frangipani Vine
Cryptostegia grandiflora Apocynaceae Rubber Vine
Decalepis arayalpathra Janakia arayalpathra Apocynaceae Amruthapala
Decalepis hamiltonii Apocynaceae Swallow-Root
Decalepis nervosa Brachylepis nervosa Wight & Arn. Apocynaceae Nerved-Leaf Swallow-Root
Decalepis salicifolia Utleria salicifolia Bedd. ex Hook.f. Apocynaceae Willow-Leaved Swallow-Root
Holarrhena pubescens Holarrhena antidysenterica Apocynaceae Indrajao
Ichnocarpus frutescens Apocynum frutescens, Echites frutescens, Quirivelia frutescens Apocynaceae Black Creeper
Kopsia fruticosa Apocynaceae Shrub Vinca
Mandevilla sanderi Apocynaceae Mandevilla
Nerium oleander Nerium indicum, Nerium odorum Apocynaceae Oleander
Ochrosia oppositifolia Ochrosia parviflora, Ochrosia cowleyi, Cerbera oppositifolia Apocynaceae Twin Apple
Pachypodium lamerei Apocynaceae Madagascar Palm
Pachypodium lealii Apocynaceae Bottle Tree
Parameria laevigata Echites barbatus, Apocynaceae Smooth Parameria
Parsonsia alboflavescens Parsonsia spiralis Apocynaceae Spiral-Vined Silkpod
Pentalinon luteum Urechites luteus, Echites obovatus, Urechites jaegeri Apocynaceae Wild Allamanda
Plumeria filifolia Plumeria stenophylla Apocynaceae Cuban Frangipani
Plumeria obtusa Plumeria nivea, Plumeria emarginata Apocynaceae White Frangipani
Plumeria pudica Plumeria caracasana, Plumeria cochleata Apocynaceae Wild Plumeria
Plumeria rubra Apocynaceae Frangipani pink
Plumeria rubra Plumeria acutifolia, Plumeria rubra var. acutifolia Apocynaceae Common White Frangipani
Plumeria rubra Plumeria rubra f. rubra Apocynaceae Red Frangipani
Plumeria x stenopetala Apocynaceae Narrow Petal Frangipani
Rauvolfia beddomei Rauvolfia hookeri, Tabernaemontana verticillata Apocynaceae South-Indian Snake Root
Rauvolfia micrantha Ophioxylon micranthum Apocynaceae Small Flowered Snake Root
Rauvolfia serpentina Rauwolfia serpentina Apocynaceae Sarpagandha
Rauvolfia tetraphylla Rauvolfia canescens, Rauvolfia heterophylla, Rauvolfia hirsuta Apocynaceae Wild Snake Root
Rauvolfia verticillata Rauvolfia densiflora, Rauvolfia chinensis, Rauvolfia major Apocynaceae Dense-Flowered Snake Root
Strophanthus boivinii Roupellina boivinii Apocynaceae Corkscrew Flower
Strophanthus gratus Apocynaceae Climbing Oleander
Strophanthus kombe Strophanthus hispidus var. kombe Apocynaceae Kombe Arrow-Poison
Strophanthus wightianus Apocynaceae Wight's Twisted-Flower
Tabernaemontana alternifolia Ervatamia heyneana, Tabernaemontana heyneana Apocynaceae Nag Kuda
Tabernaemontana divaricata 'Flore Pleno' Apocynaceae Crape Jasmine Flore Pleno
Tabernaemontana divaricata Tabernaemontana citrifolia, Tabernaemontana coronaria, Nerium coronarium Apocynaceae Crape Jasmine
Tabernaemontana gamblei Ervatamia caudata Apocynaceae Gamble's Crape Jasmine
Tabernaemontana rostrata Tabernaemontana crispa Apocynaceae Orange Dutchman's Shoes
Trachelospermum jasminoides Apocynaceae Confederate Jasmine
Trachelospermum lucidum Trachelospermum fragrans, Alstonia lucida, Echites triangularis Apocynaceae Shining Star Jasmine
Vallaris solanacea Peltanthera solanacea, Vallaris heynei Apocynaceae Bread Flower
Vinca major Apocynaceae Large Leaf Periwinkle
Vinca minor Apocynaceae Lesser Periwinkle
Voacanga africana Voacanga glabra, Voacanga lemosii, Voacanga spectabilis Apocynaceae Small-Fruit Wild Frangipani
Wrightia antidysenterica Nerium antidysentericum, Nerium zeylanicum, Wrightia zeylanica Apocynaceae Arctic Snow
Wrightia arborea Periploca arborea, Wrightia tomentosa Apocynaceae Woolly Dyeing Rosebay
Wrightia coccinea Nerium coccineum Apocynaceae Scarlet Wrightia
Wrightia religiosa Echites religiosus Apocynaceae Water Jasmine
Wrightia tinctoria Apocynaceae Sweet Indrajao
Aponogeton bruggenii Aponogetonaceae Bruggen's Aponogeton
Aponogeton crispus Aponogeton echinatus, Spathium crispum, Spathium echinatum Aponogetonaceae Crinkled-Leaf Aponogeton
Aponogeton natans Saururus natans Aponogetonaceae Floating Lace Plant
Aponogeton satarensis Aponogetonaceae Satara Aponogeton
Ilex dipyrena Ilex dentonii Aquifoliaceae Himalayan Holly
Acorus calamus Araceae Sweet Flag
Alocasia decipiens Araceae Upright Elephant Ear
Alocasia macrorrhizos Alocasia indica, Alocasia montana Araceae Giant Taro
Alocasia sanderiana Araceae Kris Plant
Amorphophallus bulbifer Arum bulbiferum Araceae Devil's Tongue
Amorphophallus commutatus Conophallus commutatus, Amorphophallus commutatus var. wayanadensis Araceae Dragon Stalk Yam
Amorphophallus dunnii Araceae Dunn's Arum
Amorphophallus paeoniifolius Amorphophallus campanulatus Araceae Elephant Foot Yam
Anaphyllum beddomei Araceae Beddome's Tall-Leaf Arum
Anaphyllum wightii Araceae Wight's Twisted Arum
Anthurium andraeanum Araceae Flamingo Flower
Anthurium clarinervium Araceae White-Veined Anthurium
Anthurium scherzerianum Anthurium williamsii Araceae Pig-Tail Anthurium
Ariopsis peltata Araceae Shield Leaf Ariopsis
Arisaema caudatum Araceae Tail-Leaf Cobra Lily
Arisaema concinnum Arisaema affine, Arisaema alienatum Araceae Chinese Cobra Lily
Arisaema consanguineum Arisaema erubescens var. consanguineum Araceae Blushing Cobra Lily
Arisaema elephas Araceae Elephant Cobra Lily
Arisaema flavum Araceae Yellow Cobra Lily
Arisaema galeatum Araceae Helmet Cobra Lily
Arisaema griffithii Araceae Griffith's Cobra Lily
Arisaema jacquemontii Araceae Jacquemont's Cobra Lily
Arisaema leschenaultii Arisaema pulchrum, Arisaema longicaudatum Araceae Kerala Cobra Lily
Arisaema murrayi Araceae Murray's Cobra Lily
Arisaema murrayi var. sahyadricum Arisaema sahyadricum Araceae Sahyadri Cobra Lily
Arisaema murrayi var. sonubeniae Araceae Sonuben Cobra Lily
Arisaema nepenthoides Araceae Pitcher Cobra Lily
Arisaema nilamburense Arisaema auriculatum E.Barnes [Illegit.] Araceae Nilambur Cobra Lily
Arisaema propinquum Arisaema wallichianum Araceae Wallich's Cobra Lily
Arisaema speciosum Arisaema eminens, Arisaema speciosum var. speciosum Araceae Grand Cobra Lily
Arisaema tortuosum var. curvatum Arisaema curvatum, Arum curvatum Araceae Curved-Hood Cobra Lily
Arisaema tortuosum var. neglectum Arisaema neglectum Schott Araceae Two-Leaf Whipcord Cobra Lily
Arisaema tortuosum Araceae Whipcord Cobra Lily
Arisaema translucens Araceae Translucent Cobra Lily
Arisaema utile Araceae Sikkim Cobra Lily
Caladium bicolor Araceae Fancy-Leaf Caladium
Colocasia esculenta Araceae Taro
Cryptocoryne retrospiralis Cryptocoryne roxburghiana, Cryptocoryne dalzellii Araceae Antispiral Water Trumpet
Dieffenbachia amoena Araceae Dumb Cane
Gonatanthus pumilus Caladium pumilum, Gonatanthus sarmentosus Araceae Dwarf Gonatanthus
Lagenandra ovata Arisarum ovatum, Arum ovatum, Caladium ovatum, Cryptocoryne ovata Araceae Malayan Sword
Monstera deliciosa Araceae Split Leaf Philodendron
Pistia stratiotes Araceae Water Cabbage
Pothos scandens Batis hermaphrodita, Pothos hermaphroditus Araceae Climbing Aroid
Remusatia vivipara rum viviparum, Colocasia vivipara, Remusatia bulbifera Araceae Hitchhiker Elephant Ear
Rhaphidophora decursiva Raphidophora decursiva Araceae Creeping Philodendron
Rhaphidophora lancifolia Araceae Lanceleaf Philodendron
Rhaphidophora pertusa Monstera pertusa, Scindapsus pertusus, Pothos pertusus Araceae Perforated Philodendron
Sauromatum venosum Arum pedatum, Arum venosum, Sauromatum pedatum Araceae Voodoo Lily
Spathiphyllum wallisii Araceae Peace Lily
Syngonium podophyllum Araceae Arrowhead Plant
Theriophonum sivaganganum Pauella sivagangana Araceae Sivaganga Voodoo Lily
Typhonium diversifolium Heterostalis diversifolia Araceae Himalayan Typhonium
Typhonium roxburghii Araceae Dwarf Voodoo Lily
Typhonium trilobatum Arum trilobatum, Arum orixense Araceae Bengal Arum
Xanthosoma sagittifolium Arum sagittifolium, Caladium sagittifolium, Alocasia talihan Araceae Arrowleaf Elephant Ear
Zantedeschia aethiopica Calla aethiopica, Richardia africana, Richardia aethiopica, Colocasia aethiopica Araceae Calla Lily
Zantedeschia albomaculata Richardia albomaculata, Zantedeschia melanoleuca Araceae Spotted Calla Lily
Zantedeschia elliottiana Calla elliottiana, Richardia elliottiana Araceae Golden Calla Lily
Aralia cachemirica Aralia macrophylla Araliaceae Kashmir Aralia
Arthrophyllum diversifolium Arthrophyllum ovalifolium Araliaceae Common Ivy Palm
Eleutherococcus cissifolius Aralia cissifolia, Eleutherococcus cissifolius var. cissifolius, Acanthopanax cissifolius Araliaceae Grape-Leaf Eleuthero
Hedera helix Hedera communis, Hedera cordata Araliaceae Common Ivy
Hedera nepalensis Araliaceae Himalayan Ivy
Heteropanax fragrans Aralia fragrans, Panax fragrans Araliaceae Fragrant Aralia
Osmoxylon lineare Boerlagiodendron lineare Araliaceae Green Aralia
Panax pseudoginseng Panax schin-seng var. nepalensis, Aralia quinquefolia var. pseudoginseng Araliaceae Himalayan Ginseng
Polyscias scutellaria Araliaceae Shield Aralia
Schefflera actinophylla Brassaia actinophylla Araliaceae Octopus Tree
Schefflera arboricola Heptapleurum arboricola Araliaceae Dwarf Umbrella Tree
Schefflera bourdillonii Araliaceae Bourdillon's Schefflera
Schefflera elliptica Sciadophyllum ellipticum, Hedera venosa, Araliaceae Elliptic-Leaved Schefflera
Schefflera stellata Heptapleurum stellatum, Hedera terebinthinacea Araliaceae Starry Schefflera
Schefflera venulosa Paratropia venulosa, Heptapleurum venulosum Araliaceae Schefflera Vine
Tetrapanax papyrifer Aralia papyrifera, Panax papyrifer Araliaceae Rice-Paper Plant
Trevesia palmata Gastonia palmata, Gilibertia palmata Araliaceae Snowflake Tree
Agathis robusta Agathis palmerstonii Araucariaceae Kauri Pine
Araucaria angustifolia Araucariaceae Parana Pine
Araucaria bidwillii Columbea bidwillii, Marywildea bidwillii Araucariaceae Bunya Pine
Araucaria columnaris Araucariaceae Christmas Tree
Adonidia merrillii Veitchia merrillii, Normanbya merrillii Arecaceae Manila Palm
Areca catechu Arecaceae Betel Palm
Arenga wightii Saguerus wightii Arecaceae Wight's Sago Palm
Bismarckia nobilis Arecaceae Bismarck Palm
Borassus flabellifer Arecaceae Palmyra Palm
Calamus pseudotenuis Calamus pseudo-tenuis ? Arecaceae Slender Rattan Cane
Calamus thwaitesii Arecaceae Rattan Cane
Caryota urens Arecaceae Fishtail Palm
Chamaedorea elegans Chamaedorea pulchella Arecaceae Parlor Palm
Chamaedorea metallica Arecaceae Metal Palm
Cocos nucifera Arecaceae Coconut
Corypha umbraculifera Arecaceae Talipot Palm
Cyrtostachys renda Cyrtostachys lakka Arecaceae Sealing Wax Palm
Dypsis lutescens Arecaceae Golden Cane Palm
Elaeis guineensis Elaeis melanococca, Elaeis madagascariensis Arecaceae African Oil Palm
Licuala spinosa Arecaceae Mangrove Fan Palm
Livistona chinensis Arecaceae Chinese Fan Palm
Nypa fruticans Nipa arborescens, Nipa fruticans, Cocos nypa Arecaceae Nipa Palm
Phoenix loureirii var. humilis Phoenix humilis Arecaceae Dwarf Date Palm
Phoenix pusilla Phoenix zeylanica, Phoenix farinifera, Zelonops pusilla Arecaceae Ceylon Date Palm
Phoenix roebelenii Arecaceae Pygmy Date Palm
Phoenix rupicola Arecaceae Cliff Date Palm
Phoenix sylvestris Elate sylvestris Arecaceae Wild Date Palm
Pinanga dicksonii Areca dicksonii Arecaceae Dickson Palm
Pritchardia pacifica Washingtonia pacifica, Eupritchardia pacifica, Styloma pacifica Arecaceae Fiji Fan Palm
Ptychosperma macarthurii Kentia macarthurii Arecaceae MacArthur Palm
Rhapis excelsa Rhapis major, Rhapis cordata , Rhapis javanica Arecaceae Lady Palm
Roystonea regia Arecaceae Royal Palm
Sabal palmetto Arecaceae Cabbage Palm
Saribus rotundifolius Livistona rotundifolia, Licuala rotundifolia Arecaceae Roundleaf Fountain Palm
Thrinax radiata Thrinax floridana, Coccothrinax radiata Arecaceae Florida Thatch Palm
Trachycarpus fortunei Chamaerops fortunei, Trachycarpus wagnerianus, Trachycarpus caespitosus Arecaceae Windmill Palm
Trachycarpus takil Arecaceae Kumaon Palm
Washingtonia filifera Arecaceae California Fan Palm
Wodyetia bifurcata Arecaceae Foxtail Palm
Aristolochia acuminata Aristolochia roxburghiana, Aristolochia tagala Aristolochiaceae Tapering-Leaf Pipevine
Aristolochia bracteolata Aristolochia kotschyi, Aristolochia abyssinica Aristolochiaceae Worm Killer
Aristolochia elegans Aristolochia hassleriana, Aristolochia littoralis Aristolochiaceae Calico Flower
Aristolochia indica Aristolochia maysorensis, Aristolochia pandurata, Aristolochia lanceolata Aristolochiaceae Indian Birthwort
Aristolochia ornithocephala Aristolochiaceae Bird's Head Birthwort
Aristolochia ovatifolia Aristolochiaceae Ovate-Leaf Pipevine
Aristolochia ringens Aristolochiaceae Gaping Dutchman's Pipe
Aristolochia saccata Aristolochia cathcartii, Siphisia angustifolia, Siphisia saccata Aristolochiaceae Pouch Birthwort
Thottea barberi Apama barberi Aristolochiaceae Barber's Thottea
Thottea dalzellii Bragantia dalzellii, Apama dalzellii Aristolochiaceae Dalzel's Thottea
Thottea siliquosa Apama siliquosa Aristolochiaceae Chakrani
Asclepias curassavica Asclepiadaceae Scarlet Milkweed
Asclepias tuberosa Asclepiadaceae Butterfly Weed
Brachystelma kolarenses Asclepiadaceae Kolar Cage-Flower
Brachystelma pullaiahi Asclepiadaceae Andhra Spider Star
Brachystelma shrirangii Asclepiadaceae Shrirang's Cage-Flower
Calotropis gigantea Asclepiadaceae Crown Flower
Calotropis procera Asclepias procera, Calotropis wallichii, Madorius procerus Asclepiadaceae Rubber Bush
Caralluma bicolor Asclepiadaceae Bicolor Caralluma
Caralluma fimbriata Ceropegia adscendens var. fimbriata Asclepiadaceae Caralluma
Caralluma indica Desmidorchis indica, Hutchinia indica Asclepiadaceae Indian Caralluma
Caralluma stalagmifera Caralluma stalagmifera var. longipetala, Caralluma stalagmifera var. intermedia Asclepiadaceae Dark Purple Caralluma
Caralluma truncatocoronata Caralluma nilagiriana, Caralluma crenulata Asclepiadaceae Scalloped Caralluma
Caralluma umbellata Caralluma lasiantha, Desmidorchis umbellata Asclepiadaceae Umbelled Caralluma
Ceropegia anantii Asclepiadaceae Anant's Ceropegia
Ceropegia anjanerica Asclepiadaceae Anjaneri Ceropegia
Ceropegia attenuata Asclepiadaceae Tender Ceropegia
Ceropegia bulbosa Ceropegia edulis, Ceropegia esculenta, Ceropegia lushii Asclepiadaceae Bulbous Ceropegia
Ceropegia candelabrum subsp. candelabrum Ceropegia candelabriformis, Ceropegia elliottii, Ceropegia longiflora, Ceropegia mucronata Asclepiadaceae Candlestick Ceropegia
Ceropegia candelabrum subsp. tuberosa Ceropegia biflora, Ceropegia candelabrum var. biflora, Ceropegia candelabrum var. tuberosa, Ceropegia tuberosa Asclepiadaceae Beaked Candlestick Ceropegia
Ceropegia concanensis Asclepiadaceae Konkan Ceropegia
Ceropegia decaisneana Ceropegia brevicaulis, Ceropegia gracilis, Ceropegia decaisneana var. brevicollis Asclepiadaceae Decaisne's Ceropegia
Ceropegia elegans Ceropegia gardneri, Ceropegia mysorensis Asclepiadaceae Mysore Ceropegia
Ceropegia ensifolia Ceropegia albiflora, Ceropegia ciliata subsp. ensifolia Asclepiadaceae Sword-Leaf Ceropegia
Ceropegia evansii Asclepiadaceae Evans Ceropegia
Ceropegia fantastica Asclepiadaceae Fantastic Ceropegia
Ceropegia fimbriifera Asclepiadaceae Purple-Hairy Ceropegia
Ceropegia gardneri Ceropegia elegans var. gardneri Asclepiadaceae Gardner's Ceropegia
Ceropegia gigantea Stapelia gigantea, Stapelia nobilis Asclepiadaceae Zulu Giant
Ceropegia hirsuta Ceropegia hispida, Ceropegia jacquemontiana, Ceropegia ophiocephala Asclepiadaceae Hairy Ceropegia
Ceropegia huberi Asclepiadaceae Huber's Ceropegia
Ceropegia intermedia Ceropegia candelabrum Thw., Ceropegia tuberosa Wall. Asclepiadaceae Intermediate Ceropegia
Ceropegia jainii Ceropegia prainii Asclepiadaceae Jaini Ceropegia
Ceropegia juncea Asclepiadaceae Leafless Goglet Flower
Ceropegia karulensis Asclepiadaceae Karul Ghat Ceropegia
Ceropegia lawii Ceropegia maharashtrensis Asclepiadaceae Law's Ceropegia
Ceropegia lenewtonii Huernia keniensis, Huernia lenewtonii Asclepiadaceae Kenyan Dragon Flower
Ceropegia longifolia Ceropegia angustifolia, Ceropegia lanceolata, Ceropegia borii Asclepiadaceae Longleaf Ceropegia
Ceropegia lucida Asclepiadaceae Shining Ceropegia
Ceropegia maccannii Ceropegia lawii var. maccannii Asclepiadaceae Maccani Ceropegia
Ceropegia macrantha Asclepiadaceae Large-Flowered Ceropegia
Ceropegia maculata Ceropegia schumanniana Asclepiadaceae Spotted Ceropegia
Ceropegia mahabalei Asclepiadaceae Ralegaon Ceropegia
Ceropegia media Asclepiadaceae Medium Ceropegia
Ceropegia mohanramii Asclepiadaceae Mohanram's Ceropegia
Ceropegia noorjahaniae Asclepiadaceae Noorjahan Ceropegia
Ceropegia oculata Asclepiadaceae Peacock Ceropegia
Ceropegia odorata Ceropegia blatteri Asclepiadaceae Fragrant Ceropegia
Ceropegia panchganiensis Asclepiadaceae Panchgani Ceropegia
Ceropegia pubescens Asclepiadaceae Yellow Himalayan Ceropegia
Ceropegia pusilla Asclepiadaceae Weak Ceropegia
Ceropegia rollae Asclepiadaceae Rolla's Ceropegia
Ceropegia sahyadrica Asclepiadaceae Sahyadri Ceropegia
Ceropegia santapaui Asclepiadaceae Santapau's Ceropegia
Ceropegia spiralis Asclepiadaceae Spiral Ceropegia
Ceropegia vincifolia Ceropegia hirsuta var. vincifolia Asclepiadaceae Vinca-Leaved Ceropegia
Ceropegia wallichii Asclepiadaceae Wallich Ceropegia
Ceropegia woodii Ceropegi linearis subsp. woodii Asclepiadaceae Chain of Hearts
Cosmostigma racemosum Asclepias racemosa Asclepiadaceae Green Milkweed Creeper
Cryptolepis buchananii Cryptolepis dubia, Cryptolepis reticulata, Periploca dubia Asclepiadaceae Wax Leaved Climber
Cryptolepis grandiflora Cryptolepis wightiana Asclepiadaceae Large-Flowered Cryptolepis
Dischidia vidalii Dischidia pectenoides Asclepiadaceae Kangaroo Pocket
Frerea indica Caralluma frerea, Desmidorchis dalzellii Asclepiadaceae Indian Frerea
Genianthus laurifolius Asclepias laurifolia Roxb., Secamone laurifolia, Toxocarpus laurifolius Asclepiadaceae Laurel-Leaf Milkweed
Gomphocarpus physocarpus Asclepias physocarpa, Asclepias brasiliensis, Gomphocarpus brasiliensis Asclepiadaceae Balloon Plant
Gymnema sylvestre Asclepias geminata, Gymnema humile, Gymnema parvifolium Asclepiadaceae Gurmar
Hemidesmus indicus Asclepiadaceae Indian Sarsaparilla
Heterostemma dalzellii Heterostemma wallichii Asclepiadaceae Dalzell's Heterostemma
Heterostemma decanense Oianthus deccanensis Asclepiadaceae Deccan Heterostemma
Holostemma ada-kodien Holostemma annulare Asclepiadaceae Holostemma Creeper
Hoya arnottiana Asclepiadaceae Arnott's Wax Flower
Hoya bella Asclepiadaceae Miniature Wax Plant
Hoya carnosa Asclepiadaceae Wax Flower
Hoya diversifolia Hoya diversifolia subsp. diversifolia Asclepiadaceae Mangrove Wax Plant
Hoya pubicalyx Asclepiadaceae Pink Silver Wax Flower
Hoya serpens Asclepiadaceae Shooting Star Wax Flower
Hoya verticillata Asclepiadaceae Whorled Wax Flower
Hoya wightii Hoya pendula Asclepiadaceae Pendulous Wax Flower
Huernia zebrina subsp. insigniflora Huernia insigniflora, Huernia confusa Asclepiadaceae Lifesaver Cactus
Leptadenia pyrotechnica Leptadenia gracilis, Leptadenia spartium Asclepiadaceae Kheenp
Leptadenia reticulata Cynanchum reticulatum Asclepiadaceae Cork Swallow-Wort
Marsdenia tenacissima Asclepias tenacissima, Pergularia tenacissima Asclepiadaceae Rajmahal Hemp
Marsdenia volubilis Asclepias volubilis, Dregea volubilis, Wattakaka volubilis Asclepiadaceae Sneeze Wort
Orbea semota Orbea semota var. lutea Asclepiadaceae Yellow Orbea
Oxystelma esculentum Asclepiadaceae Rosy Milkweed Vine
Pachycymbium keithii Caralluma keithii Asclepiadaceae Keith's Caralluma
Pentasachme wallichii Pentasacme wallichii Asclepiadaceae Tailed-Leaf Pentasachme
Pentatropis capensis Pentatropis microphylla, Asclepias microphylla, Cynanchum capense Asclepiadaceae Ambarvel
Pentatropis spiralis Asclepias spiralis, Pentatropis cynanchoides Asclepiadaceae Aakari Bel
Pergularia daemia Asclepias daemia, Daemia extensa, Cynanchum extensum Asclepiadaceae Pergularia
Pergularia roylei Marsdenia roylei Asclepiadaceae Royle's Pergularia
Periploca calophylla Asclepiadaceae Pretty-Leaved Silkflower Vine
Sarcostemma acidum Sarcostemma brevistigma Asclepiadaceae Leafless East-Indian Vine
Sarcostemma intermedium Sarcostemma viminale Asclepiadaceae Leafless Climbing Milkweed
Sarcostemma viminale Cynanchum viminale, Apocynum viminale, Sarcostemma aphyllum Asclepiadaceae Caustic Vine
Secamone emetica Periploca emetica Asclepiadaceae Emetic Secamone
Stephanotis floribunda Asclepiadaceae Madagascar Jasmine
Telosma cordata Telosma minor, Pergularia minor, Oxystelma ovatum, Telosma odoratissima, Asclepias cordata, Pergularia odoratissima Asclepiadaceae Fragrant Telosma
Telosma pallida Asclepias pallida, Pergularia pallida Asclepiadaceae Telosma Vine
Toxocarpus kleinii Asclepiadaceae Klein's Bowfruit Vine
Tylophora dalzellii Asclepiadaceae Dalzell Ipecac
Tylophora fasciculata Vincetoxicum fasciculatum Asclepiadaceae Brown-Flowered Ipecac
Tylophora indica Cynanchum indicum Asclepiadaceae Indian Ipecac
Tylophora ovata Tylophora hirsuta, Tylophora hispida, Tylophora mollissima Asclepiadaceae Hairy Ipecac
Tylophora rotundifolia Tylophora trichophylla Asclepiadaceae Roundleaf Ipecac
Tylophora subramanii Asclepiadaceae Subramani's Ipecac
Tylophora tenerrima Asclepiadaceae Tender Himalayan Ipecac
Vincetoxicum auriculatum Cynanchum auriculatum, Endotropis auriculata Asclepiadaceae Heart-Leaf Swallow-Wort
Vincetoxicum callialatum Cynoctonum angustifolium, Cynanchum tunicatum, Cynanchum callialatum Asclepiadaceae Pretty-Wing Swallow-Wort
Vincetoxicum dalhousiae Cynanchum dalhousiae Asclepiadaceae Dalhousie Swallow-Wort
Vincetoxicum hirundinaria Cynanchum vincetoxicum, Vincetoxicum vincetoxicum Asclepiadaceae Swallow-Wort
Asparagus adscendens Asparagus satawur, Asparagopsis adscendens Asparagaceae West-Himalayan Asparagus
Asparagus densiflorus Asparagus aethiopicus Asparagaceae Asparagus Fern
Asparagus filicinus Asparagaceae Fern Asparagus
Asparagus officinalis Asparagaceae Garden Asparagus
Asparagus racemosus Asparagopsis abyssinica, Asparagus zeylanicus, Asparagus stachyoides Asparagaceae Satawari
Asparagus retrofractus Protasparagus retrofractus Asparagaceae Ming Fern
Asparagus setaceus Asparagaceae Lacy Asparagus Fern
Beaucarnea recurvata Nolina recurvata, Dasylirion recurvatum, Beaucarnea inermis Asparagaceae Ponytail Palm
Chlorophytum bharuchae Asparagaceae Phulbaji
Chlorophytum borivilianum Asparagaceae Safed Musli
Chlorophytum breviscapum Asparagaceae Short Scaped Spider Plant
Chlorophytum comosum Asparagaceae Spider Plant
Chlorophytum glaucoides Asparagaceae Glaucous Chlorophytum
Chlorophytum glaucum Anthericum nimmonii, Hartwegia nimmonii Asparagaceae Scaly-Stem Chlorophytum
Chlorophytum gothanense Asparagaceae Gothane Chlorophytum
Chlorophytum indicum Chlorophytum attenuatum, Asparagaceae Indian Chlorophytum
Chlorophytum kolhapurense Asparagaceae Kolhapur Chlorophytum
Chlorophytum malabaricum Asparagaceae Malabar Chlorophytum
Chlorophytum nepalense Chlorophytum khasianum, Liliago nepalensis, Chlorophytum undulatum Asparagaceae Nepal Chlorophytum
Chlorophytum nimmonii Asparagaceae Nimmo's Chlorophytum
Chlorophytum tuberosum Asparagaceae Edible Chlorophytum
Convallaria majalis Asparagaceae European Lily of the Valley
Cordyline australis Cordyline forsteri, Cordyline superbiens, Cordyline sturmii Asparagaceae Cabbage Tree
Dipcadi concanense Ornithogalum concanense, Uropetalon concanense Asparagaceae Konkan Dipcadi
Dipcadi goaense Asparagaceae Goa Dipcadi
Dipcadi krishnadevarayae Asparagaceae Krishna Deva Raya Dipcadi
Dipcadi saxorum Ornithogalum saxorum Asparagaceae Rock Dipcadi
Dipcadi ursulae Ornithogalum ursulae, Dipcadi ursulae var. ursulae Asparagaceae Ursula's Dipcadi
Dracaena draco Asparagus draco, Draco arbor, Palma draco, Yucca draco Asparagaceae Dragon Tree
Drimia indica Scilla indica, Urginea coromandeliana, Urginea indica Asparagaceae Indian Squill
Haworthia limifolia Haworthia keithii, Haworthia marlothiana Asparagaceae Fairies Washboard Haworthia
Hosta lancifolia Asparagaceae Narrow-Leaved Plantain Lily
Hosta plantaginea Asparagaceae Fragrant Plantain Lily
Hosta ventricosa Hosta coerulea, Hosta miquelii, Hemerocallis caerulea Asparagaceae Blue Plantain Lily
Hyacinthus orientalis Asparagaceae Hyacinth
Ledebouria revoluta Scilla hyacinthina Asparagaceae South Indian Squill
Ledebouria socialis Ledebouria violacea, Scilla paucifolia Asparagaceae Silver Squill
Liriope muscari Asparagaceae Lily Turf
Lomandra longifolia Xerotes longifolia, Lomandra longifolia subsp. exilis Asparagaceae Spiky-Headed Mat-Rush
Maianthemum oleraceum Smilacina oleracea, Smilacina crassifolia Asparagaceae Edible Mayflower
Maianthemum purpureum Smilacina purpurea, Smilacina pallida, Smilacina purpurea f. albiflora Asparagaceae Himalayan Mayflower
Maianthemum purpureum Smilacina purpurea, Smilacina pallida, Smilacina purpurea var. albiflora Asparagaceae Purple Mayflower
Muscari armeniacum Asparagaceae Grape Hyacinth
Ophiopogon clarkei Mondo dracaenoides var. clarkei Asparagaceae East-Himalayan Lily Turf
Ornithogalum thyrsoides Asparagaceae Chincherinchee
Polygonatum cirrhifolium Convallaria cirrhifolia Asparagaceae Coiling Leaf Solomon Seal
Polygonatum graminifolium Asparagaceae Grass-Leaved Solomon Seal
Polygonatum hookeri Polygonatum pumilum Asparagaceae Dwarf Solomon Seal
Polygonatum kingianum Asparagaceae King's Solomon Seal
Polygonatum verticillatum Asparagaceae Whorled Solomon's Seal
Ruscus hypoglossum Asparagaceae Spineless Butcher's Broom
Sansevieria cylindrica Asparagaceae Spear Sansevieria
Sansevieria parva Asparagaceae Kenya Hyacinth
Sansevieria roxburghiana Cordyline roxburghiana, Acyntha roxburghiana Asparagaceae Indian Bowstring Hemp
Sansevieria trifasciata Asparagaceae Snake Plant
Aloe arborescens Asphodelaceae Krantz Aloe
Aloe deltoideodonta Asphodelaceae Delta-shaped Aloe
Aloe humilis Asphodelaceae Spider Aloe
Aloe maculata Aloe saponaria, Aloe latifolia Asphodelaceae Soap Aloe
Aloe vera Aloe barbadensis, Aloe indica, Aloe vulgaris Asphodelaceae Aloe Vera
Asphodelus fistulosus Asphodelaceae Onion-Weed
Eremurus himalaicus Asphodelaceae Himalayan Desert Candle
Gasteria bicolor Asphodelaceae Gasteria
Kniphofia spp. Asphodelaceae Torch Lily
Acanthospermum hispidum Asteraceae Bristly Starbur
Achillea filipendulina Asteraceae Fernleaf Yarrow
Achillea millefolium Achillea lanulosa, Achillea magna Asteraceae Common Yarrow
Achillea ptarmica Achillea grandis, Chrysanthemum ptarmicifolium Asteraceae Sneezeweed
Acilepis ornata Acilepis dalzelliana, Vernonia dalzelliana Asteraceae Dalzell's Vernonia
Acmella ciliata Spilanthes ciliata, Acmella fimbriata, Ceratocephalus ciliatus Asteraceae Fringed Pod Toothache Plant
Acmella oleracea Spilanthes acmella var. oleracea, Spilanthes fusca Asteraceae Toothache Plant
Acmella paniculata Spilanthes paniculata, Spilanthes acmella var. paniculata Asteraceae Panicled Spot Flower
Acmella radicans Spilanthes radicans, Acmella tenella, Spilanthes debilis Asteraceae White Spot-Flower
Acmella uliginosa Spilanthes uliginosa Asteraceae Marsh Para Cress
Adenoon indicum Asteraceae Blue Sonki
Adenostemma lavenia Verbesina lavenia, Adenostemma viscosum Asteraceae Sticky Daisy
Ageratina adenophora Eupatorium adenophorum, Eupatorium glandulosum Asteraceae Catweed
Ageratina riparia Eupatorium riparium Asteraceae Mistflower
Ageratum conyzoides Asteraceae Goat Weed
Ageratum houstonianum Asteraceae Floss Flower
Ainsliaea aptera Asteraceae Wingless Ainsliaea
Ajania fruticulosa Tanacetum fruticulosum, Chrysanthemum gracile, Ajania gracilis Asteraceae Shrubby Ajania
Ajania tibetica Chrysanthemum tibeticum, Tanacetum tibeticum Asteraceae Tibetan Tansy
Amberboa amberboi Centaurea moschata var. amberboi, Amberboa suaveolens Asteraceae Yellow Sweet Sultan
Amberboa moschata 'The Bride' Chryseis moschata, Amberboa odorata var. glauca Asteraceae White Sweet Sultan
Anacyclus pyrethrum Anthemis pyrethrum, Anacyclus officinarum, Matricaria officinarum Asteraceae Spanish Chamomile
Anaphalis brevifolia Anaphalis bournei, Gnaphalium brevifolium Asteraceae Short-Leaf Pearly Everlasting
Anaphalis busua Anaphalis arenosa, Anaphalis surculosa, Gnaphalium busua Asteraceae Tall Pearly Everlasting
Anaphalis contorta Anaphalis tenella Asteraceae Eared-Leaf Pearly Everlasting
Anaphalis lawii Anaphalis oblonga var. lawii Asteraceae South Indian Pearly Everlasting
Anaphalis nepalensis Asteraceae Nepal Pearly Everlasting
Anaphalis nepalensis var. monocephala Anaphalis triplinervis var. monocephala Asteraceae One-Flowered Pearly Everlasting
Anaphalis royleana var. cana Asteraceae Linear-Leaf Pearly Everlasting
Anaphalis subdecurrens Gnaphalium indicum, Gnaphalium subdecurrens Asteraceae Indian Pearly Everlasting
Anaphalis travancorica Asteraceae Travancore Pearly Everlasting
Anaphalis triplinervis Antennaria triplinervis Asteraceae Woolly Pearly Everlasting
Anthemis cotula Asteraceae Stinking Chamomile
Arctium lappa Lappa officinalis, Arctium edule, Lappa major Asteraceae Greater Burdock
Arctotis fastuosa Venidium fastuosum, Arctotis aurea Asteraceae Venidium orange
Arctotis fastuosa 'Zulu Prince' Asteraceae Venidium Zulu Prince
Arctotis venusta Asteraceae Blue Eyed African Daisy
Argyranthemum frutescens Chrysanthemum frutescens, Chrysanthemum floridum, Anthemis frutescens Asteraceae Marguerite Daisy
Argyranthemum frutescens 'Vancouver' Chrysanthemum frutescens 'Vancouver' Asteraceae Marguerite Vancouver
Artemisia absinthium Asteraceae Wormwood
Artemisia amygdalina Asteraceae Almond Wormwood
Artemisia gmelinii Artemisia santolinifolia, Artemisia racemifera Asteraceae Gmelin's Wormwood
Artemisia japonica Artemisia parviflora, Oligosporus japonicus Asteraceae Japanese Wormwood
Artemisia macrocephala Artemisia akbaitalensis, Artemisia griffithiana, Artemisia sieversiana var. pygmaea Asteraceae Large-Flowered Wormwood
Artemisia nilagirica Artemisia vulgaris, Artemisia vulgaris var. nilagirica Asteraceae Indian Wormwood
Artemisia roxburghiana Artemisia dubia, Artemisia purpurascens, Artemisia eriocephala Asteraceae Roxburgh's Wormwood
Artemisia scoparia Artemisia capillaris, Artemisia elegans, Artemisia gracilis Asteraceae Redstem Wormwood
Artemisia stelleriana Asteraceae Beach Wormwood
Artemisia vestita Asteraceae Russian Wormwood
Askellia flexuosa Crepis glauca, Barkhausia flexuosa, Crepis flexuosa Asteraceae Tangled Hawksbeard
Aster albescens Microglossa albescens Asteraceae Fading Himalayan Aster
Aster amellus Asteraceae Italian Aster
Aster diplostephioides Asteraceae Creeping Aster
Aster falconeri Aster diplostephioides var. falconeri Asteraceae Falconer's Aster
Aster flaccidus Asteraceae Weak Violet Aster
Aster himalaicus Aster mekongensis Asteraceae Himalayan Aster
Aster molliusculus Diplopappus molliusculus Asteraceae Swaying Himalayan Aster
Aster sikkimmensis Asteraceae Sikkim Aster
Aster stracheyi Asteraceae Strachey's Aster
Aster thomsonii Asteraceae Thomson's Aster
Baccharoides anthelmintica Conyza anthelmintica, Vernonia anthelmintica Asteraceae Ironweed
Bellis perennis Asteraceae English Daisy
Bellis perennis Asteraceae Red English Daisy
Bidens bipinnata Bidens wallichii, Bidens elongata, Bidens cicutaefolia Asteraceae Spanish Needles
Bidens biternata Coreopsis biternata Asteraceae Yellow Flowered Blackjack
Bidens pilosa Bidens orientalis, Bidens minor, Bidens leucanthemus Asteraceae Beggar Tick
Bidens tripartita subsp. tripartita Bidens trifida, Bidens repens Asteraceae Threelobe Beggar Tick
Blainvillea acmella Verbesina acmella, Blainvillea latifolia, Eclipta latifolia Asteraceae Para Cress Flower
Blepharispermum petiolare Asteraceae Stalked Eyelashpod
Blumea belangeriana Blumea metziana Asteraceae Belanger's Blumea
Blumea glomerata Blumea fistulosa Asteraceae Clustered Blumea
Blumea lacera Blumea lactucifolia, Blumea glandulosa, Blumea bodinieri Asteraceae Lettuce-Leaf Blumea
Blumea laciniata Conyza laciniata Asteraceae Cutleaf Blumea
Blumea lanceolaria Conyza lanceolaria, Blumea spectabilis, Blumea laxiflora Asteraceae Lanceleaf Blumea
Blumea malcolmii Pluchea malcomiii, Pluchea lanuginosa Asteraceae Malcom's Blumea
Blumea mollis Blumea wightiana, Blumea parvifolia, Erigeron molle Asteraceae Soft Blumea
Blumea oxyodonta Asteraceae Spiny Leaved Blumea
Blumea paniculata Asteraceae Panicled Blumea
Blumea viscosa Blumea aurita, Laggera aurita, Pseudoconyza viscosa Asteraceae Sticky Blumea
Brachyactis pubescens Neobrachyactis pubescens, Brachyactis robusta, Conyza pubescens Asteraceae Hairy Fleabane
Brachyscome iberidifolia Asteraceae Swan River Daisy
Caesulia axillaris Meyera orientalis Asteraceae Pink Node Flower
Calendula officinalis Asteraceae Calendula
Callistephus chinensis Aster chinensis, Aster lacinians, Aster regalis Asteraceae China Aster
Calyptocarpus vialis Asteraceae Straggler Daisy
Carduus edelbergii Carduus nutans var. lucidus Asteraceae Edelberg's Cotton Thistle
Carpesium abrotanoides Asteraceae Pig's Head
Carpesium cernuum Carpesium taquetii, Carpesium glossophylloides Asteraceae Nodding Carpesium
Carthamus lanatus Carthamus albus, Centaurea lanata, Atractylis lutea Asteraceae Saffron Thistle
Carthamus oxyacanthus Carthamus flavescens, Carthamus oxyacantha Asteraceae Wild Safflower
Carthamus tinctorius Carduus tinctorius, Centaurea carthamus, Carthamus tinctorius var. tinctorius Asteraceae Safflower
Catamixis baccharoides Asteraceae Baccharis Catamixis
Centaurea cyanus Asteraceae Cornflower
Centaurea iberica Asteraceae Iberian Star Thistle
Centratherum punctatum Centratherum muticum Asteraceae Brazilian Button Flower
Chaetoseris hastata Chondrilla hastata, Lactuca hastata, Cicerbita cyanea var. hastata Asteraceae Arrowleaf Blue-Sow-Thistle
Chondrilla juncea Asteraceae Rush Skeleton-Weed
Chromolaena odorata Eupatorium odoratum Asteraceae Siam Weed
Chrysanthemum indicum Matricaria indica, Dendranthema indicum Asteraceae Indian Chrysanthemum
Chrysanthemum morifolium Chrysanthemum sinense Asteraceae Florist's Chrysanthemum
Chrysanthemum morifolium Dendranthema X grandiflorum Asteraceae Garden Mum
Chrysanthemum morifolium Dendranthema X grandiflorum Asteraceae Spider Mum
Chrysanthemum morifolium Dendranthema X grandiflorum Asteraceae Spoon Mum
Chrysanthemum morifolium 'Illusion' Dendranthema X grandiflorum Asteraceae Quilled Daisy Mum
Cichorium intybus Asteraceae Chicory
Cirsium arvense Carduus arvensis, Serratula setosa, Cirsium setosum Asteraceae Creeping Thistle
Cirsium eriophoroides Asteraceae Wool Bearing Thistle
Cirsium falconeri Asteraceae Falconer's Thistle
Cirsium verutum Cirsium argyracanthum, Cirsium involucratum, Cnicus argyracanthus Asteraceae Common Thistle
Cirsium wallichii Cirsium nepalense, Cnicus wallichii Asteraceae Wallich's Thistle
Conyza stricta Asteraceae Erect Horseweed
Coreopsis auriculata Asteraceae Mouse Ear Coreopsis
Coreopsis tinctoria Asteraceae Golden Coreopsis
Coreopsis verticillata 'Moonbeam' Asteraceae Coreopsis Moonbeam
Cosmos atrosanguineus Asteraceae Chocolate Cosmos
Cosmos bipinnatus Asteraceae Cosmos pink
Cosmos bipinnatus Asteraceae Cosmos white
Cosmos bipinnatus 'Pied Piper Red' Asteraceae Cosmos Pied Piper Red
Cosmos caudatus Asteraceae Wild Cosmos
Cosmos sulphureus Asteraceae Cosmos orange
Cotula australis Cotula venosa, Soliva tenella Asteraceae Australian Buttonweed
Cousinia thomsonii Arctium thomsonii Asteraceae Thomson's Thistle
Crassocephalum crepidioides Gynura crepidioides Asteraceae Thickhead
Cremanthodium arnicoides Senecio arnicoides, Ligularia arnicoides, Senecillis arnicoides Asteraceae Himalayan Daisy
Cremanthodium decaisnei Senecio renatus, Cremanthodium decaisnei f. clarke Asteraceae Decaisne's Cremanthodium
Cremanthodium ellisii Cremanthodium plantagineum, Cremanthodium oblongatum Asteraceae Himalayan Mini Sunflower
Cremanthodium thomsonii Asteraceae Thomson's Cremanthodium
Crepis sancta Asteraceae Sacred Hawksbeard
Curio radicans Senecio radicans, Cacalia radicans Asteraceae String of Bananas
Curio talinoides Asteraceae Blue Fingers
Cyanthillium cinereum Vernonia cinerea, Conyza cinerea, Senecioides cinerea Asteraceae Little Ironweed
Cyathocline lutea Cyathocline flava [Ileg.] Asteraceae Peela Gangotra
Cyathocline purpurea Tanacelum purpureum, Cyathochine lyrata Asteraceae Gangotra
Cynara cardunculus Carduus cardunculus, Cynara sylvestris, Cynara scolymus Asteraceae Cardoon
Dahlia coccinea Asteraceae Single Flowered Dahlia
Dahlia Asteraceae Decorative Dahlia
Dahlia imperialis Asteraceae Tree Dahlia
Dahlia Asteraceae Waterlily Dahlia
Dendranthema X grandiflorum Asteraceae Chrysanthemum pink
Dendranthema X grandiflorum Asteraceae Chrysanthemum yellow
Dendranthema X grandiflorum Asteraceae White Chrysanthemum
Dichrocephala benthamii Dichrocephala amphiloba, Dichrocephala bodinieri Asteraceae Bentham's Buttonweed
Dichrocephala integrifolia subsp. gracilis Dichrocephala gracilis DC. Asteraceae Graceful Buttonweed
Dichrocephala integrifolia subsp. integrifolia Dichrocephala latifolia, Centipeda latifolia, Cotula bicolor Asteraceae Bicolor Buttonweed
Dicoma tomentosa Acilepis lanata, Dicoma gnaphaloides, Dicoma lanuginosa Asteraceae Woolly Dicoma
Dimorphotheca pluvialis Dimorphotheca annua, Calendula pluvialis Asteraceae White African Daisy
Dimorphotheca sinuata Asteraceae African Daisy orange
Dimorphotheca sinuata Asteraceae African Daisy yellow
Dolomiaea macrocephala Carduus nepalensis, Jurinea dolomiaea, Jurinella macrocephala Asteraceae Himalayan Dolomiaea
Dubyaea hispida Asteraceae Bristly Dubyaea
Duhaldea cuspidata Inula cuspidata, Helenium cuspidatum, Inula polycephala Asteraceae Lanceleaf Inula
Duhaldea eupatorioides Inula eupatorioides, Helenium eupatoriodes Asteraceae Boneset-Leaf Inula
Echinacea purpurea Rudbeckia purpurea Asteraceae Eastern Purple Coneflower
Echinops cornigerus Echinops coriarius, Echinops polygraphus Asteraceae Blue Globe Thistle
Echinops echinatus Asteraceae Indian Globe Thistle
Echinops niveus Asteraceae Snow-White Globe Thistle
Eclipta alba Eclipta erecta, Eclipta prostrata, Eclipta punctata, Verbesina prostrata Asteraceae False Daisy
Elephantopus scaber Asteraceae Elephant Foot
Emilia ramulosa Asteraceae Nilgiri Emilia
Emilia sonchifolia Emilia javanica Asteraceae Purple Sow Thistle
Epaltes divaricata Epaltes hirsuta, Epaltes linearifolia, Erigerodes divaricatum Asteraceae Narrow-Leaf Epaltes
Epaltes pygmaea Asteraceae Dwarf Epaltes
Erigeron acer var. multicaulis Erigeron alpinus var. multicaulis, Erigeron multicaulis Asteraceae Many-Stemmed Himalayan Fleabane
Erigeron annuus Aster annuus, Erigeron heterophyllus Asteraceae Annual Fleabane
Erigeron bellidioides Aster bellidioides Asteraceae Daisy Fleabane
Erigeron bonariensis Conyza bonariensis, Conyza angustifolia, Conyza hispida Asteraceae Flaxleaf Fleabane
Erigeron canadensis Conyza canadensis, Aster canadensis, Conyza parva Asteraceae Canadian Horseweed
Erigeron karvinskianus Erigeron mucronatus Asteraceae Mexican Fleabane
Erigeron multiradiatus Asteraceae Himalayan Fleabane
Erigeron sumatrensis Conyza sumatrensis, Conyza floribunda, Erigeron albidus Asteraceae Tall Fleabane
Erigeron uniflorus Erigeron alpinus var. uniflorus Asteraceae One-Flowered Fleabane
Eschenbachia japonica Conyza veronicifolia, Conyza congesta, Conyza japonica Asteraceae Japanese Fleabane
Eschenbachia leucantha Blumea leucantha, Erigeron leucanthum, Conyza leucantha Asteraceae White-Flowered Fleabane
Eupatorium cannabinum subsp. cannabinum Eupatorium birmannicum, Eupatorium argenteum, Eupatorium trifidum Asteraceae Burma Agrimony
Euryops chrysanthemoides Gamolepis chrysanthemoides Asteraceae African Bush Daisy
Filago arvensis Gnaphalium arvense, Oglifa arvensis Asteraceae Field Cudweed
Filago pyramidata Filago spathulata, Gnaphalium pyramidatum Asteraceae Broad Leaved Cudweed
Gaillardia 'Fanfare' Asteraceae Gaillardia Fanfare
Gaillardia pulchella Asteraceae Blanket Flower
Gaillardia pulchella Asteraceae Gaillardia double
Galinsoga parviflora Tridax parviflora Asteraceae Quick Weed
Galinsoga quadriradiata Galinsoga ciliata, Galinsoga hispida, Galinsoga bicolorata Asteraceae Hairy Quickweed
Gamochaeta pensylvanica Gnaphalium pensylvanicum, Gnaphalium peregrinum Asteraceae Pennsylvania Cudweed
Garhadiolus hedypnois Garhadiolus minutissimus, Garhadiolus angulosus Asteraceae Tiny Garhadiolus
Gazania rigens Asteraceae Gazania
Gerbera gossypina Asteraceae Hairy Gerbera Daisy
Gerbera Jamesonii Asteraceae Gerbera Daisy
Glebionis coronaria Chrysanthemum coronarium, Chrysanthemum speciosum Asteraceae Crown Daisy
Glossocardia bosvallia Verbesina bosvallia Asteraceae Patthar Suva
Gnaphalium affine Asteraceae Cotton Weed
Gnaphalium polycaulon Gnaphalium floccosum, Gnaphalium gracillimum Asteraceae Many-Stemmed Cudweed
Gochnatia spectabilis Leucomeris macrophylla Asteraceae Spectacular Gochnatia
Goniocaulon indicum Amberboa goniocaulon, Centaurea indica Asteraceae Indian Cornflower
Grangea maderaspatana Artemisia maderaspatana, Grangea aegyptiaca, Tanacetum aegyptiacum Asteraceae Madras Carpet
Guizotia abyssinica Guizotia oleifera, Polymnia abyssinica Asteraceae Ramtil
Gynura cusimbua Gynura angulosa, Cacalia cusimbua Asteraceae Hill Gynura
Gynura nepalensis Gynura nudibasis, Cacalia nepalensis, Gynura foetens Asteraceae Nepal Gynura
Gynura pseudochina Gynura miniata Asteraceae Chinese Gynura
Helenium autumnale Asteraceae Helen's Flower
Helianthus annuus 'Ring of Fire' Asteraceae Sunflower 'Ring of Fire'
Helianthus annuus Asteraceae Sunflower
Helianthus annuus 'Teddy Bear' Asteraceae Teddy Bear Sunflower
Helianthus argophyllus Asteraceae Silverleaf Sunflower
Helianthus debilis Asteraceae Beach Sunflower
Helichrysum buddleioides Gnaphalium buddleioides, Gnaphalium cynoglossoides Asteraceae Butterfly-Bush Golden Cudweed
Helichrysum splendidum Asteraceae Cape Gold
Helichrysum wightii Asteraceae Nilgiri Everlasting
Heliopsis helianthoides 'Ballerina' Asteraceae Heliopsis Ballerina
Inula cappa Conyza cappa Asteraceae Fragrant Inula
Inula grandiflora Inula barbata, Inula alpina, Helenium grandiflorum Asteraceae Showy Inula
Inula nervosa Inula asperrima, Inula nitida, Inula venosa, Inula esquirolii Asteraceae Veined-Leaf Inula
Inula obtusifolia Inula obtusifolia var. obtusifolia , Inula thomsonii Asteraceae Blunt-Leaf Inula
Inula racemosa Asteraceae Indian Elecampane
Inula rhizocephala Inula rhizocephala var. rhizocephala, Inula rhizocephaloides Asteraceae Stemless Inula
Inula royleana Asteraceae Himalayan Elecampane
Ixeris polycephala Lactuca polycephala, Chondrilla longifolia, Lactuca matsumura Asteraceae Many-Flowered Ixeris
Jacobaea maritima Othonna maritima, Senecio cineraria, Senecio bicolor Asteraceae Dusty Miller
Jacobaea nudicaulis Senecio nudicaulis, Senecio esquirolii, Senecio denudatus Asteraceae Bare-Stem Ragwort
Kleinia fulgens Asteraceae Scarlet Kleinia
Kleinia grandiflora Notonia grandiflora, Senecio indicus Asteraceae Large-Flower Kleinia
Koelpinia linearis Lapsana koelpinia, Rhagadiolus koelpinia Asteraceae Koelpinia
Lactuca dissecta Lactuca auriculata Asteraceae Split-Leaf Lettuce
Lactuca dolichophylla Lactuca longifolia Asteraceae Long Leaved Lettuce
Lactuca sativa Asteraceae Lettuce
Lactuca serriola Lactuca scariola, Lactuca sylvestris Asteraceae Prickly Lettuce
Lactuca tatarica Mulgedium tataricum, Lactuca pulchella, Lagedium tataricum Asteraceae Blue Lettuce
Lagascea mollis Asteraceae Silk Leaf
Laggera alata Blumea alata, Conyza nutans, Vernonia alata Asteraceae Winged-Stem Laggera
Laggera crispata Blumea crispata, Conyza crispata, Blumea pterodonta Asteraceae Curly Blumea
Lapsana communis Lapsana pubescens, Lapsana glandulosa Asteraceae Nipplewort
Launaea procumbens Asteraceae Creeping Launaea
Launaea sarmentosa Launaea pinnatifida Asteraceae Beach Launaea
Launaea secunda Chondrilla secunda Asteraceae Himalayan Launaea
Layia platyglossa Layia ziegleri, Callichroa platyglossa Asteraceae Tidy Tips
Leontopodium himalayanum Leontopodium himalayanum var. himalayanum Asteraceae Himalayan Edelweiss
Leontopodium jacotianum Leontopodium jacotianum var. gurhwalense, Leontopodium jacotianum var. jacotianum Asteraceae Edelweiss
Leontopodium nanum Leontopodium alpinum var. nivale, Leontopodium jamesonii Asteraceae Tiny Edelweiss
Leucanthemum vulgare Chrysanthemum leucanthemum Asteraceae Oxeye Daisy
Leucanthemum X superbum Chrysanthemum maximum Asteraceae Shasta Daisy
Liatris spicata Kuhnia spicata, Liatris sessiliflora, Suprago spicata Asteraceae Gayfeather
Ligularia amplexicaulis Asteraceae Stem Clasping Ligularia
Ligularia fischeri Cineraria fischeri, Cineraria speciosa Asteraceae Fischer's Ligularia
Ligularia jacquemontiana Senecio jacquemontianus, Senecillis jacquemontiana Asteraceae Jacquemont's Ligularia
Matricaria aurea Chamomilla aurea, Cotula aurea Asteraceae Golden Chamomile
Matricaria chamomilla Chamomilla recutita Asteraceae Chamomilla
Matricaria matricarioides Chamomilla discoidea, Matricaria discoidea, Cotula matricarioides Asteraceae Pineapple Weed
Melampodium divaricatum Dysodium divaricatum, Melampodium paludosum Asteraceae Butter Daisy
Melanoseris brunoniana Prenanthes brunoniana, Lactuca brunoniana, Cicerbita brunoniana Asteraceae Himalayan Blue Sow-Thistle
Melanoseris lessertiana Cicerbita lessertiana, Lactuca lessertiana, Mulgedium lessertianum Asteraceae Lessert's Violet Dandelion
Melanoseris macrorhiza Cicerbita macrorhiza, Cicerbita laevigata, Lactuca macrorhiza Asteraceae Violet Dandelion
Melanoseris violifolia Cicerbita violifolia, Prenanthes violifolia, Lactuca violifolia Asteraceae Viola-Leaved Blue Sow-Thistle
Mikania micrantha Mikania cordata var. indica Asteraceae Climbing Hempweed
Montanoa bipinnatifida Montanoa elegans, Polymnia grandis, Montanoa pyramidata Asteraceae Tree Chrysanthemum
Montanoa grandiflora Eriocoma hartwegiana Asteraceae Tree Daisy
Myriactis nepalensis Dichrocephala leveillei, Myriactis javanica var. diengensis Asteraceae Nepal Myriactis
Myriactis wallichii Myriactis gmelinii, Botryadenia gmelini Asteraceae Wallich's Myriactis
Myriactis wightii Myriactis javanica, Bellis pilosa, Myriactis pilosa Asteraceae Wight's Myriactis
Nanothamnus sericeus Asteraceae Silky Dwarf Bush
Oclemena nemoralis Asteraceae Bog Aster
Oligochaeta divaricata Oligochaeta ramosa, Amberboa ramosa, Carduus ramosus Asteraceae Branched Sweet-Sultan
Onopordum acanthium Asteraceae Cotton Thistle
Osteospermum ecklonis Dimorphotheca ecklonis Asteraceae Deep Purple African Daisy
Othonna capensis Othonna crassifolia Asteraceae Little Pickles Ice Plant
Parthenium hysterophorus Asteraceae Carrot Grass
Pentanema cernuum Asteraceae Sonsari
Pentanema indicum Inula indica, Vicoa indica Asteraceae Sonkadi
Pericallis x hybrida Cineraria x hybrida, Senecio x hybridus Asteraceae Cineraria
Phyllocephalum scabridum Decaneurum scabridum Asteraceae Purple Heads
Picris hieracioides Picris hieracioides subsp. hieracioides, Picris hieracioides f. hieracioides Asteraceae Hawk Weed
Piloselloides hirsuta Gerbera piloselloides, Gerbera hirsuta, Gerbera amabilis Asteraceae Hawkweed Gerbera Daisy
Pluchea lanceolata Berthelotia lanceolata Asteraceae Rasna
Pluchea paniculata Blumea membranacea, Blumea senecioides, Blumea viscosula Asteraceae Panicled Camphorweed
Pluchea tomentosa Conyza tomentosa, Eupatorium mysorense Asteraceae Woolly Camphor-Weed
Pluchea wallichiana Conyza sessilifolia, Conyza candolleana Asteraceae Wallich Camphor-Weed
Pseudognaphalium hypoleucum Gnaphalium hypoleucum Asteraceae White Leaved Cudweed
Pseudognaphalium luteoalbum Gnaphalium luteoalbum, Helichrysum luteoalbum Asteraceae Weedy Cudweed
Pseudogynoxys chenopodioides Senecio confusus, Senecio chenopodioides Asteraceae Mexican Flame Vine
Psychrogeton poncinsii Aster poncinsii, Psychrogeton andryaloides, Erigeron poncinsii Asteraceae Ladakh Fleabane
Pulicaria wightiana Asteraceae Sontikli
Pyrethrum pyrethroides Chrysanthemum pyrethroides, Richteria pyrethroides, Tanacetum pyrethroides Asteraceae Himalayan Chrysanthemum
Rhodanthe chlorocephala subsp. rosea Helipterum roseum, Acroclinium roseum Asteraceae Rosy Everlasting
Rudbeckia hirta Asteraceae Black-Eyed Susan
Rudbeckia laciniata 'Goldquelle' Asteraceae Coneflower
Santolina chamaecyparissus Santolina incana Asteraceae Lavender Cotton
Sanvitalia procumbens Sanvitalia acinifolia, Sanvitalia villosa Asteraceae Creeping Zinnia
Saussurea albescens Aplotaxis albescens Asteraceae Pink Saw-Wort
Saussurea auriculata Asteraceae Kut
Saussurea bracteata Saussurea schultzii Asteraceae Narrow-Leaved Saw-wort
Saussurea costus Aucklandia costus, Aplotaxis lappa, Saussurea lappa Asteraceae Costus
Saussurea fastuosa Saussurea denticulata, Aplotaxis denticulata Asteraceae Proud Saw-wort
Saussurea glacialis Saussurea pamirica, Saussurea violacea, Saussurea chthonocephala Asteraceae Glacial Snow Lotus
Saussurea gnaphalodes Saussurea sorocephala, Theodorea gnaphalodes, Aplotaxis gnaphalodes Asteraceae Cudweed Saw-Wort
Saussurea gossypiphora Asteraceae Kasturi Kamal
Saussurea graminifolia Asteraceae Grass-Leaved Saw-Wort
Saussurea heteromalla Saussurea candicans, Cirsium heteromallum Asteraceae Kaliziri
Saussurea inversa Saussurea sorocephala var. glabrata Asteraceae Inverse Snow Lotus
Saussurea nepalensis Asteraceae Nepal Saw-wort
Saussurea obvallata Asteraceae Brahma Kamal
Saussurea piptathera Asteraceae Himalayan Saw-wort
Saussurea roylei Aplotaxis roylei Asteraceae Royle's Saw-Wort
Saussurea simpsoniana Saussurea sacra, Aplotaxis simpsoniana Asteraceae Phen Kamal
Saussurea taraxacifolia Aplotaxis taraxacifolia, Cyathidium taraxacifolium Asteraceae Dandelion Saw-Wort
Saussurea tridactyla Asteraceae Snow Lotus
Sclerocarpus africanus Asteraceae African Bonebract
Scorzonera hispanica Scorzonera sativa, Scorzonera edulis, Scorzonera communis Asteraceae Black Salsify
Scorzonera virgata Scorzonera nuristanica, Scorzonera divaricata Asteraceae Himalayan Viper Grass
Senecio boluangensis Senecio obtusatus auct. non Wallich ex Candolle Asteraceae Eastern Leafless Ragwort
Senecio bombayensis Senecio grahamii Hook.f. [Illeg.], Doronicum reticulatum Wight [Illeg.] Asteraceae Sonki
Senecio edgeworthii Asteraceae Hiwali Sonki
Senecio graciliflorus Asteraceae Graceful Senecio
Senecio krascheninnikovii Senecio hindukushensis, Senecio kashmirianus, Asteraceae Hindukush Senecio
Senecio laetus Senecio chrysanthemoides, Senecio rosulifer, Senecio scapiformis Asteraceae Cheerful Senecio
Senecio lavandulifolius Senecio lavandulaefolius DC. in Wight, Pseudojacobaea lavandulaefolius Asteraceae Lavender-Leaved Senecio
Senecio neelgherryanus Asteraceae Nilgiri Senecio
Senecio pendulus Kleinia pendula Asteraceae Inch Worm
Senecio raphanifolius Jacobaea raphanifolia, Senecio diversifolius Wall. ex DC. [Illeg.] Asteraceae Radish-Leaved Senecio
Senecio rowleyanus Curio rowleyanus, Kleinia rowleyana Asteraceae String of Pearls
Senecio scandens Senecio chinensis, Senecio confusus, Cineraria chinensis Asteraceae Climbing Senecio
Senecio scandens var. incisus Senecio flexicaulis Asteraceae Lobed-Leaf Climbing Senecio
Senecio tenuifolius Doronicum tenuifolium Asteraceae Slender-Leaf Senecio
Senecio vulgaris Asteraceae Common Groundsel
Seriphidium brevifolium Artemisia brevifolia Asteraceae Short-Leaved Wormwood
Sigesbeckia orientalis Siegesbeckia orientalis, Minyranthes heterophylla Asteraceae St Paul's Wort
Silybum marianum Carduus marianus, Centaurea dalmatica, Cirsium maculatum Asteraceae Milk Thistle
Solidago canadensis Asteraceae Common Goldenrod
Solidago gigantea Asteraceae Giant Goldenrod
Solidago virgaurea Aster virgaurea, Solidago nudiflora, Solidago vulgaris Asteraceae European Goldenrod
Soliva anthemifolia Gymnostyles anthemifolia Asteraceae Button Burrweed
Sonchus asper Asteraceae Prickly Sow-Thistle
Sonchus oleraceus Asteraceae Sow Thistle
Sonchus wightianus Sonchus orixensis, Sonchus picris Asteraceae Wight's Sow-Thistle
Soroseris hookeriana Crepis gillii, Soroseris gillii, Soroseris trichocarpa, Soroseris hirsuta Asteraceae Hooker's Soroseris
Sphaeranthus africanus Sphaeranthus ovalis, Sphaeranthus alatus, Sphaeranthus microcephalus Asteraceae African Globe Thistle
Sphaeranthus indicus Asteraceae East Indian Globe Thistle
Sphagneticola calendulacea Wedelia chinensis, Complaya chinensis, Solidago chinensis Asteraceae Chinese Wedelia
Sphagneticola trilobata Wedelia trilobata, Wedelia paludosa, Acmella spilanthoides Asteraceae Yellow Dots
Stevia ovata Asteraceae Candyleaf
Stevia rebaudiana Eupatorium rebaudianum Asteraceae Stevia
Stokesia laevis Asteraceae Stokes Aster
Struchium sparganophorum Ethulia sparganophora, Struchium herbaceum Asteraceae Yerba De Faja
Symphyotrichum novi-belgii Asteraceae New York Aster
Synedrella nodiflora Verbesina nodiflora Asteraceae Cinderella Weed
Synotis alata Senecio alatus Asteraceae Winged Senecio
Synotis rufinervis Senecio rufinervis, Senecio auriculatus Asteraceae Red-Nerved Senecio
Tagetes erecta Tagetes patula, Tagetes tenuifolia, Tagetes excelsa Asteraceae Marigold
Tagetes minuta Asteraceae Wild Marigold
Tanacetum cinerariifolium Chrysanthemum cinerariifolium, Chrysanthemum rigidum Asteraceae Dalmatian Chrysanthemum
Tanacetum dolichophyllum Chrysanthemum dolichophyllum Asteraceae Long-Leaved Tansy
Tanacetum mutellinum Asteraceae Prostrate Tansy
Tanacetum nubigenum Asteraceae Alpine Tansy
Tanacetum parthenium Chrysanthemum parthenium, Pyrethrum parthenium Asteraceae Feverfew
Taraxacum candidatum Asteraceae White Himalayan Dandelion
Taraxacum officinale Asteraceae Dandelion
Tarlmounia elliptica Vernonia elliptica, Vernonia elaeagnifolia Asteraceae Curtain Creeper
Thymophylla tenuiloba Dyssodia tenuiloba, Hymenatherum tenuilobum Asteraceae Dahlberg Daisy
Tithonia diversifolia Asteraceae Giant Mexican Sunflower
Tithonia rotundifolia Tithonia speciosa, Asteraceae Mexican Sunflower
Tragopogon gracilis Tragopogon junceum Asteraceae Slender Salsify
Tragopogon kashmirianus Asteraceae Kashmir Salsify
Tricholepis amplexicaulis Asteraceae Dahan
Tricholepis elongata Carduus elongatus, Centaurea alba Asteraceae Yellow Cotton Thistle
Tricholepis glaberrima Asteraceae Smooth Tricholepis
Tricholepis radicans Asteraceae Lahan
Tricholepis roylei Asteraceae Royle's Tricholepis
Tridax procumbens Asteraceae Tridax Daisy
Tussilago farfara Asteraceae Colt's Foot
Verbesina encelioides Asteraceae Golden Crownbeard
Vernonia amygdalina Vernonia randii, Vernonia giorgii, Vernonia vogeliana, Vernonia weisseana Asteraceae Bitter Leaf
Vernonia arborea Vernonia monosis, Vernonia javanica Asteraceae Tree Vernonia
Vernonia divergens Asteraceae Bandar
Vernonia indica Decaneurum dendigulense Asteraceae Indian Vernonia
Vernonia volkameriifolia Asteraceae Himalayan Tree Vernonia
Waldheimia glabra Allardia glabra, Anthemis glabra Asteraceae Smooth Ground Daisy
Waldheimia tomentosa Allardia tomentosa, Allardia incana, Allardia lanata Asteraceae White-Leaf Ground Daisy
Waldheimia vestita Allardia vestita Asteraceae Woolly Ground Daisy
Wedelia urticaefolia Verbesina urticifolia Asteraceae Nettle Leaved Wedelia
Wollastonia biflora Wedelia biflora, Melanthera biflora Asteraceae Sea Daisy
Xanthium spinosum Acanthoxanthium spinosum, Xanthium catharticum Asteraceae Spiny Cocklebur
Xanthium strumarium Xanthium indicum Asteraceae Common Cocklebur
Xerochrysum bracteatum Bracteantha bracteata, Helichrysum bracteatum Andrews Asteraceae Paper Daisy
Youngia japonica Lactuca japonica, Prenanthes japonica, Chondrilla japonica Asteraceae Oriental Hawkweed
Zinnia elegance Asteraceae Zinnia Purity White
Zinnia elegance Asteraceae Zinnia Thumbelina
Zinnia elegans Asteraceae Zinnia
Zinnia hybrida 'Profusion Orange' Asteraceae Zinnia 'Profusion Orange'
Zinnia peruviana Crassina multiflora, Zinnia multiflora, Zinnia pauciflora, Chrysogonum peruvianum Asteraceae Peruvian Zinnia
Balanophora dioica Balanophoraceae East-Himalayan Balanophora
Balanophora fungosa Balanophora forsteri, Balanophora mariannae Balanophoraceae Spongy Balanophora
Hydrocera triflora Impatiens angustifolia, Impatiens triflora, Impatiens natans Balsaminaceae Marsh Henna
Impatiens acaulis Balsaminaceae Stemless Balsam
Impatiens agumbeana Balsaminaceae Agumbe Balsam
Impatiens aliciae Balsaminaceae Alicia Balsam
Impatiens amplexicaulis Balsaminaceae Clasping-Leaf Balsam
Impatiens anaimudica Impatiens konalarensis Balsaminaceae Anamudi Balsam
Impatiens arguta Impatiens gagei Balsaminaceae East Himalayan Balsam
Impatiens auriculata Balsaminaceae Green-Lip Balsam
Impatiens balfourii Balsaminaceae Balfour's Balsam
Impatiens balsamina Balsaminaceae Bicolor Rose Balsam
Impatiens balsamina Impatiens coccinea, Impatiens cornuta, Balsamina hortensis Balsaminaceae Garden Balsam
Impatiens benthamii Impatiens radicans Balsaminaceae Bentham's Balsam
Impatiens bicolor Impatiens amphorata, Impatiens nepalensis, Impatiens picta Balsaminaceae Bicolor Balsam
Impatiens brachycentra Balsaminaceae Spurless Balsam
Impatiens bracteata Impatiens fimbriata Balsaminaceae Bracted Balsam
Impatiens brevicornis Impatiens chinensis var. brevicornis Barnes Balsaminaceae Short-Horn Balsam
Impatiens campanulata Balsaminaceae Bellflower Balsam
Impatiens cathcartii Balsaminaceae Cathcart's Balsam
Impatiens chinensis Impatiens cosmia, Impatiens setacea Balsaminaceae Chinese Balsam
Impatiens chungtienensis Impatiens badrinathii Pusalkar and Singh, Impatiens amplexicaulis auct. non Edgew. Balsaminaceae Shangri-La Balsam
Impatiens clavicornu Balsaminaceae Club-Spur Balsam
Impatiens coelotropis Balsaminaceae Green-Tail Balsam
Impatiens cordata Balsaminaceae Heart-Leaf Balsam
Impatiens cuspidata Impatiens latifolia sensu Hook F. Balsaminaceae Spindle-Fruit Balsam
Impatiens dalzellii Balsaminaceae Dalzell's Yellow Balsam
Impatiens dasysperma Impatiens lucida Balsaminaceae Shining Balsam
Impatiens dendricola Balsaminaceae Tree-Dwelling Balsam
Impatiens denisonii Balsaminaceae Denison Balsam
Impatiens devendrae Balsaminaceae Devendra's Balsam
Impatiens disotis Balsaminaceae Tirunelveli Balsam
Impatiens dolichoceras Balsaminaceae Long-Horned Balsam
Impatiens drepanophora Balsaminaceae Sickle-Bearing Balsam
Impatiens edgeworthii Impatiens longicornu var. cristata, Impatiens chrysantha Balsaminaceae Edgeworth's Balsam
Impatiens elegans Balsaminaceae Elegant Balsam
Impatiens exilis Impatiens longicornu f. cristata Hook., Impatiens formicarum Balsaminaceae Slender East-Himalayan Balsam
Impatiens falcifer Balsaminaceae Sickle Balsam
Impatiens fasciculata Impatiens vivekananthanii Balsaminaceae Fascicled-Flower Balsam
Impatiens flaccida Balsaminaceae Pink Orchid Balsam
Impatiens floribunda Impatiens flaccida sensu Hook. f. Balsaminaceae Free-Flowering Balsam
Impatiens fruticosa Balsaminaceae Shrubby Balsam
Impatiens gardneriana Impatiens setosa Balsaminaceae Gardner Balsam
Impatiens glandulifera Impatiens roylei Balsaminaceae Himalayan Balsam
Impatiens glauca Balsaminaceae Glaucous Balsam
Impatiens goughii Impatiens microtheca Balsaminaceae Gough's Balsam
Impatiens grandis Impatiens hookeriana Arn. Balsaminaceae Grand Balsam
Impatiens hawkeri Impatiens herzogii, Impatiens linearifolia, Impatiens schlechteri Balsaminaceae New Guinea Balsam
Impatiens henslowiana Impatiens albida Balsaminaceae Henslow's Balsam
Impatiens herbicola Balsaminaceae Herb-Dwelling Balsam
Impatiens inconspicua Impatiens pusilla Balsaminaceae Tiny Balsam
Impatiens johnii Balsaminaceae John's Balsam
Impatiens khasiana Impatiens bella var. major Balsaminaceae Khasi Balsam
Impatiens kulamavuensis Balsaminaceae Kulamavu Balsam
Impatiens laevigata var. laevigata Balsaminaceae Smooth Himalayan Balsam
Impatiens laticornis Balsaminaceae Wide-Horned Balsam
Impatiens latiflora Balsaminaceae Indian Angel Balsam
Impatiens latifolia Impatiens bababudenensis, Balsamina latifolia Balsaminaceae Baba Budan Balsam
Impatiens lawii Balsaminaceae Law's Balsam
Impatiens leggei Balsaminaceae Mary Legge's Balsam
Impatiens leptura Balsaminaceae Leptura Balsam
Impatiens leschenaultii Balsamina leschenaultii Balsaminaceae Leschenault's Balsam
Impatiens levingei Balsaminaceae Levinge Balsam
Impatiens ligulata Balsaminaceae Hatchet-Wing Balsam
Impatiens maculata Balsaminaceae Spotted Balsam
Impatiens meeboldii Balsaminaceae Meebold's Balsam
Impatiens minor Impatiens kleinii, Balsamina minor Balsaminaceae Lesser Balsam
Impatiens mishmiensis Balsaminaceae Mishmi Balsam
Impatiens modesta Impatiens tenuis Bedd. Balsaminaceae Modest Balsam
Impatiens monticola Balsaminaceae Mountain Balsam
Impatiens mullaingiriensis Balsaminaceae Mullayyanagiri Balsam
Impatiens munnarensis Balsaminaceae Munnar Balsam
Impatiens munronii Balsaminaceae Munro's Balsam
Impatiens mysorensis Balsamina mysorensis Balsaminaceae Mysore Balsam
Impatiens neo-barnesii Impatiens barnesii C.E.C.Fisch. Balsaminaceae Barnes Balsam
Impatiens nilgirica Balsaminaceae Nilgiri Balsam
Impatiens oppositifolia Impatiens rosmarinifolia, Impatiens nataliae Balsaminaceae Opposite-Leaved Balsam
Impatiens parasitica Balsaminaceae Parrot Balsam
Impatiens pendula Balsaminaceae Hanging Balsam
Impatiens phoenicea Balsaminaceae Tyrian Red Balsam
Impatiens platyadena Balsaminaceae Redwing Balsam
Impatiens pradhanii Impatiens bicornuta sensu Hook.f. Balsaminaceae Yellow Horned Balsam
Impatiens pseudoacaulis Impatiens scapiflora var. pseudo-acaulis, Impatiens pseudo-acaulis Balsaminaceae Tree-Dwelling Nilgiri Balsam
Impatiens puberula Balsamina puberula, Impatiens hispidula, Impatiens mollis Balsaminaceae Soft Pink Balsam
Impatiens pulcherrima Balsaminaceae Handsome Flowered Balsam
Impatiens racemosa Impatiens microsciadia, Impatiens racemosa var. racemosa Balsaminaceae Yellow Long-Tailed Balsam
Impatiens radiata Impatiens centiflora Balsaminaceae Spreading Rays Balsam
Impatiens raziana Balsaminaceae Razi's Balsam
Impatiens repens Balsaminaceae Ceylon Balsam
Impatiens rheedii Balsaminaceae Rheed's Balsam
Impatiens rupicola Impatiens rivulicola Balsaminaceae Rock Balsam
Impatiens scabrida Impatiens cristata Balsaminaceae Rugged Yellow Balsam
Impatiens scabriuscula Balsamina scabriuscula Balsaminaceae Rough-Leaved Spurless Balsam
Impatiens scapiflora Impatiens cordifolia Balsaminaceae Leafless-Stem Balsam
Impatiens scullyi Balsaminaceae Scully's Balsam
Impatiens stenantha Balsaminaceae Narrow Flowered Balsam
Impatiens stocksii Balsaminaceae Stocks Balsam
Impatiens stolonifera Balsaminaceae Runner-Forming Balsam
Impatiens sulcata Impatiens gigantea Balsaminaceae Gigantic Himalayan Balsam
Impatiens talbotii Balsaminaceae Talbot Balsam
Impatiens tangachee Balsaminaceae Tangachi Balsam
Impatiens tenella Impatiens debilis Turcz., Balsamina rosmarinifolia DC. Balsaminaceae Tender Balsam
Impatiens theuerkaufiana Balsaminaceae White Tree Balsam
Impatiens thomsonii Balsaminaceae Thomson's Balsam
Impatiens tilo Balsamina tilo Balsaminaceae Tilo Balsam
Impatiens tomentosa Impatiens ramosissima Balsaminaceae Marsh Balsam
Impatiens travancorica Balsaminaceae Travancore Balsam
Impatiens trichocarpa Balsaminaceae Hairy Fruit Balsam
Impatiens tripetala Impatiens multiflora Wall., Impatiens ternifolia Balsaminaceae Three-Petal Balsam
Impatiens umbellata Balsaminaceae Umbelled Balsam
Impatiens uncinata Balsaminaceae Hook-Tail Balsam
Impatiens verecunda Balsaminaceae Blushing Balsam
Impatiens verticillata Balsaminaceae Whorled-Leaf Balsam
Impatiens violacea Balsaminaceae Violet Balsam
Impatiens viscosa Balsaminaceae Sticky Balsam
Impatiens walleriana Impatiens sultani Balsaminaceae Sultan's Balsam
Impatiens wightiana Balsaminaceae Wight's Balsam
Anredera cordifolia Anredera volkesii, Boussingaultia cordifolia Basellaceae Madeira Vine
Basella alba Basella rubra, Basella lucida, Basella nigra, Basella volubilis Basellaceae Malabar Spinach
Begonia albococcinea Hook. Begonia grahamiana, Begoniaceae Red and White Begonia
Begonia cathcartii Begonia nemophila, Platycentrum cathcartii Begoniaceae Red-Hair Begonia
Begonia 'Cathedral' Begoniaceae Stained Glass Begonia
Begonia coccinea Begoniaceae Angel Wing Begonia
Begonia concanensis Begoniaceae Konkan Begonia
Begonia crenata Begoniaceae Common Begonia
Begonia cucullata var. cucullata Begonia cucullifolia, Begonia nervosa, Begonia semperflorens Begoniaceae Clubed Begonia
Begonia dioica Begonia tenella, Begonia amoena Begoniaceae Three-Petal Begonia
Begonia floccifera Begoniaceae Woolly Begonia
Begonia grandis Begoniaceae Hardy Begonia
Begonia hatacoa Begonia rubrovenia, Platycentrum rubrovenium Begoniaceae Red-Vein Begonia
Begonia heracleifolia Begonia jatrophifolia, Begonia radiata Begoniaceae Star Begonia
Begonia integrifolia Begoniaceae Entire-Leaf Begonia
Begonia maculata Begonia argyrostigma, Begonia corallina, Begonia dichroa Begoniaceae Polka Dot Begonia
Begonia malabarica Begonia hydrophila, Begonia fallax, Begonia rubrosetulosa Begoniaceae Malabar Begonia
Begonia megaptera Begoniaceae Large Winged Begonia
Begonia 'Nonstop Red' Begoniaceae Begonia Nonstop Red
Begonia phrixophylla Begoniaceae Shimpli
Begonia picta Begonia echinata Begoniaceae Painted Leaf Begonia
Begonia 'Red Cascade' Begoniaceae Hanging Basket Red Begonia
Begonia roxburghii Begonia malabarica Begoniaceae East Himalayan Begonia
Begonia sempeflorens Begoniaceae Begonia Fair Lady
Begonia subpeltata Reichenheimia subpeltata Begoniaceae Shield-Leaf Begonia
Begonia tessaricarpa Begoniaceae Rebe
Begonia thomsonii Begoniaceae Thomson's Begonia
Begonia trichocarpa Begoniaceae Hairy-Fruit Begonia
Begonia tuberosa 'Ruffled Yellow' Begoniaceae Ruffled Yellow Begonia
Begonia x semperflorens-cultorum Begoniaceae Wax Begonia
Biebersteinia odora Begoniaceae Fragrant Biebersteinia
Berberis angulosa Berberidaceae Large-Flowered Barberry
Berberis aristata Berberis coccinea, Berberis macrophylla Berberidaceae Indian Barberry
Berberis asiatica Berberis hypoleuca, Berberis asiatica var. clarkeana Berberidaceae Asian Barberry
Berberis jaeschkeana Berberidaceae Jaeschke's Barberry
Berberis jaunsarensis Mahonia jaunsarensis Berberidaceae Jaunsar Barberry
Berberis kashmirana Berberidaceae Kashmir Barberry
Berberis koehneana Berberis koehniana Berberidaceae Koehne Barberry
Berberis lycium Berberidaceae Indian Lycium
Berberis napaulensis Mahonia napaulensis, Berberis leschenaultii, Mahonia leschenaultii Berberidaceae Nepal Barberry
Berberis nilghiriensis Berberidaceae Nilgiri Barberry
Berberis tinctoria Berberidaceae Dye Barberry
Berberis ulicina Berberidaceae Gorse Barberry
Nandina domestica Berberidaceae Sacred Bamboo
Sinopodophyllum hexandrum Podophyllum hexandrum, Podophyllum emodi Berberidaceae Himalayan May Apple
Alnus nepalensis Betulaceae Nepal Alder
Alnus nitida Clethropsis nitida Betulaceae West Himalayan Alder
Betula alnoides Betula affinis, Betula nitida Betulaceae Himalayan Birch
Betula utilis Betula bhojpattra Betulaceae Bhoj Patra Tree
Corylus jacquemontii Corylus colurna var. lacera Betulaceae Jacquemont's Hazel
Biebersteinia odora Biebersteiniaceae Fragrant Yellow Geranium
Adenocalymma comosum Bignonia comosa, Adenocalymma nitidum, Adenocalymma acutissimum Bignoniaceae Yellow Trumpet Vine
Amphilophium buccinatorium Bignonia buccinatoria, Distictis buccinatoria Bignoniaceae Mexican Blood-Trumpet
Anemopaegma chamberlaynii Bignonia chamberlaynii Bignoniaceae Trumpet Vine
Campsis grandiflora Bignoniaceae Chinese Trumpet Creeper
Campsis radicans Bignoniaceae Trumpet Creeper
Campsis x tagliabuana Bignoniaceae Madame Galen Trumpet Creeper
Catalpa bignonioides Bignonia catalpa, Bignonia spectabilis, Catalpa cordifolia Bignoniaceae Indian Bean Tree
Catalpa ovata Bignonia catalpa Bignoniaceae Chinese Catalpa
Crescentia alata Crescentia trifolia Bignoniaceae Mexican Calabash
Dolichandra unguis-cati Macfadyena unguis-cati, Bignonia unguis-cati, Doxantha unguis-cati Bignoniaceae Cat's Claw
Dolichandrone atrovirens Bignonia atrovirens, Bignonia crispa, Spathodea atrovirens Bignoniaceae Wavy Trumpet Flower
Dolichandrone falcata Spathodea falcata Bignoniaceae Medhshingi
Dolichandrone spathacea Bignonia spathacea, Spathodea grandiflora, Spathodea longiflora Bignoniaceae Mangrove Trumpet Tree
Handroanthus chrysanthus subsp. meridionalis Tecoma spectabilis, Tabebuia spectabilis Bignoniaceae Midday Yellow Trumpet
Handroanthus chrysotrichus Tabebuia chrysotricha, Tecoma chrysotricha Bignoniaceae Golden-Haired Trumpet Tree
Haplophragma adenophyllum Bignonia adenophylla, Fernandoa adenophylla, Spathodea adenophylla Bignoniaceae Katsagon
Heterophragma quadriloculare Heterophragma roxburghii, Spathodea roxburghii Bignoniaceae Waras
Incarvillea arguta Amphicome arguta, Incarvillea diffusa Bignoniaceae Himalayan Gloxinia
Incarvillea emodi Amphicome emodi Bignoniaceae Himalayan Incarvillea
Jacaranda mimosifolia Bignoniaceae Blue Jacaranda
Jacaranda obtusifolia ssp. rhombifolia Jacaranda filicifolia, Bignonia filicifolia, Jacaranda rhombifolia Bignoniaceae Fern Leaf Jacaranda
Kigelia africana Crescentia pinnata, Kigelia pinnata Bignoniaceae Sausage Tree
Mansoa alliacea Bignonia alliacea, Pseudocalymma alliaceum, Adenocalymma alliaceum Bignoniaceae Garlic Vine
Markhamia lutea Bignoniaceae Markhamia
Millingtonia hortensis Bignoniaceae Indian Cork Tree
Oroxylum indicum Bignonia indica, Calosanthes indica Bignoniaceae Broken Bones Tree
Pajanelia longifolia Bignonia longifolia, Bignonia macrostachya, Bignonia pajanelia Bignoniaceae Pajanelia
Pandorea jasminoides Bignoniaceae Bower Vine
Parmentiera cereifera Parmentiera edulis, Crescentia aculeata Bignoniaceae Candle Tree
Pauldopia ghorta Bignonia ghorta, Stereospermum ghorta, Tecoma bipinnata Bignoniaceae Pauldopia
Podranea brycei Pandorea brycei, Tecoma brycei Bignoniaceae Zimbabwe Creeper
Podranea ricasoliana Pandorea ricasoliana, Tecoma ricasoliana Bignoniaceae Port St Johns Creeper
Pyrostegia venusta Bignonia ignea, Bignonia venusta, Pyrostegia ignea Bignoniaceae Flaming Trumpet
Radermachera sinica Stereospermum sinicum, Radermachera tonkinensis, Radermachera borii Bignoniaceae China Doll
Radermachera xylocarpa Bignonia xylocarpa, Stereospermum xylocarpum Bignoniaceae Padri Tree
Saritaea magnifica Bignonia magnifica, Arrabidaea magnifica Bignoniaceae Glow Vine
Spathodea campanulata Bignoniaceae African Tulip Tree
Stereospermum chelonoides Bignonia chelonoides, Bignonia suaveolens, Stereospermum suaveolens Bignoniaceae Fragrant Padri Tree
Stereospermum colais Bignonia colais, Stereospermum tetragonum, Stereospermum personatum Bignoniaceae Yellow Snake Tree
Stereospermum kunthianum Stereospermum dentatum, Bignonia lanata, Stereospermum integrifolium Bignoniaceae Pink Jacaranda
Tabebuia aurea Tabebuia caraiba Bignoniaceae Caribbean Trumpet Tree
Tabebuia berteroi Tecoma berteroi Bignoniaceae Hispaniolan Rosy Trumpet Tree
Tabebuia haemantha Bignonia haemantha, Tecoma haemantha Bignoniaceae Blood-Red Trumpet Tree
Tabebuia heterophylla Tabebuia pallida, Tabebuia pentaphylla Bignoniaceae Cuban Pink Trumpet Tree
Tabebuia rosea Bignoniaceae Pink Trumpet Tree
Tabebuia roseoalba Tabebuia roseo-alba, Bignonia roseoalba, Tabebuia odontodiscus Bignoniaceae White Trumpet Tree
Tecoma capensis Tecomaria capensis, Bignonia capensis Bignoniaceae Cape Honeysuckle
Tecoma castanifolia Bignoniaceae Chestnutleaf Trumpetbush
Tecoma fulva Bignonia fulva Bignoniaceae Cahuato
Tecoma stans var. angustata Bignoniaceae Narrow-Leaf Yellow Bells
Tecoma stans Bignoniaceae Yellow Bells
Tecomella undulata Tecoma undulata, Bignonia undulata Bignoniaceae Roheda
Bixa orellana Bixaceae Lipstick Tree
Cochlospermum religiosum Bombax gossypium, Cochlospermum gossypium, Maximilianea gossypium Bixaceae Buttercup Tree
Adansonia digitata Bombacaceae Baobab
Bombax ceiba Salmalia malabarica Bombacaceae Silk Cotton Tree
Bombax insigne Salmalia insignis Bombacaceae Showy Silk Cotton Tree
Ceiba insignis Chorisia insignis Bombacaceae White Floss Silk Tree
Ceiba pentandra Bombacaceae Kapok Tree
Ceiba speciosa Chorisia speciosa Bombacaceae Floss Silk Tree
Pachira aquatica Pachira grandiflora Bombacaceae Malabar Chestnut
Pseudobombax ellipticum Bombax ellipticum Bombacaceae Shaving Brush Tree
Pseudobombax ellipticum var. alba Bombacaceae White Shaving Brush Tree
Adelocaryum lambertianum Paracaryum lambertianum, Mattiastrum lambertianum, Paracaryopsis lambertiana Boraginaceae Lambert's Borage
Amsinckia calycina Amsinckia australis, Amsinckia angustifolia, Amsinckia hispida Boraginaceae Yellow Burweed
Anchusa capensis Boraginaceae Cape Forget-Me-Not
Arnebia benthamii Boraginaceae Himalayan Arnebia
Arnebia euchroma Arnebia perennis, Arnebia endochroma, Macrotomia euchroma Boraginaceae Pink Arnebia
Arnebia guttata Arnebia tibetana, Arnebia thomsonii, Macrotomia guttata Boraginaceae Spotted Arnebia
Arnebia hispidissima Arnebia lutea, Arnebia asperrima, Anchusa hispidissima Boraginaceae Arabian Primrose
Buglossoides tenuiflora Lithospermum arvense, Lithospermum tenuiflorum, Myosotis tenuiflora Boraginaceae Corn Gromwell
Coldenia procumbens Boraginaceae Creeping Coldenia
Cordia africana Cordia harara, Cordia holstii Boraginaceae African Cordia
Cordia boissieri Boraginaceae Texas Olive
Cordia dichotoma Cordia indica, Cordia ixiocarpa, Cordia domestica Boraginaceae Indian Cherry
Cordia lutea Boraginaceae Yellow Cordia
Cordia monoica Cordia dioica, Cordia rubra, Cordia diversa, Cordia bakeri Boraginaceae Snot Berry
Cordia obliqua Cordia grandis, Cordia myxa, Cordia tremula Boraginaceae Clammy Cherry
Cordia sebestena Cordia laevis, Cordia juglandifolia, Cordia sebestena var. rubra Boraginaceae Scarlet Cordia
Cordia sinensis Cordia gharaf, Gerascanthus gharaf, Cordia rothii Boraginaceae Long-Leaf Cordia
Cordia subcordata Boraginaceae Beach Cordia
Cordia vestita Gerascanthus vestitus, Gynaion vestitum Boraginaceae Bairola
Cynoglossum amabile Boraginaceae Chinese Forget-Me-Not
Cynoglossum coelestinum Adelocaryum coelestinum, Paracaryum coelestinum Boraginaceae Common Hill Borage
Cynoglossum furcatum Cynoglossum furcatum f. albiflorum, Cynoglossum heynei Boraginaceae Forked Forget-Me-Not
Cynoglossum lanceolatum Cynoglossum canescens, Cynoglossum racemosum Boraginaceae Lanceleaf Forget-Me-Not
Cynoglossum malabaricum Paracaryum malabaricum, Adelocaryum malabaricum Boraginaceae Malabar Hill Borage
Cynoglossum microglochin Cynoglossum grandiflorum, Cynoglossum nervosum Boraginaceae Purple Forget-Me-Not
Cynoglossum wallichii Cynoglossum glochidiatum, Cynoglossum denticulatum Boraginaceae Barbed Forget-Me-Not
Cynoglossum zeylanicum Cynoglossum coeruleum, Anchusa zeylanica Boraginaceae Ceylon Forget-Me-Not
Decalepidanthus echioides Mertensia echioides, Lithospermum echioides, Pseudomertensia echioides Boraginaceae Bugloss Alpine Bluebell
Decalepidanthus racemosus Mertensia racemosa, Pseudomertensia racemosa, Anchusa racemosa Boraginaceae White Himalayan Lungwort
Echiochilon pauciflorum Sericostoma pauciflorum Boraginaceae Few-Flowered Bushy Bugloss
Echium plantagineum Echium orientale, Echium lycopsis, Echium violaceum Boraginaceae Purple Viper's Bugloss
Ehretia acuminata Ehretia serrata, Cordia thyrsiflora, Ehretia ovalifolia Boraginaceae Koda Tree
Ehretia laevis Ehretia canarensis Miq., Ehretia punctata, Ehretia ovalifolia Boraginaceae Chamror
Ehretia microphylla Carmona retusa Boraginaceae Fukien Tea
Eritrichium canum Eritrichium strictum, Echinospermum canum Boraginaceae Hoary Forget-Me-Not
Euploca strigosa Heliotropium strigosum, Heliotropium parvifolium, Heliotropium bicolor Boraginaceae Bristly Heliotrope
Hackelia macrophylla Lappula macrophylla, Cynoglossum macrophyllum Boraginaceae Large-Leaf Stickseed
Hackelia uncinata Boraginaceae Hooked Stickseed
Heliotropium bracteatum Heliotropium laxiflorum, Heliotropium zeylanicum Wall. Boraginaceae Bracted Heliotrope
Heliotropium curassavicum Boraginaceae Seaside Heliotrope
Heliotropium europaeum Boraginaceae Common Heliotrope
Heliotropium indicum Heliotropium africanum Boraginaceae Indian Heliotrope
Heliotropium marifolium Cynoglossum marifolium Roxb., Bothriospermum marifolium A.DC. Boraginaceae Seaforth Heliotrope
Heliotropium ovalifolium Boraginaceae Grey Leaf Heliotrope
Heliotropium supinum Piptoclaina supina Boraginaceae Dwarf Heliotrope
Heliotropium zeylanicum Heliotropium linifolium, Heliotropium subulatum Boraginaceae Ceylon Heliotrope
Lindelofia macrostyla Lindelofia anchusoides Boraginaceae Asian Hound's Tongue
Lindelofia stylosa Boraginaceae Protruding Style Lindelofia
Microula sikkimensis Anchusa sikkimensi, Tretocarya sikkimensis Boraginaceae Sikkim Microula
Myosotis alpestris Boraginaceae Alpine Forget-Me-Not
Myosotis asiatica Boraginaceae Asian Forget-Me-Not
Myosotis stricta Myosotis micrantha, Myosotis arenaria, Myosotis vestita Boraginaceae Small-Flowered Forget-Me-Not
Myosotis sylvatica Myosotis sylvatica var. sylvatica Boraginaceae Wood Forget-Me-Not
Onosma hispida Boraginaceae Bristly Onosma
Onosma thomsonii Boraginaceae Thomson's Onosma
Pseudomertensia nemorosa Mertensia moltkioides var. thomsoni, Mertensia nemorosa Boraginaceae Forest Alpine Bluebell
Rotula aquatica Carmona viminea, Ehretia viminea, Rhabdia viminea Boraginaceae Aquatic Rotula
Solenanthus circinatus Solenanthus rumicifolius, Solenanthus petiolaris, Solenanthus amplifolius Boraginaceae Rounded Solenanthus
Symphytum officinale Symphytum uliginosum Boraginaceae Comfrey
Trichodesma inaequale Trichodesma amplexicaule Boraginaceae Clasping-Leaf Borage
Trichodesma indicum Boraginaceae Indian Borage
Trichodesma zeylanicum Borago zeylanica, Pollichia zeylanica, Borraginoides zeylanica Boraginaceae Camel Bush
Trigonotis rotundifolia Myosotis rotundifolia Boraginaceae Roundleaf Forget-Me-Not
Wigandia urens Hydrolea urens Boraginaceae Stinging Wigandia
Alliaria petiolata Arabis officinalis, Arabis petiolate, Sisymbrium alliaria Brassicaceae Garlic Mustard
Aphragmus oxycarpus Braya oxycarpa, Aphragmus tibeticus, Braya alpina Brassicaceae Ladakh Rock-Cress
Arabidopsis thaliana Arabis thaliana, Sisymbrium thalianum Brassicaceae Mouse Ear Cress
Arabis amplexicaulis Arabis kanawarensis, Brassicaceae Stem-Clasping Rock-Cress
Arabis bijuga Arabis macrantha, Arabidopsis mollissima var. griffithiana, Brassicaceae Double-Yoked Rock-Cress
Arabis pterosperma Arabidopsis yadongensis, Arabis latialata, Arabis alpina var. purpurea Brassicaceae Alpine Rock-Cress
Arcyosperma primulifolium Sisymbrium primulaefolium Brassicaceae Primrose-Leaved Rock-Cress
Aurinia saxatilis Alyssum saxatile, Crucifera saxatilis Brassicaceae Basket of Gold
Barbarea intermedia Barbarea prostrata, Barbarea pinnata Brassicaceae Medium Winter-cress
Barbarea vulgaris Arabis barbarea, Barbarea iberica, Barbarea lyrata Brassicaceae Yellow Rocket
Brassica carinata Brassica timoriana, Brassica urbaniana, Brassica lanceolata Brassicaceae Ethiopian Mustard
Brassica juncea Brassicaceae Mustard
Brassica juncea var. rugosa Brassica juncea var. capitata, Brassica rugosa, Sinapis rugosa Brassicaceae Cabbage Leaf Mustard
Brassica napus var. napus Brassicaceae Gobhi Sarson
Brassica oleracea var. botrytis Brassicaceae Cauliflower
Brassica oleracea var. capitata Brassicaceae Cabbage
Brassica oleracea var. italica Brassicaceae Broccoli
Brassica oleracea var. sabellica Brassica oleracea var. acephala Brassicaceae Ornamental Cabbage
Brassica rapa Brassica arvensis, Brassica chinensis Brassicaceae Turnip
Brassica rapa subsp. chinensis Brassica chinensis Brassicaceae Bok Choy
Capsella bursa-pastoris Brassicaceae Shepherd's Purse
Cardamine flexuosa Cardamine hirsuta ssp. flexuosa, Cardamine muscosa, Cardamine sylvatica Brassicaceae Wood Bitter Cress
Cardamine hirsuta Brassicaceae Hairy Bitter Cress
Cardamine impatiens Cardamine apetala, Cardamine basisagittata, Cardamine saxatilis Brassicaceae Narrow-Leaved Bittercress
Cardamine loxostemonoides Cardamine tibetana, Loxostemon incanus Brassicaceae Cuckoo Flower
Cardamine macrophylla Cardamine polyphylla Brassicaceae Toothwort
Cardamine subumbellata Brassicaceae Umbelled Bitter Cress
Chorispora tenella Chorispermum tenellum, Raphanus tenellus, Cheiranthus taraxacifolius Brassicaceae Blue Mustard
Christolea crassifolia Christolea afghanica, Ermania crassifolia, Koelzia afghanica Brassicaceae Afghani Christolea
Conringia planisiliqua Erysimum patisiliquum, Sisymbrium planisiliquum Brassicaceae Flat-Pod Hare's Ear Mustard
Crucihimalaya himalaica Arabidopsis himalaica, Arabis himalaica, Arabis rupestre Brassicaceae Himalayan Rock-Cress
Crucihimalaya mollissima Arabidopsis mollissima, Hesperis mollissima, Stenophragma mollissimum Brassicaceae Soft Rock-Cress
Crucihimalaya wallichii Arabidopsis wallichii, Arabis leptocarpa, Hesperis wallichii Brassicaceae Wallich Rock-Cress
Descurainia sophia Sisymbrium sophia Brassicaceae Herb Sophia
Draba oreades Draba alpicola, Draba rockii, Draba tianschanica Brassicaceae Mountain Whitlow Grass
Draba stenocarpa Draba linearis, Draba media Brassicaceae Narrow-Fruit Whitlow Grass
Eruca vesicaria subsp. sativa Eruca sativa, Brassica eruca, Brassica erucoides Brassicaceae Rocket Salad
Erysimum cheiri Cheiranthus cheiri Brassicaceae English Wallflower
Erysimum hieraciifolium Brassicaceae European Wallflower
Erysimum melicentae Brassicaceae Himalayan Wallflower
Euclidium syriacum Bunias syriaca, Anastatica syriaca Brassicaceae Syrian Mustard
Farsetia stylosa Farsetia hamiltonii, Farsetia prostrata, Farsetia depressa Brassicaceae Hamilton's Farsetia
Hesperis matronalis Brassicaceae Dame's Rocket
Iberis amara Brassicaceae Candytuft
Iberis carnosa Iberis pruitii, Brassicaceae Pruit's Candytuft
Iberis umbellata Brassicaceae Globe Candytuft
Lepidium capitatum Lepidium incisum Edgew., Lepidium kunlunshanicum G.L. Zhou & Z.X. An Brassicaceae Himalayan Peppergrass
Lepidium densiflorum Lepidium elongatum, Lepidium neglectum, Lepidium ramosum Brassicaceae Greenflower Pepperweed
Lepidium didymum Coronopus didymus Brassicaceae Bitter Cress
Lepidium ruderale Brassicaceae Narrow-Leaved Peppergrass
Lepidium sativum Brassicaceae Garden Cress
Lepidium virginicum Brassicaceae Virginia Pepperweed
Lobularia maritima Brassicaceae Sweet Alyssum
Lunaria annua Brassicaceae Honesty
Malcolmia africana Strigosella africana, Malcolmia laxa, Crucifera africana Brassicaceae African Mustard
Matthiola chorassanica Matthiola integrifolia, Matthiola tenera, Matthiola flavida Brassicaceae Himalayan Stock
Matthiola incana Brassicaceae Garden Stock
Nasturtium officinale Rorippa nasturtium-aquaticum Brassicaceae Watercress
Neurotropis platycarpa Thlaspi kotschyanum, Thlaspi brevicaule, Thlaspi cardiocarpum Brassicaceae Heart-Pod Penny-Cress
Noccaea andersonii Iberidella andersonii, Thlaspi andersonii Brassicaceae Himalayan Penny-Cress
Olimarabidopsis pumila Arabidopsis pumila Brassicaceae Dwarf Rocket
Parrya nudicaulis Cardamine articulata, Parrya scapigera, Arabis nudicaulis Brassicaceae Naked-Stem Wallflower
Pegaeophyton scapiflorum Cochlearia scapiflorum Brassicaceae Himalayan Scape Flower
Raphanus sativus Brassicaceae Radish
Rorippa cochlearioides Cochlearia cochlearioides, Alyssum cochlearioides, Cochlearia flava Brassicaceae Scurvy-Grass Yellow Cress
Rorippa dubia Cardamine sublyrata, Rorippa heterophylla Brassicaceae Diverse-Leaf Yellow Cress
Rorippa indica Nasturtium indicum, Sisymbrium indicum Brassicaceae Indian Field-Cress
Rorippa palustris Sisymbrium amphibium var. palustre, Rorippa islandica Brassicaceae Marsh Yellow Cress
Rorippa sylvestris Cardamine silvestris, Brassicaceae Yellow Fieldcress
Sinapis alba Brassica foliosa, Brassica alba, Sinapis foliosa Brassicaceae White Mustard
Sisymbrium altissimum Brassicaceae Tumble Mustard
Sisymbrium brassiciforme Sisymbrium ferganense, Hesperis brassiciformis Brassicaceae Himalayan Tumble-Mustard
Sisymbrium irio Brassicaceae London Rocket
Sisymbrium loeselii Brassicaceae Small Tumbleweed Mustard
Sisymbrium officinale Erysimum officinale Brassicaceae Hedge Mustard
Thlaspi arvense Thlaspi collinum, Crucifera thlaspi, Thlaspidium arvense Brassicaceae Field Penny-Cress
Thlaspi montanum Thlaspi cochleariforme auct. non DC., Thlaspi cochleariforme DC. subsp. griffithianum Jafri, Thlaspi alpestre auct. non L Brassicaceae Mountain Penny-Cress
Turritis glabra Arabis glabra, Arabis turritis, Arabis excelsa Brassicaceae Tower Mustard
Aechmea distichantha Bromeliaceae Brazilian Vaseplant
Aechmea fasciata Bromeliaceae Silver Vase Bromeliad
Aechmea gamosepala Bromeliaceae Match Stick Plant
Ananas ananassoides Ananas nanus, Ananas ananassoides var. nanus Bromeliaceae Dwarf Pineapple
Ananas comosus Ananas ananas, Bromelia ananas, Bromelia comosa Bromeliaceae Pineapple
Billbergia leptopoda Bromeliaceae Permanent Wave Plant
Billbergia macrocalyx Billbergia quintusiana Bromeliaceae Tall Tubular Bromeliad
Billbergia pyramidalis Bromeliaceae Foolproof Plant
Bromelia serra Bromelia lindmanii, Karatas serra Bromeliaceae Bayonet Bromeliad
Cryptanthus argyrophyllus Bromeliaceae Silver Leaved Earth-Star
Cryptanthus zonatus Tillandsia zonata, Billbergia acaulis Bromeliaceae Zebra-Leaf Earth-Star
Guzmania lingulata Tillandsia lingulata, Bromeliaceae Scarlet Star
Neoregelia carolinae Bromelia carolinae, Bromelia rhodocincta Bromeliaceae Blushing Bromeliad
Neoregelia concentrica Bromeliaceae Concentric Neoregelia
Tillandsia lindenii Vriesea violacea Bromeliaceae Blue-Flowered Torch
Vriesea splendens Bromeliaceae Flaming Sword
Vriesea 'Tiffany' Bromeliaceae Vriesea Tiffany
Buddleja colvilei Buddlejaceae East Himalayan Butterfly Bush
Buddleja crispa Buddlejaceae Himalayan Butterfly Bush
Buddleja davidii Buddlejaceae Butterfly Bush
Buddleja davidii 'Empire Blue' Buddlejaceae Empire Blue Butterfly Bush
Buddleja davidii 'Royal Red' Buddlejaceae Royal Red Butterfly Bush
Buddleja davidii 'White Profusion' Buddlejaceae White Profusion Butterfly Bush
Buddleja indica Buddleja diversifolia, Buddleja nepalensis, Nicodemia diversifolia Buddlejaceae Indoor Oak
Buddleja macrostachya Buddleja cylindrostachya Buddlejaceae Long Spiked Butterfly Bush
Buddleja madagascariensis Buddleia madagascariensis Buddlejaceae Madagascar Butterfly Bush
Buddleja paniculata Buddlejaceae Panicled Butterfly Bush
Burmannia coelestis Burmannia caelestis Burmanniaceae Indian Bluethread
Burmannia disticha Burmannia bancan, Burmannia graminifolia, Burmannia sumatrana Burmanniaceae Double-Spike Bluethread
Burmannia pusilla Cyananthus pusillus, Gonianthes pusilla, Burmannia coelestis var. pusilla Burmanniaceae Stalked-Flower Bluethread
Boswellia serrata Boswellia glabra, Boswellia thurifera, Bursera thurifera Burseraceae Indian Olibanum
Commiphora berryi Balsamea berryi, Balsamodendrum berryi Burseraceae Indian Balm of Gilead
Commiphora stocksiana Balsamea stocksiana, Balsamodendron pubescens Burseraceae Mitha Guggal
Garuga pinnata Burseraceae Garuga
Protium serratum Bursera serrata Burseraceae Indian Red Pear
Butomus umbellatus Butomus caesalpini, Butomus vulgaris, Butomus floridus Butomaceae Flowering Rush
Buxus microphylla Buxus obcordata, Buxus ovalifolia, Buxus rotundifolia Buxaceae Japanese Boxwood
Buxus sempervirens Buxus arborescen, Buxus rosmarinifolia Buxaceae Common Boxwood
Buxus wallichiana Buxaceae Himalayan Boxwood
Sarcococca saligna Buxus saligna, Sarcococca pruniformis var. angustifolia Buxaceae Willow-Leaf Sweet-Box
Astrophytum ornatum Cactaceae Monk's Hood Cactus
Cereus hildmannianus Cereus peruvianus, Cactus peruvianus Cactaceae Hedge Cactus
Cereus pterogonus Cactaceae Columnar Cactus
Cleistocactus strausii Cactaceae Silver Torch Cactus
Cleistocactus winteri Cactaceae Golden Rat Tail
Copiapoa esmeraldana Copiapoa humilis Cactaceae Esmeralda Copiapoa
Cylindropuntia arbuscula Opuntia arbuscula, Cylindropuntia vivipara Cactaceae Arizona Pencil Cholla
Cylindropuntia arbuscula Opuntia arbuscula, Cylindropuntia vivipara Cactaceae Bush Pencil Cholla
Cylindropuntia ramosissima Opuntia ramosissima, Grusonia ramosissima Cactaceae Branched Pencil Cholla
Disocactus x hybridus Cactaceae Red Hybrid Orchid Cactus
Echinopsis oxygona Cactaceae Easter Lily Cactus
Echinopsis spp. Cactaceae Sea Urchin Cactus
Epiphyllum hybrid Cactaceae Orchid Cactus pink
Epiphyllum oxypetalum Cereus oxypetalus, Epiphyllum grande, Cactus oxypetalus Cactaceae Orchid Cactus
Escobaria missouriensis Cactaceae Yellow Pincushion Cactus
Escobaria vivipara Cactaceae Pincushion Cactus
Gymnocalycium mihanovichii Cactaceae Moon Cactus
Gymnocalycium neuhuberi Cactaceae Huber's Chin Cactus
Hatiora gaertneri Epiphyllum russellianum var. gaertneri, Epiphyllum gaertneri Cactaceae Easter Cactus
Hylocereus undatus Cereus undatus, Cereus tricostatus, Hylocereus tricostatus Cactaceae Night Blooming Cereus
Mammillaria beneckei Mammillaria barkeri, Oehmea beneckei Cactaceae Benecke's Nipple Cactus
Mammillaria compressa Mammillaria esseriana Cactaceae Compressed Nipple Cactus
Mammillaria geminispina Cactus geminispinus, Neomammillaria geminispina Cactaceae Twin-Spined Cactus
Mammillaria haageana subsp. elegans Mammillaria elegans Cactaceae Elegant Nipple Cactus
Mammillaria longimamma Cactaceae Nipple Cactus
Mammillaria plumosa Ebnerella plumosa, Chilita plumosa Cactaceae Feather Cactus
Mammillaria prolifera Mammillaria glomerata Cactaceae Texas Nipple Cactus
Mammillaria pseudoperbella Cactaceae Pretty Nipple Cactus
Opuntia cochenillifera Nopalea cochenillifera, Cactus cochenillifer Cactaceae Cochineal Cactus
Opuntia elatior Opuntia nigricans Cactaceae Prickly Pear
Opuntia macrorhiza Opuntia delicata, Opuntia ballii, Opuntia tenuispina Cactaceae Delicate Prickly Pear
Opuntia monacantha Opuntia vulgaris Cactaceae Drooping Prickly Pear
Opuntia stricta Cactus chinensis, Cactus indicus, Opuntia dillenii Cactaceae Erect Prickly Pear
Opuntia tomentosa Cactaceae Woollyjoint Pricklypear
Pelecyphora aselliformis Mammillaria aselliformis, Anhalonium aselliforme, Ariocarpus aselliformis Cactaceae Hatchet Cactus
Pereskia bleo Cactus bleo, Pereskia corrugata Cactaceae Leaf Cactus
Pereskia grandifolia Rhodocactus grandifolius, Cactus grandifolius, Pereskia grandiflora Cactaceae Rose Cactus
Pereskiopsis diguetii Pereskiopsis velutina, Opuntia diguetii, Pereskiopsis digueti Cactaceae Alfilerillo
Schlumbergera buckleyi Cactaceae True Christmas Cactus
Schlumbergera truncata Cactaceae Crab Cactus
Sulcorebutia arenacea Rebutia arenacea, Weingartia arenacea Cactaceae Sandy Rebutia
Acrocarpus fraxinifolius Caesalpiniaceae Pink Cedar
Amherstia nobilis Caesalpiniaceae Pride of Burma
Bauhinia acuminata Caesalpiniaceae Dwarf White Orchid Tree
Bauhinia foveolata Caesalpiniaceae Pore Leaved Bauhinia
Bauhinia galpinii Caesalpiniaceae Red Orchid Tree
Bauhinia glauca Bauhinia tenuiflora Caesalpiniaceae Glaucous Climbing Bauhinia
Bauhinia hookeri Lysiphyllum hookeri Caesalpiniaceae Mountain Ebony
Bauhinia malabarica Caesalpiniaceae Malabar Bauhinia
Bauhinia monandra Bauhinia kappleri, Bauhinia porosa, Bauhinia punctiflora Caesalpiniaceae Pink Butterfly Flower
Bauhinia phoenicea Caesalpiniaceae Scarlet Bauhinia
Bauhinia purpurea Caesalpiniaceae Purple Orchid Tree
Bauhinia racemosa Caesalpiniaceae Bidi Leaf Tree
Bauhinia roxburghiana Bauhinia retusa , Bauhinia semla Caesalpiniaceae Roxburgh's Bauhinia
Bauhinia scandens Bauhinia anguina Caesalpiniaceae Snake Climber
Bauhinia stipularis Caesalpiniaceae Nicobar Creeper
Bauhinia tomentosa Caesalpiniaceae Yellow Orchid Tree
Bauhinia vahlii Bauhinia racemosa, Phanera vahlii Caesalpiniaceae Maloo Creeper
Bauhinia variegata Caesalpiniaceae Kachnar
Bauhinia variegata var. candida Bauhinia alba, Bauhinia variegata var. alboflava Caesalpiniaceae White Orchid Tree
Bauhinia variegata Caesalpiniaceae White-Purple Orchid Tree
Bauhinia x blakeana Caesalpiniaceae Hong Kong Orchid Tree
Brownea coccinea Brownea capitella, Brownea latifolia Caesalpiniaceae Scarlet Flame Bean
Brownea macrophylla Caesalpiniaceae Mountain Rose
Caesalpinia bonduc Caesalpinia crista, Caesalpinia bonducella, Guilandina bonduc Caesalpiniaceae Fever Nut
Caesalpinia coriaria Caesalpiniaceae Divi Divi
Caesalpinia crista Caesalpinia nuga, Guilandina nuga Caesalpiniaceae Crested Fever Nut
Caesalpinia cucullata Mezoneuron cucullatum Caesalpiniaceae Sahyadri Thorn
Caesalpinia decapetala Caesalpiniaceae Mysore Thorn
Caesalpinia ferrea Caesalpiniaceae Brazilian Ironwood
Caesalpinia mimosoides Caesalpiniaceae Mimosa Thorn
Caesalpinia pulcherrima f. flava Caesalpiniaceae Peacock Flower yellow
Caesalpinia pulcherrima Caesalpiniaceae Peacock Flower
Caesalpinia sappan Biancaea sappan Caesalpiniaceae Sappan Wood
Cassia agnes Cassia javanica var. agnes de Wit Caesalpiniaceae Agnes Cassia
Cassia fistula Caesalpiniaceae Amaltas
Cassia grandis Caesalpiniaceae Coral Shower Tree
Cassia javanica subsp. nodosa Cassia nodosa Roxb., Cassia javanica var. indochinensis Caesalpiniaceae Java Cassia
Cassia renigera Cassia javanica subsp. renigera Caesalpiniaceae Burmese Pink Cassia
Cassia roxburghii Caesalpiniaceae Red Cassia
Cassia x nealiae Cassia javanica x fistula Caesalpiniaceae Rainbow Shower Tree
Cassia x nealiae Cassia javanica x fistula Caesalpiniaceae White Rainbow Shower Tree
Chamaecrista absus Cassia absus Caesalpiniaceae Tropical Sensitive Pea
Chamaecrista mimosoides Cassia mimosoides, Cassia sensitiva Caesalpiniaceae Feather-leaved Cassia
Chamaecrista nictitans Cassia lechenaultiana, Cassia aeschinomene, Chamaecrista aeschinomene Caesalpiniaceae Partridge Pea
Chamaecrista nigricans Cassia nigricans Caesalpiniaceae Black Grain
Chamaecrista pumila Cassia pumila Caesalpiniaceae Dwarf Cassia
Colvillea racemosa Caesalpiniaceae Colville's Glory
Cynometra iripa Caesalpiniaceae Wrinkled Pod Mangrove
Delonix elata Poinciana elata Caesalpiniaceae White Gulmohar
Delonix regia Caesalpiniaceae Gulmohar
Gleditsia triacanthos Caesalpiniaceae Honey Locust
Hardwickia binata Caesalpiniaceae Anjan
Humboldtia brunonis Caesalpiniaceae Brown's Humboldtia
Humboldtia unijuga Humboldtia unijuga var. unijuga Caesalpiniaceae Bark-Flower Humboldtia
Humboldtia vahliana Caesalpiniaceae Malabar Humboldtia
Moullava spicata Wagatea spicata, Caesalpinia spicata Caesalpiniaceae Candy Corn Plant
Peltophorum africanum Caesalpiniaceae African Wattle
Peltophorum dubium Peltophorum vogelianum, Caesalpinia dubia, Brasilettia dubia Caesalpiniaceae Yellow Poinciana
Peltophorum pterocarpum Caesalpinia inermis, Caesalpinia arborea Caesalpiniaceae Copperpod
Phanera khasiana Bauhinia khasiana, Bauhinia howei, Caesalpiniaceae Khasi Bauhinia
Pterolobium hexapetalum Reichardia hexapetala Caesalpiniaceae Indian Redwing
Saraca asoca Jonesia asoka Caesalpiniaceae Sita Ashok
Saraca thaipingensis Caesalpiniaceae Yellow Ashok
Schizolobium parahyba Cassia parahyba, Schizolobium amazonicum, Schizolobium excelsum Caesalpiniaceae Brazilian Fern Tree
Senna alata Cassia alata Caesalpiniaceae Candle Bush
Senna alexandrina Senna angustifolia, Senna acutifolia, Cassia angustifolia Caesalpiniaceae Tirunelveli Senna
Senna auriculata Cassia auriculata Caesalpiniaceae Tanner's Cassia
Senna didymobotrya Cassia didymobotrya, Cassia nairobensis Caesalpiniaceae Popcorn Cassia
Senna floribunda Cassia floribunda Caesalpiniaceae Golden Showy Cassia
Senna hirsuta Cassia hirsuta, Senna hirsuta var. hirsuta, Cassia tomentosa Caesalpiniaceae Woolly Cassia
Senna italica Cassia italica, Cassia obtusa, Senna obovata Caesalpiniaceae Italian Cassia
Senna montana Cassia montana B. Heyne ex Roth, Cassia setigera Caesalpiniaceae Mountain Cassia
Senna multiglandulosa Cassia albida, Cassia cana, Cassia lutescens, Cassia multiglandulosa, Cassia tomentosa, Cassia wightiana Caesalpiniaceae Buttercup Bush
Senna nitida Cassia nitida, Cassia antillana, Chamaefistula antillana Caesalpiniaceae Glossy Cassia
Senna obtusifolia Cassia obtusifolia, Cassia tora var. obtusifolia Caesalpiniaceae Sicklepod
Senna occidentalis Cassia occidentalis Caesalpiniaceae Coffee Senna
Senna polyphylla Cassia polyphylla Caesalpiniaceae Desert Cassia
Senna septemtrionalis Cassia aurata, Cassia elegans, Cassia laevigata Caesalpiniaceae Arsenic Bush
Senna siamea Cassia siamea Caesalpiniaceae Siamese Cassia
Senna sophera Cassia sophera, Cassia torosa Caesalpiniaceae Sophera Senna
Senna spectabilis Cassia spectabilis, Cassia excelsa, Cassia carnaval Caesalpiniaceae Spectacular Cassia
Senna sulfurea Cassia sulfurea, Senna surattensis var. glauca Caesalpiniaceae Sulphur Cassia
Senna surattensis Cassia surattensis Caesalpiniaceae Glaucous Cassia
Senna tora Cassia tora Caesalpiniaceae Stinking Cassia
Senna uniflora Cassia uniflora, Cassia sericea Caesalpiniaceae Oneleaf Senna
Tamarindus indica Caesalpiniaceae Tamarind
Chimonanthus praecox Calycanthaceae Wintersweet
Asyneuma fulgens Campanula fulgens Campanulaceae Shining Bellflower
Asyneuma thomsonii Campanula thomsonii, Phyteuma thomsonii Campanulaceae Thomson's Bellflower
Campanula aristata Campanula aristata var. longisepala, Campanula cylindrica Campanulaceae Long-Sepal Bellflower
Campanula cashmeriana Campanula kashmiriana, Campanula ruderalis Campanulaceae Kashmir Bellflower
Campanula dimorphantha Campanula benthamii, Campanula veronicifolia, Cephalostigma spathulatum Campanulaceae Two-Form Bellflower
Campanula incurva Campanula leutweinii Campanulaceae Evia Bellflower
Campanula latifolia Campanulaceae Large Bellflower
Campanula medium 'Calycanthema' Campanula medium var. calycanthema Campanulaceae Cup and Saucer Bellflower
Campanula medium Campanulaceae Canterbury Bells
Campanula pallida Campanula colorata, Campanula himalayensis, Campanula hoffmeisteri, Campanula ramulosa Campanulaceae Purple Bellflower
Campanula pallida Campanula colorata Campanulaceae Pale Bellflower
Campanula pallida Wall. var. tibetica Campanula colorata var. tibetica Campanulaceae Tibetan Pale Bellflower
Campanula wattiana Campanulaceae Watt's Bellflower
Codonopsis clematidea Codonopsis obtusa, Glosocomia clematidea, Wahlenbergia clematidea Campanulaceae Clematis Bonnet Bellflower
Codonopsis convolvulacea Campanulaceae Twining Bonnet Bellflower
Codonopsis foetens Codonopsis foetens subsp. foetens Campanulaceae Stinking Bonnet Bellflower
Codonopsis gracilis Leptocodon gracilis, Campanumoea gracilis Campanulaceae Slender Bonnet Bellflower
Codonopsis lanceolata Codonopsis bodinieri, Campanumoea lanceolata, Codonopsis yesoensis Campanulaceae Bonnet Bellflower
Codonopsis ovata Glosocomia ovata, Wahlenbergia roylei Campanulaceae Kashmir Bonnet Bellflower
Codonopsis pilosula Codonopsis modesta, Campanumoea pilosula, Codonopsis volubilis Campanulaceae Dangshen Bellflower
Codonopsis rotundifolia Codonopsis lurida Campanulaceae Roundleaf Bellflower
Codonopsis thalictrifolia Campanula thalictriflora, Codonopsis mollis, Glosocomia tenera Campanulaceae Soft Bonnet Bellflower
Codonopsis viridis Campanulaceae Green Bonnet Bellflower
Cyananthus flavus Cyananthus flavus subsp. flavus Campanulaceae Yellow Trailing Bellflower
Cyananthus incanus Campanulaceae Hoary Trailing Bellflower
Cyananthus lobatus Campanulaceae Trailing Bellflower
Cyananthus microphyllus Campanulaceae Small-leaved Trailing Bellflower
Hippobroma longiflora Lobelia longiflora, Isotoma longiflora, Laurentia longiflora Campanulaceae Star of Bethlehem
Lobelia alsinoides Lobelia trigona Campanulaceae Chickweed Lobelia
Lobelia clavata Campanulaceae White East-Himalayan Lobelia
Lobelia erinus Campanulaceae Trailing Lobelia
Lobelia heyneana Lobelia bialata, Lobelia dichotoma Campanulaceae Heyne's Lobelia
Lobelia leschenaultiana Lobelia camptodon, Lobelia nicotianifolia var. macrostemon Campanulaceae Leschenault's Lobelia
Lobelia nicotianifolia Lobelia nicotianaefolia Campanulaceae Wild Tobacco
Lobelia nummularia Pratia nummularia, Pratia begoniifolia, Lobelia begoniifolia Campanulaceae Roundleaf Star Creeper
Lobelia seguinii Campanulaceae Seguin's Lobelia
Lobelia zeylanica Lobelia hirta, Lobelia affinis, Lobelia succulenta Campanulaceae Ceylon Lobelia
Platycodon grandiflorus Campanula glauca, Platycodon glaucus, Platycodon sinensis Campanulaceae Korean Bellflower
Wahlenbergia marginata Campanula agrestis, Campanula indica, Campanula marginata Campanulaceae Asiatic Bellflower
Cannabis sativa Cannabis indica, Cannabis chinensis, Cannabis generalis Cannabaceae Marijuana
Celtis australis Celtis alpina, Celtis lutea, Celtis serrata Cannabaceae Mediterranean Hackberry
Celtis philippensis var. wightii Celtis wightii, Solenostigma wightii Cannabaceae Wight's Hackberry
Humulus lupulus Cannabaceae Common Hop
Trema orientalis Cannabaceae Indian Charcoal Tree
Canna indica Cannaceae Indian Shot
Canna spp. Cannaceae Canna
Cadaba fruticosa Cleome fruticosa Capparaceae Indian Cadaba
Cadaba trifoliata Cadaba triphylla, Desmocarpus missionis Capparaceae Three-Leaf Cadaba
Capparis baducca Capparis rheedei, Capparis malabaria, Capparis heyneana, Capparaceae Rheed's Caper
Capparis brevispina Capparis wallichiana Capparaceae Indian Caper
Capparis cleghornii Capparaceae Cleghorn Caper
Capparis decidua Capparaceae Bare Caper
Capparis divaricata Capparaceae Spreading Caper
Capparis diversifolia Capparaceae Travancore Caper
Capparis fusifera Capparis parviflora Bedd., Capparis tomentella Capparaceae Small-Flowered Caper
Capparis grandiflora Capparis pyrifolia Wight & Arn. Capparaceae Large-Petal Caper
Capparis grandis Capparis maxima, Capparis auricans, Capparis obovata, Capparis racemifera Capparaceae Tree Caper
Capparis moonii Capparaceae Large Caper
Capparis rotundifolia Capparis longispina, Capparis orbiculata, Capparis sepiaria Wall. Capparaceae Round Leaf Caper
Capparis sabiifolia Capparis acutifolia subsp. sabiifolia, Capparis vientianensis, Capparis sabiaefolia Capparaceae Sabia-Leaf Caper
Capparis sepiaria Capparaceae Wild Caper Bush
Capparis spinosa subsp. cartilaginea Capparis cartilaginea Capparaceae Cartilage Caper
Capparis spinosa subsp. spinosa var. canescens Capparis obovata, Capparis napaulensis, Capparis leucophylla Capparaceae Alpine Caper Bush
Capparis zeylanica Capparis formosa, Capparis ovalifolia, Capparis rufescens Capparaceae Ceylon Caper
Crateva adansonii subsp. odora Capparaceae Garlic Pear Tree
Crateva magna Crateva nurvala, Crateva religiosa var. nurvala, Crateva lophosperma Capparaceae Large Garlic Pear
Maerua apetala Capparis apetala Capparaceae Petal-less Caper
Maerua oblongifolia Maerua arenaria, Capparis oblongifolia, Maerua scabra Capparaceae Desert Caper
Stixis suaveolens Roydsia suaveolens Capparaceae Fragrant Caper Vine
Abelia chinensis Caprifoliaceae Chinese Abelia
Abelia triflora Caprifoliaceae Himalayan Abelia
Abelia X grandiflora Caprifoliaceae Glossy Abelia
Acanthocalyx nepalensis Morina nepalensis D.Don, Acanthocalyx delavayi Caprifoliaceae Nepal Thornsepal
Dipsacus inermis Dipsacus asper Caprifoliaceae Himalayan Teasel
Leycesteria formosa Caprifoliaceae Himalayan Nutmeg
Leycesteria gracilis Lonicera gracilis Caprifoliaceae Slender Honeysuckle
Lomelosia speciosa Scabiosa speciosa Caprifoliaceae Showy Scabious
Lonicera acuminata Caprifoliaceae Vine Honeysuckle
Lonicera angustifolia Lonicera angustifolia var. angustifolia Caprifoliaceae Narrow-Leaf Honeysuckle
Lonicera caerulea subsp. stenantha Lonicera stenantha, Lonicera caerulea var. glabrescens Caprifoliaceae Narrow-Flowered Honeysuckle
Lonicera glabrata Caprifoliaceae Himalayan Honeysuckle
Lonicera hispida Lonicera chaetocarpa, Lonicera anisocalyx, Caprifoliaceae Hairy Honeysuckle
Lonicera hypoleuca Caprifoliaceae Yellow Himalayan Honeysuckle
Lonicera japonica Caprifoliaceae Japanese Honeysuckle
Lonicera macrantha Caprifolium macranthum, Lonicera inodora Caprifoliaceae Long-Flower Honeysuckle
Lonicera myrtillus Lonicera myrtillus var. depressa Rehder, Lonicera parvifolia var. myrtillus Caprifoliaceae Myrtle Honeysuckle
Lonicera obovata Lonicera parvifolia Caprifoliaceae Blueberry Honeysuckle
Lonicera periclymenum 'Serotina' Caprifoliaceae Dutch Honeysuckle
Lonicera porphyrantha Lonicera mitis, Lonicera viridiflava Caprifoliaceae Purple-Red Honeysuckle
Lonicera quinquelocularis Lonicera translucens Caprifoliaceae Translucent Honeysuckle
Lonicera spinosa Xylosteon spinosum Caprifoliaceae Spiny Honeysuckle
Lonicera webbiana Lonicera adenophora, Lonicera oxyphylla, Lonicera alpigena Caprifoliaceae Webb's Honeysuckle
Morina coulteriana Morina brevifolia Caprifoliaceae Yellow Whorlflower
Morina longifolia Caprifoliaceae Himalayan Whorlflower
Morina polyphylla Caprifoliaceae Many-Leaved Whorlflower
Triosteum himalayanum Caprifoliaceae Himalayan Horse-Gentian
Valeriana hardwickii Valeriana elata Caprifoliaceae Indian Valerian
Valeriana himalayana Caprifoliaceae Himalayan Valerian
Valeriana jatamansi Valeriana wallichii, Valeriana harmsii, Valeriana mairei Caprifoliaceae Jatamansi
Valeriana pyrolifolia Valeriana pyrolaefolia Caprifoliaceae Kashmir Valerian
Weigela hortensis Caprifoliaceae Garden Weigela
Carica papaya Caricaceae Papaya
Agrostemma githago Caryophyllaceae Corn Cockle
Arenaria bryophylla Arenaria muscifloris Caryophyllaceae Flycatcher Sandwort
Arenaria curvifolia Caryophyllaceae Chamoli Sandwort
Arenaria festucoides Arenaria roylei, Arenaria guilielmi-waldemarii Caryophyllaceae Fescue Sandwort
Arenaria orbiculata Caryophyllaceae Roundleaf Sandwort
Arenaria polytrichoides Caryophyllaceae Hummock Sandwort
Arenaria serpyllifolia Arenaria alpicola, Stellaria serpyllifolia, Arenaria viscida Caryophyllaceae Thyme-Leaved Sandwort
Cerastium cerastoides Stellaria cerastoides, Cerastium elegans Caryophyllaceae Mountain Chickweed
Cerastium davuricum Cerastium amplexicaule, Cerastium dahuricum, Dichodon dahuricum Caryophyllaceae Siberian Chickweed
Cerastium fontanum Caryophyllaceae Mouse-Ear Chickweed
Cerastium glomeratum Cerastium viscosum, Cerastium vulgatum var. glomeratum Caryophyllaceae Sticky Chickweed
Cerastium tomentosum Caryophyllaceae Snow-in-Summer
Dianthus anatolicus Dianthus parviflorus, Dianthus kotschyanus Caryophyllaceae Anatolian Pink
Dianthus angulatus Dianthus orientalis var. angulatus, Dianthus incertus Caryophyllaceae Himalayan Pinks
Dianthus barbatus Caryophyllaceae Sweet William
Dianthus caryophyllus Caryophyllaceae Carnation orange
Dianthus caryophyllus Caryophyllaceae Carnation pink
Dianthus chinensis Dianthus amurensis, Dianthus heddewigii, Dianthus laciniatus Caryophyllaceae China Pink
Drymaria cordata Stellaria adenophora, Drymaria procumbens, Alsine rotundifolia Caryophyllaceae Tropical Chickweed
Gypsophila cerastioides Caryophyllaceae Himalayan Baby's Breath
Gypsophila elegans Caryophyllaceae Baby's Breath
Lepyrodiclis holosteoides Arenaria holosteoides, Gouffeia holosteoides Caryophyllaceae False Jagged-Chickweed
Lepyrodiclis tenera Caryophyllaceae Tender Alpine-Sandwort
Minuartia kashmirica Arenaria kashmirica Caryophyllaceae Kashmir Sandwort
Myosoton aquaticum Cerastium aquaticum, Stellaria aquatica Caryophyllaceae Water Chickweed
Polycarpaea corymbosa Achyranthes corymbosa, Polycarpaea nebulosa Caryophyllaceae Oldman's Cap
Saponaria officinalis Caryophyllaceae Common Soapwort
Silene armeria Caryophyllaceae None-so-Pretty
Silene caespitella Silene maheshwarii, Melandrium neocaespitosum, Melandrium xainzaense Caryophyllaceae Clustered Campion
Silene cashmeriana Lychnis cashmeriana, Melandrium cashmerianum Caryophyllaceae Kashmir Campion
Silene conoidea Conosilene conoidea, Cucubalus conoideus Caryophyllaceae Cone Campion
Silene coronaria Agrostemma coronaria, Lychnis coronaria Caryophyllaceae Rose Campion
Silene falconeriana Caryophyllaceae Falconer's Campion
Silene gallica Silene gallica f. quinquevulnera, Corone quinquevulnera Caryophyllaceae Five-Wounded Catchfly
Silene gangotriana Caryophyllaceae Gangotri Campion
Silene gonosperma Lychnis pumila, Melandrium pumilum Caryophyllaceae Angled-Seed Campion
Silene graminifolia Silene tenuis, Silene pubistyla, Silene sobolevskajae Caryophyllaceae Grass-Leaved Campion
Silene himalayensis Lychnis himalayensis, Silene madens, Silene gonosperma var. himalayensis Caryophyllaceae Himalayan Campion
Silene indica var. edgeworthii Silene edgeworthii, Lychnis fimbriata, Agrostemma fimbriatum Caryophyllaceae Edgeworth's Campion
Silene indica var. indica Lychnis indica, Lychnis ciliata, Melandrium indicum Caryophyllaceae Indian Campion
Silene moorcroftiana Silene gyirongensis, Silene persica subsp. moorcroftiana Caryophyllaceae Moorcroft Campion
Silene pendula Caryophyllaceae Nodding Catchfly
Silene stewartii Lychnis stewartii, Silene chambaensis Caryophyllaceae Stewart Campion
Silene vulgaris Caryophyllaceae Bladder Campion
Spergula arvensis Caryophyllaceae Corn Spurry
Spergularia marina Arenaria rubra var. marina, Spergularia salina Caryophyllaceae Salt Sand Spurry
Spergularia rubra Caryophyllaceae Purple Sand Spurry
Stellaria graminea Stellaria gramineoides, Stellaria patentifolia, Stellaria graminea var. graminea Caryophyllaceae Grass-Leaved Chickweed
Stellaria himalayensis Leucostemma latifolia, Stellaria latifolia Caryophyllaceae Himalayan Stichwort
Stellaria media Caryophyllaceae Chickweed
Stellaria monosperma Stellaria glandulifera, Stellaria crispata Caryophyllaceae Sticky Stitchwort
Stellaria webbiana Leucostemma webbianum Caryophyllaceae Webb's Chickweed
Vaccaria hispanica Vaccaria pyramidata, Saponaria vaccaria Caryophyllaceae Cow Cockle
Casuarina equisetifolia Casuarinaceae Whistling Pine
Arnicratea grahamii Hippocratea grahamii, Reissantia grahamii Celastraceae Running Straggler
Cassine glauca Elaeodendron glaucum, Mangifera glauca, Elaeodendron paniculatum Celastraceae Ceylon Tea
Cassine paniculata Elaeodendron paniculatum Celastraceae Panicled Cassine
Celastrus paniculatus Celastrus dependens Celastraceae Black Oil Plant
Elaeodendron orientale Cassine orientalis Celastraceae False Olive
Euonymus carnosus Euonymus tanakae, Euonymus batakensis, Euonymus platycline Celastraceae Fleshy-Flowered Spindle Tree
Euonymus echinatus Euonymus scandens, Euonymus cinereus, Euonymus trichocarpus Celastraceae Climbing Spindle Bush
Euonymus frigidus Euonymus porphyreus, Euonymus burmanicus, Euonymus roseoperulatus Celastraceae Stiff Spindle Tree
Euonymus hamiltonianus Celastraceae Himalayan Spindle Tree
Euonymus indicus Euonymus timorensis, Euonymus sumatranus, Euonymus micropetalus Celastraceae Indian Spindle Tree
Euonymus japonicus Celastraceae Japanese Spindle Tree
Euonymus lucidus Euonymus pendulus Celastraceae Frilly Flower Spindle Tree
Euonymus tingens Celastraceae Purple-Veined Spindle Tree
Gymnosporia montana Celastrus montanus, Celastrus obovatus, Celastrus phyllacanthus Celastraceae Mountain Spike Thorn
Gymnosporia royleana Maytenus royleana, Euonymus spinosus, Celastrus royleanus Celastraceae Royle's Spike Thorn
Gymnosporia rufa Celastraceae Rusty Spike Thorn
Gymnosporia senegalensis Celastrus senegalensis, Maytenus emarginata, Celastrus montana, Maytenus senegalensis Celastraceae Red Spike Thorn
Loeseneriella arnottiana Hippocratea arnottiana Celastraceae Arnott's Hippocratea
Loeseneriella ovata Hippocratea ovata Celastraceae Oval-Leaved Hippocratea
Lophopetalum wightianum Celastraceae Wight's Crest-Petal
Maytenus puberula Gymnosporia puberula, Gymnosporia konkanensis Celastraceae Konkan Spike Thorn
Maytenus rothiana Catha rothiana, Gymnosporia rothiana Celastraceae Roth's Spike Thorn
Microtropis wallichiana Microtropis suborbiculata, Paracelastrus wallichianus Celastraceae Wallich Microtropis
Parnassia mysorensis Parnassia mysorensis var. mysorensis Celastraceae Mysore Bog Star
Parnassia nubicola subsp. occidentalis Celastraceae Himalayan Bog Star
Pristimera indica Reissantia indica, Hippocratea indica Celastraceae Mopane Paddle-Pod
Salacia chinensis Salacia prinoides, Tontelea prinoides Celastraceae Chinese Salacia
Salacia malabarica Celastraceae Malabar Salacia
Salacia oblonga Comocladia serrata Celastraceae Oblong Leaf Salacia
Cephalotaxus griffithii Cephalotaxaceae Griffith's Plum Yew
Bassia dasyphylla Bassia divaricata, Chenolea divaricata, Echinopsilon divaricatus Chenopodiaceae Shaggy-Leaved Bassia
Bassia scoparia Kochia scoparia, Atriplex scoparia, Chenopodium scoparia Chenopodiaceae Summer Cypress
Beta vulgaris ssp. maritima Beta maritima, Beta bengalensis, Beta vulgaris var. orientalis Chenopodiaceae Sea Beet
Chenopodium foliosum Morocarpus foliosus Chenopodiaceae Strawberry Sticks
Chenopodium murale Chenopodiaceae Nettle-Leaved Goosefoot
Dysphania ambrosioides Chenopodium ambrosioides Chenopodiaceae Mexican Tea
Halogeton glomeratus Anabasis glomerata, Darniella glomerata, Salsola glomerata Chenopodiaceae Salt-Lover
Haloxylon griffithii subsp. wakhanicum Haloxylon wakhanicum, Haloxylon thomsonii Chenopodiaceae Dwarf Griffith's Saxaul
Haloxylon salicornicum Hammada elegans, Caroxylon salicornicum, Anabasis crassa Chenopodiaceae Rimth Saltbush
Krascheninnikovia ceratoides Diotis ceratoides, Eurotia ceratoides, Eurotia prostrata Chenopodiaceae Himalayan Winterfat
Microgynoecium tibeticum Chenopodiaceae Tibetan Goosefoot
Suaeda corniculata var. olufsenii Suaeda olufsenii Chenopodiaceae Olufsen's Seepweed
Suaeda maritima Chenopodium maritimum Chenopodiaceae Annual Sea-Blite
Chloranthus elatior Chloranthus erectus, Chloranthus officinalis, Chloranthus salicifolius Chloranthaceae Tall Chloranthus
Cleome aspera Cleome prostrata Cleomaceae Rough Spider Flower
Cleome felina Polanisia felina Cleomaceae Cat Spider Flower
Cleome gynandra Cleome pentaphylla, Gynandropsis gynandra, Gynandropsis pentaphylla Cleomaceae Wild Spider Flower
Cleome houtteana Cleome hassleriana, Cleome sesquiorygalis, Tarenaya hassleriana Cleomaceae Spider Flower
Cleome monophylla Cleome cordata, Cleome massae, Cleome subcordata Cleomaceae Spindle Pod
Cleome simplicifolia Polanisia simplicifolia Cleomaceae Simple Leaved Clammyweed
Cleome speciosa Cleome speciosissima, Gynandropsis speciosa Cleomaceae Showy Spider Flower
Cleome viscosa Polanisia viscosa Cleomaceae Asian Spider Flower
Corynandra chelidonii Corynandra pulchella, Cleome chelidonii, Cleome schraderi Cleomaceae Celandine Spider Flower
Corynandra elegans Cleomaceae Elegant Spider-Flower
Dipterygium glaucum Dipterygium scabrum, Pteroloma arabicum Cleomaceae Safrawi
Sieruela rutidosperma Cleome rutidosperma, Cleome dodecandra, Cleome ciliata Cleomaceae Fringed Spider Flower
Sieruela rutidosperma var. burmannii Cleome burmannii, Cleome rutidosperma var. burmannii Cleomaceae Burmann's Spider Flower
Calophyllum inophyllum Clusiaceae Sultan Champa
Clusia rosea Clusiaceae Autograph Tree
Garcinia gummi-gutta Garcinia cambogia, Cambogia gemmi-gutta, Garcinia sulcata Clusiaceae Cambodge Tree
Garcinia indica Brindonia indica Clusiaceae Kokam
Garcinia livingstonei Garcinia affinis, Garcinia pendula, Garcinia angolensis Clusiaceae African Mangosteen
Garcinia madruno Calophyllum madruno, Garcinia floribunda, Rheedia madruno Clusiaceae Bumpy Lemon
Garcinia morella Garcinia gutta, Garcinia cambogioides Clusiaceae Indian Gamboge
Garcinia talbotii Garcinia malabarica, Garcinia ovalifolia var. macrantha Clusiaceae Talbot Garcinia
Garcinia xanthochymus Garcinia pictoria, Garcinia tinctoria Clusiaceae Mysore Gamboge
Mammea suriga Calophyllum suriga Clusiaceae Surangi
Mesua ferrea Clusiaceae Nag Kesar
Poeciloneuron indicum Clusiaceae Indian Milled-Leaf Tree
Colchicum luteum Colchicaceae Yellow Colchicum
Iphigenia indica Melanthium indicum, Anguillaria indica Colchicaceae Indian Grass Lily
Iphigenia magnifica Colchicaceae Magnificent Grass Lily
Iphigenia pallida Colchicaceae Pale Grass Lily
Iphigenia stellata Colchicaceae Star Grass Lily
Anogeissus acuminata Anogeissus pendula Edgew., Conocarpus acuminatus Combretaceae Buttontree
Anogeissus latifolia Combretaceae Axle Wood Tree
Anogeissus sericea var. nummularia Anogeissus rotundifolia Blatt. & Hallb., Anogeissus coronata Combretaceae Roundleaf Axlewood
Combretum albidum Combretum ovalifolium Combretaceae Piluki
Combretum coccineum Combretaceae Scarlet Comb
Combretum constrictum Combretum infundibuliforme, Combretum bussei, Poivrea constricta Combretaceae Powderpuff Combretum
Combretum indicum Quisqualis indica, Quisqualis grandiflora, Quisqualis sinensis Combretaceae Rangoon Creeper
Combretum latifolium Combretaceae Large Leaved Climbing Bushwillow
Combretum malabaricum Quisqualis malabarica Combretaceae Malabar Madhu Malati
Combretum nanum Combretaceae Dwarf Bushwillow
Combretum rotundifolium Combretum aubletii Combretaceae Monkey Brush Vine
Combretum roxburghii Combretum decandrum, Combretum album Combretaceae White Combretum
Combretum shivannae Combretaceae Shivanna's Madhu Malati
Conocarpus lancifolius Anogeissus latifolia Bedd., Conocarpus niloticus Delile ex Steud. Combretaceae Lanceleaf Buttonwood
Getonia floribunda Calycopteris floribunda, Calycopteris nutans, Combretum sericeum Combretaceae Paper Flower Climber
Lumnitzera littorea Combretaceae Red Teruntum
Lumnitzera racemosa Bruguiera madagascariensis, Petaloma alternifolia Combretaceae Black Mangrove
Terminalia alata Terminalia elliptica, Terminalia macrocarpa, Terminalia ovata Combretaceae Indian Laurel
Terminalia arjuna Combretaceae Arjun Tree
Terminalia bellirica Myrobalanus bellirica Combretaceae Baheda
Terminalia calamansanai Gimbernatea calamansanai, Terminalia pyrifolia, Terminalia bialata Combretaceae Philippine Almond
Terminalia catappa Combretaceae Indian Almond
Terminalia chebula Combretaceae Chebulic Myrobalan
Terminalia muelleri Myrobalanus muelleri Combretaceae Australian Almond
Terminalia neotaliala Terminalia mantaly, Terminalia obcordiformis, Terminalia taliala Combretaceae Madagascar Almond Tree
Terminalia paniculata Pentaptera paniculata Combretaceae Kindal Tree
Amischotolype mollissima Campelia mollissima, Forrestia mollissima, Forrestia marginata Commelinaceae Graceful Forrestia
Commelina badamica Commelinaceae Badami Dayflower
Commelina benghalensis Commelina canescens, Commelina cucullata, Commelina hirsuta Commelinaceae Bengal Dayflower
Commelina caroliniana Commelina hasskarlii Commelinaceae Carolina Dayflower
Commelina clavata Commelina salicifolia, Commelina thwaitesii, Commelina diffusa Commelinaceae Willow Leaved Dayflower
Commelina diffusa Commelina aquatica, Commelina gracilis, Commelina prostrata Commelinaceae Creeping Dayflower
Commelina ensifolia Commelina lunata, Commelina undulata var. setosa Commelinaceae Scurvy Grass
Commelina forskaolii Commelina forsskalii, Commelina falcata Commelinaceae Forsskal's Dayflower
Commelina indehiscens Commelinaceae Closed-Pod Dayflower
Commelina maculata Commelina obliqua var. viscida, Commelina paludosa var. viscida Commelinaceae Spotted Dayflower
Commelina paludosa Commelina obliqua Commelinaceae Swamp Dayflower
Commelina subulata Commelina elegantula, Tradescantia biflora, Commelina linearifolia Commelinaceae Linear-Leaf Dayflower
Commelina suffruticosa Spathodithyros suffruticosus, Commelina rugulosa, Commelina simsonii Commelinaceae Shrubby Dayflower
Commelina tuberosa Commelina intermedia, Commelina coelestis, Commelina nervosa Commelinaceae Blue Spiderwort
Commelina undulata Commelina striata, Commelina longifolia, Commelina kurzii Commelinaceae Long Leaved Dayflower
Commelina wightii Heterocarpus glaber, Commelina glabra C.B.Clarke [Illegitimate] Commelinaceae Indian Yellow Dayflower
Cyanotis adscendens Cyanotis tuberosa var. adscendens, Cyanotis sarmentosa Commelinaceae Ascending Dew-Grass
Cyanotis arachnoidea Cyanotis bodinieri Commelinaceae Grass of the Dew
Cyanotis axillaris Amischophacelus axillaris, Tonningia axillaris, Tradescantia axillaris Commelinaceae Creeping Cradle Plant
Cyanotis burmanniana Cyanotis papilionacea var. burmanniana Commelinaceae Burmann's Dew-Grass
Cyanotis cristata Commelinaceae Nabhali
Cyanotis fasciculata Commelinaceae Nilwanti
Cyanotis pilosa Cyanotis wightii, Tradescantia pilosa Commelinaceae Wight's Dew-Grass
Cyanotis tuberosa Tradescantia tuberosa, Cyanotis thomsonii, Cyanotis sahyadrica Commelinaceae Sahyadri Dew-Grass
Cyanotis vaga Cyanotis barbata, Commelina hirsuta, Tonningia barbata Commelinaceae Wandering Dew-Grass
Dictyospermum montanum Aneilema montanum, Commelina montana Steud. [Invalid] Commelinaceae Mountain Dayflower
Floscopa scandens Tradescantia paniculata, Commelina hispida, Aneilema hispida Commelinaceae Climbing Flower Cup
Murdannia brownii Commelinaceae Brown's Dewflower
Murdannia crocea subsp. ochracea Murdannia ochracea, Phaeneilema ochraceum Commelinaceae Ochre Dewflower
Murdannia dimorpha Aneilema dimorphum, Aneilema paniculatum, Phaeneilema dimorphum Commelinaceae Two-Shaped Dewflower
Murdannia divergens Commelina wallichiana, Aneilema divergens, Phaeneilema divergens Commelinaceae Diverging Dewflower
Murdannia edulis Commelina edulis, Murdannia scapiflora, Commelina scapiflora Commelinaceae Edible Dewflower
Murdannia lanuginosa Aneilema lanuginosum, Murdannia siennea Commelinaceae Marsh Dewflower
Murdannia nudiflora Commelina nudiflora, Murdannia malabarica, Ditelesia nudiflora Commelinaceae Doveweed
Murdannia pauciflora Phaeneilema pauciflorum Commelinaceae Few Flowered Dewflower
Murdannia semiteres Aneilema semiteres, Dichaespermum semiteres, Murdannia paniculata Commelinaceae Panicled Dewflower
Murdannia simplex Commelina simplex, Murdannia sinica Commelinaceae Large Dewflower
Murdannia spirata Commelina spirata, Aneilema spiratum, Aphylax spiralis Commelinaceae Asiatic Dewflower
Murdannia striatipetala Commelinaceae Striped Dewflower
Murdannia versicolor Aneilema versicolor, Phaeneilema versicolor Commelinaceae Changing Color Dewflower
Pollia hasskarlii Pollia aclisia var. robusta Commelinaceae East-Indian Pollia
Pollia secundiflora Aclisia cumingiana, Aclisia elegans, Aclisia secundiflora Commelinaceae Three-Stamen Pollia
Pollia subumbellata Aclisia subumbellata Commelinaceae Umbelled Pollia
Rhopalephora scaberrima Commelina scaberrima, Tradescantia scaberrima, Aneilema scaberrimum Commelinaceae Rough Dayflower
Tinantia erecta Tradescantia erecta, Pomogesia erecta, Tinantia fugax Commelinaceae Upright Spiderwort
Tradescantia fluminensis Tradescantia albiflora Commelinaceae White Spiderwort
Tradescantia pallida Commelinaceae Purple Heart
Tradescantia sillamontana Commelinaceae Cobweb Spiderwort
Tradescantia spathacea Rhoeo spathacea Commelinaceae Moses in the Cradle
Tradescantia virginiana Tradescantia congesta, Tradescantia speciosa, Ephemerum congestum Commelinaceae Virginia Spiderwort
Tradescantia zebrina Cyanotis zebrina Commelinaceae Striped Wandering Jew
Cnestis palala Cnestis flaminea, Cnestis foliosa Connaraceae Stinging-Hair Cnestis
Connarus monocarpus Connaraceae Indian Zebrawood
Argyreia capitiformis Convolvulus capitiformis, Argyreia capitata, Ipomoea capitata Convolvulaceae Flower-Head Morning Glory
Argyreia cuneata Convolvulus cuneatus, Ipomoea atrosanguinea Convolvulaceae Purple Morning Glory
Argyreia cymosa Convolvulaceae Clustered Woodrose
Argyreia elliptica Lettsomia elliptica Convolvulaceae Oval Leaved Silverweed
Argyreia hirsuta Rivea zeylanica Thwaites var. hirsuta Convolvulaceae Hairy Morning Glory
Argyreia hookeri Convolvulaceae Hooker's Woodrose
Argyreia nervosa Argyreia speciosa, Convolvulus nervosus, Lettsomia nervosa Convolvulaceae Elephant Creeper
Argyreia osyrensis var. osyrensis Argyreia aggregata, Lettsomia aggregata, Lettsomia aggregata var. osyrensis Convolvulaceae Shingled Silverweed
Argyreia pilosa Convolvulaceae Hairy Purple Trumpet
Argyreia sericea Argyreia leschenaultii, Ipomoea bracteata Convolvulaceae Silky Morning Glory
Argyreia strigosa Ipomoea strigosa, Lettsomia strigosa Convolvulaceae Bristled Woodrose
Camonea umbellata Convolvulus umbellatus, Merremia umbellata, Ipomoea polyanthes Convolvulaceae Hogvine
Camonea umbellata Convolvulus umbellatus, Merremia umbellata, Ipomoea polyanthes Convolvulaceae Yellow Hogvine
Camonea vitifolia Merremia vitifolia, Convolvulus vitifolius, Ipomoea vitifolia Convolvulaceae Grape-leaf Wood Rose
Convolvulus arvensis Convolvulus prostratus F. W. Schmidt, Convolvulus sagittifolius Convolvulaceae Field Bindweed
Convolvulus glomeratus Convolvulus auricomus, Convolvulus arabicus, Ipomoea auricoma Convolvulaceae Clustered Bindweed
Convolvulus prostratus Convolvulus pluricaulis, Convolvulus microphyllus Convolvulaceae Shankh Pushpi
Cressa cretica Convolvulaceae Rudravanti
Cuscuta campestris Cuscuta arvensis, Cuscuta pentagona var. calycina Convolvulaceae Golden Dodder
Cuscuta capitata Anthanema capitata, Cuscuta rosea Convolvulaceae Rosy Dodder
Cuscuta europaea Convolvulaceae Greater Dodder
Cuscuta reflexa Convolvulaceae Amar Bel
Dinetus malabaricus Porana malabarica, Porana racemosa sensu authors not Roxb. Convolvulaceae Malabar Snow Creeper
Dinetus racemosus Porana racemosa Roxb., Porana cordifolia Convolvulaceae Snow Creeper
Distimake aegyptius Ipomoea aegyptia, Convolvulus vitifolius, Merremia aegyptia Convolvulaceae Egyptian Woodrose
Distimake dissectus Merremia dissecta, Ipomoea dissecta, Convolvulus dissectus Convolvulaceae Alamo Vine
Distimake quinquefolius Ipomoea quinquefolia, Convolvulus quinquefolia, Merremia quinquefolia Convolvulaceae Five-Fingered Morning Glory
Distimake rhyncorhiza Ipomoea rhyncorhiza, Merremia rhynchorhiza Convolvulaceae Beaked-Root Morning Glory
Distimake tuberosus Merremia tuberosa, Ipomoea tuberosa, Convolvulus tuberosus Convolvulaceae Spanish Arborvine
Erycibe paniculata Erycibe albiflora, Erycibe paniculata var. wightiana, Erycibe wightiana Convolvulaceae Panicled Erycibe
Evolvulus alsinoides Convolvulus alsinoides Convolvulaceae Dwarf Morning Glory
Evolvulus glomeratus 'Blue Daze' Convolvulaceae Blue Daze
Evolvulus nummularius Convolvulus nummularius, Volvulopsis nummularium Convolvulaceae Roundleaf Bindweed
Evolvulus pilosus Convolvulaceae Shaggy Dwarf Morning Glory
Hewittia malabarica Convolvulus malabaricus, Hewittia bicolor, Convolvulus scandens Convolvulaceae Malabar Bindweed
Ipomoea alba Ipomoea grandiflora Roxb., Ipomoea longiflora, Ipomoea noctiflora Convolvulaceae Moon Vine
Ipomoea aquatica Convolvulaceae Water Morning Glory
Ipomoea arachnosperma Ipomoea pilosa Convolvulaceae Hairy Little Bell
Ipomoea arborescens Convolvulus arborescens, Ipomoea arborescens var. arborescens Convolvulaceae Morning Glory Tree
Ipomoea asarifolia Convolvulus asarifolius, Ipomoea urbica Convolvulaceae Ginger-Leaf Morning Glory
Ipomoea barlerioides Convolvulaceae Pink Morning Glory
Ipomoea batatas Convolvulus batatas, Batatas edulis, Ipomoea edulis Convolvulaceae Sweet Potato
Ipomoea cairica Convolvulaceae Railway Creeper
Ipomoea campanulata Convolvulaceae Tambarvel
Ipomoea carnea Convolvulaceae Bush Morning Glory
Ipomoea cheirophylla Ipomoea digitata Convolvulaceae Palm-Leaf Morning Glory
Ipomoea coptica Convolvulus copticus Convolvulaceae Egyptian Morning Glory
Ipomoea deccana Ipomoea bracteata Wight, Ipomoea deccana var. lobata Convolvulaceae Deccan Morning Glory
Ipomoea eriocarpa Ipomoea hispida, Convolvulus hispidus Convolvulaceae Tiny Morning Glory
Ipomoea hederifolia Ipomoea coccinea var. hederifolia Convolvulaceae Scarlet Morning Glory
Ipomoea horsfalliae Convolvulaceae Cardinal Creeper
Ipomoea imperialis 'Sunrise Serenade' Convolvulaceae Sunrise Serenade Morning Glory
Ipomoea indica Ipomoea learii, Ipomoea congesta, Convolvulus indicus Convolvulaceae Blue Dawn Flower
Ipomoea laciniata Convolvulaceae Cut-Leaved Morning Glory
Ipomoea mauritiana Batatas paniculata, Convolvulus paniculatus Convolvulaceae Giant Potato
Ipomoea nil Convolvulus nil Convolvulaceae Blue Morning Glory
Ipomoea obscura Convolvulus obscurus, Ipomoea fragilis Convolvulaceae Obscure Morning Glory
Ipomoea parasitica Convolvulus parasiticus, Ipomoea perlonga, Convolvulus circinnatus Convolvulaceae Yellow-Throated Morning Glory
Ipomoea pes-caprae Convolvulaceae Goat Foot Vine
Ipomoea pes-tigridis Convolvulaceae Tiger Foot Morning Glory
Ipomoea purpurea Convolvulaceae Common Morning Glory
Ipomoea purpurea 'Milky Way' Convolvulaceae Milky Way Morning Glory
Ipomoea quamoclit Convolvulaceae Cypress Vine
Ipomoea rubriflora Ipomoea coccinea L., Convolvulus coccineus, Quamoclit coccinea Convolvulaceae Redstar
Ipomoea rumicifolia Convolvulus hirtus, Ipomoea gnaphalosperma Convolvulaceae Dock-Leaf Morning Glory
Ipomoea sagittifolia Ipomoea sepiaria, Ipomoea maxima, Ipomoea marginata Convolvulaceae Purple Heart Glory
Ipomoea sindica Convolvulaceae Sind Morning Glory
Ipomoea sinensis Convolvulus calycinus, Convolvulus hardwickii, Ipomoea calycina Convolvulaceae Chinese Morning Glory
Ipomoea staphylina Ipomoea dichroa Convolvulaceae Clustered Morning Glory
Ipomoea triloba Convolvulaceae Little Bell
Ipomoea violacea Convolvulus tuba, Ipomoea macrantha, Ipomoea tuba Convolvulaceae Beach Moonflower
Jacquemontia paniculata var. paniculata Ipomoea paniculata, Convolvulus parviflorus, Convolvulus violaceus Convolvulaceae Mauve Clustervine
Jacquemontia pentanthos Ipomoea canescens, Jacquemontia pentantha, Convolvulus pentanthus Convolvulaceae Skyblue Clustervine
Merremia emarginata Merremia gangetica, Convolvulus reniformis, Ipomoea reniformis Convolvulaceae Kidney Leaf Morning Glory
Merremia hederacea Evolvulus hederaceus, Ipomoea chryseides, Merremia chryseides, Merremia convolvulacea Convolvulaceae Ivy Woodrose
Operculina turpethum Merremia turpethum, Ipomoea turpethum Convolvulaceae Transparent Wood Rose
Porana volubilis Convolvulaceae Horse-Tail Creeper
Poranopsis paniculata Porana paniculata Convolvulaceae Bridal Bouquet
Rivea hypocrateriformis Convolvulaceae Midnapore Creeper
Stictocardia beraviensis Ipomoea beraviensis Convolvulaceae Hawaiian Sunset Vine
Xenostegia tridentata subsp. tridentata Merremia tridentata, Evolvulus tridentatus Convolvulaceae Arrow-leaf Morning Glory
Coriaria nepalensis Coriariaceae Masuri Berry
Alangium alpinum Marlea begoniifolia var. alpina Cornaceae Mountain Alangium
Alangium chinense Alangium octopetalum, Alangium begoniifolium Cornaceae Chinese Alangium
Alangium salviifolium Cornaceae Sage Leaved Alangium
Cornus capitata Benthamidia capitata, Benthamia capitata, Cynoxylon capitatum Cornaceae Himalayan Strawberry Tree
Cornus macrophylla Cornus brachypoda, Swida macrophylla Cornaceae Large Leaf Dogwood
Cornus oblonga Swida oblonga, Yinquania oblonga Cornaceae Oblong-Petal Dogwood
Cheilocostus speciosus Costus speciosus, Costus vaginalis, Amomum arboreum Costaceae Crepe Ginger
Costus malortieanus Costus elegans Costaceae Stepladder Ginger
Costus pictus Costus hieroglyphica, Costus mexicanus, Costus congestus Costaceae Painted Spiral Ginger
Costus stenophyllus Costaceae Bamboo Ginger
Costus woodsonii Costaceae Red Button Ginger
Tapeinochilos ananassae Costus ananassae, Costus pungens Costaceae Pineapple Ginger
Aeonium spp. Crassulaceae Aeonium
Bryophyllum fedtschenkoi Kalanchoe fedtschenkoi, Kalanchoe fedtschenkoi var. isalensis Crassulaceae Lavender Scallops
Crassula capitella Crassulaceae Campfire Plant
Crassula muscosa Crassula littoralis, Crassula lycopodioides Crassulaceae Watch Chain
Crassula ovata Crassula portulacea, Crassula argentea, Cotyledon ovata Crassulaceae Jade Plant
Crassula tetragona Crassulaceae Miniature Pine Tree
Echeveria x imbricata Echeveria 'Imbricata' Crassulaceae Blue Rose Echeveria
Kalanchoe blossfeldiana Crassulaceae Flaming Katy
Kalanchoe 'Calandiva' Crassulaceae Calandiva Kalanchoe
Kalanchoe gastonis-bonnieri Crassulaceae Palm Beachbells
Kalanchoe integra Kalanchoe spathulata, Kalanchoe yunnanensis Crassulaceae Never-Die
Kalanchoe laciniata Kalanchoe gracilis, Kalanchoe macrosepala, Kalanchoe brachycalyx Crassulaceae Christmas Tree Plant
Kalanchoe orgyalis Kalanchoe antanosiana Crassulaceae Copper Spoons
Kalanchoe pinnata Cotyledon pinnata, Bryophyllum pinnatum Crassulaceae Air Plant
Rhodiola bupleuroides Sedum bupleuroides, Rhodiola bhutanica Crassulaceae Bhutan Rhodiola
Rhodiola cretinii Rhodiola cretinii subsp. cretinii, Sedum cretinii Crassulaceae Cretin's Rhodiola
Rhodiola fastigiata Sedum fastigiatum, Sedum quadrifidum var. fastigiatum, Rhodiola coccinea Crassulaceae Clustered Rhodiola
Rhodiola heterodonta Crassulaceae Toothed Rhodiola
Rhodiola himalensis Chamaerhodiola himalensis Crassulaceae Himalayan Rhodiola
Rhodiola sinuata Sedum trifidum Wall., Sedum sinuatum, Sedum linearifolium Crassulaceae Trifid Sedum
Rhodiola tibetica Sedum tibeticum, Sedum stracheyi Crassulaceae Tibetan Rhodiola
Rhodiola wallichiana Crassulaceae Wallich's Rhodiola
Rosularia adenotricha subsp. adenotricha Sedum adenotrichum, Sedum griffithii, Sedum adenocalyx Crassulaceae Hairy Sepal Sedum
Rosularia alpestris Sedum umbilicoides, Sedum durisii, Sedum olgae Crassulaceae Lower Mountain Sedum
Rosularia rosulata Sedum rosulatum, Umbilicus radicans Crassulaceae Rosette-Leaf Sedum
Sedum album Crassulaceae White Stonecrop
Sedum ewersii Hylotelephium ewersii Crassulaceae Pink Sedum
Sedum morganianum Crassulaceae Donkey Tail
Sedum multicaule Crassulaceae Multi-Stem Sedum
Sedum oreades Sedum filicaule, Sedum jaeschkei, Sedum squarrosum Crassulaceae Mountain Sedum
Sedum pachyphyllum Crassulaceae Stonecrop
Sedum rubrotinctum Crassulaceae Pork and Beans
Sedum sexangulare Crassulaceae Tasteless Stonecrop
Sedum spectabile Crassulaceae Showy Sedum
Sinocrassula indica Sedum indicum, Sedum cavaleriense Crassulaceae Indian Sedum
Benincasa fistulosa Praecitrullus fistulosus, Citrullus fistulosus Cucurbitaceae Tinda
Benincasa pruriens f. hispida Benincasa cerifera, Cucurbita hispida, Benincasa hispida Cucurbitaceae White Gourd
Blastania cerasiformis Ctenolepis cerasiformis, Bryonia fimbristipula, Zehneria cerasiformis Cucurbitaceae Cherry Bur Cucumber
Blastania garcinii Sicyos garcini, Ctenolepis garcini Cucurbitaceae Garcen's Bur Cucumber
Bryonia aspera Bryonia afghanica, Bryonia haussknechtiana, Bryonia alba sensu Boiss. Cucurbitaceae Rough Bryony
Citrullus colocynthis Cucumis colocynthis, Colocynthis vulgaris Cucurbitaceae Bitter Apple
Citrullus lanatus Citrullus vulgaris Cucurbitaceae Watermelon
Coccinia grandis Coccinia indica Cucurbitaceae Ivy Gourd
Corallocarpus epigaeus Aechmandra epigaea, Bryonia epigaea, Corallocarpus gracilipes Cucurbitaceae Redfruit Creeper
Cucumis dipsaceus Cucumis bardana, Momordica dasycarpa, Cucumis ambigua Cucurbitaceae Hedgehog Cucumber
Cucumis maderaspatanus Mukia maderaspatana Cucurbitaceae Madras Pea Pumpkin
Cucumis melo Cucumis pubescens, Cucumis trigonus, Cucumis callosus Cucurbitaceae Melon
Cucumis melo var. agrestis Cucumis melo subsp. agrestis, Cucumis agrestis, Melo agrestis Cucurbitaceae Wild Melon
Cucumis ritchiei Dicoelospermum ritchiei Cucurbitaceae Ritchie Melon
Cucumis sativus Cucurbitaceae Cucumber
Cucumis sativus var. hardwickii Cucumis hardwickii, Melo sativus Cucurbitaceae Wild Cucumber
Cucurbita maxima Cucurbitaceae Giant Pumpkin
Cucurbita moschata Cucurbita macrocarpa, Pepo moschata, Cucurbita meloniformis Cucurbitaceae Butternut Pumpkin
Cucurbita pepo Cucumis pepo Cucurbitaceae Pumpkin
Cyclanthera brachystachya Cyclanthera explodens, Cyclanthera glauca Cucurbitaceae Exploding Cucumber
Cyclanthera pedata Cucurbitaceae Stuffing Cucumber
Diplocyclos palmatus Bryonia palmata, Zehneria erythrocarpa, Bryonopsis laciniosa Cucurbitaceae Lollipop Climber
Gomphogyne cissiformis Gomphogyne cissiformis var. cissiformis, Gomphogyne alleizettei Cucurbitaceae Ivy Gomphogyne
Herpetospermum pedunculosum Herpetospermum grandiflorum, Herpetospermum caudigerum Cucurbitaceae Himalayan Bitter Gourd
Kedrostis foetidissima Melothria foetidissima, Trichosanthes foetidissima Cucurbitaceae Stinking Kedrostis
Lagenaria siceraria Cucurbitaceae Bottle Gourd
Luffa acutangula Luffa acutangula var. amara, Luffa amara Cucurbitaceae Bitter Luffa
Luffa acutangula Cucurbitaceae Ribbed Sponge Gourd
Luffa aegyptiaca Cucurbita luffa, Luffa cylindrica, Luffa pentandra, Momordica cylindrica Cucurbitaceae Sponge Gourd
Luffa echinata Cucurbitaceae Bitter Sponge Gourd
Momordica balsamina Momordica huberii, Momordica garipensis, Momordica schinzii Cucurbitaceae Balsam Pear
Momordica charantia Momordica muricata, Momordica zeylanica, Momordica charantia var. muricata Cucurbitaceae Bitter Gourd
Momordica cochinchinensis Cucurbitaceae Chinese Cucumber
Momordica dioica Cucurbitaceae Ban Karela
Sechium edule Cucurbitaceae Chowchow
Sicyos angulatus Elaterium trifoliatum Cucurbitaceae Bur Cucumber
Solena amplexicaulis Solena heterophylla, Bryonia sagittata Cucurbitaceae Creeping Cucumber
Solena heterophylla Bryonia sagittata, Zehneria heterophylla Cucurbitaceae Himalayan Creeping Cucumber
Thladiantha cordifolia Thladiantha calcarata Cucurbitaceae Himalayan Goldencreeper
Trichosanthes costata Gymnopetalum chinense Cucurbitaceae Ribbed Orange Gourd
Trichosanthes cucumerina subsp. anguina Trichosanthes anguina, Cucumis anguinus, Trichosanthes lobata Cucurbitaceae Snake Gourd
Trichosanthes cucumerina subsp. cucumerina Trichosanthes reniformis, Trichosanthes wightiana Cucurbitaceae Wild Snake Gourd
Trichosanthes dioica Anguina dioeca, Trichosanthes officinalis Cucurbitaceae Parval
Trichosanthes tricuspidata Trichosanthes palmata, Trichosanthes bracteata, Modecca bracteata Cucurbitaceae Indrayan
Zehneria scabra Melothria perpusilla Cucurbitaceae Cape Zehneria
Zehneria thwaitesii Zehneria tridactyla, Melothria zeylanica, Cucumella thwaitesii Cucurbitaceae Thwaites Zehneria
Cryptomeria japonica Cupressus japonica, Cryptomeria nigricans Cupressaceae Japanese Cedar
Cupressus arizonica Cupressaceae Arizona Cypress
Cupressus sempervirens Cupressaceae Italian Cypress
Juniperus communis Cupressaceae Common Juniper
Juniperus excelsa subsp. polycarpos Juniperus macropoda, Juniperus polycarpos Cupressaceae Pencil Cedar
Juniperus recurva Juniperus religiosa, Juniperus nepalensis, Juniperus butanensis Cupressaceae Drooping Juniper
Platycladus orientalis Thuja orientalis, Biota orientalis Cupressaceae Morpankhi
Taxodium mucronatum Cupressaceae Mexican Cypress
Cycas circinalis Cycas wallichii, Cycas undulata, Cycas squarrosa Cycadaceae Queen Sago
Cycas revoluta Cycadaceae Sago Palm
Cycas rumphii Cycas celebica, Cycas speciosa, Zamia corsoniana Cycadaceae Ceylon Sago Palm
Cycas swamyi Cycadaceae Swamy Sago Palm
Bolboschoenus maritimus Reigera maritima, Scirpus maritimus, Schoenoplectus maritimus Cyperaceae Sea Club-Rush
Carex baccans Cyperaceae Crimson Seeded Sedge
Carex cruciata Carex bengalensis, Carex hakkuensis, Carex valida Cyperaceae Cross Grass
Carex fedia Carex chaetogyne, Carex sinomairei, Carex wallichiana Cyperaceae Valerian Sedge
Carex nivalis Carex griffithii, Carex gilesii Cyperaceae Alpine Sedge
Cyperus alternifolius Cyperaceae Umbrella Palm
Cyperus brevifolius Kyllinga brevifolia Cyperaceae Green Water Sedge
Cyperus compressus Cyperus pectinatus, Cyperus caffer, Cyperus brachiatus Cyperaceae Poorland Flat Sedge
Cyperus cyperoides Mariscus cyperoides, Cyperus konkanensis, Mariscus sumatrensis Cyperaceae Common Flat Sedge
Cyperus difformis Cyperaceae Variable Flatsedge
Cyperus distans Cyperus graminicolus, Cyperus kurrii, Cyperus rubrotinctus Cyperaceae Slender Sedge
Cyperus dubius Cyperus coloratus, Cyperus mollis, Cyperus capitellatus Cyperaceae Soft Sedge
Cyperus flavidus Cyperus divaricatus, Cyperus curvatus, Cyperus humifusus Cyperaceae Yellow Flatsedge
Cyperus glomeratus Cyperus aureus, Cyperus semiradiciflorus, Cyperus sparsiflorus Cyperaceae Clustered Sedge
Cyperus iria Cyperus chrysomelinus, Cyperus microlepis, Cyperus resinosus Cyperaceae Rice Flat Sedge
Cyperus michelianus subsp. pygmaeus Cyperus pygmaeus Rottb., Juncellus pygmaeus, Dichostylis pygmaea Cyperaceae Pygmy Sedge
Cyperus mindorensis Kyllinga nemoralis, Kyllinga mindorensis, Cyperus kyllingia Cyperaceae White Water Sedge
Cyperus niveus Cyperaceae Snow White Sedge
Cyperus odoratus Cyperus ferax, Cyperus engelmannii, Torulinium odoratum Cyperaceae Fragrant Flat Sedge
Cyperus pumilus Cyperus patens, Cyperus divergens, Cyperaceae Dwarf Sedge
Cyperus rotundus Cyperaceae Common Nut Sedge
Cyperus scariosus Cyperaceae Umbrella Sedge
Cyperus squarrosus Cyperus purshii, Cyperus inflexus, Cyperus versicolor Cyperaceae Bearded Flatsedge
Eleocharis geniculata Cyperus capitatus, Eleocharis capitata, Eleogenus capitatus Cyperaceae Knoblike Spikesedge
Eriophorum comosum Trichophorum comosum, Scirpus comosus, Erioscirpus comosus Cyperaceae Hairy Cottongrass
Fimbristylis lawiana Trichelostylis digitata, Trichelostylis lawiana Cyperaceae Law's Fimbry
Fimbristylis quinquangularis Fimbristylis miliacea, Fimbristylis angularis, Fimbristylis mucronata Cyperaceae Grasslike Fimbry
Kobresia schoenoides Kobresia pamiroalaica, Kobresia glaucifolia, Kobresia lacustris Cyperaceae Rush Bog-Sedge
Rhynchospora colorata Cyperus kyllingia, Rhynchospora stellata, Schoenus coloratus Cyperaceae Star Sedge
Rhynchospora wightiana Haplostylis wightianus, Rhynchospora discolor Cyperaceae Wight's Beak-Sedge
Schoenoplectus lacustris Cyperaceae Common Clubrush
Daphniphyllum neilgherrense Goughia neilgherrensis Daphniphyllaceae Nilgiri Daphne-Leaf
Datisca cannabina Datisca nepalensis, Datisca glabra, Cannabina laevis Datiscaceae False Hemp
Diapensia himalaica Diapensia acutifolia Diapensiaceae Himalayan Pincushion Plant
Dichapetalum gelonioides Chailletia gelonioides, Chailletia gelonioides, Dichapetalum kerrii Dichapetalaceae Gelonium Poison-Leaf
Acrotrema arnottianum Dilleniaceae Arnott's Acrotrema
Dillenia andamanica Dilleniaceae Andaman Dillenia
Dillenia indica Dilleniaceae Elephant Apple
Dillenia pentagyna Dillenia floribunda, Dillenia hainanensis Dilleniaceae Karmal
Dillenia suffruticosa Wormia suffruticosa Dilleniaceae Shrubby Dillenia
Dioscorea belophylla Dioscorea glabra Dioscoreaceae Spear-Leaved Yam
Dioscorea bulbifera Dioscoreaceae Air Yam
Dioscorea deltoidea Tamus nepalensis, Dioscorea nepalensis Dioscoreaceae Nepal Yam
Dioscorea hispida Dioscorea hirsuta, Dioscorea daemona, Dioscorea lunata Dioscoreaceae Intoxicating Yam
Dioscorea melanophyma Dioscorea tenii Dioscoreaceae Black-Bulb Yam
Dioscorea oppositifolia Dioscorea opposita Dioscoreaceae Cinnamon Vine
Dioscorea pentaphylla Dioscorea triphylla Dioscoreaceae Five Leaf Yam
Dioscorea villosa Dioscorea glauca, Dioscorea hirticaulis, Dioscorea quaternata Dioscoreaceae Wild Yam
Tacca chantrieri Tacca macrantha, Tacca roxburghii, Tacca wilsonii Dioscoreaceae Bat Flower
Tacca integrifolia Tacca laevis, Tacca aspera, Tacca cristata Dioscoreaceae White Bat Flower
Tacca leontopetaloides Tacca hawaiiensis, Tacca involucrata, Tacca pinnatifida Dioscoreaceae Fiji Arrowroot
Dipterocarpus retusus Dipterocarpus macrocarpus, Dipterocarpus trinervis, Dipterocarpus pubescens Dipterocarpaceae Rusty Leaf Garjan
Dipterocarpus turbinatus Dipterocarpus jourdainii Dipterocarpaceae Garjan
Hopea parviflora Dipterocarpaceae Malabar Ironwood
Hopea ponga Artocarpus ponga, Hopea wightiana Dipterocarpaceae Ponga
Shorea robusta Dryobalanops robusta Dipterocarpaceae Sal
Shorea roxburghii Dipterocarpaceae Taloora Lac Tree
Vateria indica Dipterocarpaceae White Damar
Vatica lanceifolia Vateria lanceifolia Roxburgh, Vatica lanceaefolia Bl. Dipterocarpaceae Lanceleaf Vatica
Dionaea muscipula Dionaea uniflora, Dionaea sensitiva Droseraceae Venus Flytrap
Drosera burmannii Drosera burmanni Droseraceae Burmann's Sundew
Drosera indica Droseraceae Flycatcher
Drosera peltata Droseraceae Shield Sundew
Drosera prolifera Droseraceae Trailing Sundew
Drosera spatulata Drosera minutula, Drosera loureirii, Drosera lovellae Droseraceae Spoon-Leaf Sundew
Diospyros chloroxylon Diospyros capitulata, Diospyros tomentosa, Diospyros insculpta Ebenaceae Green Ebony Persimmon
Diospyros ebenum Diospyros ebenaster, Diospyros assimilis, Diospyros timoriana Ebenaceae Indian Ebony
Diospyros insignis Diospyros insignis var. parvifolia Ebenaceae Grand Ebony
Diospyros kaki Diospyros amara, Diospyros kaempferi, Diospyros sinensis Ebenaceae Japanese Persimmon
Diospyros malabarica Garcinia malabarica, Diospyros peregrina Ebenaceae Gaub
Diospyros melanoxylon Diospyros tupru, Diospyros dubia, Diospyros wightiana Ebenaceae Coromandel Ebony
Diospyros montana Diospyros cordifolia, Diospyros montana var. cordifolia Ebenaceae Bistendu
Diospyros neilgerrensis Maba angustifolia, Diospyros angustifolia Kosterm Ebenaceae Nilgiri Ebony
Diospyros oocarpa Ebenaceae Andaman Marblewood
Diospyros paniculata Ebenaceae Panicled Ebony
Diospyros philippinensis Ebenaceae Mabolo
Diospyros sylvatica Ebenaceae Forest Ebony
Diospyros vera Diospyros angustifolia Kosterm. [Illegitimate], Maba nigrescens Ebenaceae Narrow-Leaved Ebony
Elaeagnus conferta Elaeagnus latifolia Elaeagnaceae Wild Olive
Elaeagnus latifolia Elaeagnus kologa, Elaeagnus arborea, Elaeagnus elliptica Elaeagnaceae South Indian Wild Olive
Elaeagnus parvifolia Elaeagnus umbellata var. parvifolia, Elaeagnus salicifolia Elaeagnaceae Autumn Olive
Hippophae rhamnoides subsp. turkestanica Hippophae turkestanica Elaeagnaceae Leh Berry
Hippophae salicifolia Hippophae rhamnoides subsp. salicifolia Elaeagnaceae Willow-Leaved Sea Buckthorn
Crinodendron patagua Crinodendron dependens, Tricuspidaria patagua Elaeocarpaceae White Lantern Tree
Elaeocarpus angustifolius Elaeocarpus grandis, Elaeocarpus ganitrus, Elaeocarpus crenatus Elaeocarpaceae Blue Marble Tree
Elaeocarpus floribundus Elaeocarpaceae Indian Olive
Elaeocarpus lanceifolius Elaeocarpus lacunosus, Elaeocarpus lanceolatus, Elaeocarpus serrulatus Elaeocarpaceae Lanceleaf Marble Tree
Elaeocarpus munroii Elaeocarpaceae Munro's Marble Tree
Elaeocarpus recurvatus Elaeocarpaceae Nilgiri Rudraksh
Elaeocarpus serratus Elaeocarpus malabaricus, Elaeocarpus cuneatus Elaeocarpaceae Ceylon Olive
Elaeocarpus tuberculatus Elaeocarpus bilocularis Elaeocarpaceae Warty Marble Tree
Elaeocarpus variabilis Elaeocarpus glandulosus, Elaeocarpus oblongus Elaeocarpaceae South Indian Marble Tree
Bergia ammannioides Elatine ammannioides, Bergia pentandra, Bergia oryzetorum Elatinaceae Ammannia Waterwort
Bergia suffruticosa Bergia odorata, Lancretia suffruticosa Elatinaceae Woody Bergia
Ephedra gerardiana Ephedraceae Somlata
Agapetes griffithii Agapetes xizangensis Ericaceae Griffith's Lantern Flower
Agapetes odontocera Ericaceae Meghalaya Lantern Flower
Agapetes serpens Pentapterygium serpens, Vaccinium serpens,Thibaudia myrtifolia Ericaceae Himalayan Lantern
Cassiope fastigiata Andromeda fastigiata Ericaceae Himalayan Heather
Enkianthus deflexus Enkianthus himalaicus, Rhodora deflexa Ericaceae Himalayan Red Bells
Gaultheria fragrantissima Ericaceae Fragrant Wintergreen
Gaultheria griffithiana Gaultheria caudata, Gaultheria lasiocarpa, Gaultheria miyiensis Ericaceae Griffith's Snowberry
Gaultheria nummularioides Gaultheria nummulariae, Brossaea nummulariodes Ericaceae Coinwort Snowberry
Gaultheria trichophylla Gaultheria nana, Brossaea trichophylla Ericaceae Himalayan Snowberry
Lyonia ovalifolia Xolisma ovalifolia, Pieris ovalifolia, Andromeda ovalifoli Ericaceae Oval-Leaf Lyonia
Monotropa uniflora Ericaceae Indian Pipe
Pieris formosa Ericaceae Himalayan Pieris
Rhododendron anthopogon Rhododendron anthopogon var. album Ericaceae Dwarf Rhododendron
Rhododendron arboreum subsp. nilagiricum Rhododendron nilagiricum, Rhododendron arboreum var. nilagiricum Ericaceae Nilgiri Rhododendron
Rhododendron arboreum Ericaceae Tree Rhododendron
Rhododendron barbatum Rhododendron lancifolium Ericaceae Barbed-Stalk Rhododendron
Rhododendron camelliiflorum Ericaceae Camellia-Flowered Rhododendron
Rhododendron campanulatum Ericaceae Bell Rhododendron
Rhododendron campanulatum subsp. aeruginosum Ericaceae Pink Bell Rhododendron
Rhododendron campylocarpum Rhododendron campylocarpum subsp. campylocarpum Ericaceae Curved-Fruit Rhododendron
Rhododendron cephalanthum Rhododendron chamaetortum Ericaceae Flowering Head Rhododendron
Rhododendron ciliatum Ericaceae Fringed Leaf Rhododendron
Rhododendron cinnabarinum Ericaceae Cinnabar Rhododendron
Rhododendron dalhousieae Rhododendron dalhousieae var. dalhousieae, Azalea macrocarpa Ericaceae Lady Dalhousie Rhododendron
Rhododendron 'Delaware Valley White' Ericaceae Delaware Valley White Azalea
Rhododendron edgeworthii Rhododendron bullatum Ericaceae Edgeworth Rhododendron
Rhododendron glaucophyllum Ericaceae Rosy Rhododendron
Rhododendron grande Rhododendron longifolium, Rhododendron argenteum Ericaceae Grand Rhododendron
Rhododendron griffithianum Rhododendron aucklandii, Rhododendron oblongum Ericaceae Griffith's Rhododendron
Rhododendron hodgsonii Ericaceae Hodgson's Rhododendron
Rhododendron hypenanthum Rhododendron anthopogon var. hypenanthum Ericaceae Yellow Dwarf Rhododendron
Rhododendron keysii Rhododendron keysii var. unicolor Ericaceae Keys Rhododendron
Rhododendron lanatum Rhododendron flinckii, Rhododendron luciferum Ericaceae Woolly Rhododendron
Rhododendron lepidotum Ericaceae Pink Scaly Rhododendron
Rhododendron lepidotum Ericaceae Yellow Scaly Rhododendron
Rhododendron leptocarpum Rhododendron pumilum Nutt., Rhododendron micromeres Ericaceae Narrow-Fruit Rhododendron
Rhododendron maddenii Rhododendron maddenii subsp. maddenii, Rhododendron polyandrum Ericaceae Major Madden's Rhododendron
Rhododendron megeratum Ericaceae Megera Rhododendron
Rhododendron neriiflorum var. appropinquans Rhododendron tawangense Ericaceae Tawang Rhododendron
Rhododendron nivale Ericaceae Dwarf Snow Rhododendron
Rhododendron niveum Ericaceae Bell Snow Rhododendron
Rhododendron pendulum Ericaceae Pendulous Rhododendron
Rhododendron setosum Ericaceae Bristly Rhododendron
Rhododendron sikkimense Ericaceae Sikkim Rhododendron
Rhododendron thomsonii Ericaceae Thomson's Rhododendron
Rhododendron triflorum Rhododendron triflorum subsp. triflorum Ericaceae Three-Flowered Rhododendron
Rhododendron wightii Ericaceae Wight's Rhododendron
Rhododendron yedoense Ericaceae Korean Azalea
Vaccinium leschenaultii Ericaceae Indian Cranberry
Vaccinium vacciniaceum Vaccinium serratum, Agapetes serrata Ericaceae Tibetan Blueberry
Eriocaulon epedunculatum Eriocaulaceae Stalkless Pipewort
Eriocaulon heterolepis Eriocaulaceae Buttonhead Pipewort
Eriocaulon nepalense var. luzulifolium Eriocaulon pumilio, Eriocaulon luzulifolium Eriocaulaceae Woodrush Pipewort
Eriocaulon odoratum Eriocaulon collinum, Eriocaulon christopheri, Eriocaulon oliveri Eriocaulaceae Fragrant Pipewort
Eriocaulon quinquangulare Sphaerochloa quinquangularis Eriocaulaceae Five-Angled Pipewort
Eriocaulon robustobrownianum Eriocaulon mysorense, Eriocaulon rhodae Eriocaulaceae Mysore Pipewort
Eriocaulon sedgwickii Eriocaulaceae Spherical Pipewort
Eriocaulon sharmae Eriocaulaceae Sharma's Pipewort
Eriocaulon stellulatum Eriocaulaceae Starry Pipewort
Eriocaulon tuberiferum Eriocaulaceae Tuberous Pipewort
Eriocaulon xeranthemum Eriocaulaceae Dry-Flower Pipewort
Erythroxylum monogynum Erythroxylon monogynum Erythroxylaceae Red Cedar
Erythroxylum obtusifolium Sethia obtusifolia Erythroxylaceae Blunt-Leaf Coca
Erythroxylum sinense Erythroxylum kunthianum, Sethia kunthiana Erythroxylaceae Chinese Coca
Acalypha australis Acalypha minima, Acalypha pauciflora, Acalypha gemina Euphorbiaceae Asian Copperleaf
Acalypha capitata Ricinocarpus capitatus, Acalypha alnifolia , Ricinocarpus alnifolius Euphorbiaceae Alder Leaved Cat Tail
Acalypha chamaedrifolia Acalypha reptans, Acalypha hispaniolae, Croton chamaedrifolius Euphorbiaceae Dwarf Cat Tail
Acalypha ciliata Acalypha ciliata var. trichophoraRicinocarpus ciliatus, Euphorbiaceae Fringed Acalypha
Acalypha fruticosa Acalypha betulina, Acalypha paxiana Euphorbiaceae Birch-Leaved Cat Tail
Acalypha hispida Euphorbiaceae Cat's Tail
Acalypha indica Acalypha chinensis, Acalypha ciliata, Acalypha somalensis, Acalypha spicata Euphorbiaceae Indian Copperleaf
Acalypha lanceolata Acalypha boehmerioides Euphorbiaceae Toothed Bract Indian Copperleaf
Acalypha malabarica Ricinocarpus malabaricus Euphorbiaceae Malabar Copperleaf
Acalypha paniculata Acalypha wallichii, Ricinocarpus villosus var. racemosus Euphorbiaceae Panicled Acalypha
Acalypha siamensis Euphorbiaceae Siamese Acalypha
Acalypha wilkesiana Euphorbiaceae Copperleaf
Acalypha wilkesiana Euphorbiaceae Copperleaf green
Agrostistachys indica Agrostistachys longifolia, Agrostistachys maesoana Euphorbiaceae Leaf-Litter Plant
Aleurites moluccanus Aleurites javanicus, Aleurites pentaphyllus, Aleurites trilobus, Jatropha moluccana Euphorbiaceae Candle Nut
Aporosa cardiosperma Aporosa lindleyana, Scepa lindleyana Euphorbiaceae Lindley's Aporosa
Baliospermum montanum Baliospermum axillare, Baliospermum solanifolium, Jatropha montana Euphorbiaceae Red Physic Nut
Blachia andamanica subsp. denudata Blachia denudata Euphorbiaceae Sahyadri Blachia
Blachia umbellata Blachia reflexa, Croton umbellatus, Bruxanellia indica Euphorbiaceae Umbelled Blachia
Chamaesyce hypericifolia Chamaesyce glomerifera, Euphorbia glomerifera, Euphorbia hypericifolia Euphorbiaceae Graceful Sandmat
Chamaesyce thymifolia Euphorbia thymifolia, Euphorbia rubicunda Euphorbiaceae Gulf Sandmat
Chrozophora rottleri Croton rottleri Euphorbiaceae Suryavarti
Cleistanthus collinus Lebedieropsis orbicularis Euphorbiaceae Garari
Cnidoscolus aconitifolius Jatropha aconitifolia Euphorbiaceae Tree Spinach
Codiaeum variegatum Euphorbiaceae Croton
Croton bonplandianus Euphorbiaceae Ban Tulsi
Croton caudatus Croton drupaceus, Croton racemosus Euphorbiaceae Climbing Croton
Croton gibsonianus Oxydectes gibsoniana Euphorbiaceae Gibson's Croton
Croton hirtus Croton aberrans, Brachystachys hirta, Oxydectes aberrans Euphorbiaceae Hairy Croton
Croton persimilis Croton elaeocarpifolius, Croton boragatch Euphorbiaceae Croton Tree
Croton scabiosus Oxydectes scabiosa Euphorbiaceae Silver-Leaf Croton
Croton zeylanicus Oxydectes zeylanica, Croton reticulatus Euphorbiaceae Ceylon Croton
Dalechampia indica Dalechampia ternata, Dalechampia coromandeliana Euphorbiaceae Indian Spurge-Creeper
Dimorphocalyx glabellus var. lawianus Dimorphocalyx lawianus, Trigonostemon lawianus Euphorbiaceae Jodpakli
Epiprinus mallotiformis Adenochlaena indica, Adenochlaena mallotiformis, Cephalocroton indicus Euphorbiaceae Fleecy Epiprinus
Euphorbia actinoclada Euphorbiaceae Spreading Branch Spurge
Euphorbia antiquorum Euphorbiaceae Triangular Spurge
Euphorbia caducifolia Euphorbiaceae Leafless Milk Hedge
Euphorbia clarkeana Chamaesyce clarkeana, Euphorbia heyneana var. scindica Euphorbiaceae Clark's Spurge
Euphorbia concanensis Chamaesyce concanensis Euphorbiaceae Konkan Spurge
Euphorbia cooperi Euphorbiaceae Lesser Candelabra Tree
Euphorbia cornigera Euphorbia pilosa var. cornigera Euphorbiaceae Horned Spurge
Euphorbia corrigioloides Euphorbia disticha, Chamaesyce corrigioloides Euphorbiaceae Strapwort Spurge
Euphorbia cotinifolia Euphorbiaceae Caribbean Copper Plant
Euphorbia cristata Chamaesyce cristata, Lophobios cristata Euphorbiaceae Crested Spurge
Euphorbia decaryi Euphorbiaceae Wrinkled Leaf Spurge
Euphorbia donii Tithymalus longifolius Euphorbiaceae Don's Spurge
Euphorbia dracunculoides Euphorbia lanceolata, Tithymalus dracunculoides Euphorbiaceae Dragon Spurge
Euphorbia esula Euphorbia riparia, Euphorbia discolor, Esula vulgaris Euphorbiaceae Leafy Spurge
Euphorbia helioscopia Euphorbiaceae Sun Spurge
Euphorbia heterophylla Euphorbia geniculata, Euphorbia prunifolia, Poinsettia heterophylla Euphorbiaceae Wild Poinsettia
Euphorbia heterophylla var. cyathophora Euphorbia cyathophora, Euphorbia pandurifolia, Poinsettia cyathophora Euphorbiaceae Painted Leaf Poinsettia
Euphorbia hirta Euphorbiaceae Asthma Weed
Euphorbia hispida Euphorbia emodi, Chamaesyce emodi, Chamaesyce hispida Euphorbiaceae Bristly Spurge
Euphorbia jacquemontii Euphorbia jacquemontii var. lasiocarpa, Tithymalus jacquemontii Euphorbiaceae Jacquemont's Spurge
Euphorbia laciniata Euphorbia fimbriata var. laxa, Chamaesyce fimbriata, Chamaesyce laciniata Euphorbiaceae Frilly-Flower Spurge
Euphorbia lactea 'cristata' Euphorbiaceae Candelabra Spurge
Euphorbia lathyris Euphorbia lathyrus Euphorbiaceae Caper Spurge
Euphorbia leucocephala Euphorbiaceae Snow Bush
Euphorbia mauritanica Euphorbia paxiana, Euphorbia melanosticta Euphorbiaceae Pencil Milkbush
Euphorbia milii lutea Euphorbiaceae Yellow Crown of Thorns
Euphorbia milii var. hislopii Euphorbia hislopii, Euphorbia splendens var. hislopii Euphorbiaceae Giant Crown of Thorns
Euphorbia milli Euphorbiaceae Crown of Thorns
Euphorbia neohumbertii Euphorbiaceae Little Palm Cactus
Euphorbia neriifolia Euphorbia edulis, Euphorbia pentagona Euphorbiaceae Indian Spurge Tree
Euphorbia nivulia Euphorbia neriifolia Euphorbiaceae Leafy Milk Hedge
Euphorbia notoptera Euphorbiaceae Winged Seed Spurge
Euphorbia peplus Euphorbiaceae Radium Weed
Euphorbia prolifera Euphorbia linifolia, Euphorbia pinus Euphorbiaceae Pine Spurge
Euphorbia prostrata Euphorbiaceae Prostrate Sandmat
Euphorbia pulcherrima Euphorbiaceae Poinsettia
Euphorbia pycnostegia Chamaesyce pycnostegia Euphorbiaceae Covered-Flower Spurge
Euphorbia rosea Chamaesyce rosea Euphorbiaceae Rosy Spurge
Euphorbia rothiana Euphorbia laeta B.Heyne ex Roth, nom. illeg. Euphorbiaceae Common Hill Spurge
Euphorbia royleana Euphorbiaceae Danda Thor
Euphorbia serpens Euphorbia bombaiensis, Euphorbia orbiculata var. jawaharii Euphorbiaceae Matted Sandmat
Euphorbia sikkimensis Euphorbiaceae Sikkim Spurge
Euphorbia spp. Euphorbiaceae Crown of Thorns red-green
Euphorbia stracheyi Euphorbia himalayensis, Tithymalus himalayensis Euphorbiaceae Himalayan Prostrate Spurge
Euphorbia tibetica Tithymalus tibeticus, Galarhoeus tibeticus Euphorbiaceae Tibetan Spurge
Euphorbia trigona Euphorbiaceae African Milk Tree
Euphorbia umbellata Synadenium grantii, Synadenium umbellatum Euphorbiaceae African Milk Bush
Euphorbia viguieri Euphorbiaceae Viguier's Spurge
Euphorbia wallichii Euphorbia duclouxii, Euphorbia yunnanensis, Tithymalus wallichii Euphorbiaceae Wallich Spurge
Excoecaria acerifolia Excoecaria himalayensis, Excoecaria acerifolia var. himalayensis Euphorbiaceae Himalayan Blinding Tree
Excoecaria agallocha Euphorbiaceae Blinding Tree
Falconeria insignis Sapium insigne, Falconeria malabarica, Excoecaria insignis Euphorbiaceae Tiger's Milk Spruce
Givotia moluccana Croton moluccanus, Givotia rottleriformis Euphorbiaceae White Catamaran Tree
Hevea brasiliensis Hevea sieberi, Hevea randiana Euphorbiaceae Para Rubber Tree
Homonoia retusa Adelia retusa Euphorbiaceae Wedge-Leaved Water Croton
Homonoia riparia Adelia neriifolia Euphorbiaceae Willow-Leaved Water Croton
Hura crepitans Hura brasiliensis Euphorbiaceae Sandbox Tree
Jatropha curcas Euphorbiaceae Physic Nut
Jatropha glandulifera Adenoropium roxburghii Kostel. [Illegitimate] Euphorbiaceae Glandular Jatropha
Jatropha gossypiifolia Euphorbiaceae Bellyache Bush
Jatropha heynei Jatropha tuberosa Euphorbiaceae Heyne's Jatropha
Jatropha integerrima Jatropha coccinea, Jatropha pandurifolia, Jatropha hastata Euphorbiaceae Peregrina
Jatropha maheshwarii Euphorbiaceae Maheshwari's Jatropha
Jatropha multifida Jatropha janipha, Adenoropium multifidum, Manihot multifida Euphorbiaceae Coral Bush
Jatropha nana Euphorbiaceae Dwarf Jatropha
Jatropha podagrica Euphorbiaceae Australian Bottle Plant
Jatropha tanjorensis Euphorbiaceae Tanjore Jatropha
Jatropha villosa Jatropha peltata Wight [illeg.], Jatropha villosa ramnadensis, Jatropha wightiana Euphorbiaceae Hairy Jatropha
Joannesia princeps Euphorbiaceae Arara Nut Tree
Macaranga denticulata Macaranga pustulata, Mappa wallichii, Tanarius denticulatus Euphorbiaceae Blistery Macaranga
Macaranga peltata Macaranga roxburghii, Tanarius peltatus, Mappa peltata Euphorbiaceae Chandada
Mallotus aureopunctatus Rottlera aureo-punctata Euphorbiaceae Yellow-Spotted Kamala
Mallotus beddomei Euphorbiaceae Climbing Kaamla
Mallotus philippensis Euphorbiaceae Kaamla Tree
Mallotus resinosus Mallotus stenanthus, Mallotus muricatus, Mallotus viridis Euphorbiaceae Resinous Kamala
Mallotus rhamnifolius Croton reticulatus, Croton nervosus, Mallotus micranthus Euphorbiaceae Buckthorn-Leaved Kamala
Mallotus roxburghianus Rottlera peltata Euphorbiaceae Roxburgh's Kamala
Mallotus tetracoccus Mallotus ferrugineus, Mallotus albus var. occidentalis Euphorbiaceae Rusty Kamala
Manihot esculenta Jatropha manihot, Jatropha dulcis Euphorbiaceae Tapioca
Micrococca mercurialis Mercurialis alternifolia , Tragia mercurialis, Claoxylon mercuriale Euphorbiaceae Mercury Doughwood
Microstachys chamaelea Tragia chamaelea, Sebastiana chamaelea Euphorbiaceae Creeping Sebastiana
Ostodes paniculata Ostodes corniculata, Ostodes prainii Euphorbiaceae Panicled Bone-Tree
Paracroton integrifolius Ostodes integrifolius, Fahrenheitia integrifolia Euphorbiaceae Entire-Leaf Paracroton
Paracroton pendulus subsp. zeylanicus Desmostemon zeylanicus, Fahrenheitia zeylanica, Ostodes zeylanica Euphorbiaceae Ceylon Paracroton
Pedilanthus tithymaloides Euphorbiaceae Devil's Backbone
Reutealis trisperma Aleurites trisperma Euphorbiaceae Philippine Tung Tree
Ricinus communis Euphorbiaceae Castor Bean Plant
Suregada lanceolata Suregada angustifolia Airy Shaw, Gelonium lanceolatum Euphorbiaceae South Indian Suregada
Suregada multiflora Gelonium multiflorum Euphorbiaceae False Lime
Tragia hispida Tragia involucrata var. hispida Euphorbiaceae Bristly Climbing Nettle
Tragia plukenetii Croton hastatus, Tragia cannabina var. hastata Euphorbiaceae Cannabis Leaf Nettle
Tragia sanjappae Tragia involucrata var. angustifolia Euphorbiaceae Narrow-Leaf Climbing Nettle
Trevia nudiflora var. polycarpa Trevia polycarpa Euphorbiaceae Many-Fruited Trevia
Triadica sebifera Sapium sebiferum, Seborium chinense, Croton sebiferum Euphorbiaceae Chicken Tree
Vernicia fordii Aleurites fordii Euphorbiaceae Tung Tree
Abrus fruticulosus Abrus schimperi, Hoepfneria africana Fabaceae Woody Rosary Pea
Abrus precatorius Fabaceae Gunj
Abrus pulchellus Abrus laevigatus, Abrus stictosperma Fabaceae Showy Rosary Pea
Aeschynomene americana Fabaceae American Joint Vetch
Aeschynomene indica Aeschynomene hispida, Aeschynomene virginica Fabaceae Indian Joint Vetch
Alhagi maurorum Alhagi pseudalhagi, Alhagi camelorum, Alhagi persarum Fabaceae Camel Thorn
Alysicarpus bupleurifolius Hedysarum gramineum, Hedysarum bupleurifolium Fabaceae Lanceleaf Alyce Clover
Alysicarpus glumaceus Hedysarum glumaceum, Hedysarum violaceum Fabaceae Bracted Alyce Clover
Alysicarpus hamosus Alysicarpus procumbens, Hedysarum procumbens Fabaceae Round-Leaf Alyce Clover
Alysicarpus monilifer Alysicarpus narimanii, Hedysarum moniliferum Fabaceae Necklace-Pod Alyce Clover
Alysicarpus ovalifolius Fabaceae Oval-Leaf Alyce Clover
Alysicarpus pubescens Fabaceae Bicolor Alyce Clover
Alysicarpus sanjappae Fabaceae Sanjappa's Alyce Clover
Alysicarpus tetragonolobus Fabaceae Red Alyce Clover
Alysicarpus vaginalis Alysicarpus rupicola, Alysicarpus nummularifolius, Hedysarum cylindricum Fabaceae Alyce Clover
Andira inermis Andira grandiflora, Andira jamaicensis, Fabaceae Cabbage Bark
Arachis hypogaea Lathyrus esquirolii, Arachis hypogaea var. hypogaea Fabaceae Groundnut
Arachis pintoi Fabaceae Pinto Peanut
Aspalathus linearis Fabaceae Red Bush Tea
Astragalus chlorostachys Astragalus altissimus, Hedysarum strobiliferum Fabaceae Green-Flowered Milk Vetch
Astragalus confertus Fabaceae Hairy-Leaved Milk-Vetch
Astragalus frigidus Astragalus kolaensis, Phaca frigida Fabaceae Arctic Milk-Vetch
Astragalus grahamianus Astragalus cicerifolius, Astragalus daltonianus, Astragalus scariosus Fabaceae Graham's Milk-Vetch
Astragalus himalayanus Astragalus carinalis, Astragalus maddenianus Fabaceae Himalayan Milk Vetch
Astragalus leucocephalus Tragacantha leucocephala Fabaceae White-Head Milk-Vetch
Astragalus melanostachys Astragalus macrostegius, Astragalus bracteosus Fabaceae Black-Spike Milk-Vetch
Astragalus nivalis Astragalus orthanthus, Astragalus nathaliae, Astragalus orthanthoides Fabaceae Snow Milk-Vetch
Astragalus peduncularis Astragalus peduncularia Fabaceae White Milk-Vetch
Astragalus rhizanthus Astragalus pindreensis, Astragalus malacophyllus Fabaceae Root-Flower Milk-Vetch
Astragalus rhizanthus subsp. candolleanus Astragalus candolleanus, Astragalus royleanus, Astragalus vexillilongus Fabaceae Candolle's Milk-Vetch
Astragalus trichocarpus Astragalus sesbanoides Fabaceae Hairy Fruit Milk-Vetch
Baphia racemosa Fabaceae Natal Camwood
Bolusanthus speciosus Lonchocarpus speciosus Fabaceae African Wisteria Tree
Brya ebenus Aspalathus ebenus Fabaceae Jamaican Ebony
Butea buteiformis Butea minor, Butea buteiformis Grierson & D.G.Long Fabaceae Shrub Butea
Butea monosperma Butea frondosa, Butea braamania, Plaso monosperma Fabaceae Flame of the Forest
Butea monosperma var. lutea Butea monosperma Fabaceae Yellow Flame of the Forest
Cajanus albicans Atylosia albicans, Cajanus wightii, Cantharospermum albicans Fabaceae Whitish Pigeonpea
Cajanus cajan Cajanus flavus, Cajanus bicolor, Cajan inodorum Fabaceae Arhar
Cajanus crassus Cantharospermum volubile, Atylosia volubilis, Atylosia crassa Fabaceae Thick-Stemmed Cajanus
Cajanus heynei Atylosia kulnensis, Cajanus kulnensis, Dunbaria heynei Fabaceae Heyne's Pigeonpea
Cajanus lineatus Atylosia lineata Fabaceae Wild Toor
Cajanus scarabaeoides Dolichos scarabaeoides, Cantharospermum scarabaeoides, Atylosia scarabaeoides Fabaceae Showy Pigeonpea
Cajanus sericeus Atylosia sericea, Cantharospermum sericeum Fabaceae Silky Pigeonpea
Calopogonium mucunoides Calopogonium brachycarpum, Calopogonium orthocarpum, Stenolobium brachycarpum Fabaceae Calopo
Campylotropis macrostyla Crotalaria macrostyla, Lespedeza macrostyla Fabaceae Long-Tailed Rattlepod
Campylotropis meeboldii Campylotropis eriocarpa var. falconeri, Campylotropis falconeri Fabaceae Meebold's Rattlepod
Canavalia ensiformis Fabaceae Horse Bean
Canavalia gladiata Dolichos gladiatus Fabaceae Sword Bean
Canavalia lineata Canavalia lineata, Canavalia maritima Fabaceae Beach Bean
Caragana brevispina Fabaceae Long-Stalked Peashrub
Castanospermum australe Fabaceae Australian Chestnut
Centrolobium microchaete Centrolobium minus, Centrolobium robustum var. microchaete Fabaceae Canarywood Tree
Centrosema pubescens Centrosema molle, Bradburya pubescens Fabaceae Spurred Butterfly Pea
Cercis siliquastrum Siliquastrum orbicularis Fabaceae Judas Tree
Chesneya cuneata Calophaca cuneata, Caragana cuneata, Gueldenstaedtia cuneata Fabaceae Wedge-Leaf Chesneya
Cicer arietinum Fabaceae Chickpea
Cicer microphyllum Cicer jacquemontii Fabaceae Himalayan Chickpea
Clitoria annua Clitoria biflora Fabaceae Bombay Bean
Clitoria arborea Fabaceae Butterfly Pea Tree
Clitoria ternatea Fabaceae Butterfly Pea
Codariocalyx motorius Hedysarum motorium, Desmodium gyrans, Hedysarum gyrans Fabaceae Telegraph Plant
Crotalaria alata Crotalaria bialata Fabaceae Winged-Stem Rattlepod
Crotalaria albida Crotalaria diffusa, Crotalaria montana Fabaceae Mountain Rattlepod
Crotalaria angulata Crotalaria nummularia, Astragalus biflorus Fabaceae Coinwort Rattlepod
Crotalaria berteroana Crotalaria fulva Fabaceae Tawny Rattlepod
Crotalaria bhutanica Crotalaria capitata, Crotalaria khasiana Fabaceae Bhutan Rattlepod
Crotalaria bifaria Fabaceae Two-Form Rattlepod
Crotalaria burhia Crotalaria burhia var. tomentosa Fabaceae Burhia Rattlepod
Crotalaria calycina Fabaceae Silky-Haired Rattlepod
Crotalaria cytisoides Crotalaria psoralioides Fabaceae Broom Rattlepod
Crotalaria evolvuloides Fabaceae Bindweed Rattleweed
Crotalaria filipes Fabaceae Creeping Hemp
Crotalaria fysonii Fabaceae Fyson's Rattlepod
Crotalaria globosa Fabaceae Spherical Rattlepod
Crotalaria grahamiana Fabaceae Bushy Rattlepod
Crotalaria hebecarpa Goniogyna hebecarpa, Goniogyna hirta, Hallia hirta Fabaceae Fuzzy Fruited Rattlepod
Crotalaria heyneana Fabaceae Heyne's Crotalaria
Crotalaria hirsuta Crotalaria dichotoma, Crotalaria rubiginosa Fabaceae Hairy Rattlepod
Crotalaria humifusa Crotalaria prostrata auct. non Rottb. Fabaceae Sprawling Rattlepod
Crotalaria juncea Crotalaria sericea, Crotalaria benghalensis, Crotalaria viminea Fabaceae Sunn Hemp
Crotalaria leptostachya Fabaceae Slender Spiked Rattlepod
Crotalaria linifolia Crotalaria caespitosa, Crotalaria diffusa, Crotalaria tecta Fabaceae Flax-Leaf Rattlepod
Crotalaria medicaginea var. medicaginea Crotalaria procumbens, Crotalaria virgata, Indigofera capitata Fabaceae Medick Rattlepod
Crotalaria micans Crotalaria anagyroides, Crotalaria triphylla, Crotalaria stipulata Fabaceae Shining Rattlepod
Crotalaria multiflora Crotalaria bifaria var. multiflora Fabaceae Many-Flowered Rattlepod
Crotalaria multiflora var. kurisumalayana Crotalaria kurisumalayana Fabaceae Kurisumala Rattlepod
Crotalaria mysorensis Fabaceae Mysore Rattlepod
Crotalaria nana Fabaceae Tiny Rattlepod
Crotalaria pallida var. obovata Crotalaria obovata Fabaceae Roundleaf Smooth Rattlepod
Crotalaria pallida var. pallida Crotalaria javanica, Crotalaria striata var. acutifolia Fabaceae Smooth Rattlepod
Crotalaria paniculata Fabaceae Panicled Rattlepod
Crotalaria prostrata Fabaceae Prostrate Rattlepod
Crotalaria pulchra Crotalaria pulcherrima Fabaceae Handsome Rattlepod
Crotalaria pusilla Fabaceae Small Rattlepod
Crotalaria quinquefolia Fabaceae Five Leaf Rattlepod
Crotalaria retusa Fabaceae Rattleweed
Crotalaria sessiliflora subsp. sessiliflora Crotalaria nepaulensis, Crotalaria burmanica Fabaceae Stalkless Blue Rattlepod
Crotalaria spectabilis Crotalaria sericea, Crotalaria leschenenaulti Fabaceae Showy Rattlepod
Crotalaria tetragona Crotalaria grandiflora, Crotalaria esquirolii Fabaceae Eastern Rattlepod
Crotalaria triquetra Crotalaria triquetra var. garanbiensis Fabaceae Three-Angled Rattlepod
Crotalaria verrucosa Crotalaria coerulea, Crotalaria angulosa, Crotalaria mollis Fabaceae Blue Rattlepod
Crotalaria walkeri Crotalaria semperflorens var. walkeri Fabaceae Walker's Rattlepod
Cullen corylifolium Psoralea corylifolia, Cullen corylifolia Fabaceae Scurfy Pea
Cyamopsis tetragonoloba Cyamopsis psoraloides, Dolichos fabæformis, Dolichos psoraloides, Psoralea tetragonoloba Fabaceae Guar
Cytisus scoparius Spartium scoparium, Sarothamnus scoparius Fabaceae Scotch Broom
Dalbergia horrida Amerimnon horridum, Dalbergia sympathetica Fabaceae Prickly Dalbergia
Dalbergia lanceolaria ssp. lanceolaria Fabaceae Takoli
Dalbergia latifolia Amerimnon latifolium Fabaceae Black Rosewood
Dalbergia melanoxylon Dalbergia stocksii, Amerimnon melanoxylon Fabaceae African Blackwood
Dalbergia rubiginosa Amerimnon rubiginosum Fabaceae Rusty Dalbergia
Dalbergia sericea Dalbergia hircina, Dalbergia stenocarpa Fabaceae Silky Dalbergia
Dalbergia sissoo Fabaceae Shisham
Dalbergia stipulacea Dalbergia ferruginea Fabaceae East Himalayan Dalbergia
Dalbergia volubilis Dalbergia confertiflora, Dalbergia purpurea, Dalbergia stipulacea Fabaceae Climbing Dalbergia
Dalhousiea bracteata Dalhousiea paucisperma, Podalyria bracteata Fabaceae East-Himalayan Dalhousiea
Dendrolobium triangulare Hedysarum triangulare, Desmodium triangulare Fabaceae Triangular Horse Bush
Derris canarensis Derris ovalifolia, Pongamia canarensis Fabaceae Kanara Derris
Derris heyneana Pongamia heyneana, Derris heyneana var. paniculata, Derris bakeri Fabaceae Climbing Derris
Derris scandens Dalbergia scandens, Dalbergia timoriensis, Deguelia timoriensis Fabaceae Jewel Vine
Derris trifoliata Derris uliginosa, Pongamia uliginosa, Robinia uliginosa Fabaceae Common Derris
Desmodiastrum belgaumense Alysicarpus belgaumensis, Fabricia belgaumensis Fabaceae Belgaum Alyce Clover
Desmodiastrum racemosum Alysicarpus racemosus, Desmodiastrum racemosum var. racemosum Fabaceae Raceme Desmodium
Desmodiastrum racemosum var. rotundifolium Desmodium ritchiei, Alysicarpus beddomei, Desmodium rotundifolium Fabaceae Ritchie's Desmodium
Desmodium concinnum Desmodium barbigerum, Meibomia concinna Fabaceae Blue Desmodium
Desmodium dichotomum Desmodium diffusum Fabaceae Chikta
Desmodium elegans Fabaceae Elegant Desmodium
Desmodium ferrugineum Desmodium rufescens Fabaceae Rusty Desmodium
Desmodium gangeticum Hedysarum gangeticum Fabaceae Sal Leaved Desmodium
Desmodium heterocarpon Hedysarum heterocarpon Fabaceae Asian Tick Trefoil
Desmodium heterophyllum Hedysarum reptans, Hedysarum heterophyllum Fabaceae Variable-Leaf Desmodium
Desmodium laxiflorum Fabaceae Loose Flowered Desmodium
Desmodium multiflorum Hedysarum floribundum, Desmodium nepalense, Desmodium floribundum Fabaceae Many-Flowered Desmodium
Desmodium oojeinense Dalbergia oojeinensis, Ougeinia oojeinensis, Ougeinia dalbergioides Fabaceae Sandan
Desmodium scorpiurus Hedysarum scorpiurus, Meibomia scorpiurus Fabaceae Scorpion Tick Trefoil
Desmodium triflorum Meibomia triflora, Desmodium parvifolium, Hedysarum triflorum Fabaceae Creeping Tick Trefoil
Desmodium velutinum Hedysarum velutinum, Meibomia lasiocarpa, Desmodium latifolium Fabaceae Velvet-Leaf Desmodium
Dicerma biarticulatum Aphyllodium biarticulatum, Desmodium biarticulatum Fabaceae Two-Joint Desmodium
Dolichos trilobus Dolichos cristatus, Dolichos falcatus, Dolichos tuberosus Fabaceae Sickle Bean
Dumasia villosa Dumasia pubescens, Dumasia congesta, Dumasia glaucescens Fabaceae Himalayan Dumasia
Eleiotis monophyllos Eleiotis sororia, Hallia sororia, Glycine monophyllos Fabaceae One-Leaf Glycine
Erythrina arborescens Erythrina moori, Duchassaingia arborescens Fabaceae Himalayan Coral Tree
Erythrina blakei Fabaceae Blake's Coral Tree
Erythrina crista-galli Fabaceae Cockspur Coral Tree
Erythrina mitis Erythrina umbrosa, Corallodendron umbrosum, Chirocalyx umbrosus Fabaceae Shady Coral Tree
Erythrina suberosa Erythrina stricta var. suberosa, Erythrina maxima, Erythrina glabrescens Fabaceae Corky Coral Tree
Erythrina subumbrans Hypaphorus subumbrans, Erythrina sumatrana, Erythrina secundiflora Fabaceae December Tree
Erythrina variegata Erythrina indica, Erythrina mysorensis, Erythrina orientalis Fabaceae Indian Coral Tree
Erythrina x bidwillii Fabaceae Coral Bean Tree
Flemingia macrophylla Crotalaria macrophylla, Flemingia capitata Fabaceae Large-Leaf Flemingia
Flemingia nilgheriensis Flemingia vestita var. nilgheriensis, Moghania nilgheriensis Fabaceae Nilgiri Flemingia
Flemingia procumbens Moghania procumbens Fabaceae Red Himalayan Flemingia
Flemingia semialata Moghania semialata, Flemingia congesta var. semialata Fabaceae Winged-Stalk Flemingia
Flemingia strobilifera Flemingia bracteata, Flemingia fruticulosa, Zornia strobilifera Fabaceae Wild Hops
Flemingia tuberosa Moghania tuberosa Fabaceae Tuberous Flemingia
Galactia tenuiflora Galactia obcordata, Galactia lanceolata, Galactia elliptifoliola Fabaceae Slender Flowered Milkpea
Geissaspis cristata var. tenella Geissaspis tenella Fabaceae Tender Eyelashes Shell Beans
Geissaspis cristata Zornia disperma Fabaceae Eyelashes Shell Beans
Gliricidia sepium Gliricidia maculata Fabaceae Mexican Lilac
Glycine max Dolichos sofa, Phaseolus max, Soja soja Fabaceae Soya Bean
Glycyrrhiza glabra Fabaceae Licorice
Glycyrrhiza pallidiflora Fabaceae Chinese Licorice
Glycyrrhiza yunnanensis Fabaceae Yunnan Licorice
Hedysarum astragaloides Fabaceae Lahaul Sweetvetch
Hedysarum kumaonense Fabaceae Kumaon Sweetvetch
Hedysarum microcalyx Fabaceae Long-Keel Sweetvetch
Hylodesmum repandum Desmodium repandum, Hedysarum repandum Fabaceae Wavy-Leaf Desmodium
Indigofera astragalina Indigofera hirsuta Fabaceae Silky Indigo
Indigofera atropurpurea Indigofera cavaleriei Fabaceae Deep-Purple Indigo
Indigofera cassioides Indigofera pulchella, Indigofera leptostachya Fabaceae Cassia Indigo
Indigofera colutea Indigofera viscosa, Indigofera multifoliata, Indigofera glutinosa Fabaceae Sticky Indigo
Indigofera cordifolia Fabaceae Heart-Leaf Indigo
Indigofera dalzellii Indigofera triquetra Fabaceae Shield Indigo
Indigofera exilis Fabaceae Slender Indigo
Indigofera glandulosa var. glandulosa Indigofera glandulosa Willd. Fabaceae Barbada Indigo
Indigofera hebepetala Fabaceae Fuzzy Petal Indigo
Indigofera hendecaphylla Indigofera endecaphylla, Indigofera spicata Fabaceae Creeping Indigo
Indigofera heterantha Fabaceae Himalayan Indigo
Indigofera karnatakana Indigofera tenuifolia sensu Wight & Arn. Fabaceae Karnataka Indigo
Indigofera linifolia Hedysarum linifolium, Indigofera linifolia var. campbelli Fabaceae Narrowleaf Indigo
Indigofera linnaei Indigofera enneaphylla, Hedysarum prostratum Fabaceae Birdsville Indigo
Indigofera nummulariifolia Hedysarum nummulariifolium, Indigofera echinata, Indigofera nummularifolia Fabaceae Coinwort Indigo
Indigofera stachyodes Indigofera bodinieri, Indigofera tomentosa Fabaceae Spike-Flower Indigo
Indigofera tinctoria Indigofera indica Lam., Indigofera sumatrana Fabaceae True Indigo
Indigofera trifoliata Indigofera moluccana, Indigofera barberi, Indigofera vestita Fabaceae Three-Leaf Indigo
Indigofera trita Indigofera cinerea, Indigofera timoriensis, Indigofera rigida Fabaceae Asian Indigo
Indigofera trita var. marginulata Indigofera marginulata Fabaceae Short-Margined Indigo
Indigofera uniflora Indigofera aspalathoides sensu Dalzell & A.Gibson Fabaceae One-Flowered Indigo
Indigofera wightii Indigofera pallida, Indigofera inamoena Fabaceae Wight's Indigo
Indigofera zollingeriana Indigofera benthamiana, Indigofera teysmannii, Indigofera kotoensis Fabaceae Zollinger's Indigo
Intsia bijuga Intsia cambodiensis, Intsia retusa, Intsia madagascariensis Fabaceae Borneo Teak
Kunstleria keralensis Fabaceae Kerala Kunstleria
Lablab purpureus Dolichos lablab, Dolichos purpureus Fabaceae Lablab Bean
Laburnum anagyroides Laburnum vulgare, Cytisus laburnum Fabaceae Common Laburnum
Lathyrus aphaca Orobus aphaca Fabaceae Yellow Pea
Lathyrus laevigatus Orobus ewaldii, Orobus laevigatus, Lathyrus laevigatus subsp. laevigatus Fabaceae Smooth Pea
Lathyrus odoratus Fabaceae Sweet Pea
Lathyrus sativus Fabaceae Grass Pea
Lathyrus sphaericus Lathyrus coccineus, Lathyrus viciodes, Orobus sphaericus Fabaceae Red Grass Pea
Lespedeza juncea Fabaceae Rush Bush-Clover
Lespedeza juncea var. sericea Lespedeza sericea, Lespedeza cuneata, Aspalathus cuneata Fabaceae Silky Bush-Clover
Lotus corniculatus Fabaceae Common Birdsfoot Trefoil
Lupinus nanus 'Pixie Delight' Fabaceae Sky Lupin Pixie Delight
Lupinus spp. Fabaceae Lupin
Macroptilium atropurpureum Phaseolus affinis, Phaseolus atropurpureus, Phaseolus canescens Fabaceae Purple Bush-Bean
Macroptilium lathyroides Phaseolus lathyroides, Phaseolus semierectus, Phaseolus crotalarioides Fabaceae Phasey Bean
Macrotyloma uniflorum Dolichos benadirianus, Dolichos uniflorus Fabaceae Horse Gram
Medicago falcata Medicago aurantiaca, Medicago borealis, Medicago procumbens Fabaceae Sickle Medick
Medicago laciniata Fabaceae Cutleaf Medick
Medicago lupulina Fabaceae Black Medic
Medicago minima Medicago hirsuta, Medicago polymorpha var. minima Fabaceae Little Bur Clover
Medicago monantha Trigonella monantha, Trigonella incisa, Trigonella noeana Fabaceae Medick
Medicago polymorpha var. polymorpha Medicago denticulata Fabaceae Bur Clover
Medicago sativa Fabaceae Alfalfa
Meizotropis pellita Butea pellita Fabaceae Patwa
Melilotus alba Fabaceae White Sweet Clover
Melilotus indicus Melilotus indica, Trifolium indicum, Melilotus parviflorus Fabaceae Indian Sweet Clover
Melilotus officinalis Fabaceae Yellow Sweet Clover
Millettia peguensis Pongamia ovalifolia, Millettia ovalifolia Fabaceae Moulmein Rosewood
Millettia rubiginosa Fabaceae Rusty Pongam Creeper
Mucuna atropurpurea Fabaceae Purple Mucuna
Mucuna bracteata Mucuna exserta, Mucuna venulosa, Mucuna brevipes Fabaceae East-Himalayan Mucuna
Mucuna monosperma Stizolobium rugosum Fabaceae Negro Bean
Mucuna nigricans Mucuna atropurpurea auct. non DC., Mucuna imbricata Fabaceae Black Jade Vine
Mucuna pruriens Fabaceae Velvet Bean
Mundulea sericea Tephrosia sericea, Robinia suberosa, Dalbergia sericea Fabaceae Cork Bush
Myroxylon balsamum Toluifera balsamum, Myroxylon toluiferum Fabaceae Peru Balsam
Neonotonia wightii Glycine javanica, Glycine wightii, Notonia wightii Fabaceae Perennial Soybean
Nesphostylis bracteata Dolichos bracteatus, Dolichos ghaticus, Sphenostylis bracteata Fabaceae Indian Nesphostylis
Ormocarpum sennoides Hedysarum sennoides, Ormocarpum cochinchinense Fabaceae South Indian Caterpillar Bush
Ormosia robusta Arillaria robusta, Placolobium robustum Fabaceae Robust Bead Tree
Oxytropis cachemiriana Fabaceae Kashmir Locoweed
Oxytropis hypoglottoides Astragalus hypoglottoides Fabaceae Hypoglottis Locoweed
Oxytropis microphylla Phaca microphylla, Astragalus microphyllus Fabaceae Small Leaved Locoweed
Oxytropis mollis Oxytropis thomsonii Fabaceae Soft Locoweed
Oxytropis pusilla Fabaceae Tiny Locoweed
Paracalyx scariosus Cylista scariosa Fabaceae Ran Ghevada
Parkinsonia aculeata Fabaceae Jerusalem Thorn
Parochetus communis Fabaceae Blue Oxalis
Phaseolus coccineus Fabaceae Scarlet Runner Bean
Phaseolus lunatus Phaseolus rosei, Phaseolus viridis, Phaseolus limensis Fabaceae Lima Bean
Phaseolus vulgaris Phaseolus communis, Phaseolus nanus Fabaceae Common Bean
Phyllodium longipes Desmodium longipes, Desmodium tonkinense Fabaceae Fish Scales
Phyllodium pulchellum Hedysarum pulchellum, Desmodium pulchellum, Meibomia pulchella Fabaceae Showy Desmodium
Phyllolobium donianum Astragalus donianus, Astragalus monanthus, Astragalus yatungensis Fabaceae Dark-Red Milk-Vetch
Piptanthus nepalensis Baptisia nepalensis, Piptanthus bicolor, Thermopsis laburnifolia Fabaceae Evergreen Laburnum
Piscidia piscipula Erythrina piscipula, Robinia alata, Piscidia toxicaria Fabaceae Florida Fish-Poison Tree
Pisum sativum Lathyrus oleraceus Fabaceae Pea
Pongamia pinnata Millettia pinnata, Pongamia glabra, Derris indica, Cytisus pinnatus Fabaceae Pongam Tree
Prosopis juliflora Fabaceae Algaroba
Pseudarthria viscida Hedysarum viscidum Fabaceae Salaparni
Psophocarpus tetragonolobus Fabaceae Winged Bean
Pterocarpus dalbergioides Pterocarpus advenus, Pterocarpus indicus auct. non Willd. Fabaceae Andaman Redwood
Pterocarpus marsupium Pterocarpus bilobus, Lingoum marsupium Fabaceae Indian Kino Tree
Pueraria phaseoloides Dolichos phaseoloides, Neustanthus phaseoloides Fabaceae Tropical Kudzu
Pueraria tuberosa Hedysarum tuberosum Fabaceae Indian Kudzu
Pycnospora lutescens Crotalaria nervosa, Hedysarum lutescens, Indigofera desmodioides Fabaceae Tiny Sweetvetch
Rhynchosia aurea Rhynchosia elongata, Glycine aurea, Glycine elongata, Hedysarum aureum Fabaceae Golden-Flowered Snoutbean
Rhynchosia cana Glycine cana Fabaceae Grey Snoutbean
Rhynchosia courtallensis Dunbaria latifolia, Dunbaria ferruginea Fabaceae Courtallam Snoutbean
Rhynchosia densiflora Glycine densiflora Fabaceae Dense-Flowered Snoutbean
Rhynchosia falconeri Fabaceae Falconer's Snoutbean
Rhynchosia himalensis Fabaceae Himalayan Snoutbean
Rhynchosia hirta Rhynchosia cyanosperma, Rhynchosia albiflora Fabaceae Hairy Snoutbean
Rhynchosia minima Dolicholus minimus, Dolichos minimus Fabaceae Burn-Mouth Vine
Rhynchosia minima var. memnonia Rhynchosia memnonia, Rhynchosia minima subsp. memnonia Fabaceae Memnonia Snoutbean
Rhynchosia rothii Rhynchosia sericea, Rhynchosia mollissima Fabaceae Silky Snoutbean
Rhynchosia rufescens Flemingia rothiana, Glycine rufescens Fabaceae Rusty Snoutbean
Rhynchosia suaveolens Glycine suaveolens, Hedysarum venosum Fabaceae Sweet-Scented Snoutbean
Rhynchosia viscosa Rhynchosia sericophylla, Rhynchosia grevei, Glycine viscosa Fabaceae Sticky Snoutbean
Robinia pseudoacacia Fabaceae White Locust Tree
Rothia indica Trigonella indica, Lotus indicus, Rothia trifoliata Fabaceae Indian Rothia
Schotia brachypetala Schotia semireducta Merxm. Fabaceae Weeping Boer-Bean
Sesbania bispinosa Sesbania aculeata, Aeschynomene aculeata Fabaceae Prickly Sesban
Sesbania cannabina Sesbania cannabina var. floribunda, Coronilla cannabina Fabaceae Yellow Pea Bush
Sesbania grandiflora Sesban coccinea, Agati grandiflora, Coronilla grandiflora Fabaceae Agati
Sesbania procumbens Aeschynomene procumbens Fabaceae Trailing Sesban
Sesbania punicea Fabaceae Rattlebox
Sesbania sesban subsp. sesban Fabaceae Common Sesban
Sesbania sesban var. bicolor Sesbania aegyptiaca var. bicolor Fabaceae Bicolor Sesban
Shuteria involucrata Shuteria sinensis, Shuteria vestita, Glycine involucrata Fabaceae Clothed Shuteria
Smithia bigemina Fabaceae Double Paired Smithia
Smithia ciliata Smithia cavaleriei, Smithia coerulescens, Smithia pumila Fabaceae Fringed Smithia
Smithia conferta Smithia geminiflora Fabaceae Paired Flower Smithia
Smithia hirsuta Fabaceae Hairy Smithia
Smithia purpurea Fabaceae Purple Smithia
Smithia pycnantha Fabaceae Dense-Flowered Smithia
Smithia salsuginea Smithia dichotoma, Damapana dichotoma Fabaceae Brackish Smithia
Smithia sensitiva Fabaceae Sensitive Smithia
Smithia setulosa Fabaceae Bristly Smithia
Sophora mollis Sophora mollis subsp. mollis, Sophora hortensis, Sophora buxbaumii Fabaceae Soft Sophora
Sophora secundiflora Sophora speciosa, Calia secundiflora, Agastianis secundiflora Fabaceae Texas Mountain Laurel
Sophora tomentosa Fabaceae Necklace Pod
Spartium junceum Fabaceae Spanish Broom
Spatholobus parviflorus Butea parviflora, Spatholobus roxburghii, Butea sericophylla Fabaceae Bando Lata
Spongiocarpella nubigena Chesneya nubigena, Astragalus nubigenus Fabaceae High-Altitude Chesneya
Stylosanthes fruticosa Arachis fruticosa, Stylosanthes bojeri, Stylosanthes mucronata Fabaceae Shrubby Pencil-Flower
Stylosanthes hamata Hedysarum hamatum, Stylosanthes eriocarpa, Stylosanthes humilis, Stylosanthes procumbens Fabaceae Caribbean Stylo
Stylosanthes scabra Stylosanthes nervosa, Stylosanthes suffruticosa, Stylosanthes tuberculata Fabaceae Shrubby Stylo
Stylosanthes viscosa Stylosanthes prostrata, Astyposanthes viscosa Fabaceae Sticky Stylo
Styphnolobium japonicum Sophora japonica Fabaceae Chinese Scholar Tree
Swainsona formosa Clianthus formosus Fabaceae Sturt's Desert Pea
Tadehagi triquetrum Desmodium triquetrum, Hedysarum triquetrum, Pteroloma triquetrum Fabaceae Trefle Gros
Taverniera cuneifolia Taverniera glabra, Hedysarum cuneifolium, Taverniera nummularia Fabaceae Wedge-Leaf Taverniera
Tephrosia candida Cracca candida, Xiphocarpus candidus Fabaceae White Hoary Pea
Tephrosia maxima Tephrosia purpurea var. maxima, Cracca maxima, Galega maxima Fabaceae Large Tephrosia
Tephrosia pentaphylla Tephrosia senticosa, Tephrosia similis, Galega pentaphylla Fabaceae Five-Leaf Tephrosia
Tephrosia pumila Tephrosia procumbens, Tephrosia timoriensis, Tephrosia hirsuta Fabaceae Indigo Sauvage
Tephrosia purpurea Tephrosia lanceifolia, Tephrosia indigofera, Tephrosia wallichii Fabaceae Common Tephrosia
Tephrosia strigosa Fabaceae Bristly Tephrosia
Tephrosia tinctoria Galega tinctoria, Cracca tinctoria, Tephrosia pulcherrima Fabaceae Orange Tephrosia
Tephrosia villosa Tephrosia incana, Tephrosia hirta Fabaceae Hoary Tephrosia
Tephrosia vogelii Cracca vogelii Fabaceae Fish-Poison Bean
Teramnus labialis var. mollis Glycine labialis, Glycine debilis Fabaceae Blue Wiss
Thermopsis barbata Fabaceae Black Pea
Tibetia himalaica Gueldenstaedtia himalaica, Gueldenstaedtia uniflora Fabaceae Himalayan Tibetia
Tipuana tipu Machaerium tipu, Tipuana speciosa Fabaceae Tipu Tree
Trifolium alexandrinum Trifolium alexandrium Fabaceae Egyptian Clover
Trifolium campestre Trifolium procumbens, Trifolium pumilum Fabaceae Hop Trefoil
Trifolium dubium Trifolium minus, Trifolium filiforme Fabaceae Lesser Hop Trefoil
Trifolium fragiferum Amoria fragifera, Trifolium neglectu, Trifolium bonannii Fabaceae Strawberry Clover
Trifolium pratense Fabaceae Red Clover
Trifolium repens Fabaceae White Clover
Trifolium resupinatum Trifolium clusii Fabaceae Reversed Clover
Trigonella corniculata Trifolium corniculatum Fabaceae Cultivated Fenugreek
Trigonella emodi Fabaceae Himalayan Fenugreek
Trigonella foenum-graecum Fabaceae Fenugreek
Trigonella gracilis Fabaceae Slender Fenugreek
Ulex europaeus Fabaceae Common Gorse
Uraria lagopodoides Uraria lagopodioides, Hedysarum lagopodioides, Doodia lagopodioides Fabaceae Hare Foot Uraria
Uraria lagopus var. neglecta Uraria neglecta, Uraria fujianensis Fabaceae Neglected Uraria
Uraria picta Hedysarum pictum Fabaceae Dabra
Uraria rufescens Desmodium rufescens, Uraria paniculata, Doodia hamosa, Uraria hamosa Fabaceae Rufous Uraria
Vicia bakeri Vicia sylvatica, Vicia longidentata Fabaceae Wood Vetch
Vicia bithynica Ervum bithynicum, Lathyrus bithynicus Fabaceae Bithynian Vetch
Vicia faba Fabaceae Broad Bean
Vicia hirsuta Vicia parviflora, Vicia coreana, Vicia taquetii Fabaceae Tiny Vetch
Vicia sativa subsp. nigra Vicia sativa var. nigra, Vicia angustifolia, Vicia pilosa Fabaceae Black-Pod Vetch
Vicia sepium Fabaceae Bush Vetch
Vicia tenera Fabaceae Delicate Himalayan Vetch
Vicia tetrasperma Vicia gemella, Ervum tetraspermum Fabaceae Lentil Vetch
Vigna aconitifolia Phaseolus palmatus, Phaseolus aconitifolius, Dolichos dissectus Fabaceae Moth Bean
Vigna khandalensis Phaseolus khandalensis, Vigna grandis, Phaseolus grandis Fabaceae Khandala Wild Pea
Vigna marina Phaseolus marinus, Dolichos luteus, Vigna lutea Fabaceae Beach Pea
Vigna mungo var. mungo Vigna mungo, Azukia mungo, Phaseolus mungo, Phaseolus viridissimus Fabaceae Urad
Vigna radiata Phaseolus aureus, Fabaceae Moong Bean
Vigna radiata var. sublobata Phaseolus sublobatus, Phaseolus trinervis, Vigna sublobata Fabaceae Wild Moong
Vigna trilobata Dolichos trilobatus, Phaseolus trilobatus, Phaseolus trilobus Fabaceae Wild Gram
Vigna umbellata Phaseolus calcaratus, Vigna calcarata, Dolichos umbellatus Fabaceae Rice Bean
Vigna unguiculata Fabaceae Blackeyed Bean
Vigna vexillata var. angustifolia Vigna angustifolia, Plectrotropis angustifolia, Vigna vexillata var. linearis Fabaceae Narrow-Leaved Zombi Pea
Vigna vexillata Fabaceae Zombi Pea
Wisteria frutescens Wisteria macrostachya, Wisteria frutescens var. macrostachya Fabaceae American Wisteria
Wisteria sinensis Fabaceae Chinese Wisteria
Zornia diphylla Hedysarum diphyllum, Zornia conjugata, Zornia zeylonensis Fabaceae Two-Leaf Zornia
Zornia gibbosa Zornia angustifolia, Zornia graminea Fabaceae Grasslike Zornia
Zornia quilonensis Zornia angustifolia var. oblongifolia Fabaceae Kollam Zornia
Castanea sativa Fagaceae Sweet Chestnut
Lithocarpus pachyphyllus Quercus pachyphylla, Pasania pachyphylla, Synaedrys pachyphylla Fagaceae Thick Leaved Oak
Quercus floribunda Quercus himalayana, Quercus dilatata Royle Fagaceae Mohru Oak
Quercus glauca Quercus annulata Fagaceae Glaucous Oak
Quercus lamellosa Cyclobalanopsis lamellosa, Quercus imbricata Fagaceae Layered Acorn Oak
Quercus oblongata Quercus leucotrichophora, Quercus incana Roxb. Fagaceae Ban Oak
Quercus robur Fagaceae English Oak
Fouquieria splendens Fouquieriaceae Ocotillo
Corydalis cashmeriana Fumariaceae Kashmir Corydalis
Corydalis cornuta Fumariaceae Horned Corydalis
Corydalis diphylla Corydalis longipes, Corydalis hamiltoniana, Corydalis modesta Fumariaceae Two-Leaved Corydalis
Corydalis filiformis Fumariaceae Slender Corydalis
Corydalis govaniana Fumariaceae Govan's Corydalis
Corydalis leptocarpa Capnoides leptocarpa Fumariaceae East Himalayan Pink Corydalis
Corydalis meifolia Capnoides meifolia, Corydalis meifolia var. violacea Fumariaceae Threadleaf Corydalis
Corydalis moorcroftiana Capnoides moorcroftiana Fumariaceae Moorcroft's Corydalis
Corydalis ophiocarpa Capnoides ophiocarpa, Corydalis japonica Fumariaceae Snake Pod Corydalis
Corydalis thyrsiflora Corydalis gortschakovii Fumariaceae Thyrse Corydalis
Corydalis vaginans Corydalis vaginans var. jadagangensis, Corydalis ramosa var. glauca Hook.f. Fumariaceae Glaucous Corydalis
Fumaria indica Fumaria parviflora var. indica, Fumaria vaillantii var. indica Fumariaceae Indian Fumitory
Canscora alata Exacum alatum, Canscora decussata, Pladera decussata Gentianaceae Winged-Stem Canscora
Canscora andrographioides Canscora trinervia, Canscora melastomacea Gentianaceae Melastome Canscora
Canscora devendrae Gentianaceae Devendra's Canscora
Canscora diffusa Gentianaceae Kilwar
Canscora khandalensis Gentianaceae Khandala Canscora
Canscora perfoliata Canscora grandiflora, Pladera alata Gentianaceae Pierced Leaf Canscora
Centaurium pulchellum Erythraea meyeri, Centaurium meyeri, Centaurium centaurioides Gentianaceae Pink Centaury
Comastoma pedunculatum Gentiana pedunculata, Gentianella pedunculata Gentianaceae Stalked Gentian
Crawfurdia angustata Crawfurdia trailliana, Gentiana helenii Gentianaceae Pink Gentian Vine
Crawfurdia speciosa Gentiana speciosa Gentianaceae Showy Gentian Vine
Enicostema axillare Gentianaceae Indian Whitehead
Eustoma grandiflorum Lisianthus russellianus, Bilamista grandiflora Gentianaceae Tulip Gentian
Exacum anamallayanum Exacum atropurpureum var. anamallayanum Gentianaceae Anamalai Persian Violet
Exacum lawii Gentianaceae Law's Persian Violet
Exacum pedunculatum Gentianaceae Stalked Persian Violet
Exacum pumilum Gentianaceae Little Persian Violet
Exacum tetragonum Exacum tetragonum var. stylosa, Exacum perottetii, Exacum bicolor Gentianaceae Bicolor Persian Violet
Exacum travancoricum Exacum courtallense var. travancorica Gentianaceae Travancore Persian Violet
Exacum wightianum Gentianaceae Wight's Persian Violet
Fagraea berteroana Fagraea berteriana, Fagraea affinis, Fagraea samoensis Gentianaceae Samoa Perfume Flower Tree
Fagraea ceilanica Fagraea coromandelina, Fagraea malabarica, Willughbeia obovata Gentianaceae Perfume Flower Tree
Fagraea racemosa Fagraea maingayi, Fagraea morindaefolia, Fagraea subreticulata Gentianaceae False Coffee Tree
Gentiana algida Gentiana frigida var. algida, Gentianodes algida Gentianaceae Whitish Gentian
Gentiana argentea Gentianodes argentea, Ericala argentea Gentianaceae Silvery Gentian
Gentiana capitata Ciminalis capitata, Gentiana andersonii, Gentiana baconi Gentianaceae Clustered Gentian
Gentiana carinata Gentianaceae Dark Blue Gentian
Gentiana decemfida var. aprica Gentiana aprica, Gentianodes aprica Gentianaceae Sun-Loving Gentian
Gentiana elwesii Gentiana longipetiolata, Gentianodes elwesii, Gentianodes longipetiolata Gentianaceae Elwes Gentian
Gentiana hugelii Qaisera hugelii, Gentiana marginata var. hugelii Gentianaceae Hugel's Gentian
Gentiana kurroo Gentianaceae Himalayan Gentian
Gentiana leucomelaena Gentiana leucomelaena var. pusilla, Gentiana leucomelaena var. alba Gentianaceae Blue-Dotted Gentian
Gentiana membranulifera Gentiana marginata Griseb. [Illeg.], Gentianodes eumarginata Gentianaceae Clustered Summer Gentian
Gentiana ornata Gentianaceae Decorated Gentian
Gentiana pedicellata Ericala pedicellata, Gentiana pedicellata var. wallichii Gentianaceae Purple Stalked Gentian
Gentiana phyllocalyx Gentianaceae Leaf-Sepal Gentian
Gentiana squarrosa Ciminalis squarrosa, Ericala squarrosa Gentianaceae Overlapping-Leaves Gentian
Gentiana stipitata subsp. stipitata Gentianodes stipitata Gentianaceae Large Pale Gentian
Gentiana stylophora Megacodon stylophorus Gentianaceae Yellow Gentian Lily
Gentiana tianschanica Gentiana regelii, Gentianodes tianschanica Gentianaceae Tian-Shan Gentian
Gentiana urnula Gentianaceae Urn-shaped Gentian
Gentiana venusta Gentianodes venusta, Ericala venusta Gentianaceae Charming Gentian
Gentianella azurea Gentiana azurea, Comastoma azureum, Aloitis azurea Gentianaceae Sky Blue Gentian
Gentianopsis paludosa Gentiana detonsa var. stracheyi, Gentiana duthiei, Gentiana stracheyi Gentianaceae Swamp Gentian
Gentianopsis stricta Gentianella vvedenskyi, Gentianopsis vvedenskyi Gentianaceae Erect Gentian
Halenia elliptica Swertia peloris Gentianaceae Spurred Gentian
Hoppea dichotoma Hoppea dichotoma f. pedicellata S.R.Paul, Canscora pusilla, Cicendia roxburghii Gentianaceae Indian Hoppea
Jaeschkea oligosperma Gentiana oligosperma, Gentiana jaeschkei, Jaeschkea gentianoides Gentianaceae Narrow-Sepal Jaeschkea
Lomatogonium carinthiacum Swertia carinthiaca, Pleurogyne carinata Gentianaceae Blue Feltwort
Lomatogonium minus Swertia minor, Ophelia minor, Pleurogyna minor Gentianaceae Lesser Swertia
Swertia alata Ophelia alata Gentianaceae Winged-Stem Swertia
Swertia angustifolia Gentianaceae Narrow-Leaved Swertia
Swertia angustifolia var. pulchella Ophelia pulchella, Swertia vacillans, Swertia affinis Gentianaceae Pretty Narrow-Leaved Swertia
Swertia beddomei Gentianaceae Beddome's Swertia
Swertia bimaculata Ophelia bimaculata Gentianaceae Double-Spotted Swertia
Swertia chirayita Swertia chirata, Ophelia chirata Gentianaceae Chirayita
Swertia ciliata Ophelia ciliata, Ophelia purpurascens Gentianaceae Ciliated Swertia
Swertia cordata Ophelia cordata Gentianaceae Heart-Leaf Swertia
Swertia densifolia Gentianaceae Dense Leaved Swertia
Swertia hookeri Gentianaceae Indian Gentian
Swertia lawii Gentianaceae Law's Swertia
Swertia lurida Ophelia lurida Gentianaceae Sallow Swertia
Swertia multicaulis Gentianaceae Many-Stem Swertia
Swertia paniculata Ophelia paniculata, Ophelia wallichii, Swertia gracilescens Gentianaceae Panicled Swertia
Swertia petiolata Gentianaceae Stalked-Leaf Swertia
Swertia souliei Swertia subspeciosa, Swertia corymbosa Gentianaceae Corymbose Swertia
Swertia speciosa Gentianaceae Showy Swertia
Swertia tetragona Gentianaceae Quadrangular Swertia
Erodium cicutarium Geranium cicutarium Geraniaceae Common Storksbill
Erodium tibetanum Geraniaceae Tibetan Alpine-Geranium
Geranium collinum Geranium longipedatum, Geranium wakhanicum, Geranium humifusum Geraniaceae Hill Geranium
Geranium donianum Geraniaceae Don's Geranium
Geranium himalayense Geraniaceae Himalayan Geranium
Geranium lucidum Geranium laevigatum Geraniaceae Shining Geranium
Geranium molle Geranium stipulare, Geranium argenteum Geraniaceae Dovesfoot Geranium
Geranium nepalense Geranium pallidum, Geranium patens, Geranium radicans Geraniaceae Nepal Geranium
Geranium ocellatum Geranium bicolor Royle, Geranium choorense, Geranium ocellatum var. himalaicum Geraniaceae Black Eyed Geranium
Geranium polyanthes Geraniaceae Many-Flower Geranium
Geranium pratense Geranium coelestinum, Geranium mariae, Geranium napellifolium Geraniaceae Meadow Geranium
Geranium procurrens Geraniaceae Trailing Geranium
Geranium pusillum Geraniaceae Small Geranium
Geranium robertianum Geranium graveolens, Geranium lindleyanum, Geranium palmatisectum Geraniaceae Herb Robert
Geranium rotundifolium Geraniaceae Roundleaf Geranium
Geranium wallichianum 'Buxton Blue' Geraniaceae Geranium Buxton Blue
Geranium wallichianum Geraniaceae Wallich Geranium
Monsonia senegalensis Monsonia lawiana, Erodium chumbulense Geraniaceae Pink Monsonia
Pelargonium graveolens Geraniaceae Rose-Scented Geranium
Pelargonium peltatum Pelargonium lateripes Geraniaceae Ivy-Leaf Geranium
Pelargonium rodneyanum Geraniaceae Magenta Storksbill
Pelargonium x hortorum Geraniaceae White Geranium
Pelargonium x hortorum Geraniaceae Zonal Geranium
Achimenes longiflora Achimenes kleei, Achimenes jaureguia Gesneriaceae Cupid's Bower
Aeschynanthus bracteatus Aeschynanthus paxtonii, Aeschynanthus peelii Gesneriaceae Red-Sepal Blushwort
Aeschynanthus hookeri Gesneriaceae Hooker's Blushwort
Aeschynanthus parasiticus Aeschynanthus macranthus, Incarvillea parasitica Gesneriaceae Large-Flower Blushwort
Aeschynanthus parviflorus Aeschynanthus sikkimensis, Aeschynanthus maculatus Gesneriaceae Sikkim Blushwort
Aeschynanthus perrottetii Aeschynanthus ceylanicus Gesneriaceae Nilgiri Blushwort
Aeschynanthus pulcher Aeschynanthus lobbianus, Aeschynanthus lanceolatus, Aeschynanthus javanicus Gesneriaceae Lipstick Vine
Boeica filiformis Chelone filiformis Gesneriaceae Thread-like Boeica
Chirita bifolia Gesneriaceae Two-Leaved Chirita
Chirita dibangensis Gesneriaceae Dibang Chirita
Chirita pumila Chirita flava, Didymocarpus speciosus, Henckelia pumila Gesneriaceae Dwarf Chirita
Chirita urticifolia Chirita grandiflora Gesneriaceae Nettle Leaved Chirita
Chrysothemis pulchella Gesneriaceae Sunset Bells
Corallodiscus lanuginosus Didissandra lanuginosa, Didymocarpus lanuginosus Gesneriaceae Blue Stone Flower
Didymocarpus aurantiacus Gesneriaceae Orange Stone Flower
Didymocarpus pedicellatus Didymocarpus pedicellata Gesneriaceae Stone Flower
Didymocarpus primulifolius Henckelia primulifolia Gesneriaceae Primrose-Leaved Stone Flower
Didymocarpus pulcher Didymocarpus pulchrus, Didymocarpus pulchra Gesneriaceae Pretty Stone Flower
Episcia cupreata Achimenes cupreata Gesneriaceae Flame Violet
Epithema carnosum Aikinia carnosa Gesneriaceae Fleshy Epithema
Henckelia bracteata Gesneriaceae Bracted Stone Flower
Henckelia humboldtiana Didymocarpus humboldtianus, Roettlera humboldtiana Gesneriaceae Humboldt's Stone Flower
Henckelia incana Didymocarpus tomentosus, Didymocarpus rottlerianus, Rottlera incana Gesneriaceae Hairy Stone Flower
Henckelia macrostachya Didymocarpus macrostachyus Gesneriaceae Large-Spike Stone Flower
Henckelia meeboldii Didymocarpus meeboldii Gesneriaceae Meebold's Stone Flower
Henckelia ovalifolia Didymocarpus ovalifolius, Roettlera ovalifolia Gesneriaceae Oval-Leaf Stone Flower
Henckelia repens Didymocarpus repens, Roettlera repens Gesneriaceae Creeping Stone Flower
Jerdonia indica Gesneriaceae Indian Jerdonia
Kohleria hirsuta var. hirsula Kohleria eriantha, Kohleria longiflora, Kohleria mollis Gesneriaceae Kohleria
Rhynchoglossum lazulinum Gesneriaceae Arunachal Rhynchoglossum
Rhynchoglossum notonianum Klugia notoniana, Wulfenia notoniana Gesneriaceae East Indian Klugia
Rhynchoglossum obliquum Loxotis obliqua, Rhynchoglossum obliquum var. parviflora Gesneriaceae Small Flowered Rhynchoglossum
Saintpaulia rupicola Gesneriaceae African Violet white
Saintpaulia spp. Gesneriaceae African Violet
Seemannia sylvatica Gloxinia sylvatica, Gesneria sylvatica Gesneriaceae Bolivian Sunset Gloxinia
Sinningia speciosa Gloxinia speciosa Gesneriaceae Gloxinia
Streptocarpus rexii Didymocarpus rexii Gesneriaceae Cape Primrose
Ginkgo biloba Ginkgoaceae Ginkgo
Gnetum edule Gnetum ula Brongn., nom. superfl., Gnetum scandens Roxb., Gnemon edulis Gnetaceae Joint Fir
Scaevola sericea Lobelia taccada, Scaevola frutescens, Scaevola taccada Goodeniaceae Half Flower
Ribes alpestre Ribes alpestre var. alpestre , Ribes alpestre var. commune Grossulariaceae Asian Gooseberry
Ribes himalense Ribes rubrum, Ribes emodense Grossulariaceae Himalayan Gooseberry
Ribes laciniatum Grossulariaceae Frilly Leaf Currant
Ribes orientale Grossulariaceae Oriental Gooseberry
Laurembergia coccinea Laurembergia indica, Laurembergia grandifolia Haloragaceae Scarlet Laurembergia
Myriophyllum oliganthum Haloragis oligantha Haloragaceae Few-Flowered Watermilfoil
Myriophyllum tuberculatum Myriophyllum spathulatum Haloragaceae Red Watermilfoil
Corylopsis himalayana Corylopsis grata, Corylopsis manipurensis Hamamelidaceae Himalayan Winter Hazel
Eustigma lenticellatum Sycopsis griffithiana, Eustigma stellatum Hamamelidaceae Warty Eustigma
Exbucklandia populnea Bucklandia populnea, Bucklandia tricuspis, Symingtonia populnea Hamamelidaceae Pipli Tree
Loropetalum chinense var. rubrum Hamamelidaceae Red Chinese Fringe Flower
Parrotiopsis jacquemontiana Parrotia jacquemontiana Hamamelidaceae Parrotia
Heliconia latispatha Heliconiaceae Golden Lobster Claw
Heliconia psittacorum Heliconiaceae Parakeet Flower
Heliconia psittacorum x spathocircinata Heliconiaceae Heliconia Golden Torch
Heliconia rostrata Heliconiaceae Lobster Claw
Heliconia stricta Heliconiaceae Erect Lobster Claw
Heliconia tortuosa Heliconiaceae Red Twist Heliconia
Gyrocarpus americanus Hernandiaceae Helicopter Tree
Deutzia bhutanensis Hydrangeaceae Bhutan Deutzia
Deutzia compacta Hydrangeaceae Compact Deutzia
Deutzia scabra Deutzia sieboldiana Hydrangeaceae Fuzzy Deutzia
Deutzia staminea Deutzia brunoniana Hydrangeaceae Long-Stamen Deutzia
Dichroa febrifuga Cianitis sylvatica, Dichroa febrifuga var. febrifuga Hydrangeaceae Blue Himalayan Hydrangea
Hydrangea arborescens var. grandiflora Hydrangeaceae Wild Hydrangea
Hydrangea aspera subsp. robusta Hydrangea robusta, Hydrangea rosthornii Hydrangeaceae Himalayan Tree Hydrangea
Hydrangea heteromalla Hydrangeaceae Himalayan Hydrangea
Hydrangea macrophylla Hydrangeaceae Hydrangea
Hydrangea macrophylla ssp. serrata Hydrangea serrata var. acuminata, Hydrangea acuminata, Viburnum serratum Hydrangeaceae Mountain Hydrangea
Philadelphus tomentosus Philadelphus coronarius var. tomentosus Hydrangeaceae Fuzzy Mock Orange
Hydrilla verticillata Hydrilla ovalifolia, Hydrilla polysperma, Serpicula verticillata, Vallisneria verticillata Hydrocharitaceae Water Thyme
Hydrocharis morsus-ranae Hydrocharis asarifolia , Sagittaria triflora Hydrocharitaceae Common Frogbit
Nechamandra alternifolia Lagarosiphon alternifolia, Nechamandra roxburghii Hydrocharitaceae Indian Oxygen-Weed
Ottelia alismoides Stratiotes alismoides Hydrocharitaceae Duck Lettuce
Vallisneria spiralis Vallisneria numidica, Vallisneria aethiopica, Vallisneria pusilla Hydrocharitaceae Eel Grass
Hydrolea zeylanica Nama zeylanica Hydroleaceae Ceylon Hydrolea
Hypericum androsaemum Hypericaceae Tutsan
Hypericum dyeri Hypericum lysimachioides Hypericaceae Dyer's Hypericum
Hypericum elodeoides Hypericum napaulense Hypericaceae Himalayan St Johns Wort
Hypericum hookerianum Hypericum garrettii Hypericaceae Hooker's St Johns Wort
Hypericum japonicum Hypericum chinense, Hypericum nervatum, Hypericum thunbergii Hypericaceae Matted St. John's Wort
Hypericum mysorense Hypericum mysurense, Norysca mysurensis Hypericaceae Mysore St Johns Wort
Hypericum oblongifolium Hypericum cernuum Hypericaceae Pendant St Johns Wort
Hypericum perforatum Hypericaceae Perforate St Johns Wort
Hypericum podocarpoides Hypericaceae Narrow-Leaved St Johns Wort
Hypericum uralum Hypericum nepalense K. Koch, Norysca urala Hypericaceae Nepal St Johns Wort
Curculigo orchioides Curculigo ensifolia, Curculigo brevifolia, Hypoxis orchioides Hypoxidaceae Golden Eye Grass
Hypoxis aurea Hypoxis minor, Curculigo graminifolia Hypoxidaceae Golden Star Grass
Molineria capitulata Curculigo capitulata, Curculigo glabra, Molineria hortensis Hypoxidaceae Palm Grass
Apodytes dimidiata Apodytes javanica, Apodytes acutifolia, Apodytes yunnanensis Icacinaceae White Pear
Gomphandra tetrandra Gomphandra cambodiana, Gomphandra pauciflora Icacinaceae Four-Stamen Gomphandra
Nothapodytes nimmoniana Mappia foetida, Nothapodytes foetida, Stemonurus foetidus, Premna nimmoniana Icacinaceae Ghanera
Sarcostigma kleinii Sarcostigma horsfieldii, Sarcostigma wallichii Icacinaceae Ingudi
Aristea ecklonii Aristea paniculata, Aristea stipitata Iridaceae Blue Stars Iris
Crocosmia x crocosmiiflora Crocosmia × latifolia, Montbretia × crocosmiiflora, Tritonia × crocosmiiflora Iridaceae Montbretia
Crocus sativus Iridaceae Saffron Flower
Dietes bicolor Moraea bicolor, Iris bicolor Lindl. [Illeg.] Iridaceae Fortnight Lily
Dietes grandiflora Iridaceae Wild Iris
Eleutherine bulbosa Galatea bulbosa, Eleutherine americana, Bermudiana bulbosa Iridaceae Dayak Onion
Freesia spp. Iridaceae Freesia
Gladiolus dalenii/natalensis Iridaceae Gladiolus
Gladiolus murielae Gladiolus callianthus, Acidanthera bicolor, Acidanthera murielae Iridaceae Fragrant Gladiolus
Iris clarkei Iris himalaica, Limniris clarkei Iridaceae Himalayan Iris
Iris crocea Iris spuria subsp. aurea Iridaceae Golden Iris
Iris domestica Belamcanda chinensis Iridaceae Leopard Flower
Iris hookeriana Iridaceae Hooker's Iris
Iris japonica Iris fimbriata, Iris chinensis Iridaceae Fringed Iris
Iris kashmiriana Iris bartonii Iridaceae Kashmir Iris
Iris kemaonensis Iridaceae Kumaon Iris
Iris lactea Eremiris lactea Iridaceae Milky Iris
Iris macrosiphon Iridaceae Ground Iris
Iris milesii Iridaceae Red Flower Iris
Iris pseudacorus Iridaceae Yellow Iris
Iris sibirica Iris stricta, Iris pratensis, Iris bicolor Mill., Iris angustifoli Iridaceae Siberian Iris
Iris tectorum Iris tectorum var. alba, Iris tomiolopha, Iris rosthornii Iridaceae Roof Iris
Iris variegata Iris flavescens, Iris lepida, Iris reginae Iridaceae Hungarian Iris
Iris virginica Iridaceae Virginia Iris
Iris wattii Evansia wattii Iridaceae Watt's Iris
Iris x germanica Iris × violacea, Iris × vulgaris, Iris × nepalensis, Iris × spectabilis Iridaceae German Iris
Iris x hollandica Iridaceae Blue Dutch Iris
Iris x hollandica Iridaceae Yellow Dutch Iris
Neomarica gracilis Iridaceae Walking Iris
Sisyrinchium rosulatum Iridaceae Annual Blue-Eyed Grass
Tigridia pavonia Iridaceae Tiger Flower
Trimezia steyermarkii Iridaceae Yellow Walking Iris
Watsonia meriana Watsonia meriana var. bulbillifera, Watsonia bulbillifera, Antholyza meriana Iridaceae Wild Bugle Lily
Itea nutans Iteaceae Himalayan Sweetspire
Carya illinoiensis Carya pecan, Juglans pecan, Juglans oliviformis Juglandaceae Pecan Walnut
Engelhardtia spicata Engelhardtia aceriflora, Gyrocarpus pendulus Juglandaceae Mauwa
Juglans regia Juglans kamaonia, Juglans orientis, Juglans fallax Juglandaceae Walnut
Juncus bufonius Juncaceae Toad Rush
Juncus himalensis Juncaceae Himalayan Rush
Juncus inflexus subsp. inflexus Juncus equisetosus, Juncus tenax, Juncus glaucus Juncaceae Hard Rush
Juncus leucomelas Juncus bhutanensis Juncaceae Bhutan Rush
Juncus thomsonii Juncaceae Thomson's Rush
Juncus uniflorus Juncaceae One-Flowered Rush
Triglochin maritima Juncago maritima, Triglochin elata, Triglochin salina Juncaginaceae Sea Arrowgrass
Ajuga integrifolia Ajuga bracteosa, Ajuga alba Lamiaceae Bracted Bugleweed
Ajuga lobata Bulga lobata Lamiaceae Lobed-Leaf Bugleweed
Ajuga macrosperma Ajuga sikkimensis, Ajuga macrosperma var. macrosperma, Ajuga geniculata Lamiaceae Large-Seed Bugleweed
Ajuga parviflora Lamiaceae Small-Flowered Bugleweed
Ajuga reptans Ajuga repens, Ajuga breviproles Lamiaceae Common Bugleweed
Alajja rhomboidea Lamium rhomboideum, Alajja afghanica, Erianthera rhomboidea Lamiaceae Alpine Deadnettle
Anisochilus adenanthus Anisochilus verticillatus Lamiaceae Erect White Lavender
Anisochilus carnosus Lavandula carnosa, Anisochilus glaber, Plectranthus carnosus Lamiaceae Thick-Leaf Lavender
Anisomeles heyneana Lamiaceae Western Hill Catmint
Anisomeles indica Nepeta indica, Anisomeles ovata Lamiaceae Indian Catmint
Anisomeles malabarica Anisomeles salviifolia, Nepeta malabarica Lamiaceae Malabar Catmint
Basilicum polystachyon Lehmannia ocymoidea, Ocimum polystachyon, Moschosma polystachyon Lamiaceae Musk Basil
Clinopodium umbrosum Calamintha umbrosa, Clinopodium repens, Melissa umbrosum Lamiaceae Shady Calamint
Clinopodium vulgare Calamintha clinopodium, Satureja vulgaris Lamiaceae Cushion Calamint
Colebrookea oppositifolia Lamiaceae Indian Squirrel Tail
Colquhounia coccinea Lamiaceae Himalayan Mint Shrub
Craniotome furcata Nepeta versicolor, Anisomeles furcata, Anisomeles nepalensis Lamiaceae Multicolored Catmint
Dracocephalum heterophyllum Lamiaceae White Dragonhead
Dracocephalum moldavica Lamiaceae Moldavian Dragonhead
Dracocephalum wallichii Lamiaceae Wallich's Dragonhead
Elsholtzia blanda Perilla elata, Aphanochilus blandus Lamiaceae Pleasant Himalayan Mint
Elsholtzia ciliata Sideritis ciliata, Elsholtzia cristata, Elsholtzia patrinii Lamiaceae Crested Late-Summer Mint
Elsholtzia densa Elsholtzia calycocarpa, Elsholtzia manshurica, Elsholtzia ianthina Lamiaceae Dense Himalayan Mint
Elsholtzia eriostachya Elsholtzia pusilla, Elsholtzia hoffmeisteri, Aphanochilus eriostachyus Lamiaceae Fuzzy Himalayan Mint
Elsholtzia flava Aphanochilus flavus Lamiaceae Yellow Himalayan Mint
Elsholtzia fruticosa Lamiaceae Shrubby Mint
Elsholtzia griffithii Elsholtzia communis, Dysophylla communis Lamiaceae Lomba
Elsholtzia stachyodes Elsholtzia incisa, Elsholtzia major, Mentha blanda Lamiaceae Spiked Mint
Elsholtzia strobilifera Elsholtzia exigua, Mentha strobilifera, Cyclostegia strobilifera Lamiaceae Pinecone Mint
Endostemon viscosus Ocimum viscosum, Plectranthus viscosus, Orthosiphon diffusus Lamiaceae Sticky Wild Basil
Gomphostemma eriocarpum Gomphostemma oblongum Wight [Illeg.] Lamiaceae Long-Flowered Gomphostemma
Gomphostemma heyneanum Lamiaceae Heyne's Gomphostemma
Gomphostemma javanicum Gomphostemma lucidum, Gomphostemma cinereum Lamiaceae Java Gomphostemma
Hyptis capitata Lamiaceae Knobweed
Hyptis suaveolens Ballota suaveolens Lamiaceae American Mint
Hyssopus officinalis Hyssopus vulgaris, Thymus hyssopus Lamiaceae Hyssop
Isodon lophanthoides Rabdosia lophanthoides, Plectranthus striatus, Hyssopus lophanthoides Lamiaceae Crested Flower Isodon
Isodon rugosus Plectranthus rugosus, Isodon plecranthoides Lamiaceae Wrinkled Leaf Isodon
Isodon ternifolius Plectranthus ternifolius, Elsholtzia lychnitis, Rabdosia ternifolia Lamiaceae Three-Leaf Isodon
Lamium album Lamiaceae White Dead Nettle
Lamium amplexicaule Lamiella amplexicaulis, Lamiopsis amplexicaulis Lamiaceae Henbit Deadnettle
Lavandula angustifolia subsp. angustifolia Lavandula vera, Lavandula officinalis, Lavandula spica Lamiaceae Common Lavender
Lavandula bipinnata Lavandula burmanni, Bystropogon bipinnatus Lamiaceae Feather Leaved Lavender
Lavandula gibsonii Lavandula lawii, Lavandula perrottetii Lamiaceae Gibson's Lavender
Leonotis nepetifolia Phlomis nepetifolia Lamiaceae Lion's Ear
Leonurus cardiaca Lamiaceae Motherwort
Leonurus sibiricus Leonurus multifidus Lamiaceae Honeyweed
Leucas angularis Leucas pubescens Thwaites, nom. illeg. Lamiaceae Angular Leucas
Leucas aspera Lamiaceae Common Leucas
Leucas biflora Leucas procumbens, Phlomis biflora, Blandinia biflora Lamiaceae Two-Flowered Leucas
Leucas cephalotes Leucas capitata, Lamiaceae Head Leucas
Leucas chinensis Phlomis chinensis, Leucas benthamiana, Leucas lamiifolia Zipp. ex Span. Lamiaceae Chinese Leucas
Leucas ciliata var. ciliata Leucas ciliata var. hirsuta Benth. Lamiaceae Tufted Leucas
Leucas ciliata var. oblongifolia Leucas vestita var. oblongifolia Lamiaceae Hairy Tufted Leucas
Leucas decemdentata Leucas flaccida, Leucas javanica, Leucas mollissima Lamiaceae Flaccid Leucas
Leucas diffusa Lamiaceae Spreading Leucas
Leucas lamiifolia Lamiaceae Mint Leaved Leucas
Leucas lanata Lamiaceae Woolly Leucas
Leucas lavandulifolia Leucas linifolia, Leucas malabarica Lamiaceae Lavender-Leaved Leucas
Leucas longifolia Lamiaceae Long-Leaf Leucas
Leucas marrubioides Lamiaceae Horehound Leucas
Leucas martinicensis Clinopodium martinicense, Phlomis martinicensis, Stachys fluminensis Lamiaceae Whitewort
Leucas nutans Leucas decurva, Phlomis nutans Lamiaceae Drooping Leucas
Leucas sebaldiana Lamiaceae Sebald's Leucas
Leucas stelligera Lamiaceae Starry Leucas
Leucas suffruticosa Lamiaceae Shrubby Leucas
Leucas zeylanica Leucas indica, Leucas malayana, Phlomis indica Lamiaceae Ceylon Leucas
Leucosceptrum canum Clerodendrum leucosceptrum, Comanthosphace nepalensis Lamiaceae Hairy White-Wand
Marrubium vulgare Lamiaceae White Horehound
Melissa axillaris Melissa longifolia, Melissa parviflora Lamiaceae Small-Flowered Melissa
Mentha arvensis Mentha parietariifolia, Calamintha arvensis Lamiaceae Field Mint
Mentha longifolia subsp. hymalaiensis Mentha royleana Benth. subsp. hymalaı̈ensis Briq. Lamiaceae Himalayan Horsemint
Mentha pulegium Pulegium vulgare, Thymus bidentatus, Mentha aromatica Lamiaceae European Pennyroyal
Mentha royleana Mentha longifolia subsp. royleana, Mentha sylvestris var. royleana Lamiaceae Royle's Mint
Mentha spicata Lamiaceae Spearmint
Mentha spicata subsp. spicata Mentha crispa, Mentha viridis, Mentha sylvestris var. glabra Lamiaceae Pudina
Mentha x piperita Mentha piperata, Mentha piperita Lamiaceae Peppermint
Meriandra strobilifera Lamiaceae Cone-Bearing Sage
Micromeria biflora Thymus biflorus, Satureja biflora, Clinopodium biflorum Lamiaceae Lemon Savory
Microtoena patchoulii Microtoena cymosa, Plectranthus patchoulii Lamiaceae Assam Patchouli
Moluccella laevis Molucca laevis, Lamium moluccella Lamiaceae Bells of Ireland
Mosla dianthera Cunila nepalensis, Mosla hirta, Orthodon hirtus Lamiaceae Two-Flower Mosla
Nepeta cataria Lamiaceae Catnip
Nepeta elliptica Nepeta polystachya Lamiaceae Elliptic-Leaved Catmint
Nepeta erecta Lamiaceae Erect Catmint
Nepeta floccosa Lamiaceae Woolly Catmint
Nepeta govaniana Dracocephalum govanianum Lamiaceae Yellow Catmint
Nepeta graciliflora Glechoma graciliflora Lamiaceae Slender Catmint
Nepeta hindostana Glechoma hindostana Lamiaceae North Indian Catmint
Nepeta laevigata Betonica laevigata, Nepeta spicata, Nepeta nuristanica Lamiaceae Smooth Catmint
Nepeta leucolaena Nepeta royleana, Nepeta salviifolia, Nepeta stewartii Lamiaceae Salvia-Leaved Catmint
Nepeta leucophylla Lamiaceae White Leaved Catmint
Nepeta linearis Glechoma linearis Lamiaceae Narrow-Leaved Catmint
Nepeta longibracteata Glechoma longibracteata Lamiaceae Long-Bract Catmint
Nepeta nervosa Nepeta campestris, Nepeta nervosa var. nervosa Lamiaceae Nerved Catmint
Nepeta podostachys Lamiaceae Long Stalked Catmint
Ocimum americanum Ocimum canum Sims, Ocimum album, Ocimum thymoides Lamiaceae Hoary Basil
Ocimum basilicum Ocimum nigrum, Ocimum thyrsiflorum Lamiaceae Basil
Ocimum gratissimum Ocimum suave, Ocimum viride, Ocimum viridiflorum Lamiaceae Ram Tulsi
Ocimum tenuiflorum Ocimum sanctum Lamiaceae Tulsi
Ocimum x africanum Ocimum americanum var. pilosum, Ocimum basilicum var. pilosum Lamiaceae Lemon Basil
Origanum majorana Majorana hortensis, Majorana fragrans, Thymus majorana Lamiaceae Marjoram
Origanum vulgare Origanum creticum, Origanum officinale, Origanum orientale Lamiaceae Oregano
Orthosiphon aristatus Clerodendrum spicatum, Orthosiphon spiralis, Orthosiphon stamineus Lamiaceae Cat's Whiskers
Orthosiphon pallidus Lamiaceae Pale Java Tea
Orthosiphon rubicundus Ocimum tuberosum, Plectranthus rubicundus Lamiaceae Red Java Tea
Orthosiphon thymiflorus Orthosiphon roseus, Orthosiphon sinensis, Orthosiphon viscosus Lamiaceae Thyme Java Tea
Perilla frutescens var. frutescens Perilla frutescens var. purpurascens, Perilla albiflora Lamiaceae Perilla
Perovskia abrotanoides Lamiaceae Russian Sage
Phlomis bracteosa Lamiaceae Purple Jerusalem Sage
Phlomis cashmeriana Phlomis dichroa Lamiaceae Kashmir Sage
Phlomoides rotata Phlomis rotata, Lamiophlomis rotata Lamiaceae Rosette Sage
Phlomoides superba Eremostachys superba, Eremostachys laciniata var. superba Lamiaceae Golden Himalayan Spike
Platostoma coloratum Geniosporum coloratum, Plectranthus coloratus, Ocimum coloratum Lamiaceae Colored Jungle Basil
Platostoma hispidum Ocimum capitatum, Prunella indica, Acrocephalus hispidus Lamiaceae Hairy Gomphrena
Platostoma menthoides Elsholtzia ocimoides, Geniosporum prostratum, Thymus indicus Burm.f. Lamiaceae South Indian Thyme
Plectranthus amboinicus Coleus amboinicus, Coleus aromaticus, Plectranthus aromaticus Lamiaceae Cuban Oregano
Plectranthus barbatus Coleus barbatus, Coleus forskohlii, Plectranthus forskohlii Lamiaceae Indian Coleus
Plectranthus caninus Coleus spicatus, Majana canina, Plectranthus monadelphus Lamiaceae Scaredy Cat Plant
Plectranthus forsteri Lamiaceae Swedish Ivy
Plectranthus mollis Plectranthus incanus, Plectranthus cordifolia Lamiaceae Soft-Stem Mintleaf
Plectranthus 'Mona Lavender' Lamiaceae Mona Lavender
Plectranthus prostratus Lamiaceae Succulent Swedish Ivy
Plectranthus rotundifolius Coleus rotundifolius, Plectranthus tuberosus, Coleus parviflorus Lamiaceae Chinese Potato
Plectranthus scutellarioides Coleus blumei, Coleus formosanus, Coleus blancoi, Coleus pumilus Lamiaceae Coleus
Pogostemon benghalensis Origanum benghalense, Pogostemon parviflorus, Pogostemon plectranthoides Lamiaceae Bengal Pogostemon
Pogostemon deccanensis Eusteralis deccanensis Lamiaceae Jambhli Manjiri
Pogostemon heyneanus Pogostemon suavis Lamiaceae False Patchouli
Pogostemon paniculatus Elsholtzia paniculata, Hyssopus cristatus Lamiaceae Panicled Pogostemon
Pogostemon purpurascens Lamiaceae Sangbrei
Pogostemon travancoricus Pogostemon travancoricus var. devicolamensis Lamiaceae Travancore Pogostemon
Pogostemon wightii Pogostemon hirsutus Wight, nom. illeg. Lamiaceae Wight's Pogostemon
Premna barbata Gumira barbata, Premna calycina, Premna barbata var. anodon Lamiaceae Bearded Premna
Premna coriacea Gumira coriacea, Premna coriacea var. coriacea Lamiaceae Leathery Premna
Premna herbacea Premna nana, Premna sessilifolia, Premna obovata Lamiaceae Stemless Premna
Premna mollissima Premna latifolia, Premna viburnoides, Premna mucronata Lamiaceae Dusky Fire-Brand Teak
Premna serratifolia Premna obtusifolia Lamiaceae Headache Tree
Premna tomentosa Premna cordata, Premna flavescens Lamiaceae Woolly-Leaved Fire-Brand Teak
Prunella vulgaris var. vulgaris Lamiaceae Common Self-Heal
Rosmarinus officinalis Rosmarinus officinalis subsp. laxiflorus Lamiaceae Rosemary
Roylea cinerea Roylea elegans, Roylea calycina, Phlomis calycina Lamiaceae Ashy Roylea
Salvia cana Salvia mukerjeei, Salvia lanata Roxb. [Illeg.] Lamiaceae Woolly Sage
Salvia coccinea 'Coral Nymph' Lamiaceae Coral Nymph Sage
Salvia coccinea Salvia ciliata, Salvia superba, Salvia rosea Lamiaceae Texas Sage
Salvia farinacea Lamiaceae Mealy Blue Sage
Salvia fulgens Lamiaceae Cardinal Sage
Salvia hians Lamiaceae Himalayan Blue Sage
Salvia involucrata Lamiaceae Rosebud Sage
Salvia leucantha Salvia leucantha f. iobaphes Lamiaceae Mexican Bush Sage
Salvia microphylla Salvia grahamii Lamiaceae Baby Sage
Salvia moorcroftiana Lamiaceae Kashmir Salvia
Salvia nubicola Lamiaceae Himalayan Yellow Sage
Salvia plebeia Salvia brachiata, Salvia minutiflora Lamiaceae Sage Weed
Salvia sclarea Salvia asperata, Salvia pamirica Lamiaceae Clary Sage
Salvia splendens Lamiaceae Scarlet Sage
Salvia viridis Salvia horminum Lamiaceae Painted Sage
Scutellaria andamanica Lamiaceae Andaman Skullcap
Scutellaria discolor Scutellaria indica Lamiaceae Bicolor Skullcap
Scutellaria grossa Scutellaria mussooriensis Lamiaceae Thick Skullcap
Scutellaria linearis Lamiaceae Narrow-Leaved Skullcap
Scutellaria prostrata Lamiaceae Prostrate Skullcap
Scutellaria repens Scutellaria cana, Scutellaria wallichiana Lamiaceae Creeping Skullcap
Scutellaria scandens Scutellaria angulosa Lamiaceae Climbing Skullcap
Scutellaria violacea Scutellaria floribunda, Scutellaria nodulosa, Scutellaria violacea var. glabra Lamiaceae Violet Skullcap
Sphenodesme involucrata var. paniculata Sphenodesme paniculata Lamiaceae Panicled Varshiki
Stachys floccosa Lamiaceae Woolly Woundwort
Stachys melissifolia Stachys emodi Hedge , Stachys sericea Wall. ex Benth. Lamiaceae Melissa-Leaf Woundwort
Stachys tibetica Lamiaceae Tibetan Woundwort
Teucrium royleanum Teucrium edelbergii Lamiaceae Royle's Germander
Teucrium tomentosum Lamiaceae Woolly Germander
Teucrium viscidum Teucrium stoloniferum Lamiaceae Sticky Germander
Thymus linearis Thymus himalayicus, Thymus afghanicus, Thymus baluchistanicus Lamiaceae Himalayan Thyme
Holboellia latifolia Stauntonia latifolia Lardizabalaceae Sausage Vine
Actinodaphne hookeri Lauraceae Pisa
Actinodaphne quinqueflora Litsea quinqueflora, Litsea deccanensis, Litsea tomentosa Lauraceae Deccan Litsea
Alseodaphne semicarpifolia Alseodaphne semecarpifolia Lauraceae Nelthare
Beilschmiedia dalzellii Beilschmiedia fagifolia var. dalzellii Lauraceae Dalzell's Walnut
Beilschmiedia roxburghiana Beilschmiedia fagifolia Lauraceae Thulo Tarshing
Cassytha filiformis Lauraceae Love Vine
Cinnamomum camphora Camphora officinarum, Laurus camphora Lauraceae Camphor Tree
Cinnamomum sulphuratum Lauraceae Sulphur Cinnamon
Cinnamomum tamala Cinnamomum tejpata, Laurus tamala Lauraceae Indian Bay Leaf
Cinnamomum verum Cinnamomum zeylanicum Lauraceae Cinnamon
Litsea bourdillonii Lauraceae Bourdillon's Litsea
Litsea coriacea Lauraceae Leather-Leaf Litsea
Litsea cubeba Litsea piperita, Laurus cubeba, Tetranthera cubeba Lauraceae Mountain Pepper
Litsea doshia Litsea oblonga, Tetranthera oblong Lauraceae Doshi Laurel
Litsea floribunda Cylicodaphne floribunda Lauraceae Free-Flowering Litsea
Litsea ghatica Lauraceae Ghat Litsea
Litsea glutinosa Litsea laurifolia, Sebifera glutinosa, Tetranthera laurifolia Lauraceae Soft Bollygum
Litsea josephii Litsea stocksii Lauraceae Joseph's Laurel
Litsea laevigata Lauraceae Smooth Litsea
Litsea lancifolia Litsea hansenii Lauraceae Lanceleaf Litsea
Litsea monopetala Litsea polyantha, Tetranthera monopetala, Tetranthera alnoides Lauraceae Meda
Litsea wightiana Lauraceae Wight's Litsea
Neolitsea cassia Laurus cassia, Litsea zeylanica, Neolitsea zeylanica Lauraceae Grey Bollywood
Persea duthiei Lauraceae Duthie's Bay Tree
Persea macrantha Machilus macrantha Lauraceae Large-Flowered Bay Tree
Persea odoratissima Machilus odoratissimus Lauraceae Fragrant Bay Tree
Barringtonia acutangula Barringtonia spicata, Eugenia acutangula Lecythidaceae Barringtonia
Barringtonia asiatica Barringtonia speciosa Lecythidaceae Sea Poison Tree
Barringtonia racemosa Eugenia racemosa Lecythidaceae Powderpuff Mangrove
Careya arborea Lecythidaceae Wild Guava
Couroupita guianensis Lecythidaceae Cannon Ball Tree
Gustavia augusta Japarandiba augusta Lecythidaceae Majestic Heaven Lotus
Gustavia superba Lecythidaceae Heaven Lotus
Planchonia andamanica Lecythidaceae Andaman Planchonia
Pinguicula alpina Lentibulariaceae Alpine Butterwort
Utricularia albocaerulea Lentibulariaceae White-Blue Bladderwort
Utricularia aurea Lentibulariaceae Golden Bladderwort
Utricularia australis Utricularia neglecta, Utricularia dubia, Utricularia japonica Lentibulariaceae Yellow Bladderwort
Utricularia babui Lentibulariaceae Babu Bladderwort
Utricularia bifida Utricularia wallichiana, Utricularia humilis Lentibulariaceae Two-Flower Bladderwort
Utricularia caerulea Utricularia capillaris, Utricularia nivea, Utricularia rosea Lentibulariaceae Blue Bladderwort
Utricularia gibba Utricularia exoleta, Utricularia gibba subsp. exoleta, Utricularia biflora Lentibulariaceae Creeping Bladderwort
Utricularia graminifolia Utricularia purpurascens, Utricularia uliginoides, Utricularia parviflora Lentibulariaceae Grass Leaved Bladderwort
Utricularia lazulina Lentibulariaceae Lazuli Bladderwort
Utricularia malabarica Lentibulariaceae Malabar Bladderwort
Utricularia praeterita Lentibulariaceae Tiny Bladderwort
Utricularia reticulata Lentibulariaceae Net Veined Bladderwort
Utricularia striatula Utricularia orbiculata, Utricularia rosulata, Utricularia glochidiata Lentibulariaceae Striped Bladderwort
Utricularia uliginosa Utricularia affinis, Utricularia cyanea, Utricularia macrophylla Lentibulariaceae Bog Bladderwort
Alstroemeria aurea Alstroemeria aurantiaca, Alstroemeria pulchella Liliaceae Golden Peruvian Lily
Alstroemeria spp. Liliaceae Peruvian Lily
Bomarea multiflora Bomarea floribunda, Alstroemeria multiflora Liliaceae Vine Alstroemeria
Cardiocrinum giganteum Lilium giganteum Liliaceae Giant Himalayan Lily
Clintonia udensis Hylocharis cyanocarpa Liliaceae Bead Lily
Dianella tasmanica Liliaceae Flax Lily
Dianella tasmanica 'Variegata' Liliaceae Flax Lily Variegated
Disporum cantoniense Fritillaria cantoniensis Liliaceae Chinese Fairy Bells
Fritillaria cirrhosa Fritillaria roylei, Fritillaria polyphylla, Fritillaria zhufenensis Liliaceae Himalayan Fritillary
Fritillaria imperialis Liliaceae Kaiser's Crown
Fritillaria przewalskii Fritillaria gansuensis Liliaceae Yellow Himalayan Fritillary
Gagea bulbifera Gagea bulbifera var. nuda, Liliaceae Bulbous Star of Bethlehem
Gagea lutea Ornithogalum luteum, Gagea indica, Gagea elegans Liliaceae Yellow Star of Bethlehem
Gagea reticulata Gagea circinata, Gagea tenuifolia, Gagea alexandrina Liliaceae Netveined Star of Bethlehem
Gagea serotina Lloydia serotina, Lloydia alpina, Gagea striata, Gagea bracteata Liliaceae Snowdon Alplily
Gloriosa superba Gloriosa rothschildiana, Gloriosa speciosa, Gloriosa simplex Liliaceae Glory Lily
Hemerocallis fulva Liliaceae Orange Daylily
Hemerocallis hybrids Liliaceae Daylily Frans Hals
Hemerocallis lilioasphodelus Hemerocallis flava, Hemerocallis lutea Liliaceae Lemon Daylily
Lilium chitrangadae Liliaceae Dzukou Lily
Lilium mackliniae Liliaceae Shirui Lily
Lilium nanum Nomocharis nana, Fritillaria gardneriana, Fritillaria stracheyi Liliaceae Tiny Lily
Lilium nepalense Lilium ochroleucum Liliaceae Nepal Lily
Lilium polyphyllum Liliaceae White Himalayan Lily
Lilium wallichianum var. neilgherrense Lilium longiflorum var. neilgherrense, Lilium neilgherrense Wight Liliaceae Nilgiri Long-Flowered Lily
Lilium x asiatica Liliaceae Asiatic Lily
Lilium x maculatum Cv. 'Batemanniae' Lilium elegans var. Batemanniae, Lilium batemanniae Liliaceae Bateman's Lily
Lloydia flavonutans Liliaceae Yellow Alplily
Lloydia longiscapa Liliaceae Tall Alplily
Nomocharis oxypetala Lilium oxypetalum, Fritillaria oxypetala Liliaceae Yellow Himalayan Lily
Notholirion thomsonianum Lilium thomsonianum, Lilium roseum, Fritillaria thomsoniana Liliaceae Rosy Himalayan Lily
Ophiopogon intermedius Liliaceae Himalayan Lily Turf
Ophiopogon jaburan 'Variegata' Liliaceae Giant Lily Turf
Streptopus simplex Liliaceae Simple Twisted Stalk
Theropogon pallidus Liliaceae Himalayan Theropogon
Tulipa clusiana Tulipa stellata, Tulipa chrysantha, Tulipa stellata var. chrysantha Liliaceae Lady Tulip
Tulipa spp. Liliaceae Tulip
Hugonia mystax Linaceae Climbing Flax
Linum grandiflorum Linum rubrum, Linum grandiflorum var rubrum Linaceae Scarlet Flax
Linum mysorense Linum mysurense, Linum humile, Linum trinervium Linaceae Mysore Flax
Linum usitatissimum Linaceae Flax
Reinwardtia cicanoba Reinwardtia tetragyna, Linum tetragynum Linaceae Yellow Himalayan Flax
Reinwardtia indica Reinwardtia trigyna, Linum trigynum, Linum repens Linaceae Yellow Flax
Bonnaya antipoda Ruellia antipoda, Lindernia antipoda Linderniaceae Sparrow Lindernia
Bonnaya ciliata subsp. ciliata Lindernia ciliata, Gratiola ciliata Linderniaceae Fringed Lindernia
Bonnaya ruellioides Lindernia ruellioides, Lindernia reptans, Bonnaya reptans Linderniaceae Duckbill Lindernia
Craterostigma sessiliflorum Lindernia nummulariifolia var. sessilis, Lindernia sessiliflora Linderniaceae Coinwort Lindernia
Lindernia hyssopioides Bonnaya hyssopoides, Ilysanthes hyssopioides Linderniaceae Hyssop Lindernia
Lindernia parviflora Bonnaya parviflora, Ilysanthes parviflora Linderniaceae Small-Flowered Lindernia
Lindernia rotundifolia Bonnaya rotundifolia, Ilysanthes rotundifolia, Morgania rotundifolia Linderniaceae Roundleaf Lindernia
Torenia asiatica Torenia glabra, Torenia alata, Torenia obtusifolia Linderniaceae Asiatic Wishbone Flower
Torenia bicolor Linderniaceae Two-Color Wishbone Flower
Torenia cordifolia Torenia Indica Linderniaceae Indian Wishbone Flower
Torenia crustacea Lindernia crustacea, Capraria crustacea, Vandellia crustacea Linderniaceae Malaysian Lindernia
Torenia fournieri 'Catalina Pink' Linderniaceae Wishbone Flower pink
Torenia fournieri Linderniaceae Wishbone Flower
Torenia violacea Mimulus violaceus, Torenia peduncularis Linderniaceae Violet Wishbone Flower
Vandellia pusilla Lindernia pusilla, Lindernia hirta Linderniaceae Tiny Slitwort
Vandellia viscosa Gratiola viscosa, Hornemannia viscosa, Lindernia cruciformis, Lindernia viscosa Linderniaceae Sticky Lindernia
Gardneria ovata Gardneria wallichii Loganiaceae Oval Leaf Gardneria
Mitrasacme pygmaea Mitrasacme chinensis, Mitrasacme lutea, Mitrasacme galiifolia Loganiaceae Pygmy Bishop's Hat
Mitreola petiolata Ophiorrhiza mitreola, Cynoctonum mitreola, Mitreola paniculata Loganiaceae Lax Hornpod
Spigelia anthelmia Spigelia stipularis, Spigelia nervosa, Spigelia fruticulosa Loganiaceae Wormbush
Strychnos nux-vomica Loganiaceae Nux Vomica
Strychnos potatorum Strychnos heterodoxa, Strychnos stuhlmannii Loganiaceae Clearing Nut Tree
Dendrophthoe falcata Loranthus loniceroides, Loranthus falcatus, Loranthus indicus Desr. Loranthaceae Honey Suckle Mistletoe
Dendrophthoe falcata var. amplexifolia Loranthus amplexicaulis, Scurrula amplexifolia Loranthaceae Clasping Leaf Mistletoe
Dendrophthoe falcata var. coccinea Loranthaceae Red Honey Suckle Mistletoe
Dendrophthoe glabrescens Loranthus vitellinus var. glabrescens Loranthaceae Smooth Mistletoe
Dendrophthoe neelgherrensis Loranthus neelgherrensis Loranthaceae Nilgiri Mistletoe
Dendrophthoe trigona Elytranthe trigona Loranthaceae Three-Angled Mistletoe
Elytranthe albida Loranthus albidus, Elytranthe henryi Loranthaceae Pale Bark Mistletoe
Helicanthes elasticus Loranthus elasticus Loranthaceae Rubbery Mango Mistletoe
Helixanthera intermedia Loranthus intermedius Loranthaceae Intermediate Mistletoe
Helixanthera obtusatus Loranthus obtusatus, Helixanthera obtusata Loranthaceae Bluntleaf Mistletoe
Helixanthera wallichiana Dendrophthoe wallichiana, Loranthus wallichianus Loranthaceae Wallich Mistletoe
Macrosolen capitellatus Loranthus capitellatus Loranthaceae South Indian Mistletoe
Scurrula buddleioides Loranthus buddleioides, Scurrula buddleioides var. buddleioides Loranthaceae Butterfly-Bush Mistletoe
Scurrula cordifolia Loranthus cordifolius, Dendrophthoe cordifolia Loranthaceae Heart-Leaf Mistletoe
Scurrula elata Loranthus elatus Loranthaceae Tall Mistletoe
Scurrula pulverulenta Loranthus pulverulentus Loranthaceae Powdery Mistletoe
Taxillus heyneanus Taxillus bracteatus Tiegh., Loranthus bracteatus Loranthaceae Heyne's Mistletoe
Taxillus recurvus Loranthus candolleanus, Loranthus recurvus, Dendrophthoe recurva Loranthaceae Curved-Flower Mistletoe
Taxillus tomentosus Loranthus tomentosus Loranthaceae Hairy Mistletoe
Taxillus vestitus Loranthus vestitus Loranthaceae Rusty Mistletoe
Tolypanthus lagenifer Loranthus lageniferus Loranthaceae Indian Tolypanthus
Ammannia baccifera Ammannia vescicatoria, Ammannia aegyptiaca Lythraceae Blistering Ammannia
Ammannia multiflora Ammannia parviflora, Suffrenia dichotom Lythraceae Many Flowered Ammannia
Cuphea carthagenensis Cuphea pinto, Cuphea divaricata, Cuphea balsamona Lythraceae Colombian Waxweed
Cuphea hyssopifolia Lythraceae Mexican Heather
Cuphea ignea Lythraceae Cigar Plant
Cuphea micropetala Lythraceae Tall Cigar Plant
Duabanga grandiflora Duabanga sonneratioides Lythraceae Duabanga
Lagerstroemia duperreana Lagerstroemia thorellii Lythraceae Thorel's Crape Myrtle
Lagerstroemia floribunda Lagerstroemia turbinata Lythraceae Tropical Crape Myrtle
Lagerstroemia hypoleuca Murtughas hypoleuca Lythraceae Andaman Crape Myrtle
Lagerstroemia indica Lagerstroemia indica var. alba, Lagerstroemia elegans, Lagerstroemia minor Lythraceae Common Crape Myrtle
Lagerstroemia microcarpa Lagerstroemia lanceolata Lythraceae Ben Teak
Lagerstroemia parviflora Lythraceae Small Flowered Crape Myrtle
Lagerstroemia speciosa Lagerstroemia major, Lagerstroemia munchausia, Lagerstroemia reginae Lythraceae Queen Crape Myrtle
Lagerstroemia tomentosa Lythraceae White Crape Myrtle
Lawsonia inermis Lythraceae Henna
Lythrum salicaria Lythrum argyi, Lythrum anceps Lythraceae Purple Loosestrife
Pemphis acidula Lythrum pemphis, Melanium fruticosum Lythraceae Pemphis
Punica granatum Lythraceae Pomegranate
Rotala densiflora Sellowia uliginosa, Rotala densiflora subsp. uliginosa Lythraceae Dense-Flowered Rotala
Rotala fimbriata Ammannia pentandra var. fimbriata Lythraceae Fringed Flower Rotala
Rotala floribunda Ameletia floribunda, Nimmoia floribunda, Ammannia floribunda Lythraceae Free-Flowering Rotala
Rotala macrandra Lythraceae Giant Red Rotala
Rotala malampuzhensis Lythraceae Malampurha Rotala
Rotala mexicana Ammannia rosea, Rotala apetala Lythraceae Mexican Rotala
Rotala rosea Rotala leptopetala, Ammannia rosea Lythraceae Rosy Rotala
Rotala rotundifolia Ammannia rotundifolia Lythraceae Roundleaf Toothcup
Rotala sahyadrica Lythraceae Sahyadri Rotala
Rotala tenuis Ammania tenuis, Micranthus serpyllifolia, Rotala serpyllifolia Lythraceae Slender Rotala
Sonneratia alba Lythraceae Sweet-Scented Apple Mangrove
Sonneratia apetala Lythraceae Sonneratia Mangrove
Sonneratia caseolaris Sonneratia obovata, Sonneratia ovalis Lythraceae Apple Mangrove
Trapa natans Trapa bicornis var. quadrispinosa, Trapa assamica, Trapa quadrispinosa Lythraceae Water Chestnut
Woodfordia fruticosa Woodfordia floribunda Lythraceae Fire Flame Bush
Liriodendron tulipifera Magnoliaceae Tulip Tree
Magnolia andamanica Talauma andamanica Magnoliaceae Andaman Magnolia
Magnolia campbellii Magnoliaceae Campbell's Magnolia
Magnolia cathcartii Alcimandra cathcartii, Michelia cathcartii, Sampacca cathcartii Magnoliaceae Cathcart's Magnolia
Magnolia champaca Michelia champaca, Michelia rheedei, Champaca michelia Magnoliaceae Champa
Magnolia coco Magnoliaceae Dwarf Magnolia
Magnolia doltsopa Michelia doltsopa, Magnolia excelsa, Michelia manipurensis Magnoliaceae Temple Magnolia
Magnolia figo Magnolia annonifolia, Michelia figo, Liriodendron figo Magnoliaceae Banana Shrub
Magnolia grandiflora Magnoliaceae Magnolia
Magnolia hodgsonii Talauma hodgsonii, Lirianthe hodgsonii Magnoliaceae Hodgson Magnolia
Magnolia kisopa Michelia kisopa, Sampacca kisopa, Michelia zila, Michelia doltsopa subsp. kisopa Magnoliaceae Kisopa Magnolia
Magnolia liliifera Talauma candollei Magnoliaceae Egg Magnolia
Magnolia liliiflora Magnolia lilliflora Magnoliaceae Lily Magnolia
Magnolia nilagirica Michelia glaucaMichelia nilagirica, Magnoliaceae Nilgiri Champa
Magnolia punduana Michelia punduana, Sampacca punduana Magnoliaceae Pandua Magnolia
Magnolia x alba Michelia alba Magnoliaceae White Champa
Magnolia x soulangiana Magnoliaceae Saucer Magnolia
Aspidopterys canarensis Aspidopterys glomerata Malpighiaceae Kanara Climber
Aspidopterys cordata Hiraea cordata, Hiptage cordata Malpighiaceae Bokadvel
Aspidopterys wallichii Aspidopterys nutans, Hiraea nutans, Hiraea lanuginosa Malpighiaceae Wallich's Shield-Wing Climber
Byrsonima crassifolia Malpighia cinerea, Malpighia crassifolia, Byrsonima cinerea Malpighiaceae Nance
Galphimia gracilis Malpighiaceae Gold Shower
Heteropterys glabra Heteropterys angustifolia, Heteropteris lanceolata Malpighiaceae Red Wing
Hiptage benghalensis Malpighiaceae Madhavi Lata
Malpighia coccigera Malpighiaceae Miniature Holly
Malpighia glabra Malpighiaceae Barbados Cherry
Stigmaphyllon emarginatum Stigmaphyllon periplocifolium, Stigmaphyllon haitiens Malpighiaceae Monarch Amazonvine
Tristellateia australasiae Malpighiaceae Australian Gold Vine
Abelmoschus angulosus Abelmoschus angulosus var. grandiflorus Malvaceae Angled Wild Mallow
Abelmoschus angulosus var. purpureus Hibiscus setinervis Malvaceae Purple Wild Musk Mallow
Abelmoschus crinitus Hibiscus cancellatus Malvaceae Hairy Okra
Abelmoschus esculentus Abelmoschus bammia, Abelmoschus longifolius Malvaceae Ladies Finger
Abelmoschus ficulneus Hibiscus ficulneus Malvaceae White Wild Musk Mallow
Abelmoschus manihot Hibiscus manihot Malvaceae Sweet Hibiscus
Abelmoschus moschatus Hibiscus abelmoschu Malvaceae Musk Mallow
Abelmoschus moschatus subsp. tuberosus Abelmoschus rugosus, Abelmoschus coccineus Malvaceae Pink Swamp Mallow
Abutilon hirtum Abutilon heterotrichum, Abutilon indicum var. hirtum Malvaceae Hairy Indian Mallow
Abutilon indicum Sida indica, Abutilon asiaticum, Abutilon arborescens Malvaceae Indian Mallow
Abutilon megapotamicum Malvaceae Trailing Abutilon
Abutilon pannosum Sida pannosa, Abutilon muticum, Abutilon glaucum Malvaceae Ragged Mallow
Abutilon persicum Sida macrophylla, Sida persica, Sida polyandra Malvaceae Persian Mallow
Abutilon pictum Abutilon striatum, Abutilon thompsonii, Sida picta Malvaceae Painted Mallow
Abutilon ramosum Sida ramosa, Abutilon sidoides Malvaceae Sticky Indian Mallow
Abutilon ranadei Malvaceae Son Ghanta
Abutilon theophrasti Sida planiflora, Abutilon avicennae, Malva abutilon Malvaceae Buttonweed
Alcea rosea Malvaceae Double Hollyhock
Alcea rosea Malvaceae Hollyhock
Althaea ludwigii Malva ludwigii L., Althaea laevis, Malva malwensis, Althaea laevis Malvaceae Ludwig's Marshmallow
Byttneria herbacea Malvaceae Herbaceous Byttneria
Corchorus depressus Corchorus antichorus, Corchorus humilis, Corchorus microphyllus Malvaceae Bahuphali
Cullenia exarillata Cullenia rosayroana Malvaceae Wild Durian
Decaschistia crotonifolia Malvaceae Croton Leaf Mysore Mallow
Decaschistia trilobata Malvaceae Lobed Leaved Mysore Mallow
Dombeya pulchra Malvaceae Silver Dombeya
Dombeya spectabilis Assonia spectabilis Malvaceae Dombeya
Dombeya tiliacea Dombeya natalensis, Dombeya gracilis Malvaceae Forest Wild Pear
Dombeya wallichii Astrapaea wallichii Malvaceae Pink Ball Dombeya
Gossypium arboreum Malvaceae Cotton
Gossypium hirsutum Gossypium mexicanum, Gossypium religiosum Malvaceae Mexican Cotton
Herissantia crispa Abutilon crispum, Abutilon cistiflorum Malvaceae Bladder Mallow
Hibiscus acetosella Malvaceae Cranberry Hibiscus
Hibiscus caesius Hibiscus gibsonii, Hibiscus heptaphyllus, Hibiscus pentaphyllus Malvaceae Five-Fingered Mallow
Hibiscus canescens Malvaceae Greyish Hibiscus
Hibiscus cannabinus Malvaceae Kenaf
Hibiscus hirtus Hibiscus rosa-malabarica, Hibiscus virgatus Malvaceae Lesser Mallow orange
Hibiscus hirtus Malvaceae Lesser Mallow white
Hibiscus hispidissimus Malvaceae Wild Hibiscus
Hibiscus lobatus Solandra lobata, Hibiscus solandra Malvaceae Lobed Leaf Mallow
Hibiscus lunariifolius Cotyloplecta dongolensis, Cotyloplecta macrantha Malvaceae Lunaria-Leaf Hibiscus
Hibiscus micranthus Hibiscus ovalifolius Malvaceae Tiny Flower Hibiscus
Hibiscus moscheutos 'Luna Red' Malvaceae Luna Red Rose Mallow
Hibiscus moscheutos 'Southern Belle' Malvaceae Southern Belle Hibiscus
Hibiscus mutabilis Malvaceae Changeable Rose
Hibiscus panduriformis Malvaceae Yellow Hibiscus
Hibiscus platanifolius Pavonia platanifolia, Hibiscus eriocarpus, Hibiscus collinus Malvaceae Maple-Leaved Mallow
Hibiscus radiatus Hibiscus lindleyi, Canhamo braziliensis Malvaceae Monarch Rosemallow
Hibiscus rosa-sinensis Malvaceae China Rose
Hibiscus sabdariffa Malvaceae Roselle
Hibiscus schizopetalus Malvaceae Japanese Hibiscus
Hibiscus surattensis Furcaria surattensis Malvaceae Bush Sorrel
Hibiscus syriacus Malvaceae Rose of Sharon
Hibiscus trionum Ketmia trionum, Hibiscus vesicarius, Trionum annuum Malvaceae Flower of an Hour
Hibiscus vitifolius Fioria vitifolia, Kosteletzkya vitifolia Malvaceae Grape Leaved Mallow
Kydia calycina Malvaceae Kydia
Lavatera cachemiriana Malvaceae Kashmir Mallow
Malachra capitata Sida capitata Malvaceae Brazil Jute
Malva microcarpa Malva parviflora var. microcarpa Malvaceae Least Mallow
Malva neglecta Malva rotundifolia Malvaceae Common Mallow
Malva pusilla Malva rotundifolia L., Malva lignescens Malvaceae Small Mallow
Malvastrum coromandelianum Malva coromandeliana, Malvastrum tricuspidatum Malvaceae False Mallow
Malva sylvestris Malvaceae High Mallow
Malva verticillata Malva crispa, Althaea crispa, Malva meluca, Malva mohileviensis Malvaceae Chinese Mallow
Malvaviscus arboreus var. arboreus Malvaviscus arboreus var. mexicanus Malvaceae Sleeping Hibiscus
Malvaviscus arboreus var. drummondii Malvaviscus drummondii Malvaceae Wax Mallow
Malvaviscus penduliflorus Malvaceae Pendulous Sleeping Hibiscus
Modiola caroliniana Malva caroliniana, Modiola prostrata Malvaceae Carolina Bristle Mallow
Pavonia glechomifolia Pavonia coxii, Lebretonia glechomifolia Malvaceae Pennyroyal Swamp Mallow
Pavonia odorata Malvaceae Fragrant Swamp Mallow
Pavonia zeylanica Malvaceae Ceylon Swamp Mallow
Pentapetes phoenicea Malvaceae Midday Flower
Sida acuta Sida earpinifolia, Sida lanceolata, Sida frutescens Malvaceae Common Wireweed
Sida cordata Melochia cordata, Sida humilis, Sida veronicifolia Malvaceae Long-Stalk Sida
Sida cordifolia Sida herbacea, Sida holosericea Malvaceae Heart-Leaf Sida
Sida mysorensis Sida glutinosa, Sida urticifolia, Sida wightiana Malvaceae Mysore Fanpetals
Sida ovata Sida aurescens, Sida dinterana, Sida flexuosa, Sida grewioides Malvaceae Oval-Leaf Fan-Petals
Sida rhombifolia Malvaceae Jelly Leaf
Sida schimperiana Malvaceae Schimper's Sida
Sida spinosa Malvaceae Prickly Fan-Petals
Sidastrum micranthum Sida micrantha Malvaceae Dainty Sand Mallow
Sida subcordata Sida corylifolia Malvaceae Eastern Fan-Petals
Sida yunnanensis Malvaceae Chinese Fan-Petals
Talipariti hastatum Hibiscus hastatus, Hibiscus tiliaceus subsp. hastatus Malvaceae Lobed Leaf Sea Hibiscus
Talipariti tiliaceum Hibiscus tiliaceus, Hibiscus tiliaceus subsp. tiliaceus Malvaceae Sea Hibiscus
Thespesia lampas Azanza lampas, Hibiscus lampas Malvaceae Ban Kapas
Thespesia populnea Hibiscus populneus, Abelmoschus acuminatus, Hibiscus blumei Malvaceae Indian Tulip Tree
Urena lobata Malvaceae Caesarweed
Urena sinuata Urena lobata ssp. sinuata, Urena lobata var. sinuata Malvaceae Burr Mallow
Calathea crotalifera Calathea insignis, Phyllodes insignis Marantaceae Rattlesnake Plant
Calathea lutea Calathea discolor, Maranta lutea, Maranta argentea Marantaceae Cuban Cigar
Calathea zebrina Maranta zebrina, Maranta pulchella Marantaceae Zebra Plant
Indianthus virgatus Maranta virgata Marantaceae White Indianthus
Maranta arundinacea Maranta sylvatica Marantaceae West-Indian Arrowroot
Maranta leuconeura Marantaceae Prayer Plant
Stachyphrynium spicatum Stachyphrynium zeylanicum, Stachyphrynium sinense, Maranta caespitosa Marantaceae Marsh Maranta
Thalia dealbata Maranta dealbata, Spirostalis biflora Marantaceae Powdery Thalia
Thalia geniculata Thalia erecta, Maranta geniculata, Thalia dipetala Marantaceae Alligator Flag
Martynia annua Martyniaceae Devils Claws
Paris polyphylla Melanthiaceae Himalayan Paris
Trillium govanianum Trillidium govanianum Melanthiaceae Himalayan Trillium
Clidemia hirta Melastoma elegans, Melastoma hirtum Melastomataceae Koster's Curse
Heterotis rotundifolia Dissotis rotundifolia, Melastoma plumosum, Osbeckia rotundifolia Melastomataceae Spanish Shawl
Medinilla beddomei Medinilla radicans, Triplectrum radicans Melastomataceae Nilgiri Medinilla
Medinilla multiflora Medinilla myriantha, Medinilla confusa, Medinilla vulcanica Melastomataceae Malaysian Grapes
Melastoma malabathricum Melastomataceae Malabar Melastome
Melastoma malabathricum subsp. normale Melastoma normale, Melastoma nepalensis Melastomataceae Himalayan Melastome
Memecylon angustifolium Melastomataceae Blue Mist
Memecylon deccanense Memecylon wightianum, Memecylon heyneanum Melastomataceae Deccan Memecylon
Memecylon depressum Melastomataceae Depressed Memecylon
Memecylon lawsonii Melastomataceae Lawson's Memecylon
Memecylon randerianum Memecylon malabaricum Cogn. Melastomataceae Malabar Memecylon
Memecylon sessile Memecylon subcordatum, Memecylon amplexicaule var. cordatum Melastomataceae Stalkless Memecylon
Memecylon talbotianum Melastomataceae Talbot Memecylon
Memecylon terminale Memecylon amabile Melastomataceae Smallest Indian Memecylon
Memecylon umbellatum Memecylon edule Melastomataceae Ironwood Tree
Osbeckia brachystemon Osbeckia cupularis, Osbeckia coronata, Osbeckia leschenaultiana Dalz. & Gibs. Melastomataceae Cup-Shaped Osbeckia
Osbeckia crinita Osbeckia stellata var. crinita, Osbeckia robusta Melastomataceae Hairy Osbeckia
Osbeckia gracilis Osbeckia lineolata, Osbeckia sublaevis Melastomataceae Slender Osbeckia
Osbeckia muralis Osbeckia truncata var. kurzii, Osbeckia zeylanica Steud. ex Naud. Melastomataceae Wall Osbeckia
Osbeckia nepalensis Osbeckia chulesis, Melastoma napalense Melastomataceae Nepal Pink Osbeckia
Osbeckia nepalensis var. albiflora Osbeckia speciosa Melastomataceae Nepal White Osbeckia
Osbeckia parvifolia Melastomataceae Small-Leaf Osbeckia
Osbeckia reticulata Melastomataceae Giant Osbeckia
Osbeckia stellata Osbeckia sikkimensis, Osbeckia pulchra, Osbeckia rostrata Melastomataceae Starry Osbeckia
Osbeckia virgata Melastoma glomeratum, Osbeckia saxatilis Melastomataceae Rock Osbeckia
Oxyspora paniculata Arthrostemma paniculatum Melastomataceae Bristletips
Oxyspora vagans Melastoma vagans, Oxyspora paniculata var. vagans Melastomataceae Wandering Oxyspora
Pleroma semidecandrum Tibouchina semidecandra, Lasiandra semidecandra Melastomataceae Purple Glory Tree
Sonerila erecta Sonerila cheliensis, Sonerila tenera, Sonerila epilobioides Melastomataceae Erect Sonerila
Sonerila khasiana Cassebeeria khasiana Melastomataceae Khasi Sonerila
Sonerila maculata Sonerila laeta, Sonerila rivularis Melastomataceae Spotted-Leaf Sonerila
Sonerila pulneyensis Melastomataceae Palani Sonerilla
Sonerila rheedei Sonerila rheedii, Sonerila rheedi Melastomataceae Rheed's Sonerila
Sonerila rotundifolia Cassebeeria rotundifolia Melastomataceae Roundleaf Sonerila
Sonerila scapigera Melastomataceae Scaped Sonerila
Sonerila speciosa Sonerila elegans Hook., Sonerila orbiculata, Sonerila solanoides Melastomataceae Showy Sonerila
Sonerila sreenarayaniana Melastomataceae Sree Narayana Sonerila
Sonerila tinnevelliensis Melastomataceae Tirunelveli Sonerila
Sonerila versicolor Melastomataceae Colorful Sonerila
Sonerila wallichii Cassebeeria maculata, Cassebeeria wallichii, Sonerila acaulis Melastomataceae Wallich's Sonerila
Tibouchina urvilleana Tibouchina maudhiana, Tibouchina semidecandra, Lasiandra semidecandra Melastomataceae Princess Flower
Aglaia elaeagnoidea Aglaia roxbughiana, Milnea roxburghiana, Nemedra elaeagnoidea Meliaceae Priyangu
Aglaia lawii Aglaia tetrapetala, Aglaia sclerocarpa, Aglaia racemosa Meliaceae Law's Aglaia
Aglaia simplicifolia Aglaia triandraAglaia meliosmoides Meliaceae Simple-Leaved Aglaia
Aphanamixis polystachya Aglaia polystachya, Amoora rohituka, Andersonia rohituka Meliaceae Pithraj Tree
Azadirachta indica Melia azadirachta, Antelaea azadirachta Meliaceae Neem
Chukrasia tabularis Meliaceae Chikrasi
Cipadessa baccifera Melia baccifera, Cipadessa fruticosa Meliaceae Ranabili
Dysoxylum gotadhora Guarea gotadhora, Dysoxylum binectariferum, Guarea binectarifera Meliaceae Cup-Calyx White Cedar
Heynea trijuga Meliaceae Indian Heynea
Khaya senegalensis Swietenia senegalensis Meliaceae African Mahogany
Melia azedarach Melia azedarach var. japonica, Melia toosendan Meliaceae Persian Lilac
Melia dubia Melia composita Meliaceae Malabar Neem
Naregamia alata Meliaceae Goanese Ipecac
Soymida febrifuga Swietenia febrifuga Meliaceae Indian Redwood
Swietenia macrophylla Meliaceae Big-Leaf Mahogany
Toona ciliata Meliaceae Toon Tree
Toona sinensis Toona serrata, Toona glabra, Cedrela sinensis Meliaceae Chinese Toon
Turraea pubescens Hellen. Turraea virens, Turraea villosa Benn. Meliaceae Asian Honeysuckle Tree
Walsura trifoliolata Heynea trifolia, Walsura trifolia Meliaceae Three-Leaf Walsura
Xylocarpus granatum Xylocarpus obovatus Meliaceae Cannonball Mangrove
Anamirta cocculus Cocculus indicus, Menispermum cocculus, Anamirta paniculata Menispermaceae Fish Berry
Cissampelos pareira var. hirsuta Cissampelos hirsuta, Cissampelos nepalensis, Cissampelos cordifolia Menispermaceae Velvet Leaf
Cocculus hirsutus Cocculus villosus Menispermaceae Broom Creeper
Cocculus laurifolius Cinnamomum esquirolii Menispermaceae Laurel-Leaved Snail Tree
Cocculus pendulus Cocculus ellipticus, Menispermum ellipticum, Cocculus laevis Menispermaceae Pilwan
Cyclea peltata Cyclea burmanii, Cyclea versicolor, Cyclea discolor Menispermaceae Indian Moon-Seed
Diploclisia glaucescens Cocculus glaucescens, Cocculus macrocarpus Menispermaceae Glaucous Diploclisia
Stephania elegans Menispermaceae Elegant Tape Vine
Stephania glabra Menispermaceae Hairless Tape Vine
Stephania gracilenta Menispermaceae Slender Tape Vine
Stephania japonica Menispermum japonicum, Cissampelos hemandifolia, Menispermaceae Tape Vine
Tiliacora acuminata Menispermum acuminatum Lam., Tiliacora racemosa Colebr. Menispermaceae Tapering-Leaf Tiliacora
Tinospora cordifolia Menispermaceae Gulbel
Tinospora sinensis Campylus sinensis, Tinospora malabarica Menispermaceae Malabar Gulbel
Nymphoides hydrophylla Nymphoides cristata, Villarsia cristata, Menyanthes hydrophylla Menyanthaceae Crested Floatingheart
Nymphoides indica Nymphoides humboldtiana, Nymphoides indicum Menyanthaceae Water Snowflake
Nymphoides peltata Limnanthemum peltatum, Nymphoides flava, Nymphoides natans Menyanthaceae Yellow Floating Heart
Acacia auriculiformis Mimosaceae Earleaf Acacia
Acacia confusa Mimosaceae Formosa Acacia
Acacia eburnea Acacia campbellii, Acacia roxburghii, Mimosa eburnea Mimosaceae Indian Cockspur Thorn
Acacia ferruginea Mimosa ferruginea Mimosaceae Rusty Acacia
Acacia horrida Mimosa horrida Mimosaceae Robber Thorn
Acacia mangium Racosperma mangium, Mangium montanum Mimosaceae Hickory Wattle
Acacia mearnsii Mimosaceae Black Wattle
Acacia melanoxylon Acacia arcuata, Acacia melanoxylum, Mimosa melanoxylon, Mimosa melanoxylum Mimosaceae Australian Blackwood
Acacia mellifera Mimosa mellifera, Inga mellifera Mimosaceae Black Thorn
Acacia modesta Mimosa dumosa Mimosaceae Amritsar Gum
Acacia nilotica ssp. tomentosa Acacia arabica var. tomentosa, Acacia nilotica var. tomentosa Mimosaceae Tomentose Babool
Acacia nilotica subsp. indica Mimosaceae Babool
Acacia pennata Mimosa pennata, Acacia pendata, Acacia delavayi Mimosaceae Climbing Acacia
Acacia planifrons Acacia planiformis, Acacia roxburghii auct. non Wight & Arn. Mimosaceae Umbrella Thorn
Acacia polyacantha Acacia catechu auct. non L., Acacia suma, Mimosa suma Mimosaceae White Thorn
Acacia senegal Acacia verek Mimosaceae Gum Arabic Tree
Acacia torta Mimosa torta, Acacia intsia, Acacia caesia Mimosaceae Twisted Acacia
Adenanthera microsperma Adenanthera pavonina var. microsperma Mimosaceae Bead Tree
Adenanthera pavonina Adenanthera gersenii, Adenanthera polita, Corallaria parvifolia Mimosaceae Red Bead Tree
Albizia amara subsp. amara Mimosa amara Mimosaceae Krishna Siris
Albizia chinensis Acacia stipulacea, Mimosa chinensis, Mimosa marginata Mimosaceae Chinese Albizia
Albizia julibrissin Acacia julibrissin, Acacia mollis, Mimosa arborea Mimosaceae Silktree Mimosa
Albizia lebbeck Mimosaceae Siris Tree
Albizia lucidior Albizia lucida, Inga lucidior, Mimosa lucida Mimosaceae Potka Siris
Albizia odoratissima Acacia odoratissima, Albizia micrantha, Mimosa odoratissima Mimosaceae Black Siris
Albizia procera Mimosaceae White Siris
Albizia saman Samanea saman, Acacia propinquaMimosa saman Mimosaceae Rain Tree
Archidendron bigeminum Mimosa bigemina, Archidendron monadelphum Mimosaceae Kachlora
Calliandra brevipes Anneslia brevipes, Calliandra selloi Mimosaceae Pink Powder Puff
Calliandra calothyrsus Anneslia calothyrsa, Anneslia confusa, Anneslia similis Mimosaceae Spiked Powder Puff
Calliandra emarginata Mimosaceae Dwarf Powder Puff
Calliandra haematocephala Mimosaceae Powder Puff
Calliandra houstoniana Mimosa houstoniana Mimosaceae Tree Powderpuff
Calliandra surinamensis Calliandra tenuiflora, Acacia fasciculata, Inga fasciculata Mimosaceae Surinam Powderpuff
Desmanthus virgatus Mimosa virgata, Acacia virgata Mimosaceae Wild Tantan
Dichrostachys cinerea Cailliea glomerata, Dichrostachys glomerata, Mimosa cinerea Mimosaceae Sickle Bush
Entada rheedei Entada rheedii, Entada pursaetha Mimosaceae Sea Bean
Enterolobium contortisiliquum Enterolobium glaucescens, Mimosa contortisiliqua Mimosaceae Earpod Tree
Indopiptadenia oudhensis Piptadenia oudhensis Mimosaceae Gainti
Leucaena leucocephala Leucaena glauca Mimosaceae Wild Tamarind
Mimosa diplotricha Mimosa invisa, Mimosa longisiliqua, Morongia pilosa Mimosaceae Giant Sensitive Plant
Mimosa hamata Mimosa armata Mimosaceae Hooked Mimosa
Mimosa himalayana Mimosa rubricaulis subsp. himalayana, Mimosa rubricaulis sensu auct. Mimosaceae Himalayan Mimosa
Mimosa pudica Mimosaceae Touch Me Not
Mimosa rubicaulis Mimosaceae South-Indian Mimosa
Neptunia oleracea Neptunia natans, Neptunia prostrata Mimosaceae Sensitive Water Plant
Neptunia triquetra Desmanthus triquetris, Desmanthus triquetrus, Mimosa triquetra Mimosaceae Yellow Sensitive Plant
Parkia biglandulosa Mimosaceae Badminton Ball Tree
Parkia timoriana Parkia javanica, Parkia roxburghii Mimosaceae Tree Bean
Pithecellobium dulce Mimosaceae Madras Thorn
Prosopis cineraria Mimosa cineraria, Prosopis spicata, Prosopis spicigera Mimosaceae Khejri Tree
Senegalia catechu Acacia catechu, Mimosa catechu, Acacia wallichiana Mimosaceae Black Cutch Tree
Senegalia chundra Acacia chundra, Mimosa chundra, Acacia sundra Mimosaceae Red Cutch Tree
Senegalia rugata Acacia hooperiana, Acacia concinna, Mimosa concinna Mimosaceae Shikakai
Vachellia farnesiana Acacia acicularis, Acacia farnesiana, Mimosa farnesiana Mimosaceae Mimosa Bush
Vachellia leucophloea Mimosa leucophloea, Acacia leucophloea Mimosaceae White Bark Acacia
Xylia xylocarpa Mimosa xylocarpa, Xylia dolabriformis Mimosaceae Burma Ironwood
Corbichonia decumbens Portulaca decumbens, Glinus mucronatus, Orygia decumbens Molluginaceae Prostrate Purslane
Gisekia pharnaceoides Gisekia linearifolia, Gisekia molluginoides, Gisekia rubella Molluginaceae Gisekia
Glinus lotoides Mollugo lotoides, Mollugo hirta Molluginaceae Lotus Sweetjuice
Glinus oppositifolius Mollugo oppositifolia, Mollugo spergula Molluginaceae Jima
Hypertelis cerviana Mollugo cerviana, Pharnaceum cerviana, Pharnaceum glabrum Molluginaceae Thread-Stem Carpetweed
Mollugo nudicaulis Lampetia nudicaulis Molluginaceae Naked-Stem Carpetweed
Trigastrotheca pentaphylla Mollugo pentaphylla Molluginaceae Five Leaved Carpetweed
Trigastrotheca stricta Mollugo stricta Molluginaceae Erect Carpetweed
Antiaris toxicaria Ficus challa, Antiaris zeylanica Moraceae Upas Tree
Artocarpus altilis Moraceae Breadfruit
Artocarpus heterophyllus Artocarpus integer, Artocarpus integrifolia, Artocarpus jaca Moraceae Jackfruit
Artocarpus hirsutus Artocarpus pubescens, Saccus hirsutus Moraceae Wild Jackfruit
Artocarpus lacucha Artocarpus lakoocha, Artocarpus ficifolius Moraceae Lakoocha
Broussonetia papyrifera Morus papyrifera, Papyrius papyriferus Moraceae Paper Mulberry
Dorstenia foetida Moraceae Grendelion
Ficus altissima Ficus latifolia, Ficus laccifera, Ficus cartagenensis Moraceae Lofty Fig
Ficus amplocarpa Ficus macrocarpa, Pogonotrophe macrocarpa Moraceae Large-Fruit Climbing Fig
Ficus arnottiana Urostigma arnottiana Moraceae Indian Rock Fig
Ficus auriculata Ficus oligodon, Ficus roxburghii Moraceae Elephant Ear Fig
Ficus benghalensis Moraceae Banyan Tree
Ficus benghalensis var. krishnae Ficus krishnae Moraceae Krishna Fig
Ficus benjamina Moraceae Weeping Fig
Ficus callosa Ficus cordatifolia, Ficus cinerascens, Ficus porteana Moraceae Calloused Fig
Ficus carica Moraceae Anjeer
Ficus curtipes Ficus obtusifolia Roxb. [Illegitimate] Moraceae Eastern Laurel Fig
Ficus drupacea var. pubescens Ficus mysorensis, Ficus mysorensis var. pubescens Moraceae Mysore Fig
Ficus elastica Ficus cordata, Ficus decora Moraceae Rubber Tree
Ficus exasperata Ficus asperrima, Ficus punctifera Moraceae Brahma's Banyan
Ficus hederacea Ficus fructicosa Moraceae Ivy Fig
Ficus hispida Ficus oppositifolia, Ficus compressa, Covellia hispida Moraceae Hairy Fig
Ficus lamponga Ficus balansae, Ficus lepidosa Moraceae Lampung Fig
Ficus lyrata Ficus pandurata Moraceae Fiddle Leaf Fig
Ficus microcarpa Ficus regnans, Ficus littoralis, Ficus dahlii Moraceae Laurel Fig
Ficus mollis Moraceae Soft Fig
Ficus natalensis subsp. leprieurii Ficus triangularis, Ficus leprieurii Moraceae Natal Fig
Ficus neriifolia Ficus nemoralis var. gemella, Ficus gemella, Ficus wardii Moraceae Willow-Leaf Fig
Ficus palmata ssp. virgata Ficus pseudocarica, Ficus palmata sensu King Moraceae Punjab Fig
Ficus pubigera Ficus erecta var. khasiana , Ficus howii Moraceae Khasi Fig
Ficus pumila Moraceae Climbing Fig
Ficus racemosa Ficus glomerata, Ficus lucescens, Ficus racemosa var. elongata Moraceae Goolar
Ficus religiosa Ficus peepul, Ficus superstitiosa, Ficus caudata Moraceae Peepal
Ficus rumphii Ficus cordifolia, Ficus populnea Moraceae Golden Rumph's Fig
Ficus sarmentosa Ficus oblongifolia, Ficus cabur, Ficus nepalensis Moraceae Nepal Fig
Ficus semicordata Covellia cunia, Ficus cunia, Ficus conglomerata Moraceae Drooping Fig
Ficus simplicissima Ficus hirta, Ficus setosa, Ficus ochracea Moraceae East-Indian Hairy Fig
Ficus talbotii Ficus pierrei Moraceae Talbot Fig
Ficus tinctoria subsp. gibbosa Ficus gibbosa, Ficus parasitica, Ficus swinhoei Moraceae Dye Fig
Ficus tsjakela Ficus tsjahela Burm. f. Moraceae Karal Fig
Ficus virens Ficus infectoria Moraceae White Fig
Maclura cochinchinensis Vanieria cochinchinensis, Cudrania javanensis, Cudrania cochinchinensis Moraceae Cockspur Thorn
Maclura spinosa Moraceae Spiny Maclura
Morus alba Moraceae White Mulberry
Morus macroura Morus alba var. laevigata, Morus laevigata Moraceae King White Mulberry
Morus serrata Morus alba var. serrata, Morus pabularia Moraceae Himalayan Mulberry
Streblus asper Moraceae Sand Paper Tree
Moringa concanensis Moringaceae Konkan Moringa
Moringa oleifera Moringa zeylanica Moringaceae Drumstick Tree
Muntingia calabura Muntingiaceae Jamaica Cherry
Ensete glaucum Musa nepalensis Musaceae Snow Banana
Ensete superbum Musa superba Musaceae Rock Banana
Musa coccinea Musa uranoscopos Musaceae Scarlet Banana
Musa kamengensis Musaceae Kameng Wild Banana
Musa rubra Musa laterita Musaceae Red Ornamental Banana
Musa velutina Musaceae Velvet Pink Banana
Musa x paradisiaca Karkandela x malabarica, Musa x champa, Musa x dacca Musaceae Banana
Myrica esculenta Myrica sapida Myricaceae Box Myrtle
Gymnacranthera canarica Gymnacranthera farquhariana Myristicaceae Kanara Nutmeg
Knema attenuata Myristica attenuata Myristicaceae Wild Nutmeg
Myristica beddomei Myristicaceae Bitter Nutmeg
Myristica fragrans Myristica aromatica, Myristica moschata, Myristica officinalis Myristicaceae Nutmeg
Myristica magnifica Myristica fatua var magnifica Myristicaceae Magnificent Nutmeg
Myristica malabarica Myristicaceae Malabar Nutmeg
Aegiceras corniculatum Rhizophora corniculata Myrsinaceae River Mangrove
Ardisia macrocarpa Myrsinaceae Himalayan Coralberry
Ardisia oxyphylla Myrsinaceae Pointed-Leaf Ardisia
Ardisia paniculata Ardisia volubilis, Ardisia ovata Myrsinaceae Panicled Coralberry
Ardisia solanacea Ardisia elliptica, Ardisia humilis Myrsinaceae Shoebutton Ardisia
Myrsine africana Myrsinaceae Cape Myrtle
Myrsine semiserrata Myrsine semiserrata var. brachypoda Myrsinaceae Blueberry Myrtle
Callistemon rigidus Myrtaceae Stiff Bottle Brush
Callistemon salignus Myrtaceae White Bottle Brush
Callistemon viminalis Myrtaceae Weeping Bottle Brush
Corymbia citriodora Eucalyptus citriodora Myrtaceae Lemon Scented Gum
Eucalyptus deglupta Myrtaceae Rainbow Eucalyptus
Eucalyptus microtheca Myrtaceae Coolabah
Eucalyptus tereticornis Myrtaceae Forest Red Gum
Eugenia phillyraeoides Syzygium phillyraeoides, Eugenia mooniana var. gracilis Myrtaceae Ceylon Plum
Eugenia roxburghii Eugenia macrosepala, Syzygium bracteatum, Myrtus bracteata Myrtaceae Roxburgh's Cherry
Eugenia singampattiana Myrtaceae Jungle Guava
Eugenia uniflora Myrtaceae Surinam Cherry
Leptospermum trinervium Leptospermum pendulum, Leptospermum lucidum Myrtaceae Flaky-Barked Tea-Tree
Melaleuca bracteata Melaleuca genistifolia, Melaleuca monticola Myrtaceae Golden Bottle Brush
Melaleuca leucadendron Myrtaceae Cajuput Tree
Melaleuca linariifolia Melaleuca hyssopifolia, Melaleuca stricta Myrtaceae Narrow-Leaf Paperbark
Melaleuca styphelioides Myrtaceae Prickly Paperbark
Myrtus communis Myrtaceae True Myrtle
Psidium cattleianum Myrtaceae Chinese Guava
Psidium guajava Psidium fragrans, Psidium pomiferum, Psidium cujavus Myrtaceae Guava
Psidium guajava Myrtaceae Red Malaysian Guava
Rhodomyrtus tomentosa Myrtus tomentosa, Myrtus canescens, Cynomyrtus tomentosa Myrtaceae Rose Myrtle
Syzygium australe Eugenia australis, Jambosa australis, Eugenia myrtifolia Myrtaceae Brush Cherry
Syzygium calophyllifolium Eugenia calophyllifolia Myrtaceae Pretty-Leaved Plum
Syzygium caryophyllatum Myrtus caryophyllata, Syzygium caryophyllaeum, Eugenia corymbosa Myrtaceae South Indian Plum
Syzygium cumini Myrtaceae Jamun
Syzygium hemisphericum Jambosa hemispherica, Eugenia hemispherica, Strongylocalyx hemisphaericus Myrtaceae Hemispheric Rose-Apple
Syzygium heyneanum Eugenia heyneana Myrtaceae Kath Jamun
Syzygium jambos Eugenia jambos, Eugenia decora, Myrtus jambos Myrtaceae Rose Apple
Syzygium laetum Myrtaceae Dev Jambhul
Syzygium malaccense Eugenia malaccensis, Jambosa malaccensis Myrtaceae Malay Apple
Syzygium munronii Eugenia munronii, Jambosa munronii Myrtaceae Munro's Plum
Syzygium samarangense Eugenia javanica Myrtaceae Wax Apple
Syzygium zeylanicum Eugenia zeylanica, Eugenia spicata Myrtaceae Spicate Eugenia
Xanthostemon chrysanthus Metrosideros chrysantha, Nania chrysantha Myrtaceae Golden Penda
Aletris pauciflora Aletris nepalensis Hook.f. [Illeg.], Stachyopogon pauciflorus, Aletris delavayi Nartheciaceae Few Flowered Colic-Root
Aletris pauciflora var. khasiana Aletris khasiana, Aletris lanuginosa Nartheciaceae Khasi Colic-Root
Aletris scopulorum Aletris makiyataroi Nartheciaceae Cliff Colic-Root
Nelumbo nucifera Nelumbium speciosum Nelumbonaceae Lotus
Nepenthes khasiana Nepenthaceae Indian Pitcher Plant
Boerhavia diffusa Boerhavia paniculata, Boerhavia acutifolia Nyctaginaceae Red Spiderling
Boerhavia erecta Nyctaginaceae Erect Spiderling
Bougainvillea glabra Nyctaginaceae Bougainvillea
Bougainvillea spectabilis Nyctaginaceae Great Bougainvillea
Commicarpus chinensis Boerhavia chinensis, Boerhavia repanda, Valeriana chinensis Nyctaginaceae Diffuse Hogweed
Commicarpus helenae Boerhavia helenae, Boerhavia scandens, Boerhavia stellata Nyctaginaceae St Helena Hogweed
Mirabilis jalapa Nyctaginaceae Four O'clock
Pisonia aculeata Pallavia aculeata, Pisonia loranthoides Nyctaginaceae Thorny Pisonia
Pisonia umbellifera Pisonia alba, Pisonia excelsa, Calpidia excelsa Nyctaginaceae Lettuce Tree
Cabomba caroliniana Cabomba australis Nymphaeaceae Carolina Fanwort
Euryale ferox Anneslea spinosa, Euryale indica Nymphaeaceae Prickly Waterlily
Nuphar lutea Nymphaea lutea, Nelumbo nucifera var. lutea, Nelumbo nucifera subsp. lutea Nymphaeaceae Yellow Pond Lily
Nymphaea alba Castalia alba, Nymphaea venusta, Nymphaea splendens Nymphaeaceae Nilofar
Nymphaea alba x Nymphaea odorata "Nymphaea alba var. rubra" Nymphaeaceae Meghalaya Red Water Lily
Nymphaea gigantea Castalia gigantea, Victoria fitzroyana Nymphaeaceae Large Blue Water Lily
Nymphaea 'Lemon Mist' Nymphaeaceae Lemon Mist Water Lily
Nymphaea 'Marliacea Chromatella' Nymphaeaceae Chromatella Waterlily
Nymphaea mexicana Nymphaea flava, Castalia mexicana Nymphaeaceae Mexican Waterlily
Nymphaea nouchali Nymphaea stellata, Nymphaea cyanea, Nymphaea edgeworthii Nymphaeaceae Blue Water Lily
Nymphaea 'Panama Pacific' Nymphaeaceae Tropical Water Lily
Nymphaea pubescens Nymphaea lotus var. pubescens, Nymphaea purpurea, Nymphaea esculenta Nymphaeaceae Pink Water Lily
Nymphaea pubescens Nymphaea lotus var. pubescens, Nymphaea purpurea, Nymphaea esculenta Nymphaeaceae White Water Lily
Nymphaea rubra Nymphaea rosea, Leuconymphaea rubra, Nymphaea magnifica Nymphaeaceae Red Water Lily
Victoria amazonica Nymphaeaceae Giant Water Lily
Gomphia serrata Campylospermum beccarianum, Campylospermum wallichianum Ochnaceae Toothed-Leaf Gomphia
Ochna obtusata Ochna squarrosa Ochnaceae Ramdhan Champa
Erythropalum scandens Erythropalum vagum, Erythropalum grandifolium Olacaceae Redstake Climber
Olax imbricata Olax wightiana, Ximenia olacoides Olacaceae South Asian Olax
Olax scandens Fissilia psittacorum, Olax psittacorum Vahl Olacaceae Parrot Olax
Ximenia americana Ximenia montana, Ximenia elliptica, Ximenia aculeata Olacaceae Hog Plum
Chionanthus mala-elengi Chionanthus malabaricus, Forsythia mala-elengi, Linociera malabarica Oleaceae Malabar Fringe Tree
Chionanthus ramiflorus Linociera ramiflora, Linociera pauciflora, Olea roxburghii Oleaceae South Indian Olive
Chrysojasminum humile Jasminum humile, Jasminum wallichianum, Jasminum revolutum Oleaceae Yellow Jasmine
Chrysojasminum parkeri Jasminum parkeri Oleaceae Dwarf Jasmine
Forsythia suspensa Ligustrum suspensum, Syringa suspensa Oleaceae Weeping Forsythia
Fraxinus floribunda Ornus urophylla, Ornus floribunda, Fraxinus urophylla Oleaceae Himalayan Ash
Fraxinus micrantha Oleaceae Small-Flowered Himalayan Ash
Jasminum angustifolium Nyctanthes angustifolia Oleaceae Wild Jasmine
Jasminum arborescens Jasminum montanum, Jasminum roxburghianum, Jasminum latifolium Oleaceae Navamallika
Jasminum auriculatum Jasminum ovalifolium, Jasminum mucronatum, Mogorium trifoliatum Oleaceae Juhi
Jasminum azoricum Jasminum trifoliatum Oleaceae Azores Jasmine
Jasminum bignoniaceum Jasminum revolutum var. peninsulare Oleaceae Trumpet Jasmine
Jasminum coarctatum Jasminum coarctatum var. coarctatum, Jasminum rigidum, Jasminum reticulatum Oleaceae Crowded-Flower Jasmine
Jasminum cuspidatum Jasminum rigidum, Jasminum tetraphis, Jasminum myrtophyllum Oleaceae Pointed-Leaf Jasmine
Jasminum dispermum Oleaceae Pink Jasmine
Jasminum elongatum Jasminum multiflorum f. acuminatissimum, Jasminum pendulum Oleaceae Red Kund
Jasminum flexile Jasminum burmannianum, Jasminum azoricum var. travancorense Oleaceae Taruni
Jasminum fluminense Oleaceae River Jasmine
Jasminum grandiflorum Jasminum officinale var. grandiflorum Oleaceae Royal Jasmine
Jasminum laurifolium var. laurifolium Jasminum nitidum, Jasminum laurifolium f. nitidum Oleaceae Angelwing Jasmine
Jasminum malabaricum Oleaceae Malabar Jasmine
Jasminum mesnyi Jasminum primulinum Oleaceae Primrose Jasmine
Jasminum multiflorum Jasminum pubescens, Jasminum gracillimum, Mogorium multiflorum Oleaceae Kund
Jasminum nervosum Jasminum stenopetalum, Jasminum trineuron Oleaceae Wild Kund
Jasminum officinale Oleaceae Common Jasmine
Jasminum ritchiei Jasminum ritchiei var. purpureum Oleaceae Ritchie's Jasmine
Jasminum sambac var. 'Belle of India' Oleaceae Madan Mogra
Jasminum sambac var. 'Grand Duke Of Tuscany' Oleaceae Butt Mogra
Jasminum sambac var. 'Maid of Orleans' Oleaceae Bela
Ligustrum indicum Ligustrum nepalense Oleaceae Indian Privet
Ligustrum ovalifolium Oleaceae Oval-Leaved Privet
Ligustrum robustum subsp. perrottetii Ligustrum neilgherrense, Ligustrum perrottetii, Ligustrum candolleanum Oleaceae Nilgiri Privet
Ligustrum robustum subsp. robustum Ligustrum pubescens, Ligustrum punctatum, Ligustrum robustum var. khasianum Oleaceae Eastern Wild Privet
Nyctanthes arbor-tristis Oleaceae Har Singar
Olea dioica Oleaceae Rose Sandalwood
Olea europaea subsp. cuspidata Olea cuspidata, Olea monticola, Olea asiatica Oleaceae Brown Olive
Osmanthus fragrans Olea fragrans var. lutea, Olea ovalis Oleaceae Fragrant Olive
Schrebera swietenioides Oleaceae Weaver's Beam Tree
Syringa emodi Oleaceae Himalayan Lilac
Circaea alpina subsp. imaicola Circaea minutula, Circaea imaicola Onagraceae Himalayan Enchanter's Nightshade
Clarkia amoena Onagraceae Farewell to Spring
Clarkia elegans Onagraceae Clarkia
Clarkia pulchella Onagraceae Deer Horn Clarkia
Epilobium amurense subsp. amurense Epilobium amurense subsp. laetum, Epilobium nepalense Onagraceae Amur Willow-Herb
Epilobium angustifolium subsp. circumvagum Epilobium platyphyllum, Chamaenerion danielsii Onagraceae Fireweed
Epilobium brevifolium subsp. brevifolium Epilobium trichoneurum var. brachyphyllum Onagraceae Broadleaf Willow-Herb
Epilobium hirsutum Chamaenerion hirsutum, Epilobium hirsutum var. laetum Onagraceae Hairy Willow-Herb
Epilobium latifolium Onagraceae River Beauty
Epilobium laxum Onagraceae Lax Willowherb
Epilobium parviflorum Chamaenerion parviflorum, Epilobium molle, Epilobium villosum Onagraceae Small-Flowered Willow-Herb
Epilobium royleanum Epilobium himalayense, Epilobium lividum, Epilobium roseum var. indicum Onagraceae Royle's Willow-Herb
Epilobium tibetanum Onagraceae Tibetan Willow-Herb
Fuchsia corymbiflora Onagraceae Vine Fuchsia
Fuchsia magellanica Fuchsia macrostemma var. gracilis, Fuchsia gracilis Onagraceae Hummingbird Fuchsia
Fuchsia spp. Onagraceae Fuchsia
Ludwigia adscendens Jussiaea repens, Jussiaea adscendens Onagraceae Water Primrose
Ludwigia hyssopifolia Jussiaea hyssopifolia, Ludwigia micrantha Onagraceae Hyssop-Leaved Water Primrose
Ludwigia octovalvis Ludwigia octovalvis subsp. sessiliflora, Ludwigia angustifolia Onagraceae Willow Primrose
Ludwigia perennis Ludwigia parviflora, Ludwigia multiflora, Ludwigia caryophyllea Onagraceae Perennial Water Primrose
Ludwigia peruviana Ludwigia hirta, Ludwigia peruviana var. glaberrima Onagraceae Peruvian Water Primrose
Ludwigia prostrata Ludwigia diffusa, Ludwigia fruticulosa Onagraceae Creeping Water Primrose
Ludwigia sedioides Jussiaea sedoides Onagraceae Mosaic Flower
Oenothera glazioviana Oenothera multiflora, Oenothera candicans Onagraceae Large-Flower Evening Primrose
Oenothera rosea Onagraceae Pink Evening Primrose
Oenothera speciosa Oenothera webbiana, Oenothera obtusifolia Onagraceae Showy Evening Primrose
Cansjera rheedei Cansjera lanceolata, Cansjera zizyphifolia, Lagetta malabarica Opiliaceae Rheed's False Olive
Opilia amentacea Opilia fragrans, Opilia javanica, Opilia tomentella, Opilia angiensis Opiliaceae Fragrant Opilia
Acampe carinata Acampe papillosa var. flava, Gastrochilus carinatus Orchidaceae Keeled Acampe
Acampe ochracea Saccolabium ochraceum, Gastrochilus ochraceus, Acampe dentata Orchidaceae Ochre-Yellow Acampe
Acampe praemorsa Acampe excavata, Acampe wightiana, Vanda wightiana Orchidaceae Wight's Acampe
Acampe rigida Vanda multiflora, Aerides rigida, Acampe multiflora Orchidaceae Stiff Acampe
Acanthephippium bicolor Orchidaceae Jug Flower Orchid
Acanthephippium striatum Acanthophippium striatum, Acanthephippium simplex Orchidaceae Striped Jug Flower Orchid
Aerides crispa Aerides crispum Orchidaceae Curled Aerides
Aerides maculosa Saccolabium speciosum, Aerides schroederi, Aerides illustris Orchidaceae Fox Brush Orchid
Aerides multiflora Aerides affinis, Aerides lobbii, Aerides veitchii Orchidaceae Many Flowered Fox Brush Orchid
Aerides odorata Aerides flavida, Aerides nobilis, Aerides cornuta Orchidaceae Fragrant Fox Brush Orchid
Aerides ringens Saccolabium ringens, Gastrochilus ringens, Aerides linearis Orchidaceae Rigid Aerides
Agrostophyllum callosum Orchidaceae Himalayan Grass-Leaf Orchid
Androcorys josephi Herminium josephi, Monorchis josephi Orchidaceae Joseph's Herminium
Anoectochilus elatus Orchidaceae South Indian Jewel Orchid
Anoectochilus roxburghii Anoectochilus lobbianus, Zeuxine roxburghii Orchidaceae Roxburgh's Jewel Orchid
Anthogonium gracile Anthogonium griffithii, Anthogonium corydaloides Orchidaceae Slender Anthogonium
Aphyllorchis montana Aphyllorchis prainii, Aphyllorchis odoardii, Aphyllorchis unguiculata Orchidaceae Mountain Pauper Orchid
Arachnis flos-aeris Arachnis flosaeris Orchidaceae Spider Orchid
Arundina graminifolia Arundina bambusifolia [illeg.], Bletia graminifolia, Arundina speciosa Orchidaceae Bamboo Orchid
Ascocenda 'Krailerk Alba' Orchidaceae Ascocenda Krailerk Alba
Ascocenda Princess Mikasa Orchidaceae Ascocenda Princess Mikasa
Ascocentrum ampullaceum Saccolabium ampullaceum, Saccolabium rubrum Orchidaceae Purple Lip-Spur Orchid
Brachycorythis iantha Habenaria iantha, Phyllomphax iantha, Platanthera iantha Orchidaceae Violet Short-Helmet Orchid
Brachycorythis obcordata Gymnadenia obcordata, Habenaria obcordata, Platanthera obcordata Orchidaceae Heart-Shaped Short-Helmet Orchid
Brachycorythis splendida Phyllomphax splendida, Phyllomphax obcordata var. iantha Orchidaceae Splendid Short-Helmet Orchid
Brachycorythis wightii Phyllomphax wightii Orchidaceae Wight's Short-Helmet Orchid
Bulbophyllum affine Bulbophyllum kusukuensis Orchidaceae Single Flowered Bulb-Leaf Orchid
Bulbophyllum aureum Phyllorchis aurea, Cirrhopetalum aureum Orchidaceae Golden Bulb-Leaf Orchid
Bulbophyllum careyanum Anisopetalum careyanum, Phyllorkis purpurea, Pleurothallis purpurea Orchidaceae Carey's Bulb-Leaf Orchid
Bulbophyllum cariniflorum Bulbophyllum densiflorum, Bulbophyllum pantlingii, Bulbophyllum flavidum Orchidaceae Keeled Bulb-Leaf Orchid
Bulbophyllum cauliflorum var. sikkimense Orchidaceae Stem-Flowering Bulb-Leaf Orchid
Bulbophyllum crassipes Bulbophyllum careyanum var. crassipes, Phyllorchis crassipes Orchidaceae Thick Spurred Bulb-Leaf Orchid
Bulbophyllum fimbriatum Cirrhopetalum fimbriatum, Phyllorchis fimbriata Orchidaceae Fringed Bulb-Leaf Orchid
Bulbophyllum fischeri Cirrhopetalum gamblei, Phyllorkis hookeri Orchidaceae Fischer's Bulb-Leaf Orchid
Bulbophyllum fuscopurpureum Phyllorkis fuscopurpurea Orchidaceae Tongue Orchid
Bulbophyllum guttulatum Cirrhopetalum guttulatum, Phyllorkis guttulata Orchidaceae Small-Spotted Bulb-Leaf Orchid
Bulbophyllum gymnopus Drymoda gymnopus, Monomeria gymnopus, Phyllorkis gymnopus Orchidaceae Naked Bulb-Leaf Orchid
Bulbophyllum kaitiense Phyllorkis kaitiensis, Cirrhopetalum nilgherrense Orchidaceae Ketti Bulb-Leaf Orchid
Bulbophyllum maskeliyense Orchidaceae Maskeliya Bulb-Leaf Orchid
Bulbophyllum mysorense Cirrhopetalum mysorense Orchidaceae Mysore Bulb-Leaf Orchid
Bulbophyllum repens Bulbophyllum poilanei, Phyllorkis repens Orchidaceae Creeping Bulb-Leaf Orchid
Bulbophyllum rosemarianum Orchidaceae Rosemary Bulb-Leaf Orchid
Bulbophyllum sterile Epidendrum sterile, Phyllorkis nilgherensis, Bulbophyllum nilgherrense Orchidaceae Nilgiri Bulb-Leaf Orchid
Bulbophyllum striatum Dendrobium striatum, Phyllorkis striata, Sarcopodium striatum Orchidaceae Striped Bulb-Leaf Orchid
Bulbophyllum tremulum Phyllorchis tremula, Phyllorkis tremula Orchidaceae Tremulous Bulb-Leaf Orchid
Bulbophyllum umbellatum Bulbophyllum annamicum Orchidaceae Umbrella Bulb-Leaf Orchid
Calanthe biloba Alismorkis biloba, Calanthe biloba var. diptera, Calanthe biloba var. obtusata Orchidaceae Two-Lobed Calanthe
Calanthe brevicornu Calanthe scaposa, Calanthe yunnanensis, Calanthe lamellosa Orchidaceae Short Spurred Calanthe
Calanthe odora Calanthe angusta, Alismorchis odora Orchidaceae Fragrant Calanthe
Calanthe plantaginea Orchidaceae Plantain Calanthe
Calanthe puberula Calanthe amoena, Calanthe lepida, Calanthe similis Orchidaceae Hairy Calanthe
Calanthe sylvatica Calanthe masuca Orchidaceae Forest Calanthe
Calanthe tricarinata Orchidaceae Monkey Orchid
Calanthe triplicata Calanthe anchorifera, Calanthe breviflos, Calanthe petri Orchidaceae White Crane Orchid
Callostylis bambusifolia Eria bambusifolia, Pinalia bambusifolia Orchidaceae Bamboo-Leaf Eria
Cattleya labiata Orchidaceae Cattleya Orchid
Cephalanthera longifolia Serapias helleborine var. longifolia Orchidaceae Sword Leaved Helleborine
Cephalantheropsis obcordata Bletia obcordata, Calanthe gracilis, Phaius gracilis Orchidaceae Slender Helleborine-Orchid
Cheirostylis flabellata Goodyera flabellata, Monochilus flabellatus Orchidaceae Small Fan Cheirostylis
Cheirostylis parvifolia Cheirostylis seidenfadeniana, Orchidaceae Small-Flowered Cheirostylis
Chiloschista lunifera Sarcochilus luniferus Orchidaceae Thailand Orchid
Cleisostoma paniculatum Aerides paniculata, Sarcanthus paniculatus Orchidaceae Panicled Closed-Mouth Orchid
Cleisostoma tenuifolium Aerides tenuifolia, Cymbidium tenuifolium, Epidendrum tenuifolium Orchidaceae Tender Leaf Closed-Mouth Orchid
Coelogyne barbata Pleione barbata Orchidaceae Bearded Coelogyne
Coelogyne breviscapa Pleione breviscapa, Coelogyne angustifolia Orchidaceae Short-Stem Coelogyne
Coelogyne corymbosa Pleione corymbosa Orchidaceae Clustered Coelogyne
Coelogyne cristata Orchidaceae Crested Coelogyne
Coelogyne fimbriata Coelogyne ovalis Orchidaceae Fringed Coelogyne
Coelogyne flaccida Pleione flaccida, Coelogyne esquirolii, Coelogyne flaccida var. longiracemosa Orchidaceae Loose Coelogyne
Coelogyne fuscescens Orchidaceae Ocher Yellow Coelogyne
Coelogyne mayeriana Orchidaceae Mayer's Coelogyne
Coelogyne mossiae Coelogyne glandulosa var. sathyanarayanae, Coelogyne glandulosa var. bournei Orchidaceae Nilgiri Coelogyne
Coelogyne nervosa Coelogyne corrugata, Pleione nervosa Orchidaceae Veined Coelogyne
Coelogyne nitida Coelogyne ochracea, Cymbidium nitidum Orchidaceae Shining Coelogyne
Coelogyne odoratissima Coelogyne angustifolia, Coelogyne trifida, Pleione odoratissima Orchidaceae Fragrant Coelogyne
Coelogyne ovalis Coelogyne decora, Coelogyne longiciliata, Pleione fuliginosa Orchidaceae Oval Coelogyne
Coelogyne prolifera Coelogyne flavida, Pleione flavida, Pleione prolifera Orchidaceae Prolific Coelogyne
Coelogyne punctulata Orchidaceae Spotted Coelogyne
Coelogyne schultesii Coelogyne longipes var. verruculata Orchidaceae Schultes' Coelogyne
Coelogyne stricta Coelogyne elata, Cymbidium strictum, Pleione elata Orchidaceae Erect Coelogyne
Conchidium braccatum Eria braccata, Eria rupestris Orchidaceae Breeches Eria
Conchidium exile Eria exilis, Eria minima, Porpax chandrasekharanii Orchidaceae Slender Eria
Conchidium filiforme Eria filiformis, Eria dalzellii Orchidaceae Threadlike Eria
Conchidium microchilos Eria microchilos, Dendrobium microchilos Orchidaceae Tiny-Lip Eria
Conchidium nanum Eria nana, Eria muscicola var. brevilinguis Orchidaceae Tiny Eria
Corallorhiza trifida Orchidaceae Yellow Coralroot
Corymborkis veratrifolia Corymborkis assamica, Corymborkis longiflora Orchidaceae White Cinnamon Orchid
Cottonia peduncularis Vanda peduncularis, Cottonia macrostachya Orchidaceae Bee Orchid
Crepidium acuminatum Microstylis wallichii, Malaxis acuminata Orchidaceae Jeevak
Crepidium khasianum Malaxis khasiana, Microstylis khasiana Orchidaceae Khasi Boot Orchid
Crepidium resupinatum Epidendrum resupinatum, Crepidium plantagineum, Malaxis resupinata Orchidaceae Inverted Boot Orchid
Cryptochilus sanguineus Orchidaceae Red Cryptochilus
Cymbidium 'Alison Shaw' Orchidaceae Cymbidium Alison Shaw
Cymbidium aloifolium Cymbidium intermedium, Cymbidium erectum, Epidendrum pendulam Orchidaceae Aloe Leaf Cymbidium
Cymbidium Balkis X Cymbidium Cariga Orchidaceae Cymbidium Valya Craig
Cymbidium bicolor Orchidaceae Two-Colored Cymbidium
Cymbidium eburneum Orchidaceae Ivory Cymbidium
Cymbidium ensifolium Cymbidium koran, Cymbidium shimaran Orchidaceae Golden-Thread Orchid
Cymbidium iridioides Cymbidium giganteum, Iridorchis gigantea Orchidaceae Iris Cymbidium
Cymbidium lowianum Cymbidium giganteum var. lowianum, Cyperorchis lowiana Orchidaceae Low's Cymbidium
Cymbidium macrorhizon Aphyllorchis aberrans, Cymbidium nipponicum Orchidaceae Large Root Cymbidium
Cymbidium mastersii Cyperorchis mastersii, Cymbidium affine, Cymbidium micromeson Orchidaceae Master's Cymbidium
Cymbidium spp. Orchidaceae Cymbidium hybrid
Cymbidium tracyanum Orchidaceae Tracy's Cymbidium
Cypripedium cordigerum Orchidaceae Heart-shaped Slipper Orchid
Cypripedium elegans Coelogyne elegans Orchidaceae Elegant Slipper Orchid
Cypripedium himalaicum Cypripedium macranthon var. himalaicum Orchidaceae Himalayan Slipper Orchid
Dactylorhiza hatagirea Orchis latifolia var. indica Orchidaceae Himalayan Marsh Orchid
Dactylorhiza kafiriana Orchidaceae Kafir Marsh Orchid
Dendrobium aduncum Callista adunca, Dendrobium oxyanthum, Dendrobium faulhaberianum Orchidaceae Angelfish Orchid
Dendrobium amoenum Callista amoena, Dendrobium eggertoniae, Dendrobium mesochlorum Orchidaceae Lovely Dendrobium
Dendrobium antennatum Ceratobium antennatum, Callista antennata Orchidaceae Antelope Orchid
Dendrobium aphyllum Dendrobium cucullatum, Epidendrum aphyllum Orchidaceae Leafless Dendrobium
Dendrobium aqueum Callista aquea Orchidaceae Aqua Dendrobium
Dendrobium barbatulum Dendrobium barbatulum Wight, Callista barbatula Orchidaceae Small Bearded Dendrobium
Dendrobium bicameratum Callista bicamerata, Dendrobium breviflorum Orchidaceae Short Flower Dendrobium
Dendrobium bracteosum Dendrobium dixsonii, Dendrobium chrysolabrum Orchidaceae Bracted Dendrobium
Dendrobium chrysanthum Orchidaceae Golden Flowered Dendrobium
Dendrobium chrysotoxum Dendrobium suavissimum Orchidaceae Golden Arch Dendrobium
Dendrobium crepidatum Callista crepidata Orchidaceae Shoe-Lip Dendrobium
Dendrobium crumenatum Dendrobium caninum, Dendrobium papilioniferum Orchidaceae Pigeon Orchid
Dendrobium densiflorum Callista densiflora, Callista clavata, Dendrobium clavatum Orchidaceae Pineapple Orchid
Dendrobium denudans Callista denudans Orchidaceae Bare Dendrobium
Dendrobium devonianum Callista devoniana, Dendrobium pictum, Dendrobium moulmeinense Orchidaceae Devon's Dendrobium
Dendrobium fimbriatum Orchidaceae Fringe Lipped Dendrobium
Dendrobium formosum Orchidaceae Handsome Flowered Dendrobium
Dendrobium herbaceum Orchidaceae Grassy Dendrobium
Dendrobium heterocarpum Callista aurea, Dendrobium aureum, Dendrobium citrinum Orchidaceae Golden-Lip Dendrobium
Dendrobium heyneanum Callista heyneana Orchidaceae Heyne's Dendrobium
Dendrobium infundibulum Orchidaceae Funnel Lip Dendrobium
Dendrobium jenkinsii Orchidaceae Jenkins's Dendrobium
Dendrobium jerdonianum Callista jerdoniana, Callista nutans, Dendrobium nutantiflorum Orchidaceae Orange Kerala Dendrobium
Dendrobium kallarense Orchidaceae Kallar Dendrobium
Dendrobium kingianum Callista kingiana, Dendrocoryne kingianum Orchidaceae Pink Rock Orchid
Dendrobium lawianum Callista lawiana Orchidaceae Law's Dendrobium
Dendrobium lituiflorum Callista lituiflora, Dendrobium hanburyanum Orchidaceae Bent-Raceme Dendrobium
Dendrobium longicornu Callista longicornis, Dendrobium flexuosum, Dendrobium hirsutum Orchidaceae Long-Horned Dendrobium
Dendrobium macrostachyum Callista macrostachya, Dendrobium tetrodon, Dendrobium viridicatum Orchidaceae Fringed Tree Dendrobium
Dendrobium microbulbon Orchidaceae Reflexed Petal Dendrobium
Dendrobium monticola Callista alpestris Orchidaceae Mountain Dendrobium
Dendrobium moschatum Orchidaceae Musk Dendrobium
Dendrobium nanum Dendrobium mabelae, Callista nana Orchidaceae Tiny Dendrobium
Dendrobium nobile Orchidaceae Noble Dendrobium
Dendrobium nodosum Flickingeria nodosa, Desmotrichum nodosum Orchidaceae Noded Dendrobium
Dendrobium ovatum Dendrobium chlorops, Epidendrum ovatum Orchidaceae Green Lipped Dendrobium
Dendrobium panduratum Callista pandurata, Dendrobium panduratum subsp. panduratum Orchidaceae Pandurate Dendrobium
Dendrobium peguanum Callista pygmaea, Dendrobium fesselianum, Dendrobium pygmaeum Orchidaceae Pegu Dendrobium
Dendrobium polyanthum Dendrobium primulinum, Callista primulina Orchidaceae Primrose Dendrobium
Dendrobium porphyrochilum Dendrobium caespitosum, Callista porphyrochila Orchidaceae Purple-Lipped Dendrobium
Dendrobium salaccense Dendrobium bambusifolium, Dendrobium cathcartii, Dendrobium haemoglossum Orchidaceae Bamboo-Leaf Dendrobium
Dendrobium secundum Dendrobium heterostigma, Callista secunda, Pedilonum secundum Orchidaceae Toothbrush Dendrobium
Dendrobium shompenii Aporum shompenii Orchidaceae Shompen Dendrobium
Dendrobium thyrsiflorum Callista thyrsiflora, Dendrobium densiflorum var. alboluteum Orchidaceae Pinecone Dendrobium
Dendrobium transparens Orchidaceae Translucent Dendrobium
Dendrobium wightii Callista graminifolia Orchidaceae Wight's Dendrobium
Dendrobium williamsonii Callista lubbersiana, Callista williamsonii Orchidaceae Williamson's Dendrobium
Didymoplexis pallens Apetalon minutum, Cheirostylis kanarensis Orchidaceae Crystal Bells
Dienia ophrydis Malaxis ophrydis, Malaxis latifolia Orchidaceae Common Snout Orchid
Diphylax griffithii Habenaria decipiens, Habenaria griffithii Orchidaceae Griffith's Habenaria
Diphylax urceolata Habenaria urceolata Orchidaceae Pitcher Diphylax
Diplocentrum congestum Orchidaceae Congested Diplocentrum
Diplocentrum recurvum Diplocentrum longifolium Orchidaceae Long-Leaf Diplocentrum
Disperis neilgherrensis Disperis zeylanica, Disperis siamensis, Disperis orientalis Orchidaceae Nilgiri Disperis
Epidendrum radicans Epidendrum pratense, Epidendrum rhizophorum Orchidaceae Red Crucifix Orchid
Epipactis helleborine Epipactis latifolia, Helleborine macrostachya, Serapias helleborine Orchidaceae Broad Leaved Helleborine
Epipactis veratrifolia Epipactis consimilis, Epipactis wallichii, Helleborine veratrifolia Orchidaceae Eastern Marsh Helleborine
Epipogium roseum Epipogium indicum, Limodorum roseum Orchidaceae Rosy Ghost Orchid
Eria albiflora Orchidaceae White Eria
Eria coronaria Eria cylindripoda, Coelogyne coronaria, Eria suavis Orchidaceae Crowned-Lip Eria
Eria pauciflora Pinalia nilgherensis Orchidaceae Nilgiri Eria
Eria pseudoclavicaulis Orchidaceae Club-Stem Eria
Eria stricta Mycaranthes stricta Orchidaceae Erect Eria
Esmeralda cathcartii Arachnanthe cathcartii, Arachnis cathcartii, Vanda cathcartii Orchidaceae Cathcart's Esmeralda
Eulophia andamanensis Eulophia keithii, Eulophia poilanei, Cyrtopera andamanensis Orchidaceae Andaman Eulophia
Eulophia dabia Eulophia campestris, Eulophia rupestris, Eulophia faberi Orchidaceae Dubious Eulophia
Eulophia epidendraea Eulophus carinatus, Eulophus virens Orchidaceae Epidendrum Eulophia
Eulophia explanata Graphorkis explanata, Lissochilus explanatus Orchidaceae Flattened Eulophia
Eulophia flava Cyrtopera flava, Cyrtopodium flavum, Graphorkis flava Orchidaceae Yellow Eulophia
Eulophia graminea Orchidaceae Grass Eulophia
Eulophia herbacea Eulophia albiflora, Eulophia vera, Eulophia brachypetala Orchidaceae Herbaceous Eulophia
Eulophia ochreata Graphorkis ochreata Orchidaceae Golden-Yellow Eulophia
Eulophia pratensis Eulophia ramentacea Wight [Illegitimate], Graphorchis pratensis Orchidaceae Meadow Eulophia
Eulophia pulchra Eulophia versicolor, Eulophia rouxii, Eulophia striata Orchidaceae Pretty Eulophia
Eulophia spectabilis Cyrtopera bicolor, Eulophia bicolor Dalzell, Eulophia elata Orchidaceae Spectacular Eulophia
Flickingeria hesperis Orchidaceae Uttaranchal Flickingeria
Galearis spathulata Galeorchis spathulata, Orchis spathulata Orchidaceae Himalayan Galearis
Galeola falconeri Cyrtosia falconeri Orchidaceae Falconer's Galeola
Gastrochilus acaulis Gastrochilus nilagiricus, Gastrochilus pulchellus, Vanda pulchella Orchidaceae Nilgiri Belly-Lip Orchid
Gastrochilus calceolaris Aerides calceolaris, Gastrochilus philippinensis Orchidaceae Shoe-Shaped Belly-Lip Orchid
Gastrochilus distichus Saccolabium distichum Orchidaceae Two-Ranked Belly-Lip Orchid
Gastrochilus inconspicuus Saccolabium inconspicuum, Luisia inconspicua, Luisiopsis inconspicua Orchidaceae Tiny Belly-Lip Orchid
Gastrochilus obliquus Gastrochilus obliquus var. obliquus, Gastrochilus bigibbus Orchidaceae Slanting Belly-Lip Orchid
Geodorum densiflorum Orchidaceae Nodding Swamp Orchid
Geodorum laxiflorum Orchidaceae Lax-Flowered Swamp Orchid
Goodyera biflora Epipactis biflora, Georchis biflora, Goodyera pauciflora Orchidaceae Two-Flowered Goodyera
Goodyera fusca Orchiodes fuscum, Hetaeria fusca, Epipactis fusca Orchidaceae Dusky Goodyera
Goodyera hemsleyana Epipactis hemsleyana Orchidaceae Hemsley Jewel Orchid
Goodyera procera Epipactis procera, Leucostachys procera Orchidaceae Slim Goodyera
Goodyera repens Satyrium repens, Epipactis repens, Orchis repens Orchidaceae Dwarf Rattlesnake Plantain
Gymnadenia orchidis Gymnadenia cylindrostachya, Gymnadenia himalayica, Habenaria orchidis, Orchis habenaroides Orchidaceae Himalayan Fragrant Orchid
Habenaria acuifera Orchidaceae Yellow Eastern Habenaria
Habenaria barbata Ate virens, Habenaria virens Abeyw. [Illeg.] Orchidaceae Bearded Habenaria
Habenaria barnesii Orchidaceae Barnes Habenaria
Habenaria brachyphylla Platanthera brachyphylla, Habenaria crassifolia Orchidaceae Thick Leaved Habenaria
Habenaria cephalotes Plantaginorchis cephalotes Orchidaceae Compact Habenaria
Habenaria commelinifolia Orchis stylosanthes, Orchis commelinifolia, Platanthera commelinifolia Orchidaceae Commelina-Leaf Habenaria
Habenaria crinifera Habenaria schizochilus, Synmeria crinifera, Synmeria schizochilus Orchidaceae Doll Orchid
Habenaria dentata Orchis dentata, Habenaria parageniculata, Platanthera dentata Orchidaceae Toothed Habenaria
Habenaria digitata Habenaria trinervia, Habenaria graveolens Orchidaceae Green Habenaria
Habenaria diphylla Habenaria jerdoniana Orchidaceae Two-Leaved Habenaria
Habenaria elliptica Plantaginorchis elliptica Orchidaceae Elliptic Habenaria
Habenaria elwesii Ate elwesii Orchidaceae Elwes Habenaria
Habenaria ensifolia Habenaria pectinata subsp. ensifolia, Ochyrorchis ensifolia Orchidaceae Sword-Leaf Habenaria
Habenaria furcifera Habenaria ovalifolia, Habenaria modesta, Habenaria hamigera Orchidaceae Forked Habenaria
Habenaria gibsonii Habenaria digitata var. gibsonii, Habenaria foliosa var. gibsonii Orchidaceae Gibson's Habenaria
Habenaria grandifloriformis Orchidaceae Single Leaved Habenaria
Habenaria heyneana Orchidaceae Toothbrush Orchid
Habenaria intermedia Ochyrorchis intermedia, Kryptostoma intermedium Orchidaceae Intermediate Habenaria
Habenaria longicorniculata Orchidaceae Long-Tailed Habenaria
Habenaria longicornu Habenaria montana, Plantaginorchis longicornu Orchidaceae Long-Horned Habenaria
Habenaria marginata Orchidaceae Golden Yellow Habenaria
Habenaria pectinata Orchis pectinata, Kryptostoma pectinatum, Ochyrorchis pectinata Orchidaceae Comb Habenaria
Habenaria perrottetiana Habenaria lutea, Platanthera lutea Orchidaceae Yellow Habenaria
Habenaria rariflora Orchidaceae Spreading Flowered Habenaria
Habenaria reniformis Orchidaceae Kidney-Leaved Habenaria
Habenaria roxburghii Orchis roxburghii, Orchis plantaginea, Gymnadenia plantaginea Orchidaceae Roxburgh's Habenaria
Habenaria suaveolens Habenaria panchganiensis, Plantaginorchis suaveolens Orchidaceae Panchgani Habenaria
Hemipilia cordifolia Hemipilia bulleyi, Hemipilia cruciata, Hemipilia formosana Orchidaceae Heart-Leaf Hemipilia
Herminium lanceum Ophrys lancea, Satyrium lanceum, Spiranthes lancea Orchidaceae Lanceleaf Herminum
Herminium monorchis Orchidaceae Musk Orchid
Hygrochilus parishii Vandopsis parishii, Vanda parishii, Hygrochilus mariottiana Orchidaceae Parish's Vanda
Ipsea malabarica Pachystoma malabaricum Orchidaceae Malabar Daffodil Orchid
Laelia anceps Orchidaceae Laelia Orchid pink
Liparis atropurpurea Platystylis atropurpurea, Leptorkis lindleyana Orchidaceae Dark Purple Liparis
Liparis barbata Liparis fimbriata, Liparis maboroensis, Leptorchis barbata Orchidaceae Bearded Liparis
Liparis biloba Leptorchis biloba, Leptorkis biloba Orchidaceae Two-Lobed Liparis
Liparis caespitosa Orchidaceae Clumping Liparis
Liparis deflexa Leptorchis deflexa, Liparis prazeri Orchidaceae Bent Liparis
Liparis elliptica Cestichis lyonii, Liparis hookerae Orchidaceae Elliptic Liparis
Liparis lacerata Leptorchis lacerata, Stichorkis lacerata Orchidaceae Lacerated Liparis
Liparis mannii Liparis tenuifolia, Stichorkis mannii, Leptorkis mannii Orchidaceae Mann's Liparis
Liparis nervosa Liparis elata, Malaxis nervosa, Leptorkis elata Orchidaceae Veined Liparis
Liparis odorata Liparis paradoxa, Malaxis odorata, Liparis parishii Orchidaceae Fragrant Liparis
Liparis plantaginea Leptorkis plantaginea Orchidaceae Plantain Liparis
Liparis rostrata Orchidaceae Beaked Widelip Orchid
Liparis viridiflora Stichorkis viridiflora, Liparis longipes, Liparis triloba Orchidaceae Green-Flowered Liparis
Liparis wightiana Leptorchis wightiana, Liparis trimenii, Diteilis wightiana Orchidaceae Wight's Liparis
Luisia birchea Luisia tenuifolia Hook.f., Birchea teretifolia A. Rich. Orchidaceae Birch Luisia
Luisia filiformis Luisia gamblei, Luisia grovesii Orchidaceae Threadlike Luisia
Luisia macrantha Orchidaceae Spotted Luisia
Luisia tenuifolia Cymbidium tenuifolium, Luisia evangelinae Orchidaceae Slender-Leaved Luisia
Luisia trichorrhiza Vanda trichorhiza Orchidaceae Hairy-Root Luisia
Luisia tristis Epidendrum triste, Luisia atacta, Luisia beccarii, Luisia zeylanica Orchidaceae Cylindrical-Leaf Luisia
Macradenia multiflora Trichopilia multiflora Orchidaceae Multiflowered Macradenia
Malaxis cylindrostachya Dienia cylindrostachya, Microstylis cylindrostachya Orchidaceae Adder Mouth Orchid
Malaxis densiflora Liparis densiflora, Microstylis densiflora, Seidenfia densiflora Orchidaceae Densely-Flowered Malaxis
Malaxis intermedia Malaxis stocksii, Liparis intermedia, Seidenfia intermedia Orchidaceae Medium Malaxis
Malaxis muscifera Microstylis muscifera, Dienia muscifera Orchidaceae Fly Bearing Malaxis
Malaxis versicolor Microstylis versicolor, Seidenfia versicolor, Liparis priochilus Orchidaceae Colorful Malaxis
Mokara spp. Orchidaceae Mokara Orchid
Mokara spp. Orchidaceae Mokara Red
Neottia listeroides Neottia lindleyana, Listera lindleyana, Nidus listeroides Orchidaceae Listera-Like Neottia
Nervilia aragoana Orchidaceae Aragoa-Like Nervilia
Nervilia crociformis Bolborchis crociformis, Pogonia crispata, Nervilia crispata, Nervilia fimbriata Orchidaceae Trembling Nervilia
Nervilia infundibulifolia Nervilia hallbergii, Nervilia calcicola Orchidaceae Funnel-Leaf Nervilia
Nervilia plicata Nervilia discolor, Nervilia purpurea, Nervilia biflora Orchidaceae Pleated Leaf Nervillia
Oberonia acaulis Iridorkis myriantha, Malaxis myriantha, Malaxis sikkimensis Orchidaceae Stem-Less Oberonia
Oberonia brunoniana Iridorchis brunoniana, Iridorkis brunoniana, Malaxis brunoniana Orchidaceae Brown's Oberonia
Oberonia ensiformis Iridorkis ensiformis, Malaxis ensiformis, Oberonia trilobata Orchidaceae Sword-Leaf Oberonia
Oberonia falconeri Orchidaceae Falconer's Oberonia
Oberonia josephi Orchidaceae Joseph's Oberonia
Oberonia mucronata Stelis mucronata, Oberonia iridifolia, Malaxis denticulata Orchidaceae Iris Leaf Oberonia
Oberonia myosurus Dendrobium myosurus, Malaxis myosurus, Iridorkis myosurus Orchidaceae Mousetail Oberonia
Oberonia pachyrachis Iridorkis pachyrachis, Oberonia orbicularis, Iridorkis orbicularis Orchidaceae Thick Spine Oberonia
Oberonia prainiana Oberonia brunnescens Orchidaceae Prain's Oberonia
Oberonia swaminathanii Orchidaceae Swaminathan's Oberonia
Oberonia tenuis Iridorkis tenuis, Malaxis tenuis Orchidaceae Slender Oberonia
Oberonia verticillata Iridorchis verticillata, Malaxis verticillata, Iridorkis verticillata Orchidaceae Whorled Oberonia
Oberonia wightiana Oberonia arnottiana, Oberonia stachyoides, Iridorchis wightiana Orchidaceae Wight's Oberonia
Oncidium flexuosum Orchidaceae Dancing Doll Orchid
Oncidium 'Goldiana' Orchidaceae Oncidium Goldiana
Oreorchis foliosa var. indica Corallorhiza indica, Oreorchis indica Orchidaceae Indian Oreorchis
Oreorchis micrantha Oreorchis rolfei Orchidaceae Small Flowered Oreorchis
Ornithochilus difformis Aerides difformis, Sarcochilus difformis, Trichoglottis diformis Orchidaceae Himalayan Bird-Lip Orchid
Otochilus fuscus Coelogyne fusca, Broughtonia fusca, Otochilus lancifolius Orchidaceae Dusky Otochilus
Pachystoma pubescens Pachystoma chinense, Pachystoma edgworthii, Pachystoma gracile Orchidaceae Pink Thicklip Orchid
Panisea uniflora Coelogyne uniflora, Pleione uniflora, Coelogyne biflora Orchidaceae One-Flowered Panisea
Paphiopedilum fairrieanum Cypripedium fairrieanum, Cypripedium assamicum Orchidaceae Crown Wand Orchid
Paphiopedilum hirsutissimum Orchidaceae Lady's Slipper Orchid
Paphiopedilum insigne Cypripedium insigne, Paphiopedilum macfarlanei, Cordula insignis Orchidaceae Splendid Slipper Orchid
Paphiopedilum primulinum Paphiopedilum chamberlainianum var. primulinum Orchidaceae Primrose-Yellow Slipper Orchid
Paphiopedilum spicerianum Cypripedium spicerianum, Cordula spiceriana Orchidaceae Spicer's Slipper Orchid
Paphiopedilum venustum Cypripedium venustum, Cordula venusta, Paphiopedilum pardinum Orchidaceae Charming Slipper Orchid
Paphiopedilum villosum Cordula villosa, Cypripedium villosum Orchidaceae Hairy Slipper Orchid
Papilionanthe subulata Papilionanthe cylindrica Seidenf., Aerides cylindrica, Limodorum subulatum Orchidaceae Butterfly Orchid
Papilionanthe teres f. candida Vanda teres f. candida Orchidaceae White Cylindrical Vanda
Papilionanthe teres Vanda teres Orchidaceae Cylindrical Vanda
Papilionanthe vandarum Aerides vandarum, Vanda vandarum Orchidaceae Vanda-Like Papilionanthe
Pecteilis gigantea Habenaria susannae, Habenaria gigantea, Orchis gigantea, Platanthera gigantea Orchidaceae Lady Susan's Orchid
Pecteilis triflora Habenaria triflora, Habenaria uniflora, Pecteilis candida Orchidaceae Three Flowered Egret Orchid
Pelatantheria insectifera Orchidaceae Insect-Bearing Pelatanthera
Peristeria elata Orchidaceae Dove Orchid
Peristylus aristatus Habenaria aristata Orchidaceae Spiked Peristylus
Peristylus constrictus Habenaria constricta, Orchis leucantha, Platanthera constricta Orchidaceae Constricted Peristylus
Peristylus densus Habenaria neglecta, Peristylus neglectus, Coeloglossum densum Orchidaceae Dense Peristylus
Peristylus elisabethae Habenaria elisabethae, Herminium elisabethae Orchidaceae Elisabeth's Peristylus
Peristylus lawii Habenaria lawii Orchidaceae Law's Peristylus
Peristylus plantagineus Habenaria wightii Orchidaceae Plantain Peristylus
Peristylus richardianus Habenaria bicornuta Orchidaceae Richards Peristylus
Peristylus stocksii Habenaria stocksii Orchidaceae Stocks's Peristylus
Phaius mishmensis Limatodis mishmensis, Phaius cupreus, Calanthe crinita Orchidaceae Mishmi Hills Phaius
Phaius tankervilleae Limodorum tancarvilleae Orchidaceae Nun's Orchid
Phalaenopsis amabilis Orchidaceae Moon Orchid
Phalaenopsis mannii Polychilos mannii, Phalaenopsis boxallii Orchidaceae Mann's Phalaenopsis
Phalaenopsis mysorensis Kingidium mysorense, Kingidium niveum, Polychilos mysorensis Orchidaceae Mysore Phalaenopsis
Phalaenopsis pulcherrima Doritis pulcherrima, Phalaenopsis esmeralda, Phalaenopsis antennifera Orchidaceae Showy Moth Orchid
Phalaenopsis spp. Orchidaceae Moth Orchid hybrid
Phalaenopsis taenialis Aerides taenialis, Kingiella taenialis, Kingidium taeniale Orchidaceae Bandage-Like Phalaenopsis
Pholidota articulata Coelogyne articulata, Pholidota khasyana Orchidaceae Jointed Pholidota
Pholidota imbricata Coelogyne imbricata, Pholidota bracteata, Pholidota crotalina Orchidaceae Necklace Orchid
Pholidota pallida Coelogyne pallida, Pholidota tixieri, Pholidota yunpeensis Orchidaceae Pale Pholidota
Pinalia bractescens Eria bractescens, Dendrobium subterrestre, Eria littoralis Orchidaceae Bracted Pinalia
Pinalia leucantha Octomeria alba, Eria alba Orchidaceae White Pinalia
Pinalia mysorensis Eria mysorensis Orchidaceae Mysore Eria
Pinalia polystachya Eria polystachya Orchidaceae Many-Spike Eria
Plantaginorchis plantaginea Habenaria plantaginea Orchidaceae Plantain Orchid
Platanthera clavigera Habenaria clavigera, Platantheroides clavigera Orchidaceae Club-Tail Habenaria
Platanthera edgeworthii Habenaria edgeworthii Orchidaceae Edgeworth's Habenaria
Pleione hookeriana Coelogyne hookeriana, Pleione laotica Orchidaceae Hooker's Pleione
Pleione humilis Epidendrum humile, Dendrobium humile, Coelogyne humilis Orchidaceae Low Growing Pleione
Pleione maculata Coelogyne maculata, Pleione diphylla, Coelogyne diphylla Orchidaceae Spotted Pleione
Pleione praecox Epidendrum praecox, Dendrobium praecox, Coelogyne praecox Orchidaceae Early Blooming Pleione
Polystachya concreta Polystachya purpurea, Polystachya siamensis, Polystachya luteola var. tincta Orchidaceae Greater Yellowspike
Ponerorchis chusua Orchis chusua, Chusua nana, Orchis pulchella Orchidaceae Chusua Orchis
Porpax jerdoniana Eria jerdoniana, Porpax lichenora, Cryptochilus wightii Orchidaceae Jerdon's Porpax
Porpax reticulata Orchidaceae Gramophone Orchid
Pteroceras indicum Orchidaceae Indian Winged-Horn Orchid
Pteroceras teres Dendrocolla teres, Aerides teres, Sarcochilus teres Orchidaceae Himalayan Winged-Horn Orchid
Renanthera imschootiana Orchidaceae Red Vanda
Rhynchostylis coelestis Vanda pseudocaerulescens, Saccolabium coeleste Orchidaceae Sky-Blue Rhynchostylis
Rhynchostylis retusa Orchidaceae Foxtail Orchid
Robiquetia josephiana Orchidaceae Joseph's Robiquetia
Satyrium nepalense Satyrium nepalense var. nepalense, Satyrium henryi, Satyrium pallidum Orchidaceae Nepal Satyrium
Schoenorchis gemmata Schoenorchis spatulata, Saccolabium hainanense Orchidaceae Sparkling Reed-Orchid
Schoenorchis smeeana Xenikophyton smeeanum. Schoenorchis latifolia, Xenikophyton seidenfadenianum Orchidaceae Smee's Reed-Orchid
Seidenfadeniella rosea Sarcanthus roseus, Schoenorchis roseus Orchidaceae Rosy Dwarf Seidenfaden Orchid
Sirhookera lanceolata Josephia lanceolata, Polystachya ramosa Orchidaceae Lanceleaf Sirhookera
Sirhookera latifolia Josephia latifolia Orchidaceae Broadleaf Sirhookera
Smithsonia maculata Gastrochilus maculatus, Loxoma maculatum, Loxomorchis maculata Orchidaceae Spotted Smithsonia
Smithsonia straminea Loxoma straminea Orchidaceae Straw-Colored Smithsonia
Smithsonia viridiflora Aerides dalzelliana, Sarcochilus dalzelliana, Micropera viridiflora Orchidaceae Guchchha Irid Amri
Smitinandia micrantha Saccolabium micranthum, Ceratochilus micranthus Orchidaceae Small Flowered Smitinandia
Spathoglottis plicata Orchidaceae Ground Orchid
Spiranthes sinensis Spiranthes lancea, Spiranthes pudica, Spiranthes australis Orchidaceae Chinese Lady's-Tresses
Taeniophyllum alwisii Alwisia minuta Orchidaceae Tiny Leafless Orchid
Tainia bicornis Eria bicornis, Eria wightii, Ania bicornis Orchidaceae Two-Horned Tainia
Tainia megalantha Mischobulbum megalanthum Orchidaceae Large-Flower Tainia
Tainia minor Orchidaceae Tiny Tainia
Thelasis longifolia Orchidaceae Long-Leaf Thelasis
Thrixspermum acuminatissimum Aerides acuminatissima, Dendrocolla acuminatissima Orchidaceae Thread-Petal Hairseed Orchid
Thunia alba var. alba Thunia marshalliana, Phaius marshallianus, Phajus marshallianus Orchidaceae White Thunia
Thunia alba var. bracteata Thunia venosa, Thunia bracteata, Limodorum bracteatum Orchidaceae Veined Thunia
Trias stocksii Orchidaceae Stocks Trias
Trichoglottis tenera Trichoglottis tenera, Oeceoclades tenera Orchidaceae Thin Trichoglottis
Tropidia angulosa Tropidia calcarata, Tropidia bellii, Tropidia barbeyana Orchidaceae Angled Tropidia
Tropidia curculigoides Tropidia assamica, Tropidia graminea, Tropidia hongkongensis Orchidaceae Assam Boat-Lip Orchid
Vanda bicolor Orchidaceae Bicolor Vanda
Vanda coerulea Orchidaceae Blue Vanda
Vanda coerulea f. luwangalba Orchidaceae Luwangba's White Vanda
Vanda cristata Trudelia cristata, Aerides cristatum, Luisia striata Orchidaceae Comb Vanda
Vanda spathulata Epidendrum spathulatum, Taprobanea spathulata, Aerides maculata Orchidaceae Spoon-Leaf Vanda
Vanda stangeana Orchidaceae Stange's Vanda
Vanda tessellata Epidendrum tessellatum, Vanda roxburghii, Cymbidium tessellatum Orchidaceae Checkered Vanda
Vanda testacea Orchidaceae Small Flowered Vanda
Vanda thwaitesii Orchidaceae Thwaites Vanda
Vanilla planifolia Orchidaceae Vanilla Creeper
Vanilla walkeriae Vanilla walkerae Orchidaceae Indian Vanilla Creeper
x Brassidium Orchidaceae Brassidium Orchid
Zeuxine flava Zeuxine aurantiaca Orchidaceae Yellow Zeuxine
Zeuxine gracilis Monochilus gracilis, Adenostylis gracilis, Psychechilos gracilis Orchidaceae Graceful Zeuxine
Zeuxine longilabris Monochilus longilabris, Monochilus affinis, Haplochilus longilabris Orchidaceae Long-Lipped Zeuxine
Zeuxine pantlingii Orchidaceae Pantling's Jewel Orchid
Zeuxine seidenfadenii Orchidaceae Seidenfaden's Lawn Orchid
Zeuxine strateumatica Orchis strateumatica, Zeuxine sulcata, Adenostylis strateumatica Orchidaceae Lawn Orchid
Aeginetia indica Orobanchaceae Forest Ghost Flower
Aeginetia pedunculata Aeginetia acaulis, Aeginetia saccharicola Orobanchaceae Yellow Ghost Flower
Buchnera hispida Buchnera browniana, Striga schimperiana, Buchnera schimperiana Orobanchaceae Hairy Buchnera
Centranthera cochinchinensis var. nepalensis Centranthera nepalensis, Razumovia cochinchinensis var. nepalensis Orobanchaceae Nepal Spur-Anther Flower
Centranthera grandiflora Centranthera maxima, Razumovia grandiflora Orobanchaceae Large Spur-Anther Flower
Centranthera indica Orobanchaceae Indian Spur-Anther Flower
Centranthera tranquebarica Centranthera lepidota, Centranthera humifusa, Digitalis roxburghii Orobanchaceae Tranquebar Spur-Anther Flower
Christisonia bicolor Christisonia aurantiaca, Cliffordia bicolor, Christisonia pallida Orobanchaceae Bicolor Christisonia
Christisonia calcarata Orobanchaceae Spurred Christisonia
Christisonia tubulosa Orobanchaceae Magenta Ghost Flower
Cistanche tubulosa Orobanchaceae Desert Hyacinth
Euphrasia himalayica Orobanchaceae Eyebright
Euphrasia pectinata Euphrasia tatarica, Euphrasia imbricata, Euphrasia kurdica Orobanchaceae Large-Bract Eyebright
Leptorhabdos parviflora Leptorhabdos micrantha Orobanchaceae Leptorhabdos
Micrargeria wightii Orobanchaceae Wight's Micrargeria
Orobanche alba Orobanche epithymum Orobanchaceae Thyme Broomrape
Orobanche cernua Orobanche bicolor, Orobanche sarmatica Orobanchaceae Nodding Broomrape
Orobanche hansii Orobanchaceae Lahaul Broomrape
Parasopubia delphinifolia Sopubia delphinifolia, Gerardia delphinifolia, Parasopubia delphiniifolia Orobanchaceae Common Sopubia
Pedicularis bifida Orobanchaceae Entire Leaf Lousewort
Pedicularis cheilanthifolia var. albida Pedicularis albida Orobanchaceae White Lousewort
Pedicularis gracilis Orobanchaceae Slender Lousewort
Pedicularis hoffmeisteri Pedicularis megalantha var. hoffmeisteri Orobanchaceae Hoffmeister's Lousewort
Pedicularis longiflora var. tubiformis Orobanchaceae Long Tube Lousewort
Pedicularis mollis Orobanchaceae Soft Lousewort
Pedicularis oederi Orobanchaceae Oeder's Lousewort
Pedicularis oederi var. heteroglossa Pedicularis heteroglossa Orobanchaceae Pink Oeder's Lousewort
Pedicularis porrecta Orobanchaceae Paired Flower Lousewort
Pedicularis punctata Orobanchaceae Kashmir Lousewort
Pedicularis pyramidata Orobanchaceae Pyramid Lousewort
Pedicularis rhinanthoides Orobanchaceae Rattle Lousewort
Pedicularis roylei Orobanchaceae Royle's Lousewort
Pedicularis siphonantha Orobanchaceae Tube Lousewort
Pedicularis tenuirostris Orobanchaceae Slender-Beak Lousewort
Pedicularis trichoglossa Orobanchaceae Hairy-Tongue Lousewort
Pedicularis zeylanica Orobanchaceae Ceylon Lousewort
Rhamphicarpa fistulosa Rhamphicarpa longiflora, Rhamphicarpa elongata Orobanchaceae Tutari
Sopubia trifida Gerardia scabra, Gerardia sopubia Orobanchaceae Split Leaf Sopubia
Striga angustifolia Buchnera angustifolia Orobanchaceae Narrow-Leaved Witchweed
Striga asiatica Striga lutea Orobanchaceae Asiatic Witchweed
Striga densiflora Orobanchaceae Denseflower Witchweed
Striga gesnerioides Orobanchaceae Purple Witchweed
Averrhoa bilimbi Oxalidaceae Bilimbi
Averrhoa carambola Oxalidaceae Star Fruit
Biophytum nervifolium Biophytum sensitivum var. nervifolium Oxalidaceae Little Tree Plant
Biophytum reinwardtii Oxalis reinwardtii Oxalidaceae Reinwardt's Tree Plant
Oxalis corniculata Oxalis repens Oxalidaceae Creeping Wood Sorrel
Oxalis debilis var. corymbosa Oxalis corymbosa Oxalidaceae Large-Flowered Pink Sorrel
Oxalis hedysaroides 'Rubra' Oxalidaceae Fire Fern
Oxalis latifolia Oxalidaceae Wood Sorrel
Oxalis pes-caprae Oxalis burmannii, Oxalis cernua Oxalidaceae Bermuda Buttercup
Oxalis purpurea Oxalis variabilis Oxalidaceae Purple Wood Sorrel
Oxalis stricta Oxalidaceae Yellow Wood Sorrel
Oxalis tetraphylla Oxalis esculenta, Oxalis deppei, Oxalis pseudotetraphylla Oxalidaceae Lucky Clover
Oxalis triangularis Acetosella triangularis Oxalidaceae Purple Shamrock
Paeonia emodi Paeoniaceae Himalayan Peony
Paeonia officinalis Paeoniaceae Common Peony
Paeonia officinalis 'Rosea Plena' Paeoniaceae Rose Peony
Freycinetia multiflora Pandanaceae Flowering Pandanus
Pandanus furcatus Pandanus nepalensis, Pandanus furcatus var. indica Pandanaceae Himalayan Screw Pine
Pandanus odorifer Keura odorifera, Pandanus odoratissimus, Pandanus fascicularis Pandanaceae Kewda
Pandanus urophyllus Pandanus furcatellus Pandanaceae Sikkim Screw Pine
Argemone mexicana Papaveraceae Mexican Prickly Poppy
Argemone ochroleuca Argemone mexicana var. ochroleuca Papaveraceae Pale Mexican Poppy
Dicentra macrocapnos Dactylicapnos macrocapnos Papaveraceae Yellow Bleeding Heart
Eschscholzia caespitosa Papaveraceae Dwarf California Poppy
Eschscholzia californica Papaveraceae California Poppy
Hypecoum leptocarpum Hypecoum chinense Papaveraceae Himalayan Little Poppy
Meconopsis aculeata Papaveraceae Blue Poppy
Meconopsis bella Papaveraceae Pretty Blue Poppy
Meconopsis dhwojii Papaveraceae Himalayan Yellow Poppy
Meconopsis grandis Papaveraceae Himalayan Blue Poppy
Meconopsis horridula Papaveraceae Prickly Blue Poppy
Meconopsis merakensis var. albolutea Meconopsis prainiana var. lutea Grey-Wilson Papaveraceae Merak White Poppy
Meconopsis paniculata Papaver paniculatum Papaveraceae Panicled Yellow Poppy
Meconopsis pseudointegrifolia Meconopsis pseudointegrifolia subsp. pseudointegrifolia Papaveraceae Sulphur Poppy
Meconopsis simplicifolia Papaver simplicifolium, Meconopsis nyingchiensis Papaveraceae Common Blue Poppy
Meconopsis villosa Cathcartia villosa Papaveraceae Himalayan Woodland Poppy
Papaver argemone Cerastites macrocephala Papaveraceae Prickly Poppy
Papaver bracteatum Calomecon bracteatum Papaveraceae Iranian Poppy
Papaver dubium Papaver modestum, Papaver hirtodubium, Papaver obtusifolium Papaveraceae Long-Head Poppy
Papaver macrostomum Papaveraceae Large-Mouth Poppy
Papaver orientale Papaveraceae Oriental Poppy red
Papaver orientale Papaveraceae Oriental Poppy white
Papaver rhoeas Papaveraceae Common Poppy
Papaver somniferum Papaveraceae Opium Poppy
Adenia hondala Adenia palmata, Modecca palmata Passifloraceae Hondala
Passiflora caerulea Passifloraceae Blue Passion Flower
Passiflora coccinea Passifloraceae Red Passion Flower
Passiflora edulis Passiflora incarnata, Passiflora rubricaulis Passifloraceae Passion Fruit
Passiflora foetida Passifloraceae Love in a Mist
Passiflora holosericea Passiflora tuxtlensis, Passiflora reticulata, Decaloba holosericea Passifloraceae Silky Passion Flower
Passiflora 'Lady Margaret' Passifloraceae Lady Margaret Passion Flower
Passiflora mollissima Passiflora tomentosa var. mollissima, Passiflora tripartita var. mollissima Passifloraceae Banana Passion Flower
Passiflora morifolia Passiflora weberiana, Passiflora erosa, Passiflora heydei Passifloraceae Woodland Passion Flower
Passiflora ‘Soi Fah’ Passifloraceae Soi Fah Passion Flower
Passiflora suberosa Passifloraceae Corky Passion Flower
Passiflora subpeltata Passiflora alba Passifloraceae White Passion Flower
Passiflora vitifolia Passifloraceae Perfumed Passion Flower
Passiflora x violacea Passifloraceae Violet Passion Flower
Turnera subulata Passifloraceae White Alder
Turnera ulmifolia Passifloraceae Yellow Alder
Paulownia fortunei Paulownia duclouxii, Paulownia meridionalis, Paulownia mikado Paulowniaceae Foxglove Tree
Paulownia tomentosa Paulowniaceae Empress Tree
Pedalium murex Pedaliaceae Bara Gokhru
Sesamum alatum Volkameria alata Pedaliaceae Wing-Seed Sesame
Sesamum indicum subsp. indicum Sesamum orientale, Sesamum mulayanum Pedaliaceae Sesame
Sesamum indicum subsp. malabaricum Sesamum malabaricum Burm. Pedaliaceae Malabar Sesame
Sesamum laciniatum Pedaliaceae Indian Sesame Oil Plant
Uncarina grandidieri Pedaliaceae Mouse Trap Tree
Glossostigma diandrum Glossostigma submersum, Microcarpaea spathulata Phrymaceae Mud-Mat
Phryma leptostachya var. oblongifolia Phryma oblongifolia, Phryma leptostachya subsp. asiatica Phrymaceae Asian Lopseed
Actephila excelsa Actephila zeylanica, Actephila thomsonii, Actephila neilgherrensis Phyllanthaceae Nilgiri Actephila
Antidesma bunius Antidesma rumphii, Antidesma glabrum Phyllanthaceae Currant Tree
Antidesma ghaesembilla Antidesma spicatum, Antidesma pubescens, Antidesma frutescens Phyllanthaceae Black Currant Tree
Antidesma montanum Antidesma pubescens var. menasu, Antidesma menasu Phyllanthaceae Mountain Currant Tree
Baccaurea courtallensis Pierardia courtallensis, Baccaurea macrostachya, Pierardia macrostachya Phyllanthaceae Mootapalam
Bischofia javanica Bischofia trifoliata Phyllanthaceae Bishop Wood
Breynia disticha Phyllanthus nivosus, Breynia nivosa Phyllanthaceae Hawaiian Snowbush
Breynia oblongifolia Melanthesa rhamnoides var. oblongifolia Phyllanthaceae Coffee Bush
Breynia quadrangularis Sauropus quadrangularis, Phyllanthus quadrangularis Phyllanthaceae Quadrangular Leaf-Flower
Breynia retusa Phyllanthus retusus, Breynia patens Phyllanthaceae Cup Saucer Plant
Breynia trinervia Phyllanthus trinervius, Aalius trinervia, Sauropus trinervius Phyllanthaceae Three-Nerved Leaf-Flower
Breynia vitis-idaea Rhamnus vitis-idaea Phyllanthaceae Mountain Coffee Bush
Bridelia hamiltoniana Phyllanthaceae Hamilton's Bridelia
Bridelia ovata Bridelia kurzii, Bridelia pedicellata, Bridelia burmanica Phyllanthaceae Burma Bridelia
Bridelia retusa Phyllanthaceae Spinous Kino Tree
Bridelia stipularis Bridelia scandens, Bridelia zollingeri, Bridelia dasycalyx Phyllanthaceae Climbing Bridelia
Cleistanthus malabaricus Lebidiera malabarica, Kaluhaburunghos malabaricus Phyllanthaceae Malabar Closed-Flower
Flueggea leucopyrus Securinega leucopyrus, Phyllanthus leucopyrus Phyllanthaceae Bushweed
Flueggea virosa Phyllanthus virosus, Securinega virosa, Phyllanthus virosus Phyllanthaceae Common Bushweed
Glochidion zeylanicum Glochidion hongkongense, Glochidion nitidum, Glochidion sumatranum Phyllanthaceae Umbrella Cheese Tree
Leptopus cordifolius Andrachne cordifolia, Arachne cordifolia, Phyllanthus cordifolius Phyllanthaceae Heart-Leaf Maiden-Bush
Phyllanthus acidus Phyllanthaceae Star Gooseberry
Phyllanthus amarus Phyllanthus niruri var. amarus, Phyllanthus nanus, Phyllanthus scabrellus Phyllanthaceae Carry Me Seed
Phyllanthus assamicus Glochidion ellipticum, Glochidion malabaricum, Glochidion assamicum Phyllanthaceae Assam Leaf-Flower
Phyllanthus cinereus Diasperus cinereus, Epistylium floribundum, Reidia cinerea Phyllanthaceae Ashy Potato-Bush
Phyllanthus emblica Emblica officinalis Phyllanthaceae Amla
Phyllanthus fraternus Phyllanthus niruri, Phyllanthus niruri var. scabrellus Phyllanthaceae Gulf Leaf-Flower
Phyllanthus lawii Phyllanthaceae Law's Gooseberry
Phyllanthus leschenaultii Phyllanthus missionis Phyllanthaceae Leschenault's Gooseberry
Phyllanthus macraei Macraea rheedei, Diasperus macraei Phyllanthaceae Macrae's Leaf-Flower
Phyllanthus maderaspatensis Phyllanthus maderaspatanus Phyllanthaceae Madras Leaf-Flower
Phyllanthus myrtifolius Phyllanthaceae Mousetail Plant
Phyllanthus nubigenus Glochidion nubigenum, Glochidion velutinum var. nubigenum Phyllanthaceae Alpine Cheese Tree
Phyllanthus pinnatus Phyllanthus senensis, Phyllanthus kirkianus Phyllanthaceae Sand Potato Bush
Phyllanthus polyphyllus Phyllanthus emblicoides, Diasperus polyphyllus Phyllanthaceae Shrub Amla
Phyllanthus reticulatus Kirganelia reticulata, Anisonema reticulatum, Cicca reticulata, Diasperus reticulatus Phyllanthaceae Black-Honey Shrub
Phyllanthus rheedei Phyllanthus kozhikodianus, Diasperus rheedei, Phyllanthus flaccidus Phyllanthaceae Kozhikode Leaf-Flower
Phyllanthus sikkimensis Phyllanthus secundiflora, Phyllanthus perlisensis, Reidia hamiltoniana Phyllanthaceae Sikkim Leaf-Flower
Phyllanthus singampattianus Reidia singampattiana Phyllanthaceae Singampatti Leaf-Flower
Phyllanthus tenellus Phyllanthus corcovadensis Phyllanthaceae Long Stalked Leaf-Flower
Phyllanthus urinaria Phyllanthus leprocarpus Phyllanthaceae Chamber Bitter
Phyllanthus velutinus Glochidion heyneanum, Glochidion velutinum, Phyllanthus nepalensis Phyllanthaceae Velvety Melon Featherfoil
Phyllanthus virgatus Phyllanthus simplex Phyllanthaceae Seed Under Leaf
Sauropus androgynus Phyllanthus androgynus, Phyllanthus strictus Phyllanthaceae Sweet Leaf Bush
Petiveria alliacea Mapa graveolens, Petiveria corrientina, Petiveria foetida, Petiveria graveolens Phytolaccaceae Guinea Henweed
Phytolacca acinosa Phytolaccaceae Indian Pokeweed
Phytolacca dioica Phytolacca arborea, Phytolacca populifolia, Pircunia dioica Phytolaccaceae Pokeberry Tree
Phytolacca octandra Phytolacca icosandra Phytolaccaceae Tropical Pokeweed
Rivina humilis Rivina laevis Phytolaccaceae Blood Berry
Abies delavayi Pinaceae Delavay Fir
Abies densa Abies spectabilis var. densa, Abies fordei Pinaceae Sikkim Fir
Abies pindrow Abies himalayensis, Pinus pindrow, Pinus spectabilis var. pindrow Pinaceae West-Himalayan Silver Fir
Abies spectabilis Pinus spectabilis, Pinus webbiana Pinaceae Himalayan Silver Fir
Cedrus deodara Pinaceae Devdar
Larix griffithii Pinus griffithiana, Larix kongboensis Pinaceae Sikkim Larch
Picea smithiana Picea morinda Pinaceae Himalayan Spruce
Picea spinulosa Pinus spinulosa, Abies spinulosa, Picea morindoides Pinaceae Sikkim Spruce
Pinus gerardiana Pinus gerardii Pinaceae Chilghoza Pine
Pinus kesiya Pinus kasya, Pinus khasia, Pinus khasyana Pinaceae Khasi Pine
Pinus patula Pinus patula var. macrocarpa, Pinus patula var. patula Pinaceae Mexican Weeping Pine
Pinus roxburghii Pinus longifolia Pinaceae Chir Pine
Pinus wallichiana Pinus excelsa, Pinus griffithii Pinaceae Himalayan Blue Pine
Tsuga dumosa Pinus dumosa, Abies dumosa, Tsuga leptophylla Pinaceae Himalayan Hemlock
Peperomia argyreia Peperomia sandersii Piperaceae Watermelon Pepper
Peperomia blanda Peperomia dindygulensis Piperaceae Dindigul Peperomia
Peperomia caperata Piperaceae Peperomia
Peperomia obtusifolia Peperomia antoni, Peperomia commutata, Peperomia lunana Piperaceae Baby Rubberplant
Peperomia pellucida Peperomia exigua, Peperomia translucens, Piper pellicudum Piperaceae Shiny Bush
Peperomia tetraphylla Piper tetraphyllum, Piper pusillum, Peperomia reflexifolia Piperaceae Four-Leaf Peperomia
Piper arboreum Piperaceae Tree Pepper
Piper betleoides Piper betleoides var. glabrifolium Piperaceae Wild Betel Vine
Piper betle Piper chawya, Piper malamiris, Piper densum Piperaceae Betel Vine
Piper boehmeriifolium Chavica boehmeriaefolia, Piper boehmeriaefolia? Piperaceae False-Nettle Leaved Pepper
Piper cubeba Piperaceae Tailed Pepper
Piper galeatum Piperaceae Helmet Pepper
Piper longum Piperaceae Long Pepper
Piper mullesua Piper brachystachyum, Piper guigual Piperaceae Hill Pepper
Piper nigrum Piperaceae Black Pepper
Piper sylvaticum Piper dekkoanum, Piper malmoris Piperaceae Mountain Long Pepper
Piper umbellatum Lepianthes umbellata, Piper subpeltatum, Pothomorphe alleni Piperaceae Cow-Foot Leaf
Hymenosporum flavum Pittosporum flavum Pittosporaceae Queensland Frangipani
Pittosporum dasycaulon Pittosporaceae Sahyadri Pittosporum
Pittosporum eriocarpum Pittosporaceae Doon Cheesewood
Pittosporum napaulense Senacia napaulensis, Pittosporum verticillatum, Pittosporum floribundum Pittosporaceae Golden Fragrance
Pittosporum tobira Cv. variegata Euonymus tobira Pittosporaceae Variegated Pittosporum
Angelonia salicariifolia Plantaginaceae Willowleaf Angelonia
Digitalis grandiflora Digitalis flava, Digitalis ambigua, Digitalis orientalis Plantaginaceae Large Yellow Foxglove
Digitalis lanata Digitalis orientalis, Digitalis nova Plantaginaceae Grecian Foxglove
Digitalis minor Digitalis purpurea f. albiflora Plantaginaceae White Flowered Foxglove
Digitalis purpurea Plantaginaceae Foxglove
Kashmiria himalaica Wulfenia himalaica Plantaginaceae Himalayan Kashmiria
Maurandya scandens Asarina scandens, Maurandya semperflorens Plantaginaceae Climbing Snapdragon
Misopates orontium Antirrhinum orontium Plantaginaceae Corn Snapdragon
Neopicrorhiza scrophulariiflora Picrorhiza scrophulariiflora Plantaginaceae Figwort Picrorhiza
Picrorhiza kurroa Picrorhiza kurrooa Plantaginaceae Kutki
Plantago asiatica Plantaginaceae Asian Plantain
Plantago coronopus Plantaginaceae Buck Horn Plantain
Plantago himalaica Plantaginaceae Himalayan Plantain
Plantago lanceolata Plantaginaceae Ribwort Plantain
Plantago major Plantaginaceae Broad Leaf Plantain
Plantago scabra Plantago indica, Psyllium indicum, Psyllium scabrum subsp. orientale Plantaginaceae Indian Plantain
Pseudolysimachion spicatum Veronica spicata, Veronica hybrida, Veronica porphyriana Plantaginaceae Spiked Speedwell
Veronica anagallis-aquatica Plantaginaceae Water Speedwell
Veronica arvensis Veronica bellardii, Veronica hirsuta, Veronica micrantha Plantaginaceae Corn Speedwell
Veronica beccabunga Veronica beccabunga subsp. muscosa Jelen. Plantaginaceae Brooklime
Veronica biloba Veronica chantavica, Pocilla biloba, Veronica nevskii Plantaginaceae Twolobe Speedwell
Veronica capitata Plantaginaceae Flowerhead Speedwell
Veronica laxa Plantaginaceae Lax Speedwell
Veronica persica Plantaginaceae Persian Speedwell
Veronica polita Veronica didyma Plantaginaceae Grey Field-Speedwell
Veronica serpyllifolia Plantaginaceae Thyme Speedwell
Wulfeniopsis amherstiana Wulfenia amherstiana Plantaginaceae Himalayan Wulfenia
Platanus orientalis Platanaceae Chinar
Platanus x acerifolia Platanaceae London Plane Tree
Acantholimon lycopodioides Statice lycopodioides, Acantholimon tibeticum, Armeriastrum lycopodiodes Plumbaginaceae Lycopodium Prickly Thrift
Dyerophytum indicum Plumbago arabica, Vogelia indica, Dyerophytum arabicum Plumbaginaceae Indian Desert Statice
Limonium sinuatum Plumbaginaceae Sea Lavender
Plumbago auriculata Plumbago capensis Plumbaginaceae Nila Chitrak
Plumbago indica Plumbago rosea, Thela coccinea Plumbaginaceae Lal Chitrak
Plumbago zeylanica Plumbaginaceae Chitrak
Psylliostachys suworowii Limonium suworowii, Statice suworowii Plumbaginaceae Russian Statice
Aegilops tauschii Poaceae Tausch's Goat-Grass
Aeluropus lagopoides Poa pungens, Poa repens, Aeluropus concinnus Poaceae Mangrove Grass
Alloteropsis cimicina Coridochloa cimicina, Panicum cimicinum, Axonopus cimicinus Poaceae Summer Grass
Alopecurus nepalensis Poaceae Nepal Foxtail Grass
Apluda mutica Apluda aristata, Apluda varia Poaceae Mauritian Grass
Arundinella pumila Arundinella tenella Poaceae Dwarf Reedgrass
Arundo donax Donax arundinaceus, Donax sativa, Arundo bengalensis Poaceae Giant Reed
Avena sativa Poaceae Common Oat
Bambusa balcooa Poaceae Balcooa Bamboo
Bambusa bambos Arundo bambos, Bambos arundinacea, Bambusa arundinacea Poaceae Indian Thorny Bamboo
Bambusa multiplex Arundo multiplex, Bambusa glaucescens Poaceae Hedge Bamboo
Bambusa polymorpha Poaceae Bengal Bamboo
Bambusa vulgaris Poaceae Bamboo
Bambusa vulgaris Bambusa vulgaris var. striata, Bambusa striata Poaceae Golden Bamboo
Bambusa wamin Bambusa vulgaris f. waminii Poaceae Buddha Belly Bamboo
Bothriochloa ischaemum Andropogon ischaemum, Dichanthium ischaemum Poaceae Yellow Bluestem Grass
Brachiaria ramosa Panicum ramosum, Urochloa ramosa, Panicum arvense Poaceae Browntop Millet
Briza minor Briza gracilis Poaceae Small Quaking-Grass
Bromus catharticus Bromus unioloides, Bromus preslii, Bromus angustatus Poaceae Rescue Grass
Bromus hordeaceus Avena mollis, Bromus affinis, Bromus mollis Poaceae Barley Brome
Bromus inermis Bromus glabrescens, Bromus latifolius, Poa bromoides Poaceae Smooth Brome
Bromus japonicus Bromus annuus, Bromus arvensis var. japonicus Poaceae Japanese Brome
Bromus rubens Bromus madritensis var. rubens, Festuca rubens Poaceae Foxtail Brome
Bromus tectorum Poaceae Cheatgrass
Calamagrostis emodensis Calamagrostis garhwalensis Poaceae Garhwal Reedgrass
Cenchrus clandestinus Pennisetum clandestinum, Pennisetum inclusum Poaceae Kikuyu Grass
Cenchrus echinatus Cenchrus crinitus, Cenchrus pungens, Cenchrus insularis Poaceae Spiny Burrgrass
Cenchrus pedicellatus Pennisetum pedicellatum Poaceae Deenanath Grass
Cenchrus setaceus Pennisetum spectabile, Pennisetum setaceum, Pennisetum parisii Poaceae Purple Fountain Grass
Chloris barbata Poaceae Swollen Finger Grass
Chrysopogon aciculatus Andropogon aciculatus, Andropogon acicularis Poaceae Golden Beardgrass
Chrysopogon fulvus Andropogon monticola, Chrysopogon montanus Poaceae Reddish-Yellow Beardgrass
Chrysopogon gryllus Rhaphis gryllus, Andropogon paniculatus, Andropogon gryllus Poaceae Scented Grass
Chrysopogon zizanioides Vetiveria zizanioides, Vetiveria odorata Poaceae Khas
Coix aquatica Coix gigantea subsp. aquatica Poaceae Aquatic Job's Tears
Coix lacryma-jobi Coix arundinacea, Coix lachryma Poaceae Job's Tears
Cymbopogon citratus Poaceae Lemon Grass
Cymbopogon flexuosus Poaceae Cochin Grass
Cymbopogon iwarancusa Andropogon iwarancusa, Sorghum iwarancusa, Cymbopogon jwarancusa Poaceae Jwarankush Grass
Cymbopogon martini Andropogon martini, Cymbopogon motia, Gymnanthelia martini Poaceae Palmarosa Grass
Cynodon dactylon Poaceae Bermuda Grass
Dactyloctenium aegyptium Eleusine aegyptiaca Poaceae Crowfoot Grass
Dactyloctenium scindicum Dactyloctenium glaucophyllum, Eleusine scindica Poaceae Sind Crowfoot Grass
Dendrocalamus asper Bambusa aspera, Bambusa macroculmis, Gigantochloa aspera Poaceae Rough Giant Bamboo
Dendrocalamus calostachyus Bambusa calostachya, Sinocalamus calostachyus Poaceae Indian Bamboo
Dendrocalamus hamiltonii Sinocalamus hamiltonii Poaceae Tama Bamboo
Dendrocalamus membranaceus Poaceae Waya Bamboo
Dendrocalamus strictus Bambusa stricta, Bambos stricta Poaceae Calcutta Bamboo
Desmostachya bipinnata Uniola bipinnata, Poa cynosuriodes, Eragrostis cynosuriodes Poaceae Daabh
Dichanthium annulatum Dichanthium papillosum, Andropogon annulatus Poaceae Sheda Grass
Dichanthium oliganthum Indochloa oligantha Poaceae Few-Flowered Sheda Grass
Digitaria ciliaris Panicum ciliare, Digitaria adscendens, Syntherisma ciliare Poaceae Wild Crabgrass
Drepanostachyum intermedium Arundinaria intermedia, Sinarundinaria intermedia, Chimonobambusa intermedia Poaceae Intermediate Cane Bamboo
Echinochloa colona Poaceae Jungle Rice
Echinochloa crus-galli Panicum crus-galli Poaceae Barnyard Grass
Echinochloa frumentacea Panicum crus-galli var. edule Poaceae Japanese Millet
Eleusine coracana Cynosurus coracanus, Eleusine africana, Eleusine tocussa Poaceae Finger Millet
Eleusine indica Cynosurus indicus, Eleusine japonica Poaceae Indian Crowfoot Grass
Eragrostiella bifaria Poa bifaria, Poa coromandeliana, Eragrostis bifaria Poaceae Double-Row Lovegrass
Eragrostis cilianensis Eragrostis cilianensis, Poa cilianesis Poaceae Grey Lovegrass
Eragrostis unioloides Poa unioloides, Eragrostis amabilis Poaceae Chinese Lovegrass
Eulaliopsis binata Andropogon binatus, Pollinidium binatum, Spodiopogon binatus Poaceae Sabai Grass
Hackelochloa granularis Cenchrus granularis, Manisuris granularis, Poaceae Pitscale Grass
Hemarthria compressa Hemarthria foliata, Hemarthria glabra, Hemarthria laxa Poaceae Whip Grass
Heteropogon contortus Andropogon contortus, Heteropogon fertilis Poaceae Black Speargrass
Hierochloe laxa Anthoxanthum laxum Poaceae Lax Sweet-Grass
Hordeum murinum ssp. leporinum Poaceae Hare Barley
Hordeum vulgare Poaceae Barley
Imperata cylindrica Poaceae Cogon Grass
Indopoa paupercula Tripogon pauperculus Poaceae Poor Indian Grass
Isachne kunthiana Isachne elatior, Isachne repens Poaceae Kunth's Millet
Ischaemum polystachyum Ischaemum chordatum, Andropogon chordatus, Ischaemum nilagiricum Poaceae Paddle Grass
Jansenella griffithiana Arundinella avenacea, Arundinella griffithiana Poaceae Jansen Grass
Lagurus ovatus Lagurus humilis, Lagurus longifolius, Lagurus nitens Poaceae Bunny Tail Grass
Leptochloa panicea Poa panicea Poaceae Thread Sprangletop
Lolium perenne Lolium boucheanum, Lolium marschallii Poaceae Perennial Ryegrass
Lolium temulentum Poaceae Darnel Ryegrass
Melanocenchris abyssinica Melanocenchris plumosa, Eutriana abyssinica Poaceae Ethiopian Black Millet
Melanocenchris jacquemontii Gracilea royleana Poaceae Desert Black-Millet
Melinis repens Saccharum repens, Rhynchelytrum repens, Tricholaena rosea Poaceae Natal Grass
Melocanna baccifera Bambusa baccifera, Melocanna baccifera, Melocanna bambusoides Poaceae Muli Bamboo
Miscanthus nepalensis Eulalia nepalensis, Erianthus nepalensis Poaceae Nepal Fairy Grass
Miscanthus nudipes Erianthus nudipes, Diandranthus aristatus, Miscanthus brevipilus Poaceae Pink Fairy Grass
Muhlenbergia capillaris Poaceae Pink Mist Grass
Oplismenus burmannii Poaceae Wavy-Leaf Basketgrass
Oplismenus compositus Panicum setarium, Panicum lanceolatum, Oplismenus indicus Poaceae Running Mountain Grass
Oplismenus undulatifolius Panicum undulatifolium, Orthopogon undulatus Poaceae Wavyleaf Basketgrass
Oryza rufipogon Oryza cubensis, Oryza aquatica, Oryza fatua Poaceae Red Rice
Oryza sativa Poaceae Rice
Panicum antidotale Panicum miliare, Panicum proliferum Poaceae Blue Panicgrass
Paspalidium flavidum Panicum flavidum, Setaria flavida Poaceae Yellow Watercrown Grass
Paspalidium geminatum Panicum geminatum, Panicum brizoides, Panicum fluians Poaceae Egyptian Panicgrass
Paspalum dilatatum Paspalum ovatum, Digitaria dilatata, Panicum platense Poaceae Dallis Grass
Paspalum distichum Poaceae Knot Grass
Pennisetum ciliare Cenchrus ciliaris Poaceae Buffel Grass
Pennisetum flaccidum Poaceae Himalayan Fountain Grass
Pennisetum glaucum Poaceae Bajra
Pennisetum hohenackeri Pennisetum alopecuros, Gymnotrix cenchroides Poaceae Fountain Grass
Pennisetum orientale Pennisetum triflorum Poaceae Oriental Fountain Grass
Pennisetum polystachion Pennisetum setosum, Panicum polystachion, Cenchrus polystachios Poaceae Mission Grass
Perotis indica Anthoxanthum indicum, Saccharum spicatum Poaceae Indian Comet Grass
Phalaris minor Poaceae Dwarf Canary Grass
Phleum alpinum Phleum capitatum, Plantinia alpina, Phleum commutatum Poaceae Alpine Cat Tail
Phragmites karka Arundo karka, Arundo roxburghii, Phragmites roxburghii Poaceae Tall Reed
Phyllostachys aurea Phyllostachys bambusoides, Phyllostachys formosana Poaceae Fish Pole Bamboo
Poa annua Poaceae Annual Bluegrass
Poa bulbosa Poaceae Bulbous Bluegrass
Poa koelzii Poaceae Koelz's Grass
Polypogon monspeliensis Alopecurus monspeliensis Poaceae Annual Beard Grass
Saccharum bengalense Erianthus munja, Saccharum munja, Saccharum sara Poaceae Sarkanda
Saccharum officinarum Poaceae Sugarcane
Saccharum ravennae Andropogon ravennae, Erianthus purpurascens, Erianthus ravennae Poaceae Ravenna Grass
Saccharum spontaneum Poaceae Kans Grass
Setaria pumila ssp. pumila Panicum pumilum, Setaria glauca, Chaetochloa lutescens Poaceae Yellow Foxtail
Setaria verticillata Panicum verticillatum, Pennisetum verticillatum Poaceae Bristly Foxtail
Setaria viridis Panicum viride, Setaria italica subsp. viridis Poaceae Green Foxtail
Sorghum bicolor Poaceae Jowar
Sorghum halepense Andropogon halepensis Poaceae Johnson Grass
Spinifex littoreus Poaceae Ravan's Moustache
Stenotaphrum dimidiatum Stenotaphrum glabrum, Panicum dimidiatum Poaceae Pemba Grass
Themeda triandra Anthistiria punctata, Anthistiria imberbis, Anthistiria japonica Poaceae Kangaroo Grass
Thuarea involuta Thuarea latifolia, Thuarea media, Thuarea sarmentosa Poaceae Tropical Beach Grass
Thysanolaena latifolia Thysanolaena maxima, Agrostis maxima, Melica latifolia, Thysanolaena agrostis Poaceae Tiger Grass
Tragus mongolorum Tragus roxburghii Poaceae Indian Bur Grass
Triticum aestivum Poaceae Wheat
Zea mays Poaceae Maize
Afrocarpus gracilior Podocarpus gracilior, Decussocarpus gracilior, Nageia falcata var. gracilior Podocarpaceae Fern Pine
Podocarpus chinensis Podocarpaceae Chinese Podocarp
Podocarpus neriifolius Margbensonia neriifolia, Podocarpus discolor, Podocarpus macrophyllus Podocarpaceae Brown Pine
Dalzellia ceylanica Dalzellia lawii, Dalzellia foliosa, Dalzellia pedunculosa Podostemaceae Ceylon Dalzellia
Indotristicha ramosissima Podostemaceae Many-Branched Indotristicha
Cobaea scandens Cobaea lasseri, Rosenbergia scandens Polemoniaceae Cup and Saucer Vine
Phlox drummondii Polemoniaceae Annual Phlox
Phlox drummondii 'Twinkle Star' Polemoniaceae Phlox Twinkle
Phlox paniculata Polemoniaceae Garden Phlox
Polemonium caeruleum subsp. himalayanum Polemonium himalaicum, Polemonium coeruleum var. himalayanum Baker Polemoniaceae Himalayan Jacob's Ladder
Polygala arillata Polygala arillata var. ovata Polygalaceae Yellow Milkwort
Polygala arvensis Polygala chinensis, Polygala brachystachya, Polygala procumbens Polygalaceae Field Milkwort
Polygala elongata Polygalaceae Narrow-Leaved Milkwort
Polygala erioptera Polygalaceae Woolly-Winged Milkwort
Polygala furcata Polygala glaucescens, Polygala triphylla, Polygala hyalina Polygalaceae Forked Milkwort
Polygala hottentotta Polygalaceae Small Purple Broom
Polygala javana Polygala ceylanica Heyne ex Wall., Polygala javanica Steud. Polygalaceae Java Milkwort
Polygala paniculata Polygala brasiliensis, Polygala quitensis, Polygala humilis Polygalaceae Root Beer Plant
Polygala persicariifolia Polygalaceae Knotweed Leaved Milkwort
Polygala sibirica Polygala japonica, Polygala monopetala, Polygala taquetii Polygalaceae Siberian Milkwort
Polygala tatarinowii Salomonia martinii, Semeiocardium hamiltonii Polygalaceae Oriental Milkwort
Salomonia cantoniensis Salomonia edentula Polygalaceae Chinese Salomonia
Xanthophyllum flavescens Xanthophyllum affine, Xanthophyllum siamense Polygalaceae Siamese Yellowleaf
Aconogonon rumicifolium Aconogonum rumicifolium, Polygonum rumicifolium Polygonaceae Dock-Leaf Knotweed
Antigonon leptopus 'Alba' Polygonaceae White Coral Vine
Antigonon leptopus Polygonaceae Coral Vine
Bistorta affinis Persicaria affinis, Polygonum brunonis, Polygonum affine Polygonaceae Himalayan Fleeceflower
Bistorta amplexicaulis Polygonum amplexicaule, Persicaria amplexicaulis, Polygonum speciosum Polygonaceae Red Mountain Fleeceflower
Bistorta amplexicaulis var. alba Polygonaceae White Mountain Fleeceflower
Bistorta emodi subsp. emodi Persicaria emodi, Polygonum emodi Polygonaceae Curled-Leaf Knotweed
Bistorta milletii Polygonum milletii, Persicaria milletii Polygonaceae Crimson Knotweed
Bistorta perpusilla Polygonum perpusillum Polygonaceae Tiny Knotweed
Bistorta vacciniifolia Polygonum vaccinifolium, Persicaria vaccinifolia Polygonaceae Rose Carpet Knotweed
Bistorta vivipara subsp. vivipara Polygonum viviparum, Persicaria vivipara Polygonaceae Alpine Bistort
Calligonum polygonoides Calligonum comosum, Calligonum intertextum, Pallasia comosa Polygonaceae Phog
Coccoloba uvifera Polygonaceae Sea Grape
Fagopyrum dibotrys Polygonum dibotrys, Fagopyrum cymosum, Polygonum cymosum Polygonaceae Perennial Buckwheat
Fagopyrum esculentum Fagopyrum sagittatum, Fagopyrum vulgare, Polygonum fagopyrum Polygonaceae Buckwheat
Fagopyrum tataricum Fagopyrum dentatum, Fagopyrum rotundatum, Polygonum tataricum Polygonaceae Tartary Buckwheat
Fallopia dentatoalata Polygonum dentatoalatum Polygonaceae Toothed-Wing Knotweed
Knorringia sibirica subsp. thomsonii Knorringia pamirica, Polygonum sibiricum var. thomsonii, Polygonum pamiricum Polygonaceae Pamir Knotweed
Koenigia campanulata Persicaria campanulata, Aconogonon campanulatum, Polygonum campanulatum Polygonaceae Bellflower Knotweed
Koenigia delicatula Polygonum delicatulum Polygonaceae Delicate Himalayan Knotweed
Koenigia mollis Polygonum molle, Aconogonum molle, Persicaria mollis Polygonaceae Sikkim Knotweed
Koenigia nepalensis Polygonum filicaule, Persicaria minuta Polygonaceae Nepal Purslane
Koenigia polystachya Polygonum polystachyum, Persicaria wallichii, Polygonum polystachyum, Persicaria polystachya Polygonaceae Himalayan Knotweed
Koenigia tortuosa Polygonum tortuosum, Aconogonum tortuosum, Polygonum tataricum Polygonaceae Twisted Knotweed
Muehlenbeckia platyclados Homalocladium platycladum, Polygonum platycladum Polygonaceae Tapeworm Plant
Oxygonum sinuatum Oxygonum elongatum, Ceratogonon sinuatum Polygonaceae Wavy-Leaf Oxygonum
Oxyria digyna Rumex digynus, Rheum digynum, Oxyria reniformis Polygonaceae Mountain Sorrel
Persicaria alpina Aconogonon alpinum, Polygonum alpinum Polygonaceae Alpine Knotweed
Persicaria barbata Polygonum barbatum Polygonaceae Bearded Knotweed
Persicaria capitata Polygonum capitatum Polygonaceae Pink Knotweed
Persicaria chinensis Polygonum chinense, Polygonum auriculata Polygonaceae Chinese Knotweed
Persicaria glabra Polygonum glabrum Polygonaceae Denseflower Knotweed
Persicaria hydropiper Polygonum hydropiper Polygonaceae Water Pepper
Persicaria lapathifolia Polygonum lapathifolium Polygonaceae Pale Knotweed
Persicaria longiseta Polygonum longisetum, Polygonum blumei, Persicaria roseoviridis Polygonaceae Oriental Lady's Thumb
Persicaria maculosa Polygonum persicaria Polygonaceae Redshank
Persicaria microcephala Polygonum microcephalum, Polygonum ciliatum Polygonaceae Tiny-Head Knotweed
Persicaria minor Polygonum minus Polygonaceae Small Water-Pepper
Persicaria nepalensis Polygonum nepalense Polygonaceae Nepal Knotweed
Persicaria orientalis Polygonum orientale Polygonaceae Kiss Me Over The Garden Gate
Persicaria orientalis Polygonum orientale Polygonaceae Oriental Pepper
Persicaria runcinata Polygonum runcinatum, Polygonum panduriforme, Polygonum panduriforme Polygonaceae Lobed Leaf Knotweed
Persicaria salicifolia subsp. salicifolia Persicaria serrulata, Polygonum salicifolium Polygonaceae Willowleaf Knotweed
Persicaria viscosa Polygonum viscosum, Polygonum hirsutum Polygonaceae Sticky Knotweed
Polygonum aviculare Avicularia vulgaris, Polygonum erectum, Polygonum heterophyllum Polygonaceae Common Knotgrass
Polygonum aviculare subsp. depressum Polygonum aviculare var. depressum, Polygonum calcatum, Polygonum arenastrum Polygonaceae Prostrate Knotweed
Polygonum paronychioides Polygonaceae Fuzzy Knotweed
Polygonum perfoliatum Persicaria perfoliata Polygonaceae Mile-A-Minute Vine
Polygonum plebeium Polygonum plebejum Polygonaceae Small Knotweed
Polygonum pubescens Persicaria pubescens, Polygonum flaccidum, Polygonum roettleri Polygonaceae Drooping Knotweed
Polygonum recumbens Polygonum mirajabii Polygonaceae Creeping Knotweed
Rheum acuminatum Rheum orientalixizangense Polygonaceae Ornamental Rhubarb
Rheum australe Rheum emodi Polygonaceae Himalayan Rhubarb
Rheum nobile Polygonaceae Sikkim Rhubarb
Rheum spiciforme Polygonaceae Spiked Rhubarb
Rheum webbianum Polygonaceae Indian Rhubarb
Rumex acetosa Acetosa hastifolia, Acetosa amplexicaulis, Acetosa officinalis Polygonaceae Common Sorrel
Rumex dentatus Polygonaceae Toothed Dock
Rumex hastatus Polygonaceae Arrowleaf Dock
Rumex nepalensis Polygonaceae Nepal Dock
Rumex patientia Rumex tibeticus, Rumex patientia subsp. tibeticus, Rumex orientalis Polygonaceae Patience Dock
Rumex vesicarius Acetosa vesicaria Polygonaceae Bladder Dock
Triplaris weigeltiana Blochmannia weigeltiana, Triplaris surinamensis Polygonaceae Ant Tree
Eichhornia crassipes Pontederia crassipes, Eichhornia crassicaulis Pontederiaceae Water Hyacinth
Monochoria hastata Pontederiaceae Arrow Leaf Pondweed
Monochoria vaginalis Pontederiaceae Oval Leaf Pondweed
Pontederia cordata Pontederia lanceolata, Pontederia nymphaeifolia, Pontederia ovalis Pontederiaceae Pickerel Weed
Portulaca grandiflora Portulacaceae Moss Rose
Portulaca oleracea Portulacaceae Purslane
Portulaca pilosa Portulaca lanata, Portulaca mundula, Portulaca poliosperma Portulacaceae Kiss Me Quick
Portulaca quadrifida Portulacaceae Chicken Weed
Portulaca spp. Portulacaceae Portulaca All Aglow
Portulaca umbraticola Portulacaceae Wingpod Purslane
Talinum fruticosum Talinum triangulare, Portulaca triangularis, Portulaca fruticosa Portulacaceae Ceylon Spinach
Talinum paniculatum Talinum patens, Portulaca patens Portulacaceae Jewels of Opar
Potamogeton crispus Potamogeton rubricans, Potamogeton serrulatus, Potamogeton tuberosus Potamogetonaceae Curled Pondweed
Potamogeton lucens Buccaferrea lucida, Potamogeton dentatus, Potamogeton zizii Potamogetonaceae Shining Pondweed
Potamogeton nodosus Potamogeton americanus Potamogetonaceae Long Leaf Pondweed
Androsace geraniifolia Androsace flaccida Primulaceae Geranium Rock Jasmine
Androsace globifera Primula globifera Kuntze, Primula globifera Bennet & Raizada Primulaceae Cushion Rock Jasmine
Androsace lanuginosa Primulaceae Woolly Rock Jasmine
Androsace muscoidea Primulaceae Mossy Rock Jasmine
Androsace rotundifolia Androsace rotundifolia var. glandulosa Hook.f. Primulaceae Glandular Roundleaf Rock Jasmine
Androsace rotundifolia Primulaceae Roundleaf Rock Jasmine
Androsace sarmentosa Primulaceae Common Rock Jasmine
Androsace sempervivoides Primulaceae Evergreen Rock Jasmine
Androsace septentrionalis Androsace multiflora, Androsace subumbellata, Androsace lactiflora Primulaceae Pygmy-Flower Rock-Jasmine
Androsace tapete Androsace densa Primulaceae Carpet Rock Jasmine
Androsace umbellata Primula umbellata, Androsace orbicularis, Androsace saxifragifolia Primulaceae Umbelled Rock Jasmine
Ardisia pauciflora Ardisia tenuiflora Primulaceae Few-Flowered Coralberry
Cortusa brotheri Cortusa himalaica Primulaceae Himalayan Bell Primrose
Cyclamen persicum var. persicum Primulaceae Florist Cyclamen white
Cyclamen persicum var. persicum forma roseum Primulaceae Florist Cyclamen pink
Embelia arunachalensis Primulaceae Arunachal Embelia
Embelia ribes Embelia paniculata, Antidesma ribes Primulaceae Vidang
Embelia tsjeriam-cottam Embelia basaal, Embelia robusta Primulaceae Malabar Embelia
Embelia viridiflora Choripetalum aurantiacum Primulaceae Orange Embelia
Jacquinia macrocarpa Jacquinia aurantica Primulaceae Jacquinia
Lysimachia alternifolia Lysimachia glandulosa, Lysimachia tetragona Primulaceae Himalayan Yellow Loosestrife
Lysimachia arvensis subsp. arvensis Anagallis arvensis L. Primulaceae Scarlet Pimpernel
Lysimachia arvensis var. caerulea Anagallis arvensis var. caerulea, Anagallis caerulea L. Primulaceae Blue Pimpernel
Lysimachia candida Lysimachia obovata, Lysimachia inconspicua, Lysimachia notoniana Primulaceae Manipur Loosestrife
Lysimachia congestiflora Lysimachia gymnocephala, Lysimachia smithiana Primulaceae Dense-Flowered Loosestrife
Lysimachia debilis Primulaceae Weak Loosestrife
Lysimachia lobelioides Primulaceae Lobelia Loosestrife
Lysimachia maritima Glaux maritima Primulaceae Sea Milkwort
Lysimachia prolifera Primulaceae Branched Loosestrife
Lysimachia pyramidalis Anagallis multangularis, Lysimachia heterophylla Primulaceae Pyramidal Loosestrife
Maesa indica Baeobotrys indica, Maesa dubia, Maesa indica var. perrottetiana Primulaceae Wild Berry
Maesa macrophylla Maesa tomentosa D. Don Primulaceae Large-Leaf Maesa
Maesa montana Maesa formosana, Maesa martinii, Maesa henryi Primulaceae Mountain Maesa
Primula bracteosa Primula boothii Primulaceae Orange Throated Primrose
Primula calderiana Primula roylei, Primula calderiana var. alba Primulaceae Purple Golden-Eyed Primrose
Primula capitata Primula crispata, Primula mooreana Primulaceae Capitata Primrose
Primula denticulata Primula aequalis, Primula elata, Primula telemachica Primulaceae Drumstick Primrose
Primula deuteronana Primula petiolaris var. nana Hook. f. Primulaceae Dwarf Sikkim Primrose
Primula dickieana Aleuritia dickieana Primulaceae Dickie's Primrose
Primula edgeworthii Primulaceae Edgeworth's Primrose
Primula elliptica Primula spathulacea Primulaceae Elliptic-Leaf Primrose
Primula floribunda Primulaceae Buttercup Primrose
Primula forbesii Primula androsacea, Primula multicaulis Primulaceae Baby Primrose
Primula gambeliana Primulaceae Gambel's Primrose
Primula geraniifolia Primula humicola Primulaceae Geranium Primrose
Primula glabra Primulaceae Hairless Primrose
Primula glomerata Primulaceae Globe Primrose
Primula hookeri Primula hookeri var. hookeri, Primula vernicosa Primulaceae Hooker's Primrose
Primula hopeana Primulaceae White Sikkim Primrose
Primula involucrata Primula munroi Primulaceae Tall Pale Primrose
Primula macrophylla var. macrophylla Primulaceae Large Leaf Primrose
Primula macrophylla var. moorcroftiana Primula meeboldii, Primula moorcroftiana Primulaceae Moorcroft's Primrose
Primula malacoides Primula pseudomalacoides, Primula delicata Primulaceae Fairy Primrose
Primula minutissima Primula heydei Primulaceae Heyde's Primrose
Primula obconica Primulaceae German Primrose purple
Primula obconica Primulaceae German Primrose white
Primula obliqua Primulaceae Himalayan White Primrose
Primula primulina Primula pusilla Primulaceae Hairy Throated Primrose
Primula prolifera Primulaceae Golden Candelabra Primrose
Primula reidii Primulaceae Reid's Primrose
Primula reptans Primula stracheyi Primulaceae Creeping Primrose
Primula rosea Primula elegans Primulaceae Himalayan Meadow Primrose
Primula sapphirina Primulaceae Sapphire Primrose
Primula sessilis Primulaceae Stalkless Primrose
Primula sikkimensis Primula pseudosikkimensis Primulaceae Sikkim Primrose
Primula spp. 'Dreambird' Primulaceae Primrose Dreambird
Primula strumosa Primulaceae Golden-Eyed Primrose
Primula stuartii Primulaceae Stuart's Primrose
Primula vulgaris Primula acaulis Primulaceae Common Primrose
Primula waltonii Primula prionotes, Primula waltonii subsp. prionotes Primulaceae Walton's Primrose
Primula wattii Primulaceae Watt's Primrose
Grevillea excelsior Grevillea eriostachya subsp. excelsior Proteaceae Orange Flame Grevillea
Grevillea hilliana Proteaceae White Silky Oak
Grevillea robusta Proteaceae Silver Oak
Helicia robusta Helicia glabrata, Helicia javanica, Helicia travancorica Proteaceae Robust Helicia
Drypetes oblongifolia Laneasagum oblongifolium, Cyclostemon macrophyllus var. penincularis Putranjivaceae Oblong-Leaf Boxwood
Drypetes sepiaria Hemicyclia sepiaria Putranjivaceae Hedge Boxwood
Putranjiva roxburghii Drypetes roxburghii, Nageia putranjiva Putranjivaceae Putranjiva
Sapria himalayana Rafflesiaceae Himalayan Sapria
Aconitum chasmanthum Ranunculaceae Gaping Monkshood
Aconitum fletcheranum Ranunculaceae Fletcher's Monkshood
Aconitum heterophylloides Aconitum deinorrhizum, Aconitum laciniatum, Aconitum nepalense Ranunculaceae Nepal Monkshood
Aconitum heterophyllum Ranunculaceae Greenish Himalayan Monkshood
Aconitum heterophyllum var. bracteatum Ranunculaceae Himalayan Monkshood
Aconitum laeve Aconitum vitifolium Ranunculaceae Grape-Leaved Monkshood
Aconitum rotundifolium Aconitum tianschanicum, Aconitum napellus var. rotundifolium Ranunculaceae Roundleaf Monkshood
Aconitum violaceum Aconitum weileri Ranunculaceae Violet Monkshood
Actaea spicata var. acuminata Actaea acuminata Ranunculaceae Himalayan Baneberry
Adonis aestivalis Ranunculaceae Pheasant's Eye
Adonis chrysocyathus Adonis margaritae, Chrysocyathus falconeri Ranunculaceae Yellow Himalayan Oxeye Daisy
Anemonastrum demissum Anemone demissa, Anemonidium demissum Ranunculaceae Floppy Himalayan Anemone
Anemonastrum polyanthes Anemone villosa, Anemone polyanthes, Anemone govaniana Ranunculaceae Many Flowered Anemone
Anemonastrum tetrasepalum Anemone tetrasepala, Anemonidium tetrasepalum Ranunculaceae Four Petal Anemone
Anemone coronaria Ranunculaceae Poppy Anemone
Anemone griffithii Anemone nanchuanensis , Anemone caerulea var. griffithii Ranunculaceae Griffith's Anemone
Anemone X hybrida Ranunculaceae Hybrid Anemone
Anemonidium obtusilobum subsp. obtusilobum Anemone obtusiloba, Anemone discolor Ranunculaceae Himalayan Thimbleweed
Anemonidium obtusilobum subsp. obtusilobum Anemone obtusiloba Ranunculaceae Blue Himalayan Anemone
Anemonidium rupestre subsp. rupestre Anemone rupestris Wall. ex Hook.f. & Thomson Ranunculaceae Blue Rock Anemone
Anemonidium rupestre subsp. rupestre Anemone rupestris Wall. ex Hook.f. & Thomson Ranunculaceae White Rock Anemone
Aquilegia chrysantha Ranunculaceae Golden Columbine
Aquilegia fragrans Aquilegia glauca, Aquilegia suaveolens, Aquilegia vulgaris var. fragrans Ranunculaceae Fragrant Columbine
Aquilegia 'Kansas' Ranunculaceae Kansas Columbine
Aquilegia moorcroftiana Aquilegia wallichiana, Aquilegia fragrans var. kanaoriensis Ranunculaceae Moorcroft's Columbine
Aquilegia nivalis Aquilegia glauca var. nivalis Ranunculaceae Snow Columbine
Aquilegia pubiflora Ranunculaceae Himalayan Columbine
Aquilegia vulgaris Ranunculaceae Common Columbine
Caltha alba Caltha palustris var. alba, Caltha himalensis Ranunculaceae White Marsh Marigold
Caltha palustris Caltha palustris subsp. palustris Ranunculaceae Marsh Marigold
Caltha scaposa Caltha palustris var. scaposa Ranunculaceae Entire-Leaf Marsh Marigold
Clematis barbellata Clematis barbellata var. obtusa Ranunculaceae Brown Clematis
Clematis buchananiana Clematis buchananii, Clematis wattii Ranunculaceae Lemon Clematis
Clematis connata Ranunculaceae Himalayan Clematis
Clematis flammula Ranunculaceae Fragrant Virgin's Bower
Clematis grata Clematis cordata, Clematis vitalba subsp. grata Ranunculaceae Charming Clematis
Clematis hedysarifolia Ranunculaceae Burman Clematis
Clematis heynei Clematis triloba Ranunculaceae Deccan Clematis
Clematis javana Clematis gouriana, Clematis indica, Clematis taiwaniana Ranunculaceae Java Clematis
Clematis ladakhiana Clematis orientalis var. longifoliolata, Clematis orientalis var. acutifolia Ranunculaceae Ladakh Clematis
Clematis manipurensis Clematis montana var. manipurensis Ranunculaceae Manipur Clematis
Clematis montana Ranunculaceae Anemone Clematis
Clematis orientalis var. tenuifolia Clematis tenuifolia Royle Ranunculaceae Narrow-Leaf Oriental Clematis
Clematis recta Ranunculaceae Erect Clematis
Clematis roylei Ranunculaceae Royle's Clematis
Clematis viticella Anemone viticella, Clematis baccata, Clematis pulchella Ranunculaceae Purple Clematis
Clematis wightiana Clematis laxiflora, Clematis grata O. Hoffm. ex Baker Ranunculaceae Wight's Clematis
Consolida ajacis Ranunculaceae Larkspur
Delphinium brunonianum Delphinium jacquemontianum Ranunculaceae Musk Larkspur
Delphinium cashmerianum Ranunculaceae Kashmir Larkspur
Delphinium denudatum Ranunculaceae Jadwar
Delphinium malabaricum Delphinium dasycaulon var. malabaricum Ranunculaceae Malabar Delphinium
Delphinium roylei Delphinium incanum Ranunculaceae Royle's Larkspur
Delphinium vestitum Delphinium chitralicum, Delphinium rectivenium Ranunculaceae Clothed Delphinium
Eriocapitella rivularis Anemone rivularis, Anemone geraniifolia Ranunculaceae River Anemone
Eriocapitella rupicola subsp. rupicola Anemone rupicola, Anemone rupestris Jacquem. ex Cambess. Ranunculaceae Wood Anemone
Eriocapitella vitifolia Anemone vitifolia, Anemone elegans Ranunculaceae Grape Leaf Anemone
Halerpestes tricuspis Ranunculus tricuspis, Halerpestes haiyanica Ranunculaceae Three-Finger Buttercup
Hepatica falconeri Anemone falconeri Ranunculaceae Falconer's Anemone
Naravelia zeylanica Atragene zeylanica L., Clematis zeylanica Ranunculaceae Ceylon Naravelia
Nigella damascena Ranunculaceae Devil-in-the-Bush
Nigella sativa Nigella cretica Ranunculaceae Black Seed
Oxygraphis delavayi Ranunculaceae Delavay Oxygraphis
Oxygraphis polypetala Oxygraphis endlicheri, Oxygraphis glacialis, Ranunculus polypetalus Ranunculaceae Himalayan Oxygraphis
Paraquilegia microphylla Isopyrum grandiflorum var. microphyllum Ranunculaceae Himalayan Spurless Columbine
Ranunculus arvensis Cynomorbium heterophyllum Ranunculaceae Corn Buttercup
Ranunculus asiaticus Ranunculaceae Persian Buttercup
Ranunculus brotherusii Ranunculus affinis var. dasycarpus Ranunculaceae Cutleaf Buttercup
Ranunculus diffusus Ranunculus mollis, Ranunculus nepalensis, Ranunculus decumbens Ranunculaceae Spreading Buttercup
Ranunculus hirtellus Ranunculaceae Softly Hairy Buttercup
Ranunculus laetus Ranunculus laetus var. kashmiricus, Ranunculus laetus subsp. chitralicus Ranunculaceae Cheerful Buttercup
Ranunculus muricatus Ranunculus cabulicus, Ranunculus coronatus, Ranunculus graecus Ranunculaceae Spinyfruit Buttercup
Ranunculus nephelogenes Ranunculus affinis var. tibeticus Ranunculaceae Spear-Leaf Buttercup
Ranunculus pulchellus Ranunculaceae Pretty Buttercup
Ranunculus pulchellus var. longicaulis Ranunculus longicaulis Ranunculaceae Long-Stem Buttercup
Ranunculus repens Ranunculus intermedius, Ranunculus clintonii, Ranunculus lagascanus Ranunculaceae Creeping Buttercup
Ranunculus sceleratus Ranunculus indicus, Ranunculus umbellatus Ranunculaceae Cursed Buttercup
Ranunculus trichophyllus Ranunculus aquatilis var. capillaceus, Ranunculus aquatilis var. trichophyllus Ranunculaceae Thread-Leaved Water-Crowfoot
Ranunculus wallichianus Ranunculus pinnatus Ranunculaceae Wallich Buttercup
Thalictrum alpinum Ranunculaceae Alpine Meadow Rue
Thalictrum cultratum Thalictrum deciternatum Ranunculaceae Knife-like Meadow Rue
Thalictrum dalzellii Ranunculaceae Hill Meadow Rue
Thalictrum foliolosum Ranunculaceae Leafy Meadow-Rue
Thalictrum reniforme Ranunculaceae Purple Meadow Rue
Thalictrum saniculiforme Thalictrum radiatum, Thalictrum rupestre Ranunculaceae Sanicle Meadow Rue
Thalictrum virgatum Ranunculaceae Virgate Meadow Rue
Trollius acaulis Ranunculaceae Dwarf Globe Flower
Trollius pumilus Ranunculaceae Small Globe Flower
Gouania leptostachya Gouania tiliaefolia Rhamnaceae Slender Spiked Gouania
Gouania microcarpa Gouania brandisii, Gouania domingensis, Gouania integrifolia Rhamnaceae Tiny-Fruit Chawstick
Helinus lanceolatus Gouania lanceolata, Mystacinus lanceolatus Rhamnaceae Lanceleaf Helinus
Maesopsis eminii Maesopsis eminii subsp. eminii Rhamnaceae Umbrella Tree
Pomaderris apetala Pomatoderris apetala Rhamnaceae Dogwood
Rhamnus procumbens Rhamnus rupestris Rhamnaceae Creeping Buckthorn
Rhamnus purpurea Rhamnaceae Purple Buckthorn
Rhamnus triquetra Ceanothus triquetrus Rhamnaceae Three-Lobed Buckthorn
Rhamnus virgata Rhamnaceae Cane Buckthorn
Rhamnus wightii Rhamnaceae Wight's Buckthorn
Sageretia thea Rhamnaceae Chinese Sweet-Plum
Scutia myrtina Rhammus myrtinus, Scutia indica, Scutia circumscissa Rhamnaceae Cat Thorn
Smythea bombaiensis Ventilago bombaiensis Rhamnaceae Bombay Smythea
Ventilago leiocarpa Smythea nitida Rhamnaceae Red Creeper
Ziziphus mauritiana Rhamnaceae Ber
Ziziphus nummularia Rhamnus nummularia, Ziziphus rotundifolia Rhamnaceae Jhar Beri
Ziziphus oenoplia Ziziphus oenopolia, Rhamnus oenopolia, Rhamnus oenoplia Rhamnaceae Jackal Jujube
Ziziphus oxyphylla Ziziphus acuminata Rhamnaceae Pointed-Leaf Jujube
Ziziphus rugosa Zizyphus rugosa, Ziziphus glabra Rhamnaceae Wild Jujube
Ziziphus xylopyrus Ziziphus glaberrima, Ziziphus caracutta Rhamnaceae Kath Ber
Bruguiera cylindrica Rhizophora cylindrica, Bruguiera caryophylloides Rhizophoraceae White Burma Mangrove
Bruguiera gymnorhiza Bruguiera capensis, Bruguiera conjugata, Bruguiera wightii Rhizophoraceae Burma Mangrove
Carallia brachiata Diatoma brachiata, Petalotoma brachiata, Carallia arguta Rhizophoraceae Freshwater Mangrove
Ceriops tagal Rhizophoraceae Tagal Mangrove
Kandelia candel Kandelia rheedei, Rhizophora candel Rhizophoraceae Narrow-Leaved Kandelia
Rhizophora apiculata Rhizophoraceae Tall-Stilt Mangrove
Rhizophora mucronata Rhizophoraceae Asiatic Mangrove
Acomastylis elata Geum elatum, Acomastylis humilis, Sieversia elata Rosaceae High Avens
Agrimonia pilosa Agrimonia dahurica Rosaceae Hairy Agrimony
Alchemilla trollii Rosaceae Himalayan Lady's Mantle
Chaenomeles japonica Cydonia japonica, Pyrus japonica Rosaceae Japanese Flowering Quince
Cotoneaster acuminatus Cotoneaster nepalensis, Cotoneaster mucronatus Rosaceae Nepal Cotoneaster
Cotoneaster garhwalensis Pyrus garhwalensis Rosaceae Garhwal Cotoneaster
Cotoneaster glabratus Rosaceae Maroon Branch Cotoneaster
Cotoneaster microphyllus Rosaceae Rockspray Cotoneaster
Cotoneaster pannosus Pyrus pannosa Rosaceae Silverleaf Cotoneaster
Cotoneaster rotundifolius Cotoneaster prostratus, Cotoneaster microphyllus var. rotundifolius Rosaceae Roundleaf Cotoneaster
Cotoneaster schubertii Pyrus schubertii Rosaceae Kashmir Cotoneaster
Crataegus laevigata 'Paul's Scarlet' Rosaceae Paul's Scarlet Hawthorn
Crataegus monogyna Rosaceae Common Hawthorn
Cydonia oblonga Cydonia vulgaris, Pyrus cydonia Rosaceae Quince
Dasiphora fruticosa Potentilla fruticosa Rosaceae Shrubby Cinquefoil
Eriobotrya elliptica Mespilus cuila Rosaceae Nepal Loquat
Eriobotrya japonica Rosaceae Loquat
Filipendula vestita Spiraea vestita Rosaceae Himalayan Meadowsweet
Fragaria nilgerrensis Potentilla nilgerrensis Mabb. Rosaceae Nilgiri Strawberry
Fragaria nubicola Potentilla nubicola, Fragaria vesca var. nubicola Rosaceae Himalayan Strawberry
Fragaria x ananassa Rosaceae Strawberry
Geum roylei Rosaceae Royle's Avens
Geum sikkimense Acomastylis sikkimensis Rosaceae Sikkim Avens
Kerria japonica 'Pleniflora' Rosaceae Kerria double
Malus pumila Malus communis, Malus domestica Rosaceae Apple
Neillia rubiflora Spiraea rubiacea Rosaceae East Himalayan Neillia
Neillia thyrsiflora Spiraea thyrsiflora Rosaceae White-Flowered Neillia
Photinia integrifolia Photinia notoniana Rosaceae Himalayan Chokeberry
Photinia integrifolia var. sublanceolata Photinia dasythyrsa Rosaceae South-Indian Chokeberry
Potentilla anserina Fragaria anserina, Dactylophyllum anserinam, Argentina anserina Rosaceae Silverweed Cinquefoil
Potentilla argyrophylla Potentilla atrosanguinea var. argyrophylla Rosaceae Silver-Leaved Cinquefoil
Potentilla argyrophylla var. atrosanguinea Potentilla atrosanguinea Lodd., Potentilla atrosanguinea Loddiges ex D. Don Rosaceae Himalayan Cinquefoil
Potentilla biflora Potentilla biflora var. biflora, Potentilla inglisii Rosaceae Two-Flower Cinquefoil
Potentilla bifurca Schistophyllidium bifurcum Rosaceae Forked-Leaf Cinquefoil
Potentilla clarkei Rosaceae Clark's Cinquefoil
Potentilla cuneata Potentilla ambigua, Potentilla dolichopogon Rosaceae Five Finger Cinquefoil
Potentilla curviseta Rosaceae Kashmir Cinquefoil
Potentilla eriocarpa Potentilla davidii Rosaceae Woolly-Fruit Cinquefoil
Potentilla fragarioides Potentilla sprengeliana Rosaceae Strawberry Cinquefoil
Potentilla indica Duchesnea indica, Fragaria indica Rosaceae Indian Strawberry
Potentilla lineata Potentilla fulgens var. macrophylla, Potentilla martinii Rosaceae Lined Cinquefoil
Potentilla microphylla Rosaceae Tiny Leaved Cinquefoil
Potentilla multifida var. multifida Potentilla plurijuga, Potentilla hypoleuca Rosaceae Feather-Leaved Cinquefoil
Potentilla nepalensis Potentilla bicolor, Potentilla coccinea, Potentilla bifurcata Rosaceae Nepal Cinquefoil
Potentilla nivea Potentilla fragariifolia, Fragaria nivea Rosaceae Snow Cinquefoil
Potentilla pamirica Rosaceae Pamir Cinquefoil
Potentilla peduncularis Rosaceae East Himalayan Cinquefoil
Potentilla polyphylla Potentilla mooniana Rosaceae Many Leaved Cinquefoil
Potentilla reptans Rosaceae Creeping Cinquefoil
Potentilla saundersiana Rosaceae Saunders Cinquefoil
Potentilla sundaica Potentilla kleiniana, Potentilla reptans var. trifoliolata, Fragaria sundaica Rosaceae Five-Leaf Cinquefoil
Potentilla supina Comarum flavum Rosaceae Spreading Cinquefoil
Prinsepia utilis Rosaceae Himalayan Cherry Prinsepia
Prunus armeniaca Armeniaca vulgaris Rosaceae Apricot
Prunus avium Cerasus avium, Prunus juliana, Prunus varia Rosaceae Sweet Cherry
Prunus cerasoides Cerasus cerasoides, Prunus puddum, Cerasus puddum Rosaceae Wild Himalayan Cherry
Prunus ceylanica Pygeum zeylanicum, Pygeum cochinchinense, Polydontia ceylanica Rosaceae Ceylon Cherry
Prunus cornuta Padus cornuta, Cerasus cornuta Rosaceae Himalayan Bird Cherry
Prunus domestica Rosaceae Plum
Prunus dulcis Prunus amygdalus, Prunus communis Rosaceae Almond
Prunus himalayana Maddenia himalaica Rosaceae Himalayan Madden-Cherry
Prunus javanica Prunus nitida, Prunus oblonga, Prunus martabanica Rosaceae Java Cherry
Prunus persica Rosaceae Peach
Prunus rufa Cerasus rufa, Prunus ferruginea, Prunus rufa var. rufa Rosaceae Himalayan Cherry
Pyracantha crenulata Rosaceae Nepalese Firethorn
Pyrus calleryana Rosaceae Ornamental Pear
Pyrus communis Rosaceae Pear
Pyrus pashia Pyrus kumaoni, Pyrus nepalensis Rosaceae Himalayan Pear
Rosa banksiae Rosaceae Lady Banks Rose
Rosa brunonii Rosa clavigera, Rosa pubescens, Rosa moschata var. nepalensis Rosaceae Himalayan Musk Rose
Rosa canina Rosaceae Dog Rose
Rosa chinensis 'Viridiflora' Rosaceae Green Rose
Rosa foetida Rosa lutea, Rosa eglanteria, Rosa chlorophylla Rosaceae Austrian Yellow Rose
Rosa foetida var. persiana Rosa lutea var. persiana Rosaceae Persian Yellow Rose
Rosa gigantea macrocarpa Rosaceae Manipur Wild-Tea Rose
Rosa 'Happy Wanderer' Rosaceae Rose Happy Wanderer
Rosa leschenaultiana Rosa wallichii, Rosa sempervirens var. leschenaultiana Rosaceae Nilgiri Climbing Rose
Rosa longicuspis Rosaceae Shillong Climbing Rose
Rosa macrophylla Rosaceae Himalayan Rose
Rosa Rosaceae Mini Rose
Rosa moschata Rosaceae Musk Rose
Rosa multiflora Rosaceae Multiflora Rose
Rosa multiflora var. carnea Rosaceae Pink Multiflora Rose
Rosa Rosaceae Rose
Rosa roxburghii Rosa microphylla var. glabra Rosaceae Double Chestnut Rose
Rosa sericea Rosa tetrapetala, Rosa wallichii, Rosa polyphylla, Rosa omiensis Rosaceae Silky Rose
Rosa 'Summer Snow' Rosaceae Rose Summer Snow
Rosa webbiana Rosaceae Webb's Rose
Rosa x damascena Rosaceae Damask Rose
Rosa x fortuniana Rosa fortuneana Rosaceae Fortuniana Rose
Rosa 'Yellow Doll' Rosaceae Yellow Doll Rose
Rubus assamensis Rubus sepalanthus, Rubus bahanensis, Rubus qinglongensis Rosaceae Assam Raspberry
Rubus ellipticus Rubus rotundifolius Rosaceae Yellow Himalayan Raspberry
Rubus hoffmeisterianus Rosaceae Hoffmeister Raspberry
Rubus indicus Rubus rugosus, Rubus wightii Rosaceae Indian Raspberry
Rubus macilentus Rosaceae Lean Raspberry
Rubus moluccanus Rubus kingii, Rubus falconeri, Rubus wawrai Rosaceae Wild Raspberry
Rubus nepalensis Rubus nutans var. nepalensis, Rubus nutantiflorus Rosaceae Nepalese Raspberry
Rubus niveus Rubus mysorensis, Rubus albescens, Rubus micranthus Rosaceae Mysore Raspberry
Rubus paniculatus Rosaceae Heart-Leaf Raspberry
Rubus pedunculosus Rubus hypargyrus, Rubus niveus Wall. ex G. Don Rosaceae Three-Leaf Raspberry
Rubus rosifolius Rubus chinensis Ser., Rubus sikkimensis Kuntze ex Hook. fil. Rosaceae Roseleaf Bramble
Rubus rosifolius var. coronarius Rubus rosaefolius Rosaceae Roseleaf Raspberry
Rubus ulmifolius Rosaceae Elm-Leaf Blackberry
Sanguisorba minor Poterium sanguisorba Rosaceae Salad Burnet
Sibbaldia cuneata Potentilla sibbaldi, Sibbaldia parviflora Rosaceae Wedge Leaf Sibbaldia
Sibbaldia micropetala Potentilla albifolia, Potentilla mairei, Potentilla micropetala Rosaceae Small-Flowered Sibbaldia
Sibbaldia purpurea Potentilla purpurea Rosaceae Purple Glow Wort
Sibbaldia tetrandra Potentilla tetrandra, Dryadanthe tetrandra, Dryadanthe bungeana Rosaceae Four-Stamen Sibbaldia
Sorbaria tomentosa Spiraea lindleyana, Spiraea sorbifolia Rosaceae Kashmir False Spirea
Sorbus hupehensis Rosaceae Hupeh Rowan
Sorbus microphylla Rosaceae Small Leaf Rowan
Sorbus wallichii Pyrus wallichii Rosaceae Wallich's Rowan
Spiraea arcuata Spiraea canescens var. glabra Rosaceae Arching Spirea
Spiraea bella Rosaceae Pretty Spirea
Spiraea canescens Spiraea flagelliformis, Spiraea rotundifolia Rosaceae Grey Stem Spiraea
Spiraea cantoniensis Rosaceae Reeves' Spirea
Spiraea douglasii Rosaceae Douglas Spiraea
Spiraea japonica Rosaceae Japanese Spirea
Spiraea prunifolia Rosaceae Bridal Wreath Spiraea
Spiraea thunbergii Spiraea japonica Rafin., Spiraea crenata Rosaceae Thunberg Spirea
Spiraea vaccinifolia Rosaceae Blueberry-Leaved Spirea
Adina cordifolia Haldina cordifolia, Nauclea cordifolia, Nauclea sterculiifolia Rubiaceae Haldu
Adina rubella Adina fauriei, Nauclea rubella Rubiaceae Chinese Buttonbush
Arachnothryx leucophylla Rondeletia leucophylla, Rondeletia elongata, Rondeletia dubia Rubiaceae Panama Rose
Argostemma courtallense Argostemma connatum Rubiaceae South-Indian Argostemma
Argostemma sarmentosum Rubiaceae Variable-Leaf Argostemma
Argostemma verticillatum Argostemma acutum, Argostemma glaberrimum Rubiaceae Whorled Argostemma
Canthium angustifolium Dondisia leschenaultii, Canthium leschenaultii, Canthium trachystyle Rubiaceae Narrow Leaved Canthium
Canthium coromandelicum Canthium parviflorum, Plectronia parviflora, Paederia valli-kara, Webera tetrandra Rubiaceae Coromandel Boxwood
Catesbaea spinosa Catesbaea longiflora, Catesbaea macrantha Rubiaceae Lily Thorn
Catunaregam spinosa Gardenia spinosa, Randia spinosa, Xeromphis spinosa Rubiaceae Mountain Pomegranate
Ceriscoides turgida Gardenia turgida, Gardenia montana Rubiaceae Mountain Gardenia
Chassalia curviflora var. curviflora Chassalia lurida, Chassalia sanguiana Rubiaceae Curved Flower Chassalia
Chassalia curviflora var. longifolia Chassalia longifolia Rubiaceae Long-Leaved Chassalia
Chassalia curviflora var. ophioxyloides Chassalia ophioxyloides, Chassalia ambigua, Psychotria ophioxyloides Rubiaceae Curved Flower Snake Chassalia
Cinchona pubescens Cinchona cordifolia, Cinchona colorata, Cinchona succirubra Rubiaceae Quinine
Clarkella nana Ophiorrhiza nana, Clarkella siamensis, Ophiorrhiza pellucida Rubiaceae Dwarf Clarkella
Coffea arabica Rubiaceae Coffee
Coffea benghalensis Psilanthus benghalensis Rubiaceae Bengal Coffee
Coffea canephora Coffea robusta Rubiaceae Robusta Coffee
Coffea liberica Rubiaceae Liberian Coffee
Dentella repens Oldenlandia repens Rubiaceae Creeping Dentella
Dimetia scandens Hedyotis scandens, Hedyotis volubilis, Oldenlandia scandens Rubiaceae Climbing Diamond Flower
Discospermum apiocarpum Diplospora apiocarpa, Tricalysia apiocarpa Rubiaceae Pear-Fruited Discospermum
Exallage auricularia Hedyotis auricularia, Oldenlandia auricularia Rubiaceae Eared-Leaf Diamond Flower
Galium acutum Rubiaceae Tiny Bedstraw
Galium aparine Galium uncinatum, Galium pseudoaparine, Aparine vulgaris Rubiaceae Goose Grass
Galium asperifolium Rubiaceae Rough-Leaved Clivers
Galium asperuloides Asperula consanguinea Rubiaceae Rough Goose Grass
Galium elegans Galium hamiltonii, Galium vestitum, Galium requienianum Rubiaceae Elegant Goose Grass
Galium spurium subsp. ibicinum Galium ibicinum, Galium linczevskyi Rubiaceae West-Asian Galium
Galium tricornutum Galium tricorne var. microcarpum, Galium tricorne var. laeve Rubiaceae Corn Cleavers
Galium verum Rubia vera Rubiaceae Yellow Bedstraw
Gardenia carinata Rubiaceae Golden Gardenia
Gardenia gummifera Gardenia arborea, Gardenia inermis Rubiaceae Gummy Gardenia
Gardenia jasminoides Gardenia augusta Rubiaceae Gardenia
Gardenia latifolia Rubiaceae Indian Boxwood
Gardenia resinifera Gardenia lucida Rubiaceae Brilliant Gardenia
Geophila repens Carinta repens, Geocardia cordata Rubiaceae Prostrate Geophila
Guettarda speciosa Jasminum hirsutum, Guettarda tahitensis, Matthiola speciosa Rubiaceae Beach Gardenia
Hamelia patens Hamelia coccinea, Hamelia erecta, Hamelia ovata Rubiaceae Firebush
Hedyotis articularis Oldenlandia articularis Rubiaceae Jointed Hedyotis
Hedyotis cyanantha Oldenlandia pygmaea Rubiaceae Blue Hedyotis
Hedyotis leschenaultiana Hedyotis stylosa, Knoxia wightiana, Oldenlandia stylosa Rubiaceae Leschenault's Hedyotis
Hedyotis purpurascens Oldenlandia purpurascens Rubiaceae Purple Hedyotis
Hedyotis travancorica Oldenlandia travancorica Rubiaceae Travancore Hedyotis
Himalrandia tetrasperma Gardenia tetrasperma, Randia tetrasperma, Aidia tetrasperma Rubiaceae Himalayan Randia
Hydnophytum formicarum Rubiaceae Ant Plant
Hydrophylax maritima Diodia orientalis, Sarissus anceps Rubiaceae East-Indian Water-Bluet
Hymenodictyon obovatum Rubiaceae Kadwa Sirid
Hymenodictyon orixense Hymenodictyon excelsum, Cinchona excelsa Rubiaceae Bridal Couch Tree
Ixora brachiata Rubiaceae Gorbale
Ixora chinensis Rubiaceae Chinese Ixora
Ixora coccinea Rubiaceae Ixora pink
Ixora coccinea Rubiaceae Ixora red
Ixora coccinea var. coccinea Ixora lutea Rubiaceae Yellow Ixora
Ixora elongata Ixora pedunculata Rubiaceae Rosy Ixora
Ixora malabarica Chiococca malabarica Rubiaceae Malabar Ixora
Ixora nigricans Ixora affinis, Ixora arguta, Pavetta erubescens, Ixora plumea Rubiaceae Black Ixora
Ixora notoniana Ixora grandiflora Rubiaceae Large-Flower Ixora
Ixora parviflora Ixora micrantha, Ixora mauritiana, Myonima parviflora Rubiaceae Small Flowered Ixora
Ixora pavetta Ixora decipiens, Ixora arborea Rubiaceae Torchwood Tree
Ixora polyantha Rubiaceae Many-Flowered Ixora
Ixora undulata Ixora conjia, Ixora undulata var. maculata Rubiaceae Wavy-Leaf Ixora
Knoxia sumatrensis Spermacoce sumatrensis, Knoxia corymbosa, Spermacoce corymbosa Rubiaceae Sumatra Knoxia
Kohautia aspera Oldenlandia aspera, Hedyotis aspera Rubiaceae Rough Diamond Flower
Kohautia coccinea Hedyotis coccinea, Hedyotis abyssinica, Oldenlandia coccinea Rubiaceae Scarlet Snake-Needle Grass
Kohautia gracilis Hedyotis gracilis, Oldenlandia gracilis Rubiaceae Graceful Snake-Tongue Grass
Lasianthus acuminatus Mephitidia acuminata, Nonatelia acuminata Rubiaceae Tapering-Leaf Lasianthus
Lasianthus jackianus Mephitidia jackiana, Nonatelia jackiana Rubiaceae Jack's Lasianthus
Leptodermis kumaonensis Rubiaceae Kumaon Leptodermis
Leptodermis lanceolata Hamiltonia fruticosa Rubiaceae Lanceleaf Leptodermis
Luculia grandifolia Rubiaceae White Luculia
Luculia gratissima Mussaenda luculia, Cinchona gratissima Rubiaceae Pleasant Luculia
Luculia pinceana Rubiaceae Pince's Luculia
Macrosphyra longistyla Gardenia longistyla, Randia longistyla Rubiaceae Long-Style Gardenia
Meyna laxiflora Vangueria spinosa Rubiaceae Muyna
Mitracarpus hirtus Spermacoce diffusa, Spermacoce villosa, Borreria ferruginea Rubiaceae Tropical Girdlepod
Mitragyna parvifolia Rubiaceae Kaim
Morinda angustifolia Morinda squarrosa, Morinda angustifolia var. scabridula Rubiaceae Narrow-Leaf Morinda
Morinda citrifolia Rubiaceae Great Morinda
Morinda pubescens Morinda tinctoria, Morinda tomentosa, Morinda tinctoria var. tomentosa Rubiaceae Indian Mulberry
Mussaenda erythrophylla Mussaenda splendida Rubiaceae Ashanti Blood
Mussaenda glabra Mussaenda andersonii, Mussaenda frondosa var. glabra Miq. Rubiaceae Hairless Mussaenda
Mussaenda glabrata Mussaenda frondosa var. glabrata Rubiaceae Dhobi Tree
Mussaenda hirsutissima Mussaenda frondosa var. hirsutissima Rubiaceae Hairiest Mussaenda
Mussaenda macrophylla Mussaenda calycina, Mussaenda hispida, Mussaenda kotoensis Rubiaceae Round-Petal Mussaenda
Mussaenda 'Marmalade' Rubiaceae Marmalade Mussaenda
Mussaenda philippica 'Aurorae' Rubiaceae White Mussaenda
Mussaenda philippica 'Queen Sirkit' Rubiaceae Queen Sirkit Mussaenda
Mussaenda roxburghii Rubiaceae East Himalayan Mussaenda
Mussaenda treutleri Mussaenda frondosa var. grandifolia Rubiaceae Treutler's Mussaenda
Mussaenda wallichii Mussaenda glabra var. wallichii, Mussaenda oblonga, Mussaenda jelinekii Rubiaceae Wallich Mussaenda
Mycetia acuminata Lawia acuminata, Adenosacme lawii Hook.f. [Illeg.] Rubiaceae Tapering-Leaf Mycetia
Mycetia longifolia Rondeletia longifolia, Wendlandia longifolia Rubiaceae Long-Leaf Mycetia
Myrioneuron nutans Rubiaceae Drooping Nerveleaf
Neanotis decipiens Anotis decipiens Rubiaceae